Bull for Friends in Need


My friend Marc and his wife Ellicia moved to America from Europe twenty years ago, and I became workplace friends with Marc. It took them a while to adjust to life here and to gain full fluency in the language, but now they are citizens and fully comfortable in their new home.

Marc has had medical troubles for many years, not life threatening but that sap his energy. Ellicia on the other hand is vivacious and active. He is calm and a bit slow. She is always eager and active.

Marc and I have met weekly for talk and coffee, and occasionally in their home where Ellicia often joins us. Marc is gaining weight and losing his hair, and because of his health issues I don’t think he and Ellicia are sexually active now as they both enter their later fifties.

Ellicia is trim and pretty even as she ages. In fact, her appearance has grown more lovely over the years. I have probed a bit by flirting with her and complimenting her on her looks, and she always smiles and looks coy. She has small breasts, but lovely long legs which usually are covered by pants. But occasionally I see her in a skirt or dress, and once she was careless when she sat on the sofa across from me, and I could see the color of her panties.

As you can tell, I’ve harbored a low-grade lust for her for many years, and hugs when we greet and part always swells my cock delightfully.

Marc had a downturn in his health and was in hospital for a spell before being released home but confined to bed for a recovery period. My visits cheered him up, and Ellicia was always glad when I would drop by.

One Saturday afternoon, Ellicia called me to ask if I could come for a visit. It seems that Marc was down in the dumps, and she thought that a visit from me might help.

“Oh, golly,” I said, “I have a date tonight.” But then I added, “I suppose I could cancel it if you think I could help you.” In truth, I had plans to meet with a willing couple who were looking for a large-cocked man to please the wife. Over the years I’ve cultivated the skills of a gentle bull for couples like this.

She said, “I hate to ask you to cancel a date, but I know Marc would get a lift if you could come over and visit him.”

I thought a moment before telling her, “Okay, I’ll come over soon,” and then called the couple to ask for a delay for our first session.

Ellicia thanked me, and I added, “The lady I was going to see tonight is very attractive.” Ellicia was silent on her end, then I added, “But she’s not as attractive as you are.”

She laughed, “You say the nicest things. Thanks for coming over.”

Our phone call was making my cock squirm and get a little fat. I’ve often relieved myself by hand while thinking about Ellicia, as I wondered about how she would respond to a cock of my size. One minor problem I’ve had in my dating life is the thickness of my dick. I was blessed with a cock that is large and exceptionally thick. It has been a problem at times because wives enjoy watching it rise it to full size, but some hesitate to let me enter them properly. The mature wives and widows that I like to meet are eager for passion. But a larger cock not for everyone.

That evening I arrived at Marc and Ellicia’s home and went to his bedside. Marc was happy to see me, and Ellicia brough me a drink. I sat by his side and talked for almost an hour when he called for his wife.

“Dear,” he said, “Can you help me? I’ve got to wee-wee.”

I smiled and asked, “You need privacy?”

Marc waved at me and said, “No, in the hospital there was no privacy. I’m used to it. You don’t need to leave.”

Ellicia brought a portable urinal for bed use. It was a container with a handle on the side and an opening at the top about two inches wide. I left Marc’s bedside as his wife sat next to him and stepped away a few feet away, but I could still see what she was doing.

Marc could not reliably use his hands and arms yet, so she had to assist. She reached into the fly of his pajama pants and fished around with her fingers, then she exposed her husband to me by drawing out his limp penis and placing it in the mouth of the urinal. He was uncircumcised, so she had to pull the turtleneck skin back to expose his pee hole. Watching her handle his dick and seeing its smallish Bayan Escort size aroused me.

Marc looked up at me and smiled, “So it goes, my friend, when you’re in need,” as he trickled yellow pee into the container. Ellicia withdrew his dick and wiped it dry and tucked it back into his pants.

I moved back to his bedside and said, “Well, that’s another first in our friendship,” and we both laughed. Then I said, “If I’m ever in need, maybe Ellicia can help me, too.”

Marc said, “She’s a good nurse.”

He was tired, and we left him to rest. I said goodbye and walked with Ellicia into the living room as Marc fell asleep.

“Can I offer you something to eat or a drink?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied, “I’m missing my dinner date, so now I suppose that you are my dinner date.” As Ellicia walked to the kitchen I added, “And I think I missed a sexy date, unless I count watching you holding Marc’s cock.”

I wasn’t sure how she’d react at the mention of her husband’s cock, but Ellicia turned to hug me and thank me for visiting and giving up my amorous plans for the night. I extended the hug and pressed her close to me so she could feel my swelling twisting cock falling farther down my pant leg.

“You’re a good friend,” she said, and as she stepped back I saw her glance down to see if I had a banana in my pocket or was just glad to see her.

