Bro and Sis Get Tight

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My sister Betty, (Bet) and I have been close emotionally, not sexually, for a number of years. We were the only kids and have always lived somewhat out in the country so we didn’t have a ton of other kids to play with. I’m Bill and just turned eighteen while Bet is about seven years older. Our parents had been killed in a commercial plane accident some years earlier so it was just the two of us. Fortunately the settlement from the aircraft accident provided us with more than we would need for a hell of a long time. Bet had graduated college and landed a super job while I was still trying to figure out what to do with my life.

This afternoon I was walking past her bedroom and looked in to see her laying on her back reading. She was wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts and a T-shirt. I went in and sat at the foot of the bed and had decided I was going to bring up something that happened between us probably seven or so years earlier.

That night all of those years before Bet had talked me into coming over to her bed and we lay there just talking real quietly so our folks wouldn’t hear. All of a sudden I felt her hands groping around my private parts and she had taken my hand and pulled it over to her crotch. I felt a huge bush of hair and she whispered, “Put your fingers in me.”

I had no idea what in the world she was talking about and just lay there. A few minutes later she had pulled both of our pajama bottoms down and pulled me over on top of her. My private parts were now lying against her hairy bush and we just lay there like that with her sort of moving against me with her hips. That was as far as anything went that night but I had remembered it well over the passing years.

“Bet, do you remember back about seven or eight years ago you having me come over and get in bed with you?” I was looking at her face as I was asking this and could see her blush starting.

“I was too young to know what to do that night but since then I have learned a lot. You will remember how small and soft I was down there then but look at me now.” As I was saying this I had moved one of my hands and had it lying lightly on her bare upper thigh and then used my other hand to slide over and guide her free hand to the bulge of my rock hard cock in my jeans.

“Bet, that night you pulled my pajamas down to get closer to it. How about if you do that again now?”

Her embarrassment kept her from speaking so I pulled my hand back and unzipped my jeans and let her free hand open them up and let my cock spring free.

She stuttered and stammered, “Oh God Bill. You are huge. I never thought you would get like that.”

While she was saying that I had moved the hand I had on her thigh so that my fingers were sliding up under the shorts she was wearing and then under her panties she had on under the shorts. She still had the huge bush but this time my fingers found their way through the tangle and were soon just touching the lips of her pussy. She looked at me and said, “Bill, we shouldn’t be doing this. You know that don’t you?”

I had been fucking a couple of gals in my senior class for the last year or so but didn’t know much more about sex other than getting hard and ramming it to them … none of the subtleties that I heard go along with good sex. That was OK, I could tell this was one of the times just ramming it home would be good enough.

By then I had my finger slipped up inside of her and she had wrapped hers around my shaft.

“Bet, let’s get more comfortable.” I suggested as I stood and dropped my jeans to the floor and pulled my T-shirt up and off. She did the same and all I could say was “Holy Shit. Your tits are humongous.” I let myself down on the bed and dropped my face to her hard nipples and just sucked on them a little. I then stopped and positioned myself with my cock in line with her pussy.

“Bill, please go slow and easy. You might not believe this but I am a virgin and you are quite large. I am afraid you are going to hurt me a lot as you push into me.”

“I’ll be real careful Bet.”

I rolled on top of her with one elbow holding up some of my weight and lowered my hips so the head of my cock was just touching the lips of her pussy. She must have been getting aroused during all of this for I could feel how wet she was. I pushed forward and I opened her up wide. The head of my cock is a very large purplish bulb and it really spread her pussy lips open. “Oh God, Bill, go easy.”

“OK Bet, I am coming in a little more. With that I pushed so I had a few inches in when I hit something hard. It must have been her hymen but I damn sure wasn’t going to stop for that. She was going to get fucked today one way or the other so I gave another hard push and was soon buried to the hilt. She gasped and threw her arms around my neck and pulled me to her and her tongue was busy searching out mine. She was the first to get her hips in gear and it wasn’t long before she was throwing them at me hard and fast.

