Chubby Tales part 2

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This is my second story about my sexual Awakening. Reading my first story chubby Tales part 1 is not necessary to enjoy this story, however I highly recommend it.


It had been over a week since my encounter with Paul. It wasn’t that I was avoiding him, it was just that my chemistry class had been giving me a lot of trouble. I was quite good in science in high school but I quickly found out that this is college and things weren’t going to come to me as easily.

One day while sitting at my desk I heard a knock at my door. I reluctantly answered it.

I was shocked to see Paul standing there with this look of lust on his face. All I could say was “hey how are you doing?” Paul confessed that he wanted to talk to me about what went on between the two of us. I told him, “look there’s no need to talk about anything I don’t want to tell anybody about what happened. And it probably won’t happen again.” 

Just as I finished that statement, Paul pulled me close and gave me a long hard kiss on the mouth. As we broke our kiss he said “James I want you not just as a quick fuck but we should try and date.”

Paul’s hands began to slowly move down my back just until they reached my creamy firm chocolate ass. I was getting so horny ass he squeezed and cupped my tight ass.

My only words were “Paul we aren’t gay we just had a little fun that’s it. We don’t date.”

Paul said he wasn’t sure what he was right now he just knew that he needed me more than just that one incident. I was flattered and blushed a little bit. I had to tell him that I couldn’t think about those things right now I had to concentrate on passing my chemistry class.

Paul went and sat down on the bed feeling dejected and sad. “Paul I’m sorry but I have to think about school right now I only have a C minus as it is and this chemistry class it’s going to get a lot tougher as it goes on.”

“Why don’t you just fuck him too” Paul said in a annoyed and hurt tone.

“Hey don’t disrespect me like that! I work hard for all the grades that I get. What would make you even think that I would sleep with a professor to get a better grade?” Paul then confessed to me that he was jealous of all the time I was spending in the chemistry class. He continued to tell me the rumor around the campus was that Professor Parker was divorced because his wife found out that he was fucking male students on the side.

I told Paul that he should go and that I would talk to him tomorrow because there was still other homework assignments that I had to do. He apologized to me for what he had said and then left

The truth was. I didn’t really have any homework. I had heard the rumor about professor Parker from a few other students I was trying to figure out if I was really going to do what I was thinking in my head. Was I really going to try and fuck my professor? I had considered doing something like that long before Paul had suggested it. But I had to fake anger was Paul to make myself feel better about what I was thinking about doing.

The next morning I went nilüfer escort you Professor Parker’s office. I wanted to find out if he had any special private tutoring for students that happened to be struggling in his course. He told me that the students that he invites to his home for private tutoring are usually those students with a grade of D or lower.

What I said to the professor might have sealed my fate. I told the professor that I was willing and ready to do anything he wanted me to do to get an A in this course.

The older gentleman got a gleam in his eye and told me I needed to meet him at his home at 8 p.m. Saturday evening. He handed me the address and said he couldn’t wait to see me.

I know I should have been completely ashamed of myself but I promised that I would make it up to Paul in some way.

Saturday came around pretty quick. The majority of the week I had tried to completely ignore Paul because I didn’t want him Questioning me about any plans I had for the weekend.

I decided to head out to the LGBTQ friendly day spa near me. As I was getting a nice massage I remembered that this wasn’t Paul I was going to see. I was going to see Professor Parker. Instead of seeing a young muscular hunk. I was going to see a gray haired old man. Honestly I seriously thought about rethinking my decision. But I had already committed to the meeting so I was at least going to go through with that much of it

When I got home it was time to change and head out to the professor’s house. I decided to wear some black lacy underwear with a matching lacy black bra. I have really started to enjoy the feel of ladies underwear so I started wearing it more and more which meant I had a pretty good selection. I figured that if I can get out of this early enough perhaps I can surprise Paul.

I arrived at the professor’s place right on time. I wanted to show him that I respected his time. I rang the doorbell and waited a few minutes. There wasn’t any answer. So I rang the doorbell again and waited a few minutes. I wasn’t sure if maybe he had forgotten. I was about to ring the doorbell a third time when I noticed the door slowly opened and there stood the professor.

I can tell the Professor had been drinking because he pretty much reeked of alcohol.

The professor then rubbed his eyes and then spoke up. “Oops I forgot you were coming over tonight come on in come on in.” I asked professor are you okay? He replied in a very slurred tone “just fine I’m getting rid of all of the good scotch before my bitch wife takes it all”. I couldn’t help but laugh at that just a little.

Professor Parker then proceeds to plop down into a large recliner in his living room and spills his drink all over himself.

At this point I’m honestly thinking about leaving hoping that he will be so embarrassed he will just raise my grade or that at least he won’t remember this incident at all. As I turned to leave I noticed that his eyes are closed and there’s something rather large sticking up in the middle of his bursa sınırsız escort bayan pants. I’m curious to know just how long it’s been there.

I think to myself there is no way that this old man who is clearly in his late fifties could be carrying such a massive tool. It has to be something else. Curiosity gets the best of me and while he appears to be almost passed out I decided to make my move and see if that’s what it is sticking up in his pants.