We ate together at their dining table and enjoyed wine and chatting. This was the first time that only she and I had spent time together without Marc. I complemented her on her appearance, as usual, and asked her questions to get her to open up and talk about personal things. How did she respond to boys’ attention when her breasts began to develop? Was she aware that her long legs were very attractive to men? Was she comfortable in bathing suits in public? Did she or her husband shop for her panties?

We talked about other things, too, but I enjoyed steering her back to thinking about how attractive she was. I even told her about the time I glimpsed her legs all the way up to her panties. She blushed, and they I added, “They were blue, as I recall.”

Ellicia turned a deeper shade of red, laughed, and then said, “Oh yes, I remember those.”

“Do you still have them? Are you wearing them now?” I asked.

At that point, she told me, “You’re so naughty tonight.” She turned her head

“Well, it’s the wine talking. And all week I was looking forward to my date. I’m afraid I’m in a naughty mood.”

She reached over and patted my hand, “Well, you’re with friends tonight, and I’m sure you’ll recover.”

I smiled and said, “By the way, you did an excellent job helping your husband pee. I’d never seen someone need assistance like that.”

Ellicia said, “Frankly, I think he enjoys it.”

“Ha,” I said, “You mean he likes you holding his penis?” She just smiled, so I added, “I’m sure any man would like you to hold his cock.” I winked at her, then added, “I don’t imagine you’ve held many.”

She looked away and did not respond, and just then I had an idea. “May I use your restroom?” I asked.

“Of course,” she said, “You know where it is.”

I spotted several clean urinals on the countertop and said, “Maybe I ought to try one of those,” pointing to them, “You know, in case one day I need help like you gave to Marc.”

Ellicia laughed. I caught her eye, and lifting my eyebrow I said, “Would you help me now?” She kept staring. “You know, just for practice so I’ll know what to expect.”

She glanced down and saw the movement inside my trousers as my cock dropped lower. Without giving her a chance to say more, I reclined on the living room sofa with my head resting on a pillow and my feet propped up. “Bring one of those over here,” I said, nodding to the hand-held containers.

Ellicia hesitated

“Go on, won’t you?” I asked. It’ll be fun, and will make up a little bit for my lost date night.”

She took one and walked to the sofa, and I said, “Let’s pretend I cannot use my hands. Show me how you would help me, please.”

Ellicia stepped to the bedroom door to check on Marc. He was still in a deep sleep. She walked by toward me and started to play the game, “My other patient is comfortable, and I can attend to you now,” she said.

My dick was swollen to a pre-erect condition. Large, full, plump, and swollen, but not yet ramrod hard. My mind was racing as I thought about Ellicia making the discovery that my bellhead was larger than the diameter of the urinal.

The anticipation was delicious. At any moment, I thought she would back out and stop playing the game. But apparently, the wine and my naughty suggestions and perhaps her own curiosity had overcome her inhibitions.

“What do women do?” I asked. “What do they do when bedridden and need to pee?” Ellicia was standing next to me as I lay on her sofa. I touched her leg and felt the curve of her calf.

She said, “There are contraptions for women, too.”

“Yes, I suppose so,” I said as my hand moved up to behind her knee and started to raise her skirt a little. “You never answered my question about the color of your panties tonight. Are they the same lovely shade of blue?”

She quickly looked over her shoulder toward the bedroom door and heard her husband snoring, then she raised her skirt tantalizingly until I could see her white panties. First just the little triangle snug between her legs with a small gap in the center, then higher to reveal a bikini cut style. I smiled, “Excellent, but I hope you still have the blue ones.”

She laughed and dropped her skirt back into place. “You are making me be naughty. Shame on you.”

Looking at her, I unbuckled my belt and unclasped my trousers then moved my hands and arms away to give her unobstructed access. Ellicia kneeled beside the sofa and slowly lowered my zipper. I was becoming breathless just watching this lovely wife that I have adored for so long about to look at touch my dick.

She found the frontal opening in my boxers. The sensation was divine. Her hand searched and then glided along the midsection of my cock until she could get a grip on the bulk of it. Her breathing came faster and she started to whisper something in her native language. I could only guess what she was saying, but it probably was something about what her fingers were holding.

She pulled gently and tugged on the center of my still bendable cock and raised it part way, still folded over. I knew that she was only looking at half of it, and her touches were inflating my dick and making it harder for her to extract and expose its entire length..

Ellicia stopped a moment and looked at me, “My goodness, this is not normal I think.”

“It’s normal for me,” I replied. “The ladies seem to love it, and some husbands do, too.”

She looked surprised by what I had said, “Husbands?” she asked.

“Ellicia, my date tonight was actually with a married couple who were looking for an endowed man for the wife.”

“Oh, I see,” she said. “But the husband?”

“You’d be surprised to know how many husbands want to watch their wives enjoy a man with a very large cock.”

She returned to her work. It took some stretching of my trousers and boxers to finally free my length. As she stared at it for the first time, I said, “It’s not just the length that the wives like, it’s more the thickness.”

