Can I Have My Way with You Always Ch. 02


Thank you for reading my story and for the likes and gracious comments. I know you’re all anticipating the continuation of the story, so here you go. It had taken me a little longer to write as our country and the rest of the world deals with the COVID19 situation. Wherever you are, please as much as you can stay indoors, stay safe, and stay connected. We’ll get through this if we all play a part.


Ash sat alone on his balcony overlooking the empty city street. Like most weekends it’s quiet. He could see his car parked below, along with several others. Their owners must also be indoors, he thought. He took another sip of his coffee before setting it down on the floor. He lit a cigarette and let his thought wander to the night he had spent with Chris. A smile curled on his lips.

It had been a little over three months since then. They had both kept a casual contact with each other, Chris more so than Ash. They live opposite ways, but every now and then would meet for coffee, dinner and some drinks around town.

The sound of his phone ringing snapped Ash from his thought. It was Chris. He tapped the answer button.

“Hey Ash. What’re you doing tonight?”

“Nothing much. What’s up?” Ash answered quite truthfully. He does prefer to stay indoors watching random movies on Netflix. Chris then proceeded to talk about this new bar across town. Ash had heard his neighbours talk about it and mentioned to Chris.

“And since my bros bailed out on me, I was wondering if you’d wanna be my wingman?” This wasn’t the first time Chris asked him to step in, and Ash didn’t mind as Chris would pay for his drinks if they didn’t drive. Even then, Ash would have just a couple of beers or a cocktail, partly because he wants to enjoy Chris’s company sober.

“Come on, first round on me. What do you say?” Ash contemplated. It had been a hectic week at work, he was planning to reward himself by resting but Chris’s company, some alcohol, good music, good vibe, is also a form of reward as well.

” I’m not feeling it to be honest. New place, can’t really trust what people say you know.” Ash really wanted to say yes but his ego bested him.

“Oh come on. We don’t try, we won’t know? And I’ll ask Debbie if Mike is coming?” Chris had been seeing Debbie casually for the past month, and on one time when he’d tag along she brought her brother Mike with her. Even taller than Chris and built like a tank, Ash found himself ogling Mike all night long.

“Mike’s straight.” It was true. Well Ash never really asked but it was a safe assumption he thought.

“You don’t know that for sure.”

“There is a clear line between reality and wishful thinking. Plus so what if he’s gay too? Doesn’t mean that we would hit it off right there.” The conversation went on for several more minutes with Chris negotiating his way around. He knew for certain Debbie was going to bring either Mike of one of her girlfriends along. He needed someone to balance out the crowd, so to speak.

“Fine, I’ll meet you there.” Ash finally agreed after he got tired of playing it hard. “I’ll probably Uber over though. Parking in that area is a bitch.”

“Well in that case can I park at your place and we’ll share the ride?” Chris suggested. Ash hated the idea of Chris riding his bike even with just a couple of beers and agreed. He looked at the time. Quite some hours to kill, he thought.

And so for the rest of the day Ash puttered about. He cleaned his apartment – mostly for the sake of keeping himself occupied. Did laundry, cooked a quick mac and cheese for lunch and checked his email by force of habit. By early evening he was showered and dressed to go.

Chris showed up a little over 7, and they’d split the Uber fare between them. Chris told him that they’d be meeting Debbie and Martha at the restaurant not far from the bar, and walked over after dinner. Ash argued that Chris should also be paying for dinner, but Chris then countered saying it would be weird for him to pay for both Ash and Debbie, and therefore potentially the whole table. Ash folded.

Over dinner, Martha dominated the conversation about bursa eve gelen eskort bayan her work. It worked well for Ash. At one point, he was only paying half an attention and caught Chris’s flirtatious smile towards Debbie. For a brief moment he wanted it to be for him instead, but it was wishful thinking and brushed the thought away. Martha was still talking.

“That’s how you get from baking and selling 3 to 5 cakes a week, to running a home bakery and delivery service!” She was explaining how difficult it was in the beginning to start a bakery, and only after months of persevering and trying, she saved enough to turn her humber kitchen into somewhat of a bakery. She proceeded to thank Debbie for supporting her all the way.

“That’s so lovely,” Chris replied. His hand reached across to Debbie’s. The conversation flowed further until Chris asked if everyone’s ready to go to the bar. The bill was split between all of them, Debbie and Martha insisted they pay for their own meals.

The bar turned out to be as good as what people say. There was a live band playing different covers over three sets, each distinct from one another. The dance floor wasn’t too packed, and Chris asked Martha to dance instead of Debbie.

“So you were quiet during dinner. What’s your story?” Debbie started the conversation.

“Had been a hectic week at work. Was planning to crash the weekend away but who could say no to good company, right?”

