Cam Slave to Real Slave Ch. 01

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Ryan had always hidden that he was gay. He had grown up in a conservative town and had played football all of high school. An Asian boy, standing 5’10” and weighing 175 lbs., he was lean and in pretty good shape. His bubble but was evident. His small 3-inch penis was often teased in the locker room, but he had learned to accept it and laugh with other the guys. When he graduated, he had vowed he would leave his town and go to a progressive city with a prominent gay scene. However, he did not have enough money for school or to move. So, he worked and saved for 2 years before applying to a college in Los Angeles. In those 2 years, the teenager had become so horny, fearing that if he slept with anyone in his town people would find out. So, he turned to web-camming with men online. This story starts near the end of those 2 years.

Chapter 1.

Ryan locked his door and opened his laptop. He browsed facebook and twitter before opening up his email. The first email was from UCLA, a school he had been waitlisted for. He opened it. It read “Ryan, We are pleased to tell you that you have been granted admission into the University of California-Los Angeles with an academic scholarship that will cover 75% of your out of state tuition.” He stopped reading after that.

He was ecstatic! He was finally getting out of his dump of a town with no other gay men, let alone hot older men. Not having any close friends in town as they were gaziantep escort all away at college, he had no one to celebrate with. He remembered that LA had a huge gay scene, and he started to get horny.

Once he starting feeling horny, Ryan could not control himself. He went to his closet and got his jockstrap and put it on. He then went to his favorite gay chatroom site. He used the user name “20YearOldLookingforOlder”. He looked at the different rooms, noticing that there were a lot of users in the “Master/Slave” section. He had never been in this room, as he usually went to the main one so he could see other guys jack off, but he was feeling adventurous. He opened the room.

His webcam started up immediately and he tilted the webcam and screen so the camera was pointed at his abs and his jockstrap. He looked at his viewer count go from 0 to 25 in 30 seconds. He then immediately began getting asked questions, both private and public.


“nice jock”

“how old?”

He then began to respond to the users with handles he found interesting. The user who just said “asl” was named DominantForSlave. Ryan told him that he lived in Ohio but was moving to LA. The user answered, “That’s where I live. Tell me your skype now, bitch.”

Ryan’s dick twitched. He had never been talked to like that on the site before. He liked it. He told the user his skype name and 1 minute later received a message through skype.

“Leave the chatroom. We are going to be skyping for a long time, boy.”

Ryan closed the chatroom and switched to skype. He received a video call from the man, and answered it. Ryan showed his webcam but the incoming video was blacked out.

“What is your name ,boy?” said the man. He had a low, raspy voice. The man sounded dominant and older. Ryan liked that.


“Address me as ‘Sir’ when you talk to me Ryan. Like they do in the army.”

“My name is Ryan, Sir.”

“Good, although I won’t be calling you that. What are you looking for boy?”

“Well I just like to cam with hot older guys and watch them get off, they like to look at me while I get off too, Sir.”

“So you show off on cam, boy?”

“Yes, sir”

“Show me your ass, then your face boy.”

Ryan moved his laptop to his table, and backed up to show his ass. He then picked his laptop up and looked into the webcam.

“Good boy, I think you’ve earned a treat.” said the man. His webcam changed from being blacked out to the man’s video. On the video, a giant, Caucasian dick appeared. It had to be at least 9 inches. It was a pornstar dick, and Ryan started drooling. He immediately started jacking off.

“Boy, get your hands off your dick! We are going to play a little game. Lay on the bed so that I can see your dick and your face. “

Ryan moved into position.

“Good. Now, start jacking off while staring at my dick. When I tell you stop, to pinch your nipples, or to play with your hole, you fucking do it, or I’m going to block you and you’ll never know what it will be like to actually touch this thing in real life, bitch.”

Ryan’s dick twitched again. Real life!!?? The man did live in LA, and Ryan had just found out he was going to be there in a few months. He decided to obey.

“You are not allowed to cum unless I say so, bitch” said the man.

“Yes, Sir.”

Ryan jacked off for the man for hour. The man would make him lick his fingers and put them in his ass, then lick them again. He would make Ryan pinch his nipples, then make Ryan stop jacking off and pinch both of his nipples. After an hour, the man changed his rhythm. Ryan was the horniest he’d ever been.

“Bitch, get close to you webcam and look into the camera, and say your full name. If you do that, I will allow you to cum.”

Ryan was so horny that he would do anything. He got up and looked at the webcam. “Ryan Jones”.

“Cum bitch. And you better eat it”

Ryan came in an instant, and immediately regretted what he just did. He closed video feed and blocked the man’s account. He looked at the time and it was almost midnight. He laid down and tried to sleep. He couldn’t help but think about his recent session. The man had taken complete control of him, and he was obsessed with the man’s dick. He hadn’t even seen his face, yet the man had seen his and knew his full name. He drifted off into sleep, waking up in the middle of the night to jack off again.

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