Carrie’s Boss

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Carrie thought a walk in the woods would help her work out some problems she was having at work lately. But what she did not expect to come across was a man, and woman making out. The closer she got she could see who they were. Her best friend, and her own boss. The man that has her so turned on that she is having a hard time doing work. Her best friend knew how she felt about her boss, and she would not like what she had to say to her later. Carrie sat down, and watched as her so called best friend. She was on her knees, and he was fucking her face. Then he pulled out, and shot his cum all over her face and clothes.

“Mmmm, that was great, Thank you.” she told him.

“Why you did not make me hard, someone else did that. I only said yes cause you offered to suck me when you walked in, and found me jerking off.” he told her then walked away leaving her there.

Carrie was at her desk when her best friend came back from lunch. Her Boss had not come back in yet.

“I have something to tell you. I over heard your Boss tell some guy that he likes to use the girls that work for him. I thought you should know, sense you have feelings for him.” her best friend told her.

Before she could say anything the Boss walks in, and she left fast.

“Carrie, could you come in here, and take a letter please.” he said.

She stood up, smooth her top down and unbutton the top three buttons, picked up her pad and went into his office.

“Close the door please.” he said.

She did then went to sit down.

” First I have to clear up what I overheard your friend said as I came in.” she started to say.

“That’s ok Sir, I know what happen, I saw, and heard what was said. And I will apologize if you would like, but I was out walking, and came up on you, and her, she doesn’t know that, I stayed and watched.” she told him.

He could keep his eyes off her breasts, he saw that she had unbuttoned some more. And he could feel his cock getting hard again. That was why he let that girl talk him into letting her suck his cock.

“Okay, but I still need to tell you that I do not use the women from any job I work at.” he said.

“Can I ask you who the lucky girl is who turns you on so much.” she asks.

He laughed, not sure what she would say if he told her that she was that girl. His hand rubbed his pants covered cock while he thought about telling her.

“Okay I will tell you if you really want to know.” he said.

“Yes I want to know.” she said softly.

“You!, almanbahis Your the girl that has my cock so fucking hard all the time now that I cannot even work without having to go jerk off.” he told her.

“Me too!” she said in a whisper he barely heard.

He watched as her hand went up to her top, and started to unbutton her top. He got up, went over, and locked the door. He walked back over to sit on the edge of his desk in front of her. Her top was open, and her bare tit’s popped out as she undid her bra. His hands went to his zipper, and belt, undoing them quickly. He reached in and pulled out his hard cock.

She leans forward, pulling her chair with her. Stopping when his cock rested on the tops of her breasts. Her hands caress his cock length, his hands wrap around her tit’s pulling them apart a little for his cock to falls between them. Slowly he rock his hips, moving his cock back and forth. She lowered her mouth to take his cock head in.

“Oh sweetheart, feels so good!” he said softly.

All she could do was moan around his cock head she was sucking on. She heard the phone ring and took her mouth off and pick up the phone.

“Yes Sir I understand in ten minutes okay Sir I will make sure he is there. Good bye Sir.” she said, hung up, and went back to sucking his cock.

He had to grab hold of his desk when she took his cock back in her mouth. She took him deep, and she had his balls in her hands, rolling them around and seconds later he felt his cum rising up. He tried to stop it, but she would not let it.

“OH GOD I’M CUMMING!” he grunted, jerking his cock even deeper in her throat.

She swallowed every drop of his cum, then stood up, button her top and put his cock back in his pants, zipped him up and did his belt also.

“Sorry, That was so quick Sir, but you have a meeting in about five minutes with your bosses.” she told him smiling.

He sat there watching her move around the room picking up papers and folders handing them to him. Then she left the room, closing the door behind her.

She could not get the smile off her face. Five minutes later the door opens and he told her to hold his calls, and then as he was going thru the door, he stop and turn back to her.

“If you would please stay until I get back. It might be after Five when I get back from this meeting.” he asked her.