I was thrusting at the same speed she Fındıkzade Escort was and it was fantastic for we were right in sync. Everyone one of my down strokes was met with one of her upstrokes that was as hard as I was coming down. Whew, this was great.

We went on like that for a while before I felt the warm feeling start deep in my scrotum. I was going to have an orgasm and I better do something about it and do it fast for I wasn’t wearing a condom. Just as I was about to let go I pulled out and grabbed my cock and jerked it hard for a few strokes as I shot stream after stream all over her lower abdomen.

She pulled me down to her and locked her lips on mine. “Wow, Bill, so now I have been laid. It was fantastic.”

“Bet, it was good but I don’t know much about sex other than to fuck.”

“That’s OK Bill, we’ll learn together. Some time ago I got some books from the Internet showing all of the different ways to have sex and how to please each other. From here on we will try each of the positions and ways they talk about till we find the ones we like the best. By the time we are finished with the book we will be experts.” She said while laughing hard.

“Great. Let me go get a towel to wipe off the mess I made on your stomach.”

Afterwards we just lay there with the book out and all of the pics telling us other things to try. One thing was very obvious; I didn’t know a damn thing about how to please a woman. All I knew was ‘get it hard, pull down her pants and jam it in.’ I was going to learn a lot and learn it with my sister.

“Bet, I would like for you to do something for me.”

“What’s that Billy? reverting to the name she used to call me when I was a lot younger.

“I would like for you to stand away from the bed and just rotate so I can see your whole body naked.”

“Oh, I am embarrassed to do that.”

“Cut it out. We just finished fucking. How can you be embarrassed by me looking at who I fucked?”

“OK smart mouth.”

She stood and pirouetted in front of me. She had a decent body … huge tits, tiny waist and narrow hips. She wasn’t movie star material but all in all a nice looking gal. BUT, she was probably the biggest introvert the world ever knew. I was sure I could change that.

“C’mere Sis” I ordered.

She walked to the side of the bed to face me and her tits were right at the level of my mouth. I wrapped my hands around her back and pulled my face between those beautiful globes. I was swishing my face from one to the other and just kissing each as it went by.

“Now Bet, I want you to tell me what to do with my mouth to your pussy to make you feel good. I used my mouth on a girl once but all I did was to lick at the opening in her pussy. There has to be more to it than that.”

Here was our first, “Let’s see what they say in the book lesson.”

We were lying on our stomachs side by side with the book between us and reading all they had to say about oral sex – male on female or ‘cunnilingus’ as they went on to describe it. It was soon obvious that I had a lot I to learn. I had never even heard the word “clitoris’ before and what that did for a woman. I was about to get my first lesson in eating pussy.

After we had read that section a dozen times and talked our way though it without actually doing anything we were ready for the big time. I was going to eat pussy the ‘right way’. Of course, since Bet never had been eaten before, any way that turned her on was going to be the right way for her. We talked about that before we started and agreed that as long as what I was doing was pleasuring her that was fine. We could always improve on my method as time went on.

I started by lightly nibbling the inside of her thighs with one hand up between the folds of her pussy lips just separating them. I then used my tongue to go up and down between the inner and outer lips and occasionally darting up to lightly touch the hood covering her clit. As I was doing this I could hear Bet whining a little and I then concentrated on using my tongue and my lips on her clit. I used my lips to suck it out and then hummed a little as I let my tongue touch it. Whew, that worked. Bet went off the deep end with that little motion. “Bill, do that again. It will make me have an orgasm in a second.” And so I did and so she did. She threw her legs up in the air and had her hands holding the back of my head almost as if she had it locked between her thighs as she exploded.

All she could say was, “Well for a first timer I think you did pretty well.” And we both laughed.

I used my fingers around her clit right after she came and found it became way too sensitive for her. It would take a little while before it came back to normal. It was still only early evening and she asked if she could examine my cock.

“What do you mean, like a doctor would?” I asked.

“Well yes. I have only seen it from a distance. I sure wasn’t looking at it closely as you were stuffing it into my mouth.”