“I’ll drink to that.” Debbie replied. They talked a little bit more until a familiar song made Ash want to dance. He led Debbie to the floor but passed her to Chris. She took Martha’s hands instead. On some of the upbeat songs they jumped, on the slower songs, there was a lot of grinding. Even from the poor lighting in the bar Ash could tell Chris was enjoying himself.

When the band finished their sets and the DJ took over, Debbie said she wanted to call it a night. As much as Chris tried to negotiate his way to make them stay, Debbie was firm. So off they went, as young as the night was. Chris turned to Ash, and cued him to get another Uber for themselves.

“Dude I swear she’s just leading me on. I mean did you see how she was all over me on the dance floor?” Chris plopped himself on the sofa the moment they reached Ash’s apartment. “I was like mmmm, and she was like mmmmm” Chris did a body roll. As awkward as it was without music and on his own, Ash could not disagree that it was not sexy.

“Scotch?” Ash tried to distract Chris from the thought. He got a thumbs up, indicating a yes and poured two glasses. “Maybe she’s just trying to figure herself out. Give her some space.” Chris agreed. Ash turned on Netflix and let it play in the background as the two talked over more alcohol and cigarettes.

“You wanna crash here tonight?” Ash asked in the break between conversation.

“Yeah.. I’m too heartbroken to ride back” Chris answered.

“You are so full of yourself.”

“That’s why we’re good friends.” Chris laughed.

“Yeah right. I’m gonna turn in. See you tomorrow.” As he placed the empty glasses and ashtray into the sink, Chris got up and walked to the bathroom. “Sofa’s all yours.” He continued.

Ash woke up with a jolt. He was lying face down on his bed with a weight over him. There was heavy breathing into his ear, his arms pinned down and he couldn’t move. As his mind raced to process the situation, he quickly realized that it was Chris, dry humping him from behind.

“Chris, what are you doing?” Ash didn’t fight back, but at the same time he wasn’t quite sure of what to make of the situation.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Chris answered. He moaned as he pushed his hardness against Ash. Ash was relieved that he still had his underwear on. “I was trying to sleep,” Chris continued, adjusting himself to find the most pleasurable position to be against Ash’s bottoms. “but Debbie made me so horny.” Ash kept still.

“Did you see how she felt me up at the dance floor?” Chris humped and let out a sigh. “She even let me feel her up.” Chris’s hand moved under Ash and grasped his bursa eskort bayanlar chest. When he found his nipples, he pinched them between his fingers, but let out a frustrated sigh. Ash’s chest was squared and muscular, and while there was enough to squeeze it was definitely different from a woman’s breasts.

“Remember that night when I asked if I could have my way with you too?” Ash just barely remembered. In that heat of the moment he would’ve said yes to just about anything to finish what he started. “Well..”

“Well I remember, but there is a thing called consent!” Ash tried to push Chris off of him. He toyed with the idea of letting Chris do what he wanted, but at the same time his common sense kicked in. He didn’t want to be lumped into a thing that Chris can use whenever he wanted to. If this is going to be the arrangement, let it be from both of them.

Chris froze for a moment, but kept pinning Ash against the mattress with his weight. He sobered enough to consider what Ash had said. “Ash,” he whispered against his ear. “will you let me continue?” he continued and gave his ear a quick peck.

Ash felt like saying no as it was a clear violation to him. He remembered that night at Chris’s parent’s house he kept asking if it was ok for him to do what he wanted to do to Chris. He had hoped to get the same respect not just from Chris but also from anyone he decided to share his bed with.

But the idea of Chris creeping up on him, and this was Chris. Someone he felt safe and assured with. Someone he trusted. And someone that trusted him in return. It was probably a misjudgement on Chris’s side, aided by the alcohol, and at this point he felt that the trust is broken. He felt violated.

“If you want me to stop, say claptrap. If you tell me to stop, I will keep going. If you fight or struggle I’ll fight you back. But if you say claptrap, I’ll stop.”

It’s a roleplay, Ash figured. Suddenly he felt safe again. Suddenly he felt instead of being violated and used, he was handed power and control. He decided to put it to a test.

“Get off me.” He asked sternly. Chris let out a sigh of frustration and squeezed Ash’s chest harder. “Please get off.” Ash repeated. Chris only answered by maintaining his hands but adding his thrust against Ash’s bottom. Ash tried to hold until he could no longer endure the pain and yelled ‘claptrap’.

Chris quickly got off Ash and stood by the bed. He wore a mixed look of dejection. His hands crossed in front of him, covering his hardness under the silk/cotton underwear that he wore. Against the pale moonlight he looked sexy. Ash turned and sat in front of him in the bed. In his eyes Chris is a toned down version of Henry Cavill but instead of brown he was a redhead. His muscles were defined in just the right amount, save for one particular muscle that right now looked so hard in need of attention.

Chris was searching in Ash’s eyes for some sort of a chance that he would get his release that night. His mind kept replaying the voluptuous sensation of Debbie against him earlier that night. He tried to find relief by stroking himself but after 15 minutes of trying, he decided to go to Ash.

