College Credits


It’s my brother’s second year at the university this year, my first. It’s a large school, over twenty thousand students, and our parents decided that it would be best for several reasons (cost, my safety, better housing) that we would share a two-bedroom apartment off-campus.

Sean and I have always gotten along well and it has turned out great. Neither one of us is a slob, so the kitchen and living area stays pretty neat, and we both take turns doing some cooking and the cleaning. Pretty nice, actually.

Also, Sean doesn’t keep too close an eye on his little sister, me, Lois, though I’m eighteen and he just turned twenty. So, at least I’m not hovered over twenty-four, seven. I’ve even dated and had a guy back to my room overnight (Strictly platonic. Well, not really, we fucked all night, it was wonderful, the sex, that is, he was a bit of a jerk. Well, more than a bit. But the sex was good, really good).

Three weeks ago, on a Saturday, Sean was sitting around one morning studying when I got up and came out to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Now, we are brother and sister, we’ve been around each other all our lives, are quite comfortable around each other (No, we don’t parade around naked, flaunting whatever we might wish to flaunt, no, but we’re not Victorian, either.) and Sean was in his boxers and I was in what I often sleep in, panties and bra.

Well, that’s not quite true, I usually sleep in just panties and I slip on a bra to go outside my own room. It’s more clothing than I wear at the beach or the pool. In fact, I have a thong bikini I bought and wore only once. It left nothing, I mean, nothing, to one’s imagination. I’m quite pretty and I’m also very comfortable with my body but I’m not an exhibitionist. Well, I am some, maybe, maybe even just a bit more than some, but this suit (if you can call it that) was next to nothing and I just couldn’t wear it again. It’s in the back of my drawer. My mother would be proud.

So, any way, I’m pouring a bowl of cereal when Sean walked up behind me and hugged me from the back, then kissed me on the neck, right where it meets my shoulder.

I turned and we were face to face looking into each other’s eyes. I tipped my head back and Sean kissed me square on the lips, pulling me toward him. The kiss went on, it really didn’t stop. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I french-kissed him back as his hands roamed around my back and Gaziantep Grup Escort down along my butt.

We stood there kissing, tonguing each other, not brother and sister kissing, no, this was two lovers kissing, two people who had other things on their mind.

Now, like I said, Sean and I have been together in the same house all our lives. We both know that each other is sexually active, I’ve already told you about my overnight guest a month or so ago and I know for a fact that my brother had been intimate with several girls.

As we kissed, I felt his hands slide down inside the inside of my panties and begin rubbing my ass cheeks. It may have been my brother but I found myself grinding my middle against him and the change in his boxers was very obvious. Oh, very obvious.

I reached down and slid my hand in his shorts and gripped his cock. My heart was racing, I’d held a number of guy’s penises over the years, it has always been a thrill but this was even more. I think it was because we were brother and sister, the taboo of sexual contact between siblings. But at that moment, Sean was a man, I was a woman.

I felt my bra come unhooked and backed away and just shrugged it off my arms and let it fall to the floor. He reached out and put his hands on my breasts and began rubbing and caressing them.

“Oh, Sean, we’re really doing this. Is this what you want?”

“Lois, you are so pretty, so sexy, oh, just look at you. Your breasts are just perfect. Oh, yes, it’s exactly what I want.”

As I held his cock, so hard in my hand, I became aware that my brother was a rather well-endowed young man. He was everything Laura had told me back four years ago. Well, well, it looks like it was going to be my turn to experience his cock. Brotherly love. How nice.

The weird thing is, neither one of us had ever tried anything sexual with the other. In eighteen years. And now, we were surely headed to bed with each other. No doubt about it.

He took my hand and led me into his bedroom where he sat on the bed and pulled me to him, taking my left nipple in his mouth and his left hand up on my right breast. My hand went down to fondle his cock which was so insistently pointing at my midsection, my preferred destination of every penis I had ever known.

In a minute, he pulled me to the bed, tugged my panties off, got up over me, spread my legs wide and began licking and tonguing me the way I so love. The first boy’s tongue to touch my pussy was Bryan Lacey’s in the fifth grade (Yes, fifth grade, I was advanced, now get over it.). I’ve loved it ever since.

