Caught In The Act

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Kim called me to see if we could get together, because her husband, Ken was out of town for the week.

“Of course,” I told her, “come right on over!”

“I will be there in about an hour, so I hope you are ready!” she said, with a teasing tone to her voice.

I jumped in the shower and got cleaned up for what promised to be a real good night!

About an hour and a half later, Kim showed up, looking sooo, sooo tasty! She had a red, low cut, silk top on, that showed just enough cleavage to make me start to salivate. I could see the outline of her pretty little pussy lips, in the crotch of her tight Levi’s, a sight that always drove me crazy! And of course, as always, a pair of high heel straps on her red toenailed feet.

We turned on some tunes, sat down on the couch and had a couple of drinks and smoked a bowl. After sitting and shooting the shit for a while, having a good time, she reaches over and starts rubbing the inside of my thigh. Of course, this starts some swelling in the region between my legs. I reached over and started rubbing her left nipple through her silk top, feeling it harden at my touch, while I leaned in to get a nice wet kiss, from her luscious red lips. She worked her hand up to my now rock hard member, stroking it gently through my pants, as we twirled our tongues together, in a very passionate kiss. I reached down with the other hand to massage those hot pussy lips, over the top of her Levi’s, feeling the heat that was emanating from her tight little hole. I broke the kiss and started nibbling my way down her neck, licking and kissing and sucking, her hot flesh. I could feel the moisture starting to seep through the crotch of her pants, from her steamy love pot, as I rubbed it, causing her to moan.

I undid the buttons on her blouse, as I kissed my way down her chest, closer and closer to her beautiful tits. I slowly unzipped her pants, slipping a finger through the zipper hole, petting her perfectly groomed pubic hair.

“I love it when you do that!” she moaned.

“So do I, Baby, so do I!” I agreed.

While this was going on, she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, reaching in, groping for my shaft. I moaned as her fingers wrapped around my throbbing cock, she pulled it out, releasing it from it’s denim restraint. At this point I had her breasts, fully exposed, those incredible, hard nipples poked out at least a half an inch, just begging for me to suck on them, which of course, I did. She pulled my shirt off, over my head and started licking and sucking my nipples, as she rubbed one red fingernail hand all over my hairy chest, stroking my cock with the other.

“I love it when you do that!” I whispered to her.

She worked her way down my chest, over my belly, licking and sucking, her tongue flicked in and out of my navel, as I put my hand down the back of her pants, running my middle finger down her butt crack. Then she got down on her knees and pulled off my shoes and pulled my pants down, just enough to give her good access to my iron hard prong. She licked the swollen head of my Dick, making me gasp, as a shot of pure pleasure ran through my body, like a bolt of lightning. She swirled her tongue around the head, just the way she knows that I like it, I sucked in air through my clenched teeth, the sensation almost more than I could take.

I stopped her, wanting to save my load for later and I got up, finished taking my pants off, so I could maneuver a little better. Then I pushed her down on the couch and pulled her Levi’s off, exposing that sexy little honeypot. She spread her legs, so I could get my head down there to service her. I licked her hard little clit, which brought a gasp out of her red lips, she grabbed me by the hair, forcing my face into her steamy, hot, love pit. I licked and sucked her pussy lips, gently pulling on them with my teeth, her sweet clear liquid, flowing over my lips and teeth. Then I stuck my tongue as far up her crack as I could reach, swirling it around, making her scream with pleasure. She started bucking her hips up and down, as my tongue slithered all around in her wet cavern, feeling the muscles clenching and convulsing.

She cried out, “I’m going to cum, Oh God, I’m going to cum!”

I was relentless, attacking her clit with my tongue, pushing a finger up her wet hole, massaging the front wall of her love tunnel. I rubbed a spot right behind her clitoris, a spot that I have learned will bring her to a screaming, shuddering, squirting climax, every time. She couldn’t hold back any longer, her whole body stiffening up, she threw her head back, screaming and groaning, as she flooded my mouth and hands with her nectar. Once her body relaxed, other than an occasional spasm, I gradually stopped licking and rubbing the inside of her sweet pussy. I moved up to kiss her, pausing to slurp on her heaving breasts, as she laid there catching her breath, panting like she had just run a mile. Just like always, doing this to her made me horny as hell! I reached down to guide my throbbing, pre-cum leaking beşiktaş escort cock, to her soaking wet quim. I rubbed the head of my prick up and down her slit, my pre-cum mixing with her juices, enjoying the feeling as well as the look on her face. I knew it wouldn’t take long for her to demand me to stick it in and I was right.

