Casey’s Recovery Ch. 05


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As the steaks sizzled on the back of the grill, I assembled the salad and started the asparagus steaming. Next came a quick lemon butter sauce for the asparagus and lastly I put the bread pudding into the oven on low and whipped up a nice rum sauce, sitting it in the oven with the pudding to stay warm.

I quickly turned the steaks, and assembled the plates placing salad, steamed asparagus with the lemon butter sauce and then a steak on each one. It looked fantastic! I called Mom and Lillian to the table and set out a nice bottle of merlot. Before plating Casey’s steak I cut it into bit sized pieces and drizzled a little garlic oil over it, then took it to her over bed table.

Once there I sat my dinner next to hers and raised the back of the bed so she could eat more easily. We didn’t say much as we tore through the meal, clearly everybody was hungry. To tell the truth, it was strange sitting there naked. Every now and then, I’d giving my cock a soft stroke or rub the foreskin over my cockhead gently. I’d look over at Mom and Lillian sitting naked, eating and drinking happily.

I knew it would take me a while to adjust, but I just loved all of us being naked together. It turns out that I absolutely, positively love looking at naked people, all kinds of people, who knew! Occasionally I would fixate on Casey’s pussy and those spectacular pink pussy lips. I found them mesmerizing and in turn that caused the leaky cockhead, quietly oozing on my leg and sliding down my thigh. Still, dinner was outstanding.

As I rose to clean up our plates, Casey smiled at me warmly and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was the best meal I’ve had since I got hurt!”

Then her eyes strayed to my dick and the pre-cum on my thigh, she giggled softly and turned to me saying, “I’m sure glad you like looking at my pussy there bro.”

I just grunted and said, “It could have been your tits you know!”

She reached up and grabbed her nipples between her fingers and used them to pull her tits away from her chest and shook them back and forth a couple of times and gave me a wicked smile. “You’re hopeless, I said.”

When I stopped to pickup Mom and Lillian’s plates, Lillian smiled, reached out and using her forefinger sort of spooned up a bit of my pre-cum, popping it quickly in her mouth. “Mmmmm, tasty,” she said, and smiled her satisfied smile.

Mom immediately put her hand on my butt cheek and turned me toward her, then reached out with her napkin and wiped away the pre-cum remnants, saying “next time be sure and put a napkin in your lap to absorb any spills, Ok?”

I smiled and said, “Yes Mam, I’ll remember” and walked quickly into the kitchen to clean-up. Mom began talking and laughing with Casey while Lillian slipped into the kitchen with me.

“Sweetie, she said, turn around to me and let me suck you off real quick. My pussy is way too sore for fucking today.”

I turned to her, gently grasped my cock and eased my cockhead into her mouth. She used her tongue to gently manipulate my cockhead, licking and sucking and swallowing my dripping pre-cum; still it only took a few seconds due to all the stimulation I’d had. Once I started to cum, I pushed my way further into her mouth, held the back of her head and shot three good blasts down her throat. She choked a little, but true to her persistent nature, she sucked as hard as she could, sucking down all the residual cum from my swollen cock.

My head was spinning and there were lots of little spots of lights in my eyes as she finished sucking me off. After a final moment of sucking and gently jacking my shaft, she pulled me out and patted my cock like a good dog. Then she smiled up at me and said, “Let’s not tell your Mama about this.”

I quickly agreed, but continued to roll her rubbery nipples between my fingers and said, “So, are you going to be here later?”

“Yes, she said, but my pussy is way too sore for you.”

“It’s not your pussy I’m interested in, I said, I want to bend you over, unbuckle your asshole and sink a shaft right there.”

She smiled her devilish smile and said, “My my, aren’t we getting bold. But you better let me think that over.”

With the promise of future fun I turned to the coffee and dessert; it too was a success. Afterwards I sat next to Casey and we watched television while Lillian and Mom sat by the pool and enjoyed their normal conversation about town, people they know and the like.

When it was clear that they were paying no attention to us, Casey let her hand fall to my lap and started fondling my cock. But wanting to save some for Lillian later, I said, “Sweetie, let’s wait until tomorrow when Mom is at work. I’ll bet we can have lots of fun, besides I would love to figure out how to position Escort Bayan Gaziantep you so I could eat your pussy.”

