Christie’s Homeless Friend Pt. 09


Cindy wastes no time in standing up, keeping her feet planted where they were resting and cutting Christie’s breath short.

Brian is delighted to see that Christie still has the same level of tolerance as she did before. Something that comes to mind is his observation of their weight differences, or at least what he thinks are differences from a couple years ago. It’s hard to be certain, but if he’s right, and Cindy does in fact weigh slightly less than before, then it makes sense why Christie is hardly reacting to her aside from moans of approval, regardless of her smaller physique.

Cindy leans towards the desk, alternating her weight slowly from one foot to the other. Christie is lying straight out from the desk, different from Brian’s former position alongside of it, so Cindy’s footing makes her heavier on the stomach one moment and then by letting go of the desk and standing straight, she adds a good deal of weight back onto the chest by planting her foot straight up the middle.

Since she’s always been the smaller of the two, Christie is no stranger to a breath-play routine, something that Cindy has taken a fancy to over the years. Something about the way Christie squeals in pleasure when she gets air back in her lungs only makes Cindy want to do it more.

Standing with both feet on Christie’s stomach, Cindy leans over again, bracing the desk, and in a loving tone she teases “How about I help with breaking down that yummy dinner we had?” as she paws her toes in further.

Christie giggles in return, biting her lip in admiration.

Among other things, Brian notices Christie’s toes flexing about as Cindy works her over, and based on recollection, he has no inhibitions when it comes to getting back on the floor and loving on them.

Christie inhales sharply when he starts kissing her soles, resulting in her bracing the back of his head with one foot as she shoves the toes of the other one into his mouth. She just about loses herself to both of them right there, trying to muffle her whimpers with her hands as her eyes roll back!

Cindy steps back onto her chest and gives her a few light bounces to squeeze the wind out of her again, but Christie is a little more resilient this time compared to this morning and doesn’t give in quite yet. Looking behind her, she sees that Christie has Brian tied up with her feet, which is leaving her legs slightly spread a part. Cindy simply can’t resist the urge to bring her lady pure bliss and proceeds to physically turn this time and keep pressure on her stomach while massaging her between her legs.

“Ooohhhhhh myyy-!!” Christie whimpers as her eyes cross, “Mmmm…soo…nooooot…fair!” nearly making Brian gag on her toes from being wedged into his mouth even more as she tenses up!

Cindy feels her shudder under her weight and then go limp, smiling proudly as she slowly steps down. Facing her again, she plops down on Christie’s waist, getting her to release Brian from the hold of her feet, and quietly tells her, “You are so hot when you’re out of breath,” smiling as she leans in for a kiss.

“I love how you take it away,” Christie affectionately purrs between pauses in their lip lock.

Brian is understandably infatuated with their display of affection towards each other; it’s the truest form of beauty to him! His jaw is a tad sore from being wedged open by Christie’s foot, but that has no bearing on him overall. He sits back against the wall as the ladies playfully banter back and forth.

“Hey,” Christie calls him over with the wave of her finger, “you helped with this; get over here!”

Brian smiles and scoots his way over, coming to a pause by Cindy’s leg at first, but gets pulled down by Christie into a kiss of their own. His heart positively skips a beat when she looks up at him with her big dark brown eyes. It warms him to know she still has that effect on him.

Letting him rest against her shoulder, Christie turns her attention back to Cindy. “I am so going to enjoy squishing you later~”

“Oh? And just what makes you think you’ve earned it already?”

“Mmmmm, it’s not that I haven’t, but that you have.”

“Have I now,” Cindy teases as she leans down with her arms folded over Christie’s chest, much like she did this morning in bed, “well, you still have to get me on the floor first.”

“You know I have my ways,” Christie devilishly grins as she plays with Brian’s hair.

Cindy glances at him briefly before giving Christie another quick peck on the lips and gets back to her feet.

Brian gets up next with Christie’s hand in his to help her up as well. Sitting against the desk, he remains being her support as her legs are still a bit weak in the knees from Cindy’s treatment. Leaning against him at the waist, Christie buttons his shirt back up for him, but goes from top to bottom and sneaks her hands into his pants as she tucks it in, never taking her eyes off his as she does.

Noticing where Christie’s hands are going, “I’m not carrying both of you to the car,” jokes Cindy as she bursa escort gets her shoes back on.