I Fındıkzade Escort Bayan rolled over on my back and she lowered herself to my midsection. My now soft cock was laying up along my lower abdomen when I felt her fingers going up one side of it and down the other. She was tracing the veins in it and it felt strange; nice, but strange. She then lifted it and examined the head of it and my cock ring in great detail. Her attention then went down to my scrotum where she was feeling my testicles through the sac. The sac itself seemed to fascinate her and she lowered her face even further and took the sac in her mouth and then sort of sucked it so one of my testicles was being held within her mouth while the rest of the sac holding the other testicle was outside of hr mouth. . Whew, that felt wonderful. She must have stayed close just looking all around my cock and balls for almost ten minutes.

“OK, search time is over. Come up here.” I ordered.

I reached my hand down and cupped her chin as I helped her rise up to the area of my face. When she was looking at me deeply I leaned forward and gave her a huge soul kiss. Our tongues met and soon were intertwined with our passion.

“Bill, I have wanted to do this for so long I have almost forgotten about when my feelings started.”

“I felt the same way Bet for a long time. Every time I saw you sunning yourself I would wonder just how large your lovely breasts really were without your bathing suit and how tight your pussy would be. Now that I know I can say I was pleasantly surprised by both of them. Your breasts are simply beautiful and your pussy is like a kettle drum….tight.”

“Talk about me. I can well remember that night so very long ago when I made those advances on you. I was worried later you might yell to Mom and Dad to tell them what I was doing. When I remember how small your cock was then and how gigantic it is now I am speechless. I have never seen another live cock but only those in some of the porn VCR tapes I got; yes, dear brother, I do have some of them, did I see cocks on other guys. You have them all beat.

“Well Sis, we are the perfect pair. You have the tits and pussy I love and you surely are enamored with my cock. As we get better in the sex department we will be unbeatable.”

It was getting late enough that we felt the need to hit the sack for some shuteye. Her bed is king size so it’s plenty large enough for the two of us. We both slid beneath the sheets as we were… nude. We whispered sweet things to one another and later wondered why we were whispering … there wasn’t anyone in the house but us. Sooner or later I spooned to her with my free hand clamped onto her breast and said good night. She responded in kind and we were off to never- never land.

The devil soon started to move her ass around so it was grinding against my cock. She knew what would happen and sure enough she was right. My cock sprang to life and was soon up at full attention. OK, I had done it this way a couple of times before with another gal and I like it a lot. I reached down and positioned my cock so it was in line with her pussy and gave a little forward push. She threw her ass back at me and my cock slid about four inches into her hot tight box. I removed my hand from her breast and used it on her hip to pull her back and the next push/pull had me buried all the way. That turned her on big time.

“Bill, that feels terrific. The angle of your cock seems to be touching something up inside of me that is arousing me. Keep doing it.” She ordered.

“Ja Fraulein. Ich vill be a gut boy. Ich vill do exackly as you say.”

She roared saying, “Stop your shitty German accent and start fucking me.”

We really went at it. For some reason it seemed as if I could get further inside of her this way than on top of her but I don’t know why. We went at it for quite some time, stopping every so often to give me a break so I wouldn’t come too quickly. After one short siege I could feel the warmth in my balls and thought we better get ready to pull it out of her. When I mentioned this to her she slid it out of her and turned to face me and then slide down and took my cock in her mouth. She started to move her mouth fast and furious … damn, she wanted me to come in her mouth!

It didn’t take much of this before I exploded. Even though I had had a few other orgasms that day I still shot a few long streams deep down her throat. I could feel and hear her gulping as she was swallowing my load and there wasn’t any indication of her being sick over it. When things quieted down I pulled her up to me and said, “Bet, you were terrific.”

“Hold on, I’ll be right back,” as she got up and went into the bathroom. I could hear her gargling and then brushing her teeth. I guess she didn’t think I would want to kiss her with her having a mouthful of my come; she was right.

Sleep came rather quickly as tired as I was. I was awakened with the smell of coffee and bacon. Bet was Escort Fındıkzade up to her old tricks cooking up a fabulous breakfast. I got up and stumbled to the kitchen for my bacon and cheese omelet with a side order of toast and fresh coffee. Got to keep up the nourishment if she is going to fuck me to death!