Ellicia seemed dazed at what she saw. She watched as my cock waved from side to side from its own weight, unsure if she should support it or not.

I broke in, “What about relieving me?” Of course, I meant for her to toy and play with me as she pleased until I spurted, but she thought I meant the silly urinal container. She grabbed it and pressed my length downward as she tried to insert my bellhead into the container’s mouth. I smiled as I watched her discover that my cock was too wide to enter.

“Oh, dear,” I pretended, “What am I to do if I need to pee?” She looked up at me as I laughed and said, “Heck, I don’t need to relieve myself, not that way.”

“Not that way?” she asked.

“Ha, no,” I said, “The only relief I need to for you to discharge me, if you know what I mean. Once it’s hard like that, there’s only one way to relieve it and return it to normal.”

Ellicia hesitated, then she gently held my cock and moved her hands up and around, exploring its size.

“Would Marc like to see you doing this?” I asked, taking a risk that she might become shy. She didn’t answer, so I went on, “Maybe Marc has asked you if you’d like to experience a larger dick than his. It looked a bit small.”

She still was quiet, so I went on, “Maybe you’ve thought about something just like what you’re holding. And maybe Marc wouldn’t mind you trying it.” As I said that my hand again found her bare leg, and my fingers moved upward until they brushed against the lovely white panties she had shown to me earlier.

“We’re just having fun,” I said, “Just imagine this cock as your own plaything.” As I said that, my fingers found her panties and traced her slit covered by soft silky nylon.

“Just imagine that you had permission from your husband and that he wanted to watch you do this,” I said. Again, I heard her whisper in her native language as my fingers continued to toy with the outer lips of her pussy.

“How do you think it would feel slowing entering you here?” As I said that my fingers moved her panties aside. I felt her pussy hairs as my finger slipped easily up and down her lips. “Are you wondering what it would feel like?” I asked.

Finally, Ellicia said, “It is so very large.”

All this time I was slowly exploring her pussy with my fingers while she continued to caress my cock. Cum started to trickle and then flow, which made it easy for her to slide her hands up and down my shaft while my fingers found her little sensitive nub.

“I’d like to try it,” Ellicia said.

“I’d like you to try it, too,” I replied. “But I have a rule.”

“A rule?” she asked.

“I only enter a wife’s pussy if her husband approves or maybe watches.”

She paused, “Oh!”

She had been edging toward a climax as I continued to tickler her clit. “Just imagine Marc sitting over there watching you now. Imagine he’s watching you hold my cock, then he watches as you undress and take off your panties.”

Ellicia was panting now, and my fingers were doing a rhumba on her clit. As I described the make-believe situation she grew closer and closer to the edge.

“Would you want your husband to help you undress? Maybe he could help keep you legs apart as my cock to entered you.”

As I said that she lost it. Her passion let loosed and she moaned while she gripped my cock tighter.

“We can’t fuck tonight,” I said. “But we can think about it.”

I wouldn’t stop teasing her and tickling her pussy. I had never seen her cum before, and I didn’t know if she could stop. She seemed to be in a long continual climax.

“Look at what you’re doing to me,” I said.

Her eyes were half closed as she turned her head to stare at my cock as I welcomed a release. She watched as a bubbly fountain of cum rose up and then flowed down the sides of my dick her grip tightened. It was the best milking I’d had in years.

Just then we heard Marc stir. Ellicia released her grip and stood while I lay there with a relaxed but still puffy happy cock. “Shouldn’t you tidy up?” I asked her.

She stooped back down and wrestled my cock back out of sight. I rose and walked with her into the bedroom where Marc was trying to prop up in bed.

“How are you two?” he asked.

I smiled, “We were just talking about you.”

Ellicia seemed worried, so I added, “I was just telling her what a good friend you are.”

Marc said, “Sorry, dear, but I need to go again, you know.”

She took a bed urinal and leaned over to allow her husband to relieve himself. As she bent in the dimly lit room, I unpacked my rubbery cock and lifted her skirt from behind. In the dark Marc couldn’t see me rub my glans gently against his wife’s panties as I said, “Marc, I’m so glad I came over for this visit.”

He smiled. “Yes, this has been good.”

“It sure has,” I agreed.

I stepped back to allow Ellicia to finish her task, the she walked me to their front door. I said, “You’re wondering if I’m serious about getting your husband approval to fuck you, aren’t you?”

She hugged me as her hand gripped my cock in my trousers. “Can’t we just meet alone sometime, or let me try it right now?” she asked.

“Oh no,” I said, “Leave it to me. I’ve talked to a lot of husbands about this sort of thing, and I have a feeling that Marc will approve.” Then a thought came to me, and I asked, “Why don’t you come with me when I meet the Johnson’s last this week, the couple I had to postpone? It will be Thursday afternoon. Can you get away?”

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