She Said “I need you to fuck me! Now stick your big cock up my pussy, do it NOW!”

I just love to tease her, so I continued to slide my dick around the outside of her hole for a minute, as she bucked her hips up, trying to get it to go in. Finally, I let her have it, plunging it deep into her tight wetness with one quick motion, both of us groaning with pleasure. I laid there for a moment, with it buried to the hilt, enjoying the feeling of her soft, warm, wet hole and then I started to slip it in and out, slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed, until I was pounding into her, my nuts slapping her ass.

“I want to taste your cream this time, so let me suck it!” she told me.

So after a few more minutes of ramming my spear into her pussy, I pulled out and rolled over on my back, so she could finish me off. She got down on her knees and started licking the swollen head, jerking the shaft and massaging my cum filled balls with her soft, warm hands. My body started to tense up, my teeth clenched, the pleasure was so intense, as I felt my cum start to move up the shaft. She sucked my cock into her mouth, as I started to shoot my load.

All of a sudden, the music stopped, she let go of my spurting prick, my cum shooting into the air, some landing on her face, some on my belly and the couch. I looked at her, wondering why she had let go, because she usually slurped it all up and swallowed it down, she always said that she didn’t like to waste it. She had a look on her face, like she had seen a ghost, the color had drained from her face, her jaw hanging open.

That’s when I heard a voice, a loud voice, that said, “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!”

Startled, I looked around behind me to see my friend John, with a look of complete astonishment on his face, his jaw practically hitting the floor. As Kim hurriedly, grabbed her blouse to cover up, I realized that I had forgotten to lock the door and between the loud music and getting caught up in the moment, we hadn’t heard him knock, nor did we hear him open the door and walk in. Talk about ruining the moment!

John once again said, “Tell me, what the fuck is going on here?”

Kim stammered something unintelligible.

“Just how long has this been going on?” He demanded.

I said, “Hold on now, calm down and we’ll talk about this rationally.”

“I am rational, now tell me, how long you’ve been fucking my sister?”

I looked at Kim, while I wiped the cum off of my belly with my shirt, she had a look of terror in her eyes. Even though she was 4 years older than John, she was very worried that he was going to tell her husband about what he had just found out about us, because Ken and John were not only brothers-in-law, they were close friends.

Then she said very uneasily, “You’re…you’re not going to tell Ken…are you?”

“I’ll decide, after you tell me the truth about what’s going on here,” he replied.

I started to say that it was my fault, that I was the one that seduced her and she eventually gave in, even though it was a total lie. She was the one that had first come over and she was the one that asked me to make love to her. I just figured, if he tells Ken that I seduced her, he might be more likely to forgive her, of course, he’d probably come over and end my life, but I hadn’t thought that far ahead.

Before I could say much of anything, Kim interrupted, “Did you know that Ken has been fucking a woman at his work for the last 5 years?”

John had a shocked look on his face and he admitted that he had no idea, about Ken cheating on her.

He said, “How do you know that, are you sure?”

She told him, “You know Jenny at his office?”

John nodded, “Yeah, I’ve talked to her a couple of times.”

“She pulled me aside one day and told me about how he had been screwing that blond, Lisa and almost everyone in his office knew about it. She told me that all those business trips he was always taking, were actually trips to Lisa’s apartment and all those nights he said he was working late, he was with her,” She went on, “I actually caught him red handed with her in his office. I went over after hours one night, after seeing his car in the parking lot. I walked in to find her giving him a blowjob.”

John said, with a sneer, “Just like you were doing when I walked in just now?”

She looked down at the floor and said, “I think that if he can cheat on me, then I have every right to cheat on him! He’s damn lucky I didn’t shoot his ass, like I felt like doing that night!”

“But, if you felt like you just had to cheat, why did you have to do it with my best friend?” he asked.

“I şişli escort just didn’t want to go out and find some stranger,” then she looked at me lovingly, “I’ve always had a crush on Clint and I figured that if I were going to cheat, it might as well be with someone I cared about.”

