Can’t Hold Back Any Longer

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My sister (19) and I (21) have always been very close. We’ve helped each other through a lot of stuff growing up, and we’ve always been best friends. I don’t like to brag, but we’re both reasonably attractive. I’m not ripped, but far from pudgy, and I notice girls looking at me every once in a while. She’s pretty enough that she could end a relationship with a guy and be with another one the same day. She’s not the kind of girl that would jump guys like that, and she would go at least 3 months between boyfriends, but she could have picked up guys left and right if she wanted to. Everywhere we go I see at least a couple guys checking out her slender hourglass body, shapely thighs, bubble butt, and C cup chest.

We have dated several people starting when we were each 14. But the relationships always ended, and we always helped each other through the breakups. Each time we would break up with someone, we would help each other through it. After a few years, I started to see a trend. After talking it out with each other (either before or after the breakup), the main reason that we ended the relationships was because the people we were dating didn’t have one or more qualities that we thought were important to have in our significant others, and all of those traits are present in each other. Recently, we’ve even said things to each other like, “I wish I could someone who was exactly like you except not my sibling” or “If I could move your personality into someone’s body that I’m not related to, I would marry you in an instant!”

A few months ago, I realized I had a crush on my sister. I mostly just ignored it and tried to talk to other girls. But now that college is out for the summer, my sister is the only girl my age that I ever get to see. That’s when it started moving into something more than just a crush. I started falling in love for her and looking for signs that she might feel the same for me. To my surprise, I actually started to notice things that seemed like she was attracted to me, but they were small enough that I convinced myself they were innocent gestures or that my wishful thinking was making me misread her.

Every Fourth of July, our family has a big family reunion. One of my uncle’s owns 250 acres of land in the backwoods. It’s located on a river that’s good for fishing, and the land is good for hunting. They’ve made trails for four wheelers covering the whole property, and it’s not too hard to get lost. There are usually 80 or more people at the reunions, and everyone enjoys the time in the outdoors. I love being outside, so I usually spend the whole trip canoeing or riding four wheelers. But my sister isn’t an outdoors person. She was always more interested in talking and tanning, so she never learned how to swim, which means she was a little scared of the river. And she never thought that four wheeling seemed interesting, so she never bothered to try it. She always stayed at the cabin and talked with family.

It was an hour drive to the cabin, and along the way we talked about what we wanted to there. I was able to convince my sister to try canoeing for a little bit, but only if I promised she wouldn’t have to get in the water and that I would take her down some little rapids. When my family got there, we had 3 hours until dinner. We talked with family that we hadn’t seen in a while for about an hour. Then we got on a side by side and went down to the river. There were already several people down there, mostly kids and teenagers, and they were riding in canoes and kayaks, skipping rocks, and swimming.

It hadn’t rained in a while, so the water was more shallow than usual. This meant it was too shallow to take a canoe in rapids because canoes sit deeper in the water and rapids are places where the water is most shallow. So we needed to take kayaks, which sit higher in the water so they wouldn’t get stuck in the rapids. She felt a little uneasy about this because kayaks are made for only one person, but she agreed to try it. We got in our separate kayaks and rowed downstream to the closest set of rapids, which was about ¾ mile away. After we got there, she got too scared to ride down them, so we rowed back.

Her: I think I mostly just didn’t trust myself because I’ve never done it before. I think I would feel better about it if I could ride with you.

Me: I wouldn’t mind that, but kayaks only seat one person. We can’t take a canoe because we might get stuck in the shallows, and I didn’t bring bursa escort a change of clothes or shoes so I don’t want to have to get out and pull us if we get stuck.

Her: But I don’t mind sharing a kayak! I can sit in your lap and you can steer us through the rapids.

I didn’t want to agree, but I was really excited to see her so willing to be out on the water, and I didn’t want to spoil the fun we were having. So I sat down and she sat on my lap. We pushed off, and we quickly realized this wouldn’t work to stay balanced in the boat. I spread my legs, and she sat on the seat in front of me, but it was a small seat so we were still pretty well pressed together. On the way down, we talked and joked around. Before we got to the rapids, she asked me to stop.

Her: Wait! Slow down! I don’t want to go too fast through this, so just coast into it. And I’m also pretty nervous! Hold me still while we go down!

I nervously put my hands on her sides like a boy at a middle school dance. She grabbed my hands and put wrapped my arms around her with my hands firmly on her stomach. My attraction started to rise, and I couldn’t help but get a little excited. As we rode through the rough patch, I noticed every bit of friction between us, and I didn’t want it to end. But eventually we were through it, and I had to turn us around to head back.

