Chloes new Mistress part1

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Chloe was 5ft 9in, she weighed just about 105 pounds. She just turned 18, She had flowing silky red hair. Her breasts were a firm perky 32c. Her frame was small but athletic, Her legs were long and very sexy and tan. Her ass was well rounded firm and very lifted. her eyes were an emerald green. She just finished getting dressed, She decided to wear her leather mini skirt and black sating low cut shirt, also a black leather thong. She left her legs bare, She walked to the front door got outside and locked the house up went to her car started and left for town.

Little did Chloe know she was being followed, not randomly either. The female in the car following her was 32 years old her looks of a dominatrix. Her breasts were a 36c. Her body very well taken care of. She wore a tight Latex catsuit. Her body was covered every inch in latex. The latex hugged her breasts keeping them lifted and perky. Her ass was even lifted and firmed. She followed Chloe till there was nothing, but black dark roads. She lifted a small box with a red button she pressed it. As she watched chloe’s car pull to the side she had cut the car off.

Chloe put the breaks on and inched the car to the side of the road. she quickly turne on the hazards. She tried starting the car not even a purr came from the cars engine. She tried her phone but service was unavalable. She stepped out of the car. And popped the hood. The dominatrix pulled up behind her a little smile formed upon her face though her latex hood kept it hid. She got out of the car. ” Are you okay.? The dominatrix was trying to sound concerned. Chloe looked up alittle suprised, she jumped slightly. ” Ohh you scared me. My car just stopped working.” The dominatrix looked at her then offered. ” I can give you a ride if you like. I’m going to town to alittle party.” Chloe hessitated for a minute. ” well thank you for the help.” Not knowing the dominatrix rigged the car. ” You’ll have to get in the back seat. the front seat is covered in papers from work.” Chloe nodded her head, She ducked down taking a her seat. when the door closed a seat belt lowered around her waist and inbetween her breasts locking her in place. ” Dont worry about that. child safety these days.” Chloe once again just nodded ok.

After a few miles the dominatrix raised a bullet proof glass that cut the car in half on the inside living chloe locked and trapped in the back seat. “By the way chloe my name is Miss Jai.” Jai then reached down and flipped another switch. the back seat filling with a gas. the windows went pitch black. After struggling and taking huge breath of the gas Chloe fell into a deep sleep. The dominatrix just smiled, her plan had been filled. She started the long drive home. About 40 miles away. Knowing Chloe wouldnt casino siteleri wake till she was in a cell. After an hour and a half. she pulled into a drive way a fence opened. She pulled through and parked the car. Pulling Chloe from the car, she walked to a little post and pressed a button. The ground gave way leading to an underground bunker. She brought Chloe still sleeping and placed her on the table not worried because Chloe was asleep. She cut all Chloes clothes from her body smiling and loking her lips. at her nude body. She left her on the table and quickly went to the back and grabbed a bag.

Jai came back with a small bacg and pulled a black leather collar, ankle and wrist cuffs from the back. The were custom made once they were put on they didnt come off. They could be ratcheted to tighten or loosen. She placed the collar around Chloes neck and pressed the two ends together. The sealed as the two ends clasped each other. She then did the same to her wrists and ankles. She smiled as she new her new slave would never see clothes or daylight again. She took her to a room and laid her on the floor leaving a set of rules attached to the door
there were no cameras into the room only watching the door. Which of course was locked. She went to her living quarters and fixed some coffe. She could only think about her new toy.

After about an hour Chloe woke up her head spinning she looked around noticeing she was in a 4×4 Padded room. She tried to scream out but unable to find her voice. A small light flashed from the collar. It had a device attached which prevented her from being able to scream much less speak. She sees the paper. Reading the title reads Slaves Rules. 1. You will call me Mistress at all times. 2. You are not allowed any clothing or possessions. 3. You are now my Slave to do with as i please. 3. You will be OBEDIENT or suffer the PUNISHMENT. 4. Your new name is SLUT. i will refer to youo as this as you will refer to yourself as this. The rest of the page was blank as she tried to scream but nothing buit silince came out. She begins to panick thoughts wondering through her mind. The last thing she remembered was her car breaking down then the dominatrix. A light flashed in her mind. Her kidnapper was the lady gave her a ride. Tears flowed from her eyes as she sat there not knowing what was going on.