“Sean, oh, that is so good. Just wonderful. Move up here, let me do you, too,” and he shifted so we could do each other, one of my most favorite activities in the world.

I lay there with my brother’s cock in my mouth, offering it as much pleasure as I knew how, when he jerked a few times, pushing his cock deeper in my mouth as I felt the warm pulses of his cum. My brother. I was so happy.

Then, he moved up a bit from licking my pussy to sucking and licking around my clit, then put a finger up in me and began wiping it around the inside of my vagina.

“Ohh, Sean, uuh, uuhn, oh, mmm, yes, oh, yes,” and a wonderful orgasm spread warmly all over me, just engulfing me in ecstasy.

“Oh, Sean, that was wonderful. Oh, I’m wiped out, just come up here and hold me. Mmm, yes, perfect.”

We lay in each other’s arms kissing just like we were lovers who were just getting started exploring each other. We were. We were just that.

“Mmm, you know what I’d like to do, don’t you, little sister? Hmm?”

“Don’t tell me you have sexual designs on your poor, innocent little sister. Mmm, I sure hope so,” and I wrapped my legs around him, drawing him to me. Honestly, I’ve never wanted a guy to fuck me more than I did right then with my brother.

“Oh, yes, Lois, I want you very much. In a way, I can’t believe this is happening, I mean, we’ve never made a move on each other. But right now, I want to fuck you more than any other woman I’ve ever known.”

“Well, Sean, that’s a hell of a statement. Even that Scandinavian blond bombshell when you were a senior? The exchange student?”

“Oh, her. Well, there were three things about her. She was gorgeous. She was easy. She was mediocre in bed. You, you’re beautiful, you’re pretty easy today, so far, and the rest I’ll find out soon, I hope.”

“How about right now?” and I rolled on my back and spread my legs nice and wide.

Sean got up between my legs and put his cock up against me, then pushed forward.

“Oooh, Sean, you are a big brother, big down there. Mmm, you’re not all the way in yet, right?”

He pushed again and said, “Now I am,” as he pulled out then pushed in again, doing it over and over.

“Mmm, Lois, why didn’t we do this years ago. You are great. Really tight, nice.”

“Well, no matter, what’s important is we’re doing it now. And I’m loving it.”

“Oh, me, too, so much. You are so tight, so nice.”

“Well, maybe I feel tight because your cock fills me up so much. We’re a great pair, big brother.”

“Mmm, right, little sister.”

Sean continued going in and out of me, this was so good, it felt so right. I’ve always loved my brother, now I have a new way to do it. And I want us to love each other all the time. I want to share his bed and his body.

“I think we should just forget about wearing clothes when we’re here together in the apartment. That way I can see that nice cock of yours all the time. And maybe have some fun with it while we watch TV or whatever.”

“You have great ideas, Lois.”

“And, we could sleep together and take showers together, too.”

“God, I’d want to be fucking you all the time, Sis.”


“Mmm, having you naked around the apartment all the time. Oh, I hope my dick holds up.”

“I do too,” I said as I kissed him.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum pretty soon,” Sean whispered.

“I might just beat you to it,” as I started shoving my hips forward trying to drive him ever deeper inside me. Then, the lightning struck. I was suddenly overtaken by a spasm that shook me throughout my whole body, trembling, waves of heat spreading out across me, engulfing me in pleasure. My face quickly felt like it was sunburned, all hot and sweaty, my legs trembling.

“Oh, Sean, oh, it’s so wonderful.”

Then, my brother thrust hard into me, “UUUH, mmm, mmm, mmm,” and I felt his warmth spread deep in me as he kept thrusting hard into me over and over.

“Oh, Lois, I can’t believe how good this is, you feel so good. Oh, this is so right,” and we kissed and kissed as our feelings slowly dimmed.

We talked about our having sex as we lay there in each other’s arms.

“It just felt so right, Sis, I just want us to do this from now on. I love you and I want to be with you. And I want to be with you like this, as lovers.”

“It is right, Sean, yes, I’ve always loved you and I want us to have our love in this new way. You are such a wonderful lover, I want you in my bed forever.”

So, we’ve decided to see where all this takes us. All we know for now is that with us being naked all the time we’re together, we sure are in bed a lot. So, why are we so tired all the time? I’ll bet you know the answer.

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