I was practically shaking as my hand moved closer and closer to his Brown slacks. I couldn’t believe it I was about to do. A small voice in my head was telling me no but a loud voice in my head was telling me yes.

I slowly unbutton the pants then carefully slowly pull down the zipper. What I saw almost made me scream. It was a monster cock. Apparently Professor Parker did not like wearing underwear. His huge meaty cock pointed to the sky. This Behemoth had to be every bit of 11 inches already dripping precum.

As I was staring at the wonderful creation I Heard a Voice say “well well well glad to see you really like it.” It was the voice of Professor Parker. I couldn’t believe he had been faking being passed out the whole time. It was like my feet were glued in place. I couldn’t dare move I was in complete shock the professor sat there staring at me. Finally he opened his mouth to say “you told me you would do anything and everything to get in A in my course well you’re going to do what my wife couldn’t do.. you’re going to fuck me like a cheap slut.”

Before I can say anything he pulled me down to my knees and forces his long throbbing cock down my throat he wasn’t gentle at all, He was trying to fuck my face. He wanted me to swallow his big monster cock. I was gagging and could barely breathe as he forced my head down deeper on his throbbing cock. Just when I thought I was about to pass out from not being able to breathe from this monster face fucking me he pulled me off of his cock.” You fucking cunt you’re going to do everything she wouldn’t do for me. She would never let me titty fuck her that’s what you’re going to do right now.” It was a turn-on to see how forceful the professor was. I don’t think I was prepared for any of this. He grabbed me by the back of my head and force me down to the floor on my back when he pulled my shirt over my head exposing my black lace bra that covered my full sexy man titties his mouth started to water.he cried out. “You knew you’re going to get some dick didn’t you slut.” He unhooked my bra from the front and grabbed both of my breast squeezing and twisting my nipples. It was actually quite painful but yet still erotic. “Please professor not so hard. I can’t take this.” He slapped me hard on my right breast call me Frank!

I know that this is kind of abusive but I couldn’t help it. I was loving every minute of it my cock was aching in my own pants. I wanted it more. Frank soon released his grip on my aching big titties. He bent over and started kissing biting them one by one. As he kissed and licked each one going back and forth I couldn’t help but start to moan his name. “Oh Frank oh Frank” was coming out of my mouth in a soft girly moan. When he heard me say his name he lifted his head from my breast and kissed me right on the mouth swirling his tongue inside my mouth then he straddled himself over me and put his beautiful hard dick right between my titties. His cock was already slick from all of my spit and he began to squeeze my breasts together.

I noticed his eyes were closed. Then he said it. He called out his ex-wife “Jillian” as he was tit fucking me. 

“oh yes Jillian does he do this for you? he could never fuck you like this. Oh God baby does getting your titties fucked like this make you wet?”

I’m always willing to try anything once. So I figured I would just look at it as roleplay.

In my most feminine voice I told him “No he could never fuck me this good. He dosen’t have a big monster cock like you. fuck me fuck me with that big hard throbbing dick. Fuck my titties shoot your hot cum all over my tits make me your cum slut don’t stop fucking me!!”

I stuck my tongue out just so that I could taste the tip of his cock. His cock split its way down the middle of my big juicy chocolate titties. Frank then said “no no you fucking whore you’re not getting off that easily. You know what I want. You think a tit fuck and blow jobs is going to get you back with me I don’t think so.”

I had a feeling where this was going. He wants my ass. Before I knew what was happening. He had already rolled me over on to my stomach. Suddenly my pants had been ripped off my body and my underwear pull down revealing my Sweet Brown ass. I noticed that there was something wigglely and wet pushing its way right in my tight ass whole. Holy Fuck! It was Frank and he was licking my asshole. He wasn’t just flipping his tongue around the rim but it felt like he was trying to push his face inside me. Oh my God Frank yes lick that big fat fucking ass. “Oh God yesfuck me with your tongue”

I was ready to explode into a mind-blowing orgasm suddenly Frank removed his tongue from my asshole then said if you liked that you will love this! And in a smooth Swift motion he buried his cock deep inside me.

We were in a doggy style position and Frank slowly began to fuck my tight ass. Yes fuck, Fuck that tight ass. Frank it feels so good in my Ass oh God it feels so good up my ass.. 

Frank leaned over me he proceeded to twist and pinch with my nipples as he fucked me.. then he asked me “is this the best dick you ever had?” Answering that question would mean he was better than Paul and I knew Paul really liked me, but as my orgasm erupted through my body I couldn’t help but scream Yes Yes Yes!! You have the best dick in world u make me so fucking horny. Cum inside me daddy cum inside me! Make me your cum slut. As I said that Frank Grabed my breasts very tightly, and screamed yes yes Fuck yes! Take daddys fucking cum in your ass. I felt wave after wave of warm cream going into my ass. 

I could no longer hold my body weight up and collapse on the flior with Frank falling right on top of me. He whispered into my ear “You’re going to need a lot of tutoring but with my help you’re going to get an A in chemistry.”

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