Jai was outside the room now just in a latex panties and bra. She unlocks the door and steps through. Chloe takes a step to attack, but Jai holds up a small black box. ” Now slut do you really want to go through this.” She looked to her slut and watched her a finger on a switch on the box. she stops in her tracks and looks down, her eyes on the ground she lowers herself to the floor onto her knees. ” Good Slut, canlı casino I was worried you wouldnt know your place and would have to be broken the hard way.” her voice a little harsh but ver commanding. ” Now to give you a small taste of what would happen if you kept going.” She pressed the button, soon after her slut fell to the floor her body twitching uncontrollably. She let go of the button the slut stayed on the floor. ” Just do as i say and your training may start. it will be over quickly if you listen and follow instruction.” Jai just laughed, ” now slut follow me.” The slut found her self getting up feeling her voice being returned still confused about that. ” Yes Mistress,” She begins to stand up, but Jai kicks her in down. ” Oops forgot to tell you. On your hands and knees.” Jai laughs then attaches a leash to her collar and begins walking down the hall.

The slut followed a few paces behind her new unwanting Mistress, but did not want the punishment if she disobeyed. Jai stopped and turned to see her slut stop as well sitting on her ass like the dog she was. ” Good girl slut. I might just have to reward you. Slut felt dusgusted but new it was better to obey then to make things worse. She had to hang on to that hope that she could get free. All the hope she had left her when she come into the room. It was a medical room, ” Slut get up on the table time to examin you.” Slut did as she was told sitting on the table with her legs slightly spread. Her Virgin pussy alittle wet, she blushed hopeing Mistress did not catch on. Jai turns around and looks over her every inch of her body. Her eyes stopping upon her sluts pussy. ” Well well someone is liking this, and I have not even started yet she giggles.
She looks over her pussy touching it and rubbing it and holding it in her hand cupped. She was purposely getting her wetter and horny. ” No matter what Slut you are not allowed to ever play or touch your self. Your body is mine. Not yours, If i catch you ever touching or playing with yourself. I will severly punish you understood.” Slut gulped quickly answering, ” yes Mistress.” she would find her self gently moaning with the touch of her Mistress’s hand upon her cunt.

She pulled a dermatologist laser from the wall. ” Now to seal the deal slut. This will burn a bit.” Jai turned the laser on and placed it upon her sluts breasts burning her name into the top of her breast. The Slut begins to cry and try to pull away. Jai quickly smacks her face. ” Do not move.” “Yes Mistress.” Slut quickly answers. She fights the tears and the urge to move away.
Jai finishes and looks at her nodding her approval. ” See you can be a good girl slut.” Her voice was not friendly what so ever. Jai looks her over, ” Since i have you hear. She pulls out a four kaçak casino chains. ” Slut lay on your stomach now.” Slut pauses and hesitates, Jai quickly presses the button again sending 10 thousand volts through her body. Slut screams in agony as she turns onto her belly. She attaches a chain to each of her wrists and ankles, even to her collar. Jai presses a button and slut is raised above the table. Jai pushes the table out of the way and lowers the chains down to jais waist level. ” This is going to hurt alot slut.” Ye….” Is all slut got from her mouth before she fell silent again. Jai raises her hand, Smack..SMACK..SMACK.. across her sluts ass. instantly lighting her ass on fire. Slut held still not moving one muscle. Her pussy was completely soaked. ” To bad you will never get to cum slut.” She laughed wickedly.

Slut was crying, hey eyes red from crying so much. She knew she had set this whole thing up. she didnt know who it was nor how cruel the person was. it was from a Mistress/slave webpage. She was in her thought process as she felt something latexy and awkward against her Anal hole. She shook her head trying to beg for her mistress not to do that, but deep down she new it would not work. ” Slut just so you know I am going to fuck your ass and pussy, But i promise you will not get to come till i believe you are broken and my slave permanantely. If you understand nod your head.” Slut nods her head quickly. Then feels as the lubed cock begins to push into her her ass. She tries to pull away and is finds the 9 inch long 3 inch wide cock thrust into her in one thrust. In her own thoughts Chloe was screaming. The tears on her face proofed it. She had no choice in the matter. ” Slut i told you it was going to hurt, I was going to go easy on you but ive changed my mind. Im going to give you your voice back because i want to here you scream in pain.

Chloe could tell she had her voice back she could her herself crying in both extreme pain, mixed with light pleasure. ” Jai thrust her hips into her ass with long hard thrusts. Her slut might not be enjoying this, but Jai was. Slut could feel each and every thrust setting her ass on fire. her moaning and cries were mixed not being able to tell pain from pleasure. Jai smiles as her thrusting continues, Hearing her sluts moan she pulls out just before her slut comes. ” Well go to let you cool down now slut. Cant have you cumming when i fuck your tight little pussy. Jai places a gag into her mouth, cinching it tightly. Followed by a blindfold around her eyes. She squeezes a pump inflating a cock into her mouth, the cock forced its way just an inch into her throat. Jai kisses her upon her forehead. Then Quickly Smacks her ass as hard as she could. ” Goodnight slut.” The slut just moans into the gag from the hot fiery burning ass of hers dripping her wetness to the floor. Chloe was left in the room, in complete darkness still suspended above the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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