John shook his head, “I don’t understand how you could do this to Ken, he deserves to know about this, don’t you think?”

“Please, please, don’t tell Ken! You know how he is, he would come over and start trouble, for sure!” She pleaded.

John looked at me and with his voice tinged with sarcasm, he said, “Well, I guess I wouldn’t want him to shoot my best friend, even though, he probably deserves it!”

“Hey, wait a God damned minute!” I said, “I’m willing to bet that I treat her better than he does, besides, he’s the one that’s been cheating on her for years!”

He gave me a dirty look and shot back, “You both disgust me! I can’t believe you would do something like this!”

That comment pissed me off, “Who the hell do you think you are, to pass judgment on us? It seems to me, that if you were so much better than us, you wouldn’t keep staring at your own sister’s naked body. You haven’t taken your eyes off of her since you came in here and it doesn’t look to me like you’re too disgusted, after looking at her.” I said as I pointed at the bulge that was growing in his pants. He looked instantly embarrassed, his cheeks turning bright red, then I continued, “It seems to me, that I remember you telling me for years, how you would sneak looks at her when she would take her showers, back when both of you used to live at home with your parents and how you would jack off, just thinking about how hot she was.” It was Kim that turned red at that point. Then I said, “Besides, after what we did in Vegas, how could you judge what someone else has done?” As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew I had said too much.

John’s mouth dropped open and he looked absolutely horrified and said, “We both swore that we would NEVER tell anyone about that!”

Kim looked back and forth at each of us, with a questioning look on her pretty face, “What did you guy’s do in Las Vegas?” she asked.

I could feel my face getting hot and knew it was as bright red as his. “Nothing.” I replied, looking down at the floor, afraid to make eye contact with her.

John glared at me and said, “Go ahead asshole, you might as well tell her!”

I stammered, mumbling something that made no sense to anyone, including myself.

Kim started to laugh, her big blue eyes twinkling and she said, “Well, I guess it must have been something really embarrassing, for you both to look so guilty and ashamed! The look on both your faces is priceless!”

She was laughing so hard, she had dropped her shirt down to her lap, exposing her tits. I looked up at John and he was staring at his older sister’s luscious melons, jiggling as she sat there, busting a gut, laughing at us. I looked down and saw that his dick had gotten quite hard, stretching down his left leg. This was something that did not escape Kim’s attention. She said, “Well, well, well! It looks like little brother is a whole lot bigger than I thought he was!”

John’s face went a whole shade redder, I wasn’t sure if it was caused by embarrassment or excitement.

“So, did you really beat-off after seeing me naked, when we were younger?” she asked, as she moved her shirt from her lap, spreading her sexy legs, completely exposing her wet little twat. I watched John’s eyes open as wide as her legs! “Is this what you wanted to see? Is it this, that got you so excited, you had to jack off?”

Then he mumbled something, that I couldn’t quite make out.

Kim said, “I’ll make you a deal, if you can see fit to not tell Ken about me and Clint, I’ll make it well worth your while.”

Now my dick was once again, hard as nails! This could be my fantasy cum true!

John stammered, “What….what do…do you mean by that?” an incredulous look on his face.

I would have to guess, that I had much the same look on my face, as I tried to figure out exactly what she meant by that comment.

She said, almost in a whisper, “Why don’t you come over here and find out, little brother?”

He stood there, hesitating, his dick, straining against his pant leg, a small spot of moisture had formed on his pants, right at the end of his cock.

“Come on, come closer Johnny”

“Wha…what are you…you going to…to do?” he stammered.

“Get over here and you’ll find out!”

He looked at me, with a stunned expression on his face that was quite comical. I just smiled, I had never seen him so flustered. Then he slowly started to walk the ten feet that separated him from his sister. He shuffled over to her, as she waited, sitting there naked on the couch. He stood there nervously, right in front of Kim, his crotch about even with her face, as she looked at the huge bulge in his pants, licking her bahçeşehir escort lips. She reached up and felt his hard cock through the thin material, he gasped, obviously enjoying the moment.