“Really”, she said with her eyes bright and shining; “I’m certain sure I would love to have you eat my pussy. No one has ever done that to me, just a quick finger or two and really fast fuck; almost like it didn’t happen, but nothing like that. Ok then, that’s worth waiting for.”

With that she snuggled in and I covered her with a light blanket. Soon she drifted off to sleep, as I watched her it was hard to imagine she was a young lady, she looked like an angel sleeping.

I walked out to the pool deck to say good night to Mom and Lillian as I was pretty tired as well. Mom turned and gave me a sweet smile saying, “You know son, I am really getting to like this nudist thing. I’m absolutely enjoying the freedom of being naked and the sight of you walking out here naked is a pleasure to me too.”

“You’re not alone, I’ve fantasized about seeing you naked for years and to see you around the house in all your glory is pretty great. I hope I won’t embarrass you by saying that I find your pussy amazing. I have never seen pussies like yours and Casey’s where the lips are so pronounced and so boldly pink. They are really something to see.”

Lillian spoke up saying, “He’s right honey, I’ve know you all my life, we’ve showered together, fooled around together and other than Casey’s, I’ve never seen another pussy where the lips are so big and pink. To just say it out loud, you pussy is just beautiful. By comparison, my puss is just a big slit with not much character. I mean I like my pussy, but it is not anything like yours.”

Mom’s face took on a bit of a blush and she seemed shy when she said, “I don’t know what to say. I never thought there would be a pussy contest where my funny looking pussy was in the lead. I have very little experience in comparing pussy.”

“Well take it from me Mom; your pussy would be a Blue Ribbon winner, I said.”

She turned to Lillian and said, “I was wondering, do you think I should shave my puss like yours? I mean your pussy looks so neat and shiny the way you shave it.”

“Honey, Lillian said, don’t you remember when we were in the school showers together and my pussy looked like an overgrown jungle from asshole to navel nothing but lots and lots of tight, curly hair?”

“Well now that you mention it I do seem to remember you were really hairy, but I’ve seen more of your pussy in the last two days than in the last ten years,” said Mom.

“I had my pussy laser treated years ago when the process first came out. I went to my dermatologist and his technician lazered everything from my belly button to my toes and back up to my asshole. They said normally it only takes 5 or 6 treatments with a touch-up, but my hairy ass took an even dozen. Ever since then all I do is get a very rare touch-up and use plenty of moisturizer after bathing. Everything stays soft, shiny and hair free. I love it. But then, my pussy is not as pretty as yours.”

“Take my word for it Mom, leave that beauty alone, no shaving, nothing, I said.”

Mom smiled and agreed to leave well enough alone. “Are you off to bed honey,” she asked.

“Yep, after that big supper and the excitement of today, I’m pooped, good night all!”

Later that Night

I dropped into a deep sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I don’t know how long I slept when I felt someone sucking on my cockhead and fingering my asshole. I didn’t have much experience with my ass being manipulated but the combination felt pretty darn good. I was lying on my side facing the door and in the dim light I was able to see that it was Lillian’s face shoved into my crotch and her hand between my legs.

To get to my cock she was forced to be on all fours and her big breasts were swinging below her like large white udders. I reached down and began to fondle the closest tit with my right hand, palming it and twisting her nipple. In response, she popped off my cockhead and said, “Glad to see you’re awake, don’t stop playing with my breasts, I love how it feels.”

“I like it too, but stop a minute and go close the door,” I said.

As she walked over to close the door, I turned on the bedside lamp, I wanted a good light. She walked back to me all big girl, large white square tits with walleyed nipples jutting outward. She came up and put her pussy squarely in my face saying, “Get a mouthful sweet boy.”

With that she swung her leg over my face and eased her pussy lips onto my mouth. I got busy eating her pussy, it had a tart chalky taste which I found I liked very much, after just a few minutes her breathing became labored and she pushed into my mouth hard. Then she squirted a modest amount of pussy juice and then rubbed her pussy on my face. “Thank you baby boy, that was very nice.”

I laughed quietly and said, “Turn around, bend over, kiss your ankles and spread your cheeks.”

“All right sweetie, if I’d realized you liked the brownie, you could have gotten there earlier,” she said.

