Clothes Make the Man

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My husband, Bob, is average height which is a little taller than I am. He wears a size 44 suit jacket not because his is that big through the chest but his shoulders are than big. He is about 38 or 39 inches around the chest. Think of an inverted triangle. Why do I say this? I want you to know he is not in any way ‘feminine’.

A few years ago, Bob and I were invited to a dinner and dance. It was a chance for me to break out the ‘little black dress’. Under it I was wearing a black satin bra. I am a 38 C.

Dinner was good and the dance was fun. When we got home Bob was not ready for the evening to be over. As I undressed, he came up behind me and put his arms around me and started to play with my nipples. I had taken the dress off and I was wearing the bra. I don’t know what is was but the sensation of his fingers on my nipples or the material of the bra, but the sensation was unbelievable. My pussy was almost instantly wet. If I had had an orgasm right then I would not have been surprised.

Bob was steering me to the bed and I was letting him.

“Don’t you want to take that off?”

“No. Hurry up and do me.”

At this point, I was not going to take the bra off for anything. His hand was between my legs and I came almost as soon as he touched my pussy.

“Lick me!” Bob went down and was tonguing my clit like there was no tomorrow. I could feel my juices all over his face as he moved side to side. What he did not notice, was me running my fingers over my nipples. The feeling was still there but it was better when Bob did it. With him doing it I did not know how he would flick or pinch them.

Don’t get me wrong, it still felt wonderful! I came once again and as escort good as the first one!

Bob moved up and I pulled him to my lips for a deep, toes curling kiss. I did not care if his face was covered with my pussy juices or not.

“In me now!” I could not wait any longer.

Bob slipped his cock in me and he went in so easy it was fantastic.

He was sitting up and not supporting himself. I fumbled and got his hands in mine. I placed them on my nipples and Bob did not need to be told what to do.

The third time I came was even better than the last two. I think I was almost insensible during it.

Bob knows that I like him to stop doing whatever he is doing when I come, so he stopped playing with me nipples. His hands were still on them, though.

“Are you ok?”

“Give me a minute.” That was all I could say for at least that amount of time.

Bob looked like he was concerned about my welfare.

“I’m ok. It’s this bra. The combination of the material and how you turn me on I could not wait for you to get to me.”

“A magic bra”, was all he could say. I realized his cock was still buried in me up to his balls and he had yet to come.

“Here, help me with this.” I pushed up and he put his hands on the clasp and undid the bra.

I slipped it off and held it to his chest. Bob nipples were almost as sensitive as mine. When I wanted him to come inside me all I had to do was play with them and in short order, he would blast off.

I held the bra to his chest and started to flick his nipples. That got him started again and he moved so he was not sitting. It was like then only point of contact between us was his cock in my pussy.

Just bursa eve gelen escort like I like Bob to stop when I come, I stopped playing with his nipples when he came. He laid down on my supported on his elbows. When he had softened and slid out of me, he rolled on to his back.

“What is that thing made of?”

“Just nylon like a few of my other bras. I don’t know what it is but when you rub my nipples through it, it feels like nothing I have ever tried before. “

The feeling was strange, it was smooth but you cloud feel every move your fingers made.

“Whatever it is, you have to get some more of them. You were all over me as soon as I started to play.”

“I have a better Idea. Try it on.”

“What! I don’t’ wear bras!”

“I saw how you reacted when I was pinching your nipples through it. Did it feel good or not?”

“Yeah, it felt very good but I’m a guy and guys don’t wear Bras. At least, any I know.”

“Look, try it on. Who is going to see or even know? This is our bedroom. Nothing we do here goes outside here. Is that right?”

“Yeah, but a bra!”

“Stop it and slid it up your arms.”

He knew I was serious. He sat up and I slipped the straps up his arms and fastened the clasp behind his back. It was a little snug but it fit hen around the chest. The cups were very big. He was acting like I had asked him to go outside naked.

“How does it feel?”

“Strange. I have never had anything like this on before.”

“A girl gets used to it. It is part of growing up.”

“I know all of that but I’m not a girl.”

“No and you never will be. I know how this felt on me when you started and görükle escort I thought you would like the same thing. I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Well, yes, but a bra!”

“Ok, let’s get it off you before you stretch it out that I can’t wear it anymore.”

He was probably thinking that was the end of it. The next day I was in town and I got a couple more bras just like the one I wore the night before. And I got one a little bigger with a smaller cup. The sales girl asked if I got the wrong side on that one but I said it was a little joke I was playing. She smiled and said nothing more.

At home that evening, I moved Bob upstairs early and put on a fashion show for him. Since the ones I bought were just like the first one except for color, he expressed satisfaction.

Then I showed him the other one. I did not put it on, of course. I handed it to him. He took it and looked at it then he looked at me.

“Yes, I got it for you. This is our bedroom and no one will ever know. It is for us and us alone.”

“I’m not getting out of this, am I?’

“Nope. Here, I will show you how to put it on.” I showed him that it should but upside down and backwards with the cups in the back. Then the clasp is fastened in the front and then it is slid around so the cups are in the front. Then the straps are slid up the arms and the cups are right side up. Then I told him to check to be sure his nipples are centered.

Of course, checking his nipples allowed me the opportunity to play a little. He was hard before I could even pull him to the bed. I think you know what happened next.

I had to promise Bob that I would not tell anyone about his bra. We don’t use either his or mine every time we screw because we don’t want the novelty to grow old. Bob has accepted it and I had to promise him not to try any other items of ‘girly’ clothing on him.

He is all man but sometimes he wears the bra in the house.


Bob has declined to submit his side of the story.

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