“Awwww, hear that sweetie? Your relief is going to have to wait,” Christie says as she mercilessly plays with his agonized member, “what a shame~”

Reaching into his pants as well, Cindy goes after Christie’s hands which are taking their sweet time letting him go. Sandwiching her lady between them, Cindy reaches around from behind and slides her other hand down the front of Christie’s jeans, and whispers into her ear “Let him go my dear before you get poked.”

Chills run down Christie’s spine. She may have just received her own relief moments ago, but one of many reasons why the girls got together in the first place is because Cindy can bring her multiple orgasms at will, and with her fingers resting patiently where they are, Christie is at her mercy. Playing along, she reluctantly removes her hands from his pants, then slowly turns around and faces Cindy, letting the hand in her jeans automatically correct its orientation. Suddenly without warning, she spins them both around so that Cindy now has her back to Brian, and is now the one in the middle!

Brian’s natural reaction is to back up, but his legs are pinned between her and the desk, making him unable to move, and Cindy more or less stiffens up from her pleasant rear violation.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying about getting poked?” Christie says in a sultry tone as she leans against Cindy and kisses her on the neck.

“Mmm, shit,” Cindy moans, tensing up from Christie’s touch, but relaxes back against Brian simultaneously.

He has plenty of reasons to keep himself at full attention, but with clothes in the way, his member gets bent awkwardly making it challenging for him to really enjoy what’s happening. The only thing he can do is lean his head down on Cindy’s shoulder, opposite of Christie, and kiss on her neck as well, effectively melting Cindy’s senses where she stands.

It gets harder for her to form a coherent thought as the seconds tick by, but she does manage to spit something out. “Wouldn’t this be a lot more comfortable at home?”

“Perhaps,” Christie replies, “but why stop now?”

“Because I still have to drive you little witch, and we won’t get far if I can’t feel my legs.”

Christie giggles while giving Cindy’s neck a few more sucking kisses. “If you say so,” releasing her after a final kiss to the lips. Enough feeling has returned to her legs by now and she’s able to move about normally again as she gets her shoes back on, and gets back to checking her paperwork over.

Meanwhile, Cindy grabs ahold of Brian’s throbbing package behind her. “Feels like someone’s definitely enjoying himself back there, no?” playfully giving him a hard time.

“Understatement of the year,” Brian quips while still in his own sensory overload. “Couldn’t be because you two have been constantly rubbing against it and grabbing at it or anything like that.”

The ladies laugh softly between each other.

Cindy faces him, “Oh no, definitely not.” Resting her arms loosely over his shoulders and looking over at Christie, “Are you just about done here boss?”

“I am. Just needed to get the permit requests made, and set up his future employment position. The rest I can do from home.”

She grabs a folder to keep the papers tidy in as the others head for the door.

On a whim, Brian gets the idea to lie down in the ladies path, knowing full-well they will walk right over him on their way out.

Christie lights up when she sees him get on the floor, “Ahh! Oh my God I love this guy!” she cheers as she walks up between his legs and lightly hops onto his stomach, shoes on and all. Moving up to his chest, she pauses to hold her foot over his face until he takes the hint and kisses the bottom of her shoe. With a huge smile, she playfully taps his cheek with her toe, steps off over his head, and proceeds to hold the door open.

Cindy follows suit, lightly mashing his bits with her toes before making his member the first thing she steps onto. She walks slowly up his body with slight concern for his well-being since her shoes are still on as well, and steps off over his head same as her lady did.

Christie taps her on the rear as she walks out the door to the car, and once Brian is to his feet again, he gives Christie a peck on the cheek on his way out. She locks the office door, joins the others in the car, and they head home.

About half way through their trip, “I Gotta Feeling” from The Black Eyed Peas comes on the radio, pulling Cindy out of the small talk she’s having with Christie as she sings along with the female vocal solo that comes up almost half way through the song, nailing it word for word! Christie starts getting animated in her seat, singing along with her, and eventually Brian joins the rhythm too!

Thanks to the various parties the ladies have thrown over the years, they’ve got him used to singing along with them, and even taught him to dance where he had no rhythm bursa escort bayan in his pace before he met them. This song was a popular choice at the time and is now a guilty pleasure among the group; that, plus the ladies bubbly spirits makes it nearly impossible not to join them in a number!