Unfortunately, as we went up the rapids, we got stuck at the shallowest part! I didn’t think the extra weight of her light body would make enough of a difference to get us stuck, but I guess I was wrong. I used the oar to push off the river bed, but we weren’t making much progress. She decided she wanted to help, so she started scooting forward and back like you would scoot up a chair to the table. The force from her scooting started to move the boat free, but her rear end rubbing my crotch also started to move the blood in my veins. By the time we were free and all the way through the rapids, I was semi hard.

Because she was focused on getting upstream, I don’t think she noticed what she was doing to me, but she started to feel it now that we were in calm water. She tensed up a little, and I she shifted her weight a few times, I think she was trying to see if she was really feeling what she thought she was feeling. But to my surprise, she just relaxed and leaned back against me. After a minute or two of rowing she said,

Her: Um… hey, so, I kind of liked rowing. Do you mind if I row the way back?

Me: Sure! I don’t mind giving myself a break haha!

Her: Okay cool! But… I don’t want to lean over too far and tip us over. Can you hold me still again while I row?

Me: O-okay [I tentatively put my hands on her waist again].

Her: No… I mean… Like when we were going down the rapids.

So I wrapped my arms around her again. It felt so good to hold her on the way back, and I got the impression that she thought it felt nice as well. About halfway back, she actually started moving her hips a little pressing back towards me with every stroke of the oar. I was pretty worked up by the time we got to shore, so it took me a little longer to get out of the kayak!

We then went to dinner and talked to our family for a couple hours.

My uncle: Hey, everyone! It will probably be dark in an hour and a half, so if you want to spend more time at the river or riding four wheelers, you might want to go now!

Her: [turns to me] Hey, would you teach me how to drive a four wheeler?

I agreed, so we went and hopped on one. I sat down behind her, showed her the controls, and we took off. The four wheelers were not made for two people, so there wasn’t a good place to hang on in the back. I could have grabbed the rails in the back, but it’s a little awkward to reach, and I figured she wouldn’t mind me holding her since I held her so much on the kayak, so I wrapped my arms around her just like I had on the boat.

I knew the trails pretty well, and it wasn’t long before I had her well away from the cabin and on some rougher paths. Because of the bumpy roads, it was hard to keep a good grip on her, so my hands were sliding up and down her stomach pretty regularly. Once, I had to catch and balance myself by throwing a hand forward, and it happened to land high up on her inner thigh. With all the touching and friction, my semi had come back, and it was thrust into her every time we were jolted forward. I knew she could feel it, but there wasn’t much I could bursa escort bayan do about it. Aside from that, I tried to keep my hands on her stomach, but I could tell she was getting a little woozy.

After a while of this, she asked to switch me. I figured it was probably a combination of her arms getting tired of steering and her getting tired of her brother’s arms rubbing her all over. But in hindsight, I think she was just getting too turned on to focus on driving! She stopped, got off, put her arms on me like mine were on hers, and then I started driving. Now, these roads stayed bumpy, so her hands were moving on my body just as much as hers were. But then one time we were jolted forwards, and she put her hand out to catch herself, and her thumb happened to graze my crotch. I know she felt my mostly hard dick through my athletic shorts, and that made me a little nervous. But soon, she did it again. I know it wasn’t a big enough jolt for her to lose her balance like that, so I think she was trying to feel again to make sure she actually felt it.

After that, she moved her hands down from my stomach to my waistline, but still wrapped up as far as she could reach. But since the waistline is lower and harder to reach around, her hands were closer to the center of my body instead of wrapped all the way around. This had the result of making her hand or hands touch my dick every time we were jolted forwards. We rode like this for a while, and every time she touched me, she left her hand on me for a little longer. This was turning my mostly hard dick into a full boner, and I know she could feel it. Her brushes turned into feels, which turned into petting, which turned into full grabbing.

Then she suddenly put both hands around me and grabbed me really tight, and I could feel her hips move as she grinded on the seat. I heard a little whimper, and I drove us to a path that no one usually goes on while I let her come in the seat behind me. Then I stopped and turned around in the seat so that we were facing each other. I wanted to ask her about it to see what she was thinking about it all. I started to say something, but she immediately grabbed me and pulled my mouth to hers in a passionate kiss. We made out for a couple minutes before I was finally able to pull myself away from her and look her in the eyes.

Me: What is happening? This isn’t supposed to happen.

Her: Who cares? I think it is supposed to be happening! We both know everything about each other’s lives, and we still say that we would be perfect together! I know I love you, and I know you love me, so why can’t we just forget about whatever we aren’t supposed to do and just do what we know in our hearts is right?

Me: You’re right! I do love you, and I think we should be together!

Her: I want you right now! We both know we can’t get married, but we also know there is no one else we want to marry! The reason we’re both virgins is because we believe sex is the ultimate promise to a person that you will always be theirs to own and love forever! Let me give myself to you, and you give yourself to me so that we know we will always be there for each other! I’ve held back my love for so long, and I just want to share it all with you right now!