“Yes, indeed! This is a whole lot bigger than the last time I saw it!” she purred, “How old were you, maybe twelve or thirteen?” He simply shrugged his shoulders and opened his mouth, as if to say something, only to close it again, without saying a word. She unzipped his zipper, her hand disappeared into his pants, as she pulled his huge, throbbing shlong out. I just sat there, eyes riveted on the scene that was unfolding before me. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing! I couldn’t count how many times I had jacked-off, while I fantasized about something like this happening. Kim held his engorged member in her hand, gasping at the shear size and weight of it. It was a good eight and a half inches long and big enough around, that she couldn’t touch her fingers to her thumb.

At this point, John says, “I don’t know if I feel right about this, Kim.”

“It feels and looks like you do to me! Just look at the pre-cum dripping off of it and it’s hard as a rock!” she exclaimed excitedly. He blushed deeply, once again, as she slowly stroked his shaft a couple of times, causing a low moan to escape from his lips. Then she stuck her tongue out and gently licked the underside of the swollen head, running her tongue up across his pee-hole, licking the pre-cum from the end of his prick, as he groaned with pleasure.

Suddenly, she turned to me and said, “You guys never told me about Las Vegas, tell me about it before I go any farther.”

This snapped me out of the trancelike state I was in, bringing me back to reality with a jolt. It appeared to have the same effect on John, because he visibly jerked a little, hearing her words and then he turned to look at me with a questioning look. At that point, I realized that I had been unconsciously stroking my cock, which was so hard it was almost unbearable, pre-cum dripping from the head, down the shaft and all over my hand. I sat there and looked at my options. I could tell her what we had done a couple of years earlier, on our trip to Vegas, but I still wasn’t sure what she would think of the two of us, especially me! I did know that one thing was for sure, I didn’t want this to end without having some fun first. “Well, I’m waiting.” Kim said, impatiently.

I thought about it, looked up at John again and shrugged my shoulders. From the look on John’s face, I could tell that he was going through the same torturous thoughts and by the looks of it, he didn’t want it to end either.

“Fuck it,” I thought to myself, I figured, here she was, holding her own brother’s cock, her saliva still drying on it’s tip. I knew that she was quite a kinky woman, she should be able to deal with it. So, I decided to show her. I slid closer to her on the couch, gave her a quick kiss, then I reached up and grabbed his dick and turned my head and gave it a lick. He groaned, half from pleasure, half from embarrassment, she raised her eyebrows with a shocked look on her face.

“Are you trying to tell me, that you two…” her words trailed off, as she watched me take the head of his cock into my mouth. Her mouth hung open, as wide as mine, only hers was empty.

John said, almost shouting, “We’re not gay!”

Kim totally cracked up at this point, giggling uncontrollably, as she fell back against the couch. I guess, it’s kind of difficult to convince her we’re not gay, when I’ve got the head of his dick in my mouth. I stopped, letting go of his monster cock and I turned and looked at her and as I stuck a finger into her wet little snatch I said, “Come on Baby, you don’t really think that I’m gay, do you?”

She looked at me, grabbing hold of my iron hard cock and said, “Well, I guess you’re not actually gay, but what do you call a guy that will do what you just did?”

I thought about it for a second and replied, “Horny!”

At that point, we all cracked up, the laughter breaking the tension and somehow, I knew everything would be all right. After a few minutes of giggling, Kim says, “So that’s the deep, dark secret? You guy’s had sex with each other, while you were in Las Vegas?”

“All we did was give each other a little head, it wasn’t really sex!” John exclaimed.

“That’s right, just ask Bill Clinton!” I added.

We all had another good laugh and then we told Kim the whole story, about how we wound up doing some “experimenting” after we shared a woman, on that fateful weekend.

I told her, “I don’t consider a guy to be actually gay, if they have absolutely no feelings toward men in a romantic sense and if they just ‘play around’ a little with another guy, it’s just that, playing around.” I looked at her, trying to read the expression on her face. Then I continued, “To this day, I never look at guys and think about how hot they are, but women, will drive me absolutely crazy! It was purely a matter of circumstance and curiosity that we wound up doing what we did.”

“That’s how I feel about it,” said John, “Guy’s just don’t turn me on, as far as wanting to kiss one or something.”

Kim looked at us for a minute and said mischievously, “Well, I guess I can deal with it, so before you guys lose your boners, maybe we should have some fun!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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