As she assumed the position, her big gnarly brown asshole came clearly into view. It was quite large, like everything of hers in a nice round form with lots of folded butt tissue that seemed to be wadded and stuffed into her hole. There was the faint earthy smell with the aroma of fluids and pussy juice. It really excited me and my cock became fully erect, red and swollen; she could see it easily from her position.

“Looks like the big boy is ready for some action,” she said.

I didn’t say a word; instead I jammed my face into her ass crack and started tonguing and sucking her rectum. When my girl Sandy and I were together in college, I’d eaten her asshole many times, she always loved it and I grew to enjoy the earthy flavor and odors when fresh from the shower. Lillian was no different, the more I sucked and shoved my tongue into her hole the more she moaned and rutted against me.

After a few minutes, she said in a deep growly voice, “Damn, you asshole eating freak, it is time to fuck my ass. I am so damn ready to be ass fucked!”

With that, I stood her up, turned her around and shoved my tongue into her mouth deeply frenching her and sharing all the fluids and juices that had accumulated in my mouth. After a moment she pulled away and said breathing heavily, “Jesus, you are a freak, come on now, fuck my ass, fuck it!”

I stood behind her, putting her on her hands and knees on the bed and began to work the head of my cock against her butt hole. It was wet and slippery but it remained tightly closed. Soon I was able to get my cockhead past the rubbery muscle band at the entrance and allowed myself to wait for a few moments to for her ass to relax; as she moaned and pushed against me.

Once I felt it loosen, I steeled myself and pushed all the way in until my balls and pubic bone were firmly up against her bottom. Lordy, was her asshole tight, I thought for a moment that she would squeeze my cock right off, but after a moment she became more relaxed and seemed to become wetter so I could easily pull my cock back a few inches.

Lillian moaned and groaned and called out to God saying, “Oh fuck me Jack, oh God it hurts sooo good, ooooh my, ooooh my. Sooo, good!”

Slowly at first and then more quickly, I began to stroke in and out of her bottom, moving 5-6 inches each time and each time it felt so achingly hot and tight. I really want to cum, to cum quickly and shoot wads of cum deep into her belly. As I fucked her, she groaned and moaned and began to quiver; I opened my eyes and looked down at her back to see a reddish flush and small goose pimples wash up and down her back. Her breathing was labored and loud and I knew she was cuming her ass off. She was having one orgasm after another.

I felt my nuts swell and tighten and the old familiar sweet hot flush growing from the pit of my stomach flowing up through my cock and erupting into burning blast after blast of hot cum flowing deeply into her bowels. Oh man, this was really good. As her orgasms’ subsided she slumped forward onto her stomach and sighed deeply.

“Sweet Jackie boy, I think I love you; but I have to rest now.”

As she fell away from me my cock slowly slipped out and fell with a soft plop onto my balls. Cum and fluids dripped softly from my cock onto my balls and eased down my legs as I stood there. I was tired but oddly energized and excited. Suddenly, I felt two hands on my back just about shoulder high and heard my Mother’s soft voice say, “Looks like you really know how to do a girl proud son.”

I was startled and started to turn around when she said, “Just stand still, I really enjoyed watching you both having such a good time together. It made me so wet I thought I was drowning.” As she said this she continued to softly caress my back and then my buttocks; rubbing and feeling my body with her fingers, pressing her breasts and fuzzy pussy firmly against me. Finally, she pushed even closer to me, gluing her body to my back and eased her arms around me, rubbing my belly and gently grasped my ball sack with both hands.

As she kneaded and fondled my balls, my cock was re-energized and grew to full height and attention, jutting forward just above her fingers. I really wanted her to handle my cock and I tried to maneuver her into position to hold my cock in her hands, but she managed to avoid my efforts.

Finally, I said, “Come on, my dick needs your touch, please stroke me Momma.”

Her hands slipped away from my balls, past my cock and firmly rubbed my belly and navel. Then she pressed her naked body more tightly to my back and hugged me firmly. It was lovely to feel her touch and have her so close. I wanted to turn around and put my hands on her, but she squeezed me even tighter, then stepped away and sat down in the bedside chair as I quickly turned around.