Christie raises the question, “Oh my gosh, do you guys remember that playlist we had for the trample-dances?!”

“There was an actual playlist?” inquires Brian, “I thought you just danced to whatever was on.”

“I remember ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’,” recalls Cindy, “that one was an obvious given! And yeah, we did,” answering Brian’s question, “but we made a playlist of our favorites, because who wouldn’t!”

“I remember ‘Poker Face’ because you two used that song a lot, and it was one of the last ones you danced to before you left,” recalls Brian.

“Oh yeah, Poker Face was hot!” says Christie as she partially sinks into her seat.

“No, what’s hot is when you cosplay Shania Twain!” Cindy points out about her lady. “It’s crazy how much you look like her already, but when you dress like her in some of her videos?!-” she can’t finish her sentence at the thought alone and resorts to excited whimpering! “I can’t even when you do her look from ‘Man, I feel like a Woman’!”

“I second that,” Brian says.

“Aww you guys! You’re making me blush!”

“You gotta do that look again when we have our first party in the new place!” Cindy tells her rapidly tapping at her arm.

“OOooo! I can totally do that!”

“And this time Cindy can get a dark red dress that mimics those guys in the background,” Brian suggests, “only she won’t be creepy looking.”

“Hey, to us girls, those guys were just as gorgeous as Shania was!” Cindy informs him.

“And you do know their look was an homage to ‘Addicted to Love’, right darling?” Christie adds.

“Addicted to what now?” Brian replies.

“Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted to Love’ has the same look, only the roles are reversed.”

“For real?”

“Yeah! Look it up!”

“Huh, maybe I will.”

“Oo! Don’t forget Tone Lõc’s ‘Wild Thing’,” says Cindy with her own trivia addition, “the women have blank stares and play the same instruments too. Just F-Y-I.”

“You two seem to know a lot about that song,” says Brian, impressed by their trivia knowledge.

“Well, I mean, you don’t do a cosplay of Shania Twain and not find out the background details along with it,” teases Christie.

“Are you sure you weren’t hanging around back stage with her at some point and got all that info without her knowing?”

“Honey, if I were ever in her presence, you’d never hear the end of it!”

“Fair enough.”

Their conversation sizzles out as they arrive home. Cindy helps Brian gather his stuff since she’s on the same side of the car as most of the items that came out of his busted storage box. He makes sure to grab his phone off the charger.

Christie has let herself in and sets her paperwork by her laptop on the counter. The others follow soon after. Brian enters with a somewhat blank look on his face as he approaches his clothes on the loveseat that Cindy bought for him earlier.

“You ok?” Christie asks him.

“Hmm?” he replies snapping from his gaze, “Yeah, I’m fine. I just don’t know where to put all my stuff for the time being.”

“It can go in the spare room for starters, and now that you have the keys to your house again, whatever doesn’t fit here can be taken there.”

“I still can’t believe you bought it back for me. That’s pretty much unheard of without some kind of catch,” he says giving her an inquisitive look, “so what is it? What’s the real catch that you’ve hooked me into here?”

Christie rolls her eyes smiling, “You know I don’t fake anything for happiness,” she says taking his stuff from his hands and putting it on the counter, then putting her arms lovingly around his neck, “however, if you must insist that there’s a catch, I would have to say that it’s a life sentence of being ours – but you already know that.”

“Riiiiiight? So there’s gotta be something else then,” Brian persists.

“How about a life sentence of being at or under our feet? Will that shut you up?” Cindy sarcastically adds.

“That’s not a punishment by any means.’

“Then I guess there’s no catch then, is there,” says Christie.

Brian is pretty sure she’s telling the truth, but the look on his face says otherwise.

“Why can’t you accept that we can do kind things without ulterior motives?”

“Because absolutely NO ONE is like that! People might be that way one moment, but can change the next.”

“You are like that, and you didn’t change. Trust me sweetie, if you did, I’d be the first to know,” Christie says trying to reason with him. “We didn’t change at all in the three years we spent together, and just because we were gone for the last two, that doesn’t mean we left to change the way we were.” She pulls him close, “the only thing bursa merkez escort that’s really changed if anything is how we feel about you,” kissing him, “I know it’s hard to believe with the way everyone else is around us, well, except for Kacie and our other close besties, but the only thing we want from you is YOU, and we’re willing to spend the rest of our lives proving that.”