Without saying a word, Ash turned and resumed his position faced down in bed earlier. Chris was about to leave the room when he heard Ash mentioned about lube and rubber being in the right side table. Chris quickly jumped in bed and pinned Ash again.

“Claptrap is the safe word. I’ll stop if you say it.” Chris’s hands crept once more on Ash’s chest and squeezed hard. Ash started to moan, louder and louder into the mattress against the increasing pressure. When Chris felt too much resistance and squirming, he let go, mentioned claptrap and asked if he was hurting Ash.

Ash turned and answered. “No more than I can handle.” He looked into Chris’s eyes and gave him a quick kiss before burying himself into the mattress again. Chris smiled a sinister smile and his hands crept once more.

When Chris flipped Ash on his back, guiding Ash’s hands so that they are pinned against the mattress under his body, Ash tried to resist. görükle escort bayanlar Christ then proceeded to assault Ash’s chest with his mouth. He covered what he could one side of his chest with his mouth, used his tongue against his nipples and bit his nipples with his lips covering his teeth to the point of Ash begging him to stop.

Ash thrashed at Chris’s play on his chest. It was one of the most sensitive parts of his body. He begged and whimpered as his body convulsed involuntarily. On the other hand Chris felt he was harder than he’d ever been – the same way that night when Ash rode him in his room. Hearing Ash whimper is a new sensation too, he never thought that hearing a man whimper and beg under him like this would turn him on.

It wasn’t long before he was straddling Ash’s head, pushing in and out of his mouth. At one point as he was rocking his hips he realized that Ash had no way of saying the ‘claptrap’ if he’s in his mouth. They then established that three claps would be the signal if saying ‘claptrap’ is otherwise impossible.

It was a sight as Chris looked down between his legs. His hands now gripping the headboard for support as he plowed Ash’s mouth in rhythm. He’d quickly learned and adjusted so that Ash would be able to breathe between his thrust. He didn’t care that Ash was floundering under him, sometimes using his fist to hit his back or clawing with the tips of his fingers. It made him feel in control.

When he finally lifted himself out, Ash was gasping for air. He gave him a smile and asked, “You like that don’t you?” Ash shot him a glare. “Open your mouth,” Chris instructed. Ash did the opposite and tightened his lips together. Chris welcomed the resistance by prying Ash’s mouth with his fingers and pushed in hard all the way. He rocked himself into Ash’s with so much force that the whole bed shook and the headboard tapped against the wall.

In a different situation this would have been rape. It would have been a crime against the LGBTQ+ community. But right now, Ash was happy to play along to Chris’s fantasy of being in total control. He was able to take it thus far, against his own expectation, and all the while knowing he is the one who is in actual control.

Realizing that the bed may not sustain his force, Chris looked down and met Ash’s eyes. “You make me so horny.” Ash flailed. “Your mouth is so wet, it’s amazing.” Ash tried to shake his head in protest. “I’m so close.”

Chris took grip of Ash’s head and thrusts a few more times until he unloads. Ash couldn’t swallow fast enough that some of the cum drips out. He felt every shot as he blinked into Chris’s satisfaction, his rhythm slowing but his hardness unwavering. After a couple more thrust, Chris climbed over him and lifted one of his legs.

All the time maintaining the eye contact, and Ash still had his underwear on, Chris reached around and felt Ash’s bottoms. He ran his hands under the fabric, and to his delight found Ash’s centre. He reached for some lube, and placed a finger with some pressure. Ash whimpered.

“Please don’t.” It was all that Ash could muster. He was quite spent under Chris’s weight earlier.

“Don’t what?” Chris smiled cheekily as fingers probe. He entered. Ash gasped.

“No, please don’t.” Ash whimpered further, begging into Chris’s eyes. Chris smiled wider and pushed another finger in.

“Don’t what?” He expertly manipulated his fingers inside Ash until he started to flounder. He increased his momentum to the point that Ash could no longer form coherent sentences and whimpered instead.

As Chris’s fingered him, Ash cold feel his bud sending so much pleasure signals all across his body. He would close his eyes, but everytime he opened them he would meet Chris’s eyes, and Chris would nod approvingly of his begging and whimpering, ignoring his request and plea to stop.

When Chris increased the tempo, Ash could no longer hold himself. Under the constraints of his boxer briefs he shot his load over and over again. His hands having nothing else to grip held Chris’s body tightly. As he came he opened his eyes and saw Chris grinning and nodding approvingly, all the while maintaining the vigor of his fingers inside him.

Just as Ash thought that the night would be over, Chris lowered his lips over his chest and assaulted his nipples. Between his quivers and shook at the aftermath of the orgasm, and as Chris suckled and bit away he heard him say “I’m only just getting started.” Claptrap never left his mouth.

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