She nodded, knowing she what would happen later if she had any thing to say about it. The next few hours she typed, took calls, and almanbahis giriş told her so called best friend that she had to stay late to type up some note from the meeting and maybe a contact or two. A little white lie to her friend, but she did not care not after catching her friend on her knees earlier.

She looked at her watch again. It was almost six and still she heard nothing from him. Just then the phone rang again.

“Hello Marks and Bolts Billings.” she answered.

“Hi Carrie, it’s me, sorry about this, but I am still not done. So I was wondering if you would go to my apartment and met me there. My key is in the desk drawer on the right, it’s color coded red. And………… please make your self at home, I will call when I am on my way home…………..” he said.

“Can’t wait to feel your body against mine, or to touch you, taste you, god I wish this meeting would hurry, and get over he added in a whispered tone.

“No problem Sir, I can do that for you. Okay……” she said.

“Your not the only one who cannot wait.” she whispers in the phone.

She opened his door, and went inside. She roamed around the huge place for over an hour before thinking she might cook some dinner. Dinner in the oven she went in to take a shower.

Wrapping the soft robe around her body she sat down on the couch to waits for his call. She clicks on the TV and smiled when it was a porn channel. She got into the show that she did not even hear him walk into the room.

“Mmmm, looks good, but I think I would rather have you doing that to me instead of her.” he stated.

She gasps, turns to see him standing there. She got up and went to him.

“That can be done, but after dinner it’s done.” she told him, placing a soft kiss on his lips.

He followed her into the kitchen, watching her getting dinner on the table. As she stood with her back to him at the sink. He walked up behind her and held her in his arms, kissing her neck.

“I’m so fucking hard right now, I could not get you out of my mind all during that meeting.” he whispers.

She closes her eyes and leans back against him, his hand cups and squeezes her tit’s. Then she moves away quickly before she forgets dinner.

“Come let’s eat.” she told him.

He walks her into the living room after dinner and tells her to go watch TV while he goes up to shower. He watched her walk away, and he locks the front door and heads for the shower.

As he walks down the stairs, he could not almanbahis yeni giriş believe she was here, and she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He did not see her, but she could see him in the mirror over the TV. He was not wearing anything, cause she had his robe which she had already taken off. He went around the couch and saw her legs open and her fingers playing with her pussy.

He kneeled in front of her and smiled at her as he lean down and lick her wet pussy. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and lock them there and buried his mouth in her pussy.

“OH YESSSSSSSS!” she groaned, lifting her hips, pushing against his mouth harder.

He was going to love making love to her, she had turned him inside out for weeks now, and now he was going to eat her pussy till she screamed in pleasure. He held her legs tighter when she tried moving them, he just started to suck her pussy faster, and harder.


He undid her legs, and move to sit next to her on the couch. She looked at him, then moved to kneel in front of him. Her hand took his cock, and she slowly lick him from tip to base. Then she took his balls in her mouth.

She made love to his cock, and balls so slowly he knew he would blow soon if he did not stop her now. He lifted her up to his lap, cupping her tit’s, and licking nipples before taking one in his mouth. He turned her and laid her on the couch, taking her mouth in his, and kissing her deeply.

He pulled back and looked at her, standing up, he puts out his hand to her.

“Let’s go upstairs and make love.” he said softly.

She put her hand in his, and they walk up. In the bedroom she told him to lay in the center. He watches her crawl up over him, taking her hips he guided her down on his throbbing cock.

“OH GOD!!, SO FUCKING TIGHT BABY!” he groaned closing his eyes.

He grips her ass, pulling her against him tightly. Holding her hips he moves her up and down on his cock, making her tit’s bounce against his face. Opening his eyes he lifts his head and takes a nipple in his mouth sucking hard.

“I want you on top of me.” she told him.

He holds her and turns, so they are now across the bed. He reaches down and pulls her legs up low on his back. He reaches above her and grips the edge of the bed, and pushes himself in quick jerks. His cock thrusts deep with each jerk.


He thrusts hard into her. He can feel his cum boiling now and hopes he can hold back long enough till she climax’s first.

“OH GOD I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGG!!” she screams.

He felt her cumming around his cock and he slams his cock one last time, and explodes inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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