Me: Yes! I do want to marry you, and there is no one else I would rather give myself to! I would love to make this promise to you, but do you really want to here? I mean, it’s not romantic, it’s not comfortable, and I don’t want to hurt you. You’re supposed to get used to bigger and bigger things in you over a long time so the hymen slowly adjusts and gets wider. Your first time isn’t supposed to hurt and bleed. I don’t want to do that to you, and I don’t want to do that here where we can’t clean it up!

Her: You remember my 18th birthday when you took me and my friends to the sex shop as a joke and bought me my first dildo? Well, that was a mean joke and you definitely embarrassed me in front of my friends!! But I actually kept that dildo… I practiced with my fingers for a while, and then I started using that.

Me: Really??? I had no idea you had that side to you!

Her: Well, it was never really that often. I only used it… don’t laugh at me when I tell you! I only used it the few times whenever I would see you shirtless around the house, or after we had long talks about love and relationships. But that’s not what I was trying to say! My point is I’m actually loose enough to let you escort bursa in, I think. And I really just can’t wait any longer to share my love with you!!

Me: Well if it makes you feel better, I usually have to jerk myself whenever I see you in something skimpy around the house! But okay, now sounds great! I love you so much!

We began kissing again. Our lips, tongues, and hands moved as passionately as we could, and the heat from our bodies quickly had us sweating. She reached down and grabbed the front of my pants and boxer waistlines, and I slid my hand into the front of her Nike shorts. The shorts had lining, but she wasn’t wearing panties so I could feel that she had shaved herself. I reached down and was greeted by a warm wetness. She was absolutely soaking! I reached my fingers around and worked two of them inside her. She was grinding on my hand while her hands were rubbing the outside of my pants. After a few minutes, she reached in and grabbed my hardon. She stayed like this for a while, no rubbing or stroking. She stopped kissing and looked at me with Bambi eyes.

Her: I… I’ve never actually seen a guy naked before.

Me: I’ve never seen a girl naked!

Her: How about we both stand up and take off our pants at the same time?

So we stood up, and we both started laughing at the moist spot that was in the place where she was sitting. But then I released my 6 inch cock. Now I know 6 inches isn’t huge, but apparently it’s still above average. That didn’t matter to her though since she had never seen one before anyways. And I had never seen a pussy in person, but I had seen plenty online, and I can easily say hers is the most beautiful flower I have ever seen!

Her: Oh my gosh, that’s huge! I thought it would be like my dildo, but I’m pretty sure that’s bigger!

Me: Well, you… your body… beautiful… I don’t even know what to say! You’re so amazing and beautiful!

Her: Well, why don’t we put your huge into my beautiful? I need that in me right now!

She lay down on the seat of the four wheeler. Not very roomy, but if I put my legs up over the handlebars, we could get into missionary. I kissed her some more and we grinded our privates against each other. By now, my dick was raging and she was literally dripping wet. I was totally lubricated, and I reached down to try to guide it in her. Apparently I kept missing, so she reached down and placed my head at her hole.

I thrust gently forward, and I was instantly in ecstasy. Her warmth and ridges sucked me in deeper, and she started breathing heavily and running her fingers down my back. We looked into each other’s eyes and we both knew that we were truly lovers, and we began a true lover’s kiss. I started to move slowly in her while my hands ran through her hair and down all of her curves. After a bit, she reached back to grab my butt and start pushing and pulling me faster. I picked up the speed a little, and she started making little noises. My hands worked quickly grabbing and feeling her thighs, her hips, her neck, her hair, and reaching up her shirt to feel her side and boobs. I kept my hands and lips moving and focused on every signal she was sending in an effort to make myself last as long as possible.

Her: Oh, that feels so good!

I picked up the speed once again and went even faster. I started sensing that I was close, so I started rotating my hips to go in more of a circle to touch her all over inside, hoping to make her feel better while giving my mind something to focus on other than the amazing feeling of her warm and wet pussy covering my dick. She kept running her hands on me and wrapping her legs around me. Despite our heavy kisses, little noises still escaped her lips as she was swept up in the feeling. She was too much for me, and I needed release.

Me: I’m close!

Her: In me. I don’t care. We’re married now, so I want you to make love to me like we should! In me, baby.

I felt it swell up in me and I clenched my muscles. I thrust as deep as I could, and I felt myself cum deep in her while we were wrapped in our loving embrace. I began to slow down, but she stopped kissing.

Her: Sit up! I want to finish on you before you calm down.

I wrapped her up and pulled her with me as I sat up, and we managed to stay connected as we rose. She kissed me while she started grinding her hips and moving herself on my cock. I could feel my cum and her juices leak out of her pussy and run down my balls. One hand was on her perfect ass, and the other was up her shirt on her smooth back. Soon, she started grabbing me tightly again and squeaked out a tiny “Oh fuck” as she finished herself on her new lover, former brother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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