He hugs her tight, “I…I’m…” sighing heavily and releasing his hug, but stays in her arms, “I…wish that were easier for me to believe. I know you don’t lie about stuff like that, but…,” looking to Cindy, then back, “I just can’t believe you really chose me – that BOTH of you chose me.”

“Honey, that’s your depression talking,” kissing him again, “and it’s something we’re just going to have to squish out of you! It won’t disappear overnight, but we will see to it in time that you don’t question your self-worth again!” Christie smothers him with yet another kiss, backing him up against the wall in the space that is best known for being his spot; in fact, the very same spot in which she attempted to try walking on Cindy just a few nights ago. Her kiss just about sucks the breath out of him, and when she releases him, he slowly sinks down with his back against the wall. “My, my, my, look who happens to be on the floor again!”

She stands slightly off to his side, puts her foot on his shoulder and gently pushes him to the floor, flattening him out with her foot on his chest.

“Would you like to be under my shoes again, or should I kick them off now?” she says popping her foot out of her shoe, leaving it on his chest, and caressing his face with her sole.

“Mmmm, whatever you feel like doing,” he replies half dazed.

“That could be any number of things though,” she teases with a smile.

“Well do them all then. I’m not going anywhere…I’m serving a life sentence remember?” he teases back, kissing her toes as they pass over his mouth.

Giggling sweetly, “I’m just checking,” she says as she scrunches her toes against his lips. She then steps up onto his chest full weight, slips her shoe back on and proceeds to walk slowly up and down his torso and thighs.

“Well now that we’re home, I’m going to go make myself comfy,” Cindy says as she heads off towards the bedroom.

Knowing she’s simply going to change and will be back in a bit, Christie smiles at her until she rounds the corner. She looks back down at Brian, and because they are in their ‘spot’, she gets an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. It comes to her in waves, much like vibes do that she picks up on, with each step she takes on him.

He notices her prolonged silence, and how she hasn’t really taken her eyes off of him. “Everything ok beautiful?”

Her smile beams, “Oh yes, perfectly fine,” she replies, keeping her voice low between them.

“You got quiet fast.”

“I was just thinking about how I haven’t walked on you right here in a couple years, and seeing you down there,” pausing momentarily from the tingles, “everything just feels right again.”

Brian smiles back and rubs her calves as she walks gently in place on his stomach. “It does, doesn’t it? Like, this isn’t the first time you’ve walked on me today, obviously, but this spot…we’ve done quite a bit here.”

“Yes we have,” she says as she kicks off her shoes and continues in her nylons. “Do you remember when we rearranged the furniture to this layout?”

“I do. You two had me lay here to fit the couch and the loveseat just right.”

Christie chuckles to herself recalling that. “I think the only other layout I liked better was with the couch on this wall and the loveseat set at one of the ends so that we could have our feet on your face and along your body at the same time.”

“Yeah, I liked that too, but we decided on this orientation because the others liked the support with their balance, and it was easier to have a seat and rest here rather than walk across the room from the counter.”

“Yeah, back when your stamina could give them a run for their money,” she says stepping on his chest followed by a few light bounces.

“We both know I won’t be this way for long,” resting his hands on her feet. “Besides, I think I did pretty well at the office considering.”

“Yeah, you did, but only because we had the desk under us too.” She caresses his neck and jawline with her foot. “Here, you’ll have our full weight on you, so we’ll see how you do then.”

“Oh, so you ARE going to let me prove myself, huh?”

Christie doesn’t respond verbally, she simply smiles and turns on him, sliding her toes into his pants and pulling his shirt out so she can play with the buttons again. Brian gets goosebumps from feeling her toes wiggle about against his stomach as she attempts to pop the buttons loose.

She gets the first few undone, then steps onto his waist to hold his shirt down and also tease his member with her foot as she pops the others loose except the last one at the top. For that one, she leans forward, steadying herself with her foot on his chest, and pulls it loose with her hand.

The nylons on his skin leave him momentarily speechless, aided by her breathtaking beauty that he can’t help but be adored with. He’s able to enjoy her toes kneading lovingly into him for several minutes before Cindy returns.

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