“Bet, there are a couple other ways I enjoy sex and we have to try them today. I am sure you will like one or two.”

“Great. Let’s enjoy the food and then we can clean up the kitchen and then back to the playground.”

A half-hour later I was lying on my back with her riding my cock sitting on top of it. She loved the idea of her being able to control how fast it entered her and how deep it was pumping her. Besides just sitting up while we both were thrusting I had her lean forward so our lips could meet and my hands could caress her breasts. I didn’t let it go long enough to come before I lifted her off me so we could try something else.

“Bet, I am still going to lie on my back and I want you to kneel on either side of my hips and lean over so your breasts are hanging right over my cock. As she did that I used one hand to lift it up between her breasts and then I used both hands to clamp those lovely globes around my cock and then told her to move back and forth. She had her head bent down so she could see my cock emerge from her tits every time her movement went down. I said to her, “This tittie fucking feels wonderful for me but isn’t going to do much for you.”

Her response was, “That’s fine as long as it feels good for you.”

“Honey, you’re too sweet. You’re going to make some guy a hell of a wife.”

Oops, wrong thing to say. She burst out in tears saying, “You’re the guy I want dummy.”

“But Bet, we’re brother and sister. We can’t get serious like that.”

“Who says? As long as we don’t want kids who says we can’t be together?”

“Well, you are right but I always thought you would have wanted a family.”

“If we need to go that way we can adopt.”

Oh shit, I wish I hadn’t gotten into this subject.

“Bet, I want to do it to you doggie fashion. Find that in the book and read up on it.”

A few minutes later she was on her hands and knees with her lovely pussy staring at me in the face. I felt for a moment I was having my picture taken. I knelt behind and her and put the head of my cock against the lips of her pussy and gave a slight push. She as so wet it was almost as if she was all lubed up for I slipped in her a good four inches with very little effort. Another push and I was buried. I then started long slow but hard thrusting. The lips of her pussy were clamped onto the shaft of my cock but it was her vaginal muscles that were holding me tightly. I had one hand on each of her hips and was pulling her to me as firmly as I could. She started to throw herself back at me and we were soon in perfect sync. She could feel the contractions in my shaft as the pressure started and yelled out, ‘Shoot it in me, I had my period last week and I am safe for now.”

Hearing that turned me on even more than I was and I began to let go of stream after stream of hot come deep inside of her. I could feel my balls slapping against her and she was breathing harder and harder and it was obvious that she was ready to let go as well. It didn’t take another minute before she was squirming and letting out a new kind of howl I hadn’t heard before. She had been as turned on this way as I had been and her juices had started to flow.

We lay there just holding each other and talking about everything and nothing. I was wondering about her earlier statements about wanting us to be the ones who were together and we could adopt kids. Hell, I was only eighteen and far too young to be talking about shit like that. For now all I wanted to do was to fuck and suck.

“Bill, do all guys fuck as often as you do in a day?”

“Bet, I think it probably has a lot to do with my age. I’m pretty young. Hey, it’s going to be a great day and the beach is beckoning. Would you like to take a ride down to the shore and do some surfing?”

“That would be great but you know I’ll kick your ass riding the waves.”

“You’re on big tits.”

“Bill, please don’t kid about that. You might just let it out in front of others and then we WILL be embarrassed.”

“OK as long as you don’t call me telephone pole cock Bill”

She roared and jumped up to get her bathing suit and beach paraphernalia.

The water was great. Air and water temps in the low eighties with medium sized waves. Perfect.

We rode the waves for an hour or so and got tumbled a good few times by them. There was an outdoor shower right by the parking lot so we rinsed off before getting back in the car for the half-hour ride home.

I hate riding in a car with a wet bathing suit but knew we would be home soon. I stripped it off as soon as we walked in the front door and turned to see her doing the same. She bent over to untie her sneaks and her huge tits just hung there for me to admire, and admire them I did. I leaned over and took her by the hand and walked her to the living room easy chair and bent her over it face down and took my cock and waggled it next to her pussy waiting for it to come to life. It didn’t take long before I was at attention again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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