Lillian had fallen asleep; her breath was distinct yet soft and regular as she lay on the bed. Mom said, “I know it seems like the very worst time, but sit down here with me, I have to talk to you.”

I sat down on the carpet at her feet looking directly at her jutting nipples and soft naked body. She said, “We have always had a good relationship, as your mother I have nursed you and loved you and looked after you. I’ve never thought of myself as anything other than your mother, never. I’m afraid if this goes any further things will get completely screwed up and nothing will be left of us.”

I could see she was truly troubled and as I thought about it, I could understand her concern that the special bond of mother and child would disappear and there might be nothing left. It was also clear to me that I was 24 years old, an adult albeit a young adult, and my perspectives of our relationship and the world were not those of a child. While sex and nudity or even a conversion to nudism would change our relationship, I could not see how it would destroy our relationship.

“Mom, let me say that you will always be my mother. Always be the person who loved me, who fixed my cuts and bruises; the one to whom I turned for comfort and reassurance. That was when I was a child. I’m a young man. My psyche is well developed, I’m not crazy. You are an intelligent, sane woman; you’re still a young woman, you have needs and desires. The problem is you don’t trust like you once did. From my perspective, when dad left you just went into yourself and shut down.”

“Let’s face it, Mom you are a smoking hot woman. You’re bound to want to fuck your brains out from time to time, but it’s not been happening. I think it can make anybody a little crazy; and when Casey got hurt you were really stressed. Then you come into my bedroom and there I am, jacking my brains out. You got a real eyeful of my big, red cock shooting a huge load of cum. No matter who you are it’s a wonder you didn’t jump me right then.”

“Well aren’t you the smart one,” she said softly. “I suspect you’re probably right, even so, sex with your mother is not normal, not normal at all.”

“Mom, normal, come on. You watched me blow a load in the bedroom, we got drunk and naked and I blew a load right on you and Lillian ate my cum directly off your pussy right then.” She looked at me with big confused eyes, so I said, “Ok so maybe you don’t remember that, but it happened. Hell, if Lillian had not taken me to bed, I would have fucked you that night … maybe it would have been wrong, but it would have happened. I know, we were drunk, even so.”

“Honey,” she said, “it’s clear I’ve made several mistakes, maybe being naked around you has made everything worse. I feel very confused.”

“Mother,” I said in frustration, “look Casey is naked and she loves it, Lillian is naked and she loves it, I’m naked and I love it, you’re naked and I feel certain that you love it. Being naked around one another is great, in fact, it is perfectly natural. I love looking at every part of you, even if we never have sex, seeing all these bodies moving and breathing, and being alive naked is fantastic. Don’t you agree?”

Mother looked at me for a time and said softly, “Yes, I do and I beginning to believe that I would enjoy the freedom of being with other naked people too! Perhaps the only downside is the increased libido we seem to be experiencing, if we can manage to control that, we could be almost back to some sort of normal.”

I stood up and took her hand in mine saying, “So how do you want to start?”

She smiled at me and started to speak when I stood up placing my hard cock right in front of her mouth, spreading my legs just enough to allow my balls to swing free and said, “Tell you what; let’s decide after you suck my dick!” Then I pushed her mouth open with a finger and inserted my cockhead saying, “Start sucking.”

Her eyes grew big as she looked up at me; I reached back and firmly held her head while gently pushing my stinky, sticky cock into her mouth and throat. Clearly she had not expected this, but she began to suck and use her tongue to probe my cock slit and lave the underside of my dick as I gently stroked into her mouth. Fucking Momma’s mouth, how extraordinarily exciting, how hot and wet.

After a few moments she reached up, using both hands she grasped my shaft and began to firmly jack me off as I continued to probe her mouth. She was not a big enough person for me to get to far into her mouth; even so she pursed her lips creating increased suction as she rubbed my shaft and licked the tender underside of my cock; it was sweet sensation.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for cum to start to boil, I felt my balls tighten and that old, sweet hot feeling as a blast of cum roared out the end of my cock slit. She didn’t seem surprised; perhaps she felt it coming as it filled her mouth. Using her teeth and tight lips she held me firm and gulped the one big shot and then powerfully suctioned my cock draining the remaining dribbles. I could hear her sucks and smacks as she finished me off and then quietly placed a sweet kiss on my cockhead.

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