Break Up

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I’ve always been little, now at 24 I’m barely 5’7″. I’m fit, play soccer, can run for hours. Thru college I had a wild and sexy gal; she introduced me to a lot of people and a lot of vices. We had lots of crazy sex, she was always ready to push my boundaries… I experimented with three-ways, groups, she even got me to take a small vibrator a couple of times. In the end it was her drinking and drugging that drove us apart. I had a career in mind. I’m super glad she opened my eyes to the wider, wilder side of life.

I landed a dream job; five hours from home. I packed up and started my life in the boonies. I got into Seattle every other weekend. My third month in, I met a new gal. She was amazing, sweet, funny, and sexy. We did the long distance thing for 6 months. Just before Labor Day we talked and we’d planned on five days in Seattle. At the bus station she dumped me. She’d been seeing someone else for a few weeks. I was pissed. Not really hurt, but mad, mad. I couldn’t get back to the resort until the next day and didn’t really want to go back. It was late on the day before a five day weekend and I’d worked a hard day already.

I knew no one really, in Seattle. Only person I’d hung out with before moving was my ex’s older brother, Jimmy.

I sent him a FaceBook message as I sat in a coffee shop near the bus station. He got back to me in a few minutes. After a couple minutes back and forth he said he’d call me in a while. I ate a little, but got pissed all over again at her.

Jimmy called me and we talked, really talked. I was on the curb in a parking lot and got emotional. He asked what I was gonna do with my time. I asked if he had any leads on cheap hostels or something. He offered to let me crash at his place… I had stayed there with my ex, his stepsister when he was away. It was a small apartment, but right in a great part of town. Sure, I said. He told me to come over anytime. I skateboarded the 25 minutes across town. I was beat, dead tired. He was leaning on the railing on the third floor stair case. I slogged up the stairs. We chatted for a few, but I was droopy eyed as I’d been up since 530. It was almost midnight.

He had a one bedroom, in the living room he had folded out a futon on the floor and had a giant double wide sleeping bag and a small pillow. He laughed, “Usually anyone who sleeps over here is in bed with me so this is the best I can do… ” It looked so cozy, I didn’t care.

He set a spare key on the shelf, “listen, you can stay as long as you want, I like having someone around. Besides, I just found out I got some time off if I want it… do you want to go for a long hike tomorrow?”

“Thanks, man. Yeah, it’d be good to hang out, maybe get away for a day… “I looked at the futon again. I was aching tired. He clapped my shoulder and nudged me towards the futon. I fell onto it with a grunt. He moved into the bath, brushed his teeth and called out, “need anything?”

I got up did my teeth too and as I rounded the corner, caught sight of him draped over his bed looking at his phone. He had on only boxer briefs. I thanked him again as I dropped my jeans and T-shirt. I realized right then that I had on my oldest pair of briefs. My gal, the bitch who’d dumped me, we both liked it when I wore torn up old boxers. This pair had almost no bottom at all… the holes let my balls and ass be visible. I shrugged.

When I got into the sleeping bag… it was soft… and smelled… not that it smelled bad, but it did smell of Jimmy.

I was aware of him in the next room. I heard his bed shift and then a small sound as something hit the floor. I felt a blush creep up my face as I realized it was his briefs. “Goodnight, Rob.”

“G’nite Jimmy.”

I was warm and comfy. Lying on my back, my ball sack flopped out of the hole onto my thigh. I got pissed again as I remembered her dumping me… I hadn’t jacked off in a week, prepping for epic sex. On cue I recalled the fantasy I’d had of fucking her in some hotel room over and over again. My mind turned to meanness and I fantasized about fucking her rougher than I ever would in real life… my cock woke up. I smelled Jimmy as I rolled over… I wanted to fuck her so hard, to get back at her… the image of Jimmy fucking her too burst into my mind…

I humped a little… daring a bit, I pushed the sleeping bag off my back and ass… I could feel the cool air in the holes of my briefs as I humped face down… Jimmy’s bed creaked as he settled in… I was tired and turned on by the thought of pulling a train on her to get even… In my fantasy Jimmy and I banged her from behind as she knelt before us…

Sleep overtook me at some point…

An alarm clock confused me… I heard Jimmy move in the next room… then his deep running piss hit the toilet… I turned my head… it was just light out, he was ass naked pissing… I could see him the in the door mirror. He appeared a second later with a small tight pair of tiny white briefs on… he pushed the button the espresso machine… the grinding güvenilir bahis growling noises were shocking. I lay on my stomach, covers off…

“Ugh… morning, stud… coffee?” he asked.

I met his eye… and remembered the ass baring briefs I had on… he saw.

“Yeah, that’d be great… “

He turned on a light over the stove and turned back towards me… his pouch was full to bulging… he looked perfectly at ease.

I heaved up from the floor and padded to piss too… by the time I was done, my espresso had just finished dripping in to the cup. He raised a silent toast as he twisted his upper body and then rose up onto his toes to stretch…

“You ready for a long work out of a hike?”

“Anything, man… I’ve been so busy and looking forward to an epic weekend… I want adventure to make up for the bitch dumping me… “

“I can guarantee adventure, buddy!” He rinsed our cups and pulled out a few things from the fridge and cupboards. We chatted as we dressed and in a flash were in his truck… The day flew by. I laughed a lot. We hiked strenuously for almost four hours.

We stopped for amazing Thai food and went out for a beer. I’m not much of a drinker, I was worried for a minute he’d be a boozer, but we both barely finished a pint. We sat and chatted on the stairs for a long time. When it cooled off we went inside. I was getting tight from the work out; I suggested a walk or run. He upped the idea by telling me about a drop-in yoga class. I had no shorts with me.

He kinda laughed and tossed me a pair of deep blue shorts, “These might fit you… I won’t tell anyone they belong to a gal pal of mine… ” he had a challenging set to his face.

I held them up to my waist… they’d probably fit.

He lifted off his shirt and as he was walking away hooked his thumbs in his waist bands and stripped before he got into his bedroom. I dropped my jeans and tugged the shorts over my tattered boxers. They bunched and bothered me right away.

Shaking his head Jimmy said, “Naw man… wrong combo… ” He fastened his yoga shots by the tie… “its cool, I go commando at yoga always… “

I shrugged out of the pair and left my torn boxers on the futon. We jogged the few blocks to the studio. I caught sight of our bouncing balls in a window and smirked… he laughed on cue… he’d seen me see it…

There was only the yoga instructor, an older guy there when we got there. No one else turned up for the class. I forgot my wallet, Jimmy paid for the session. I’m not that good at yoga, but the instructor had plenty of time to pay attention to me. It was pretty awesome to be guided and learn. About 20 minutes in Jimmy took off his T-shirt and re-tied his shorts, lower. His pube was bare to the base of his cock… the instructor made no notice. I stripped off my shirt too… I was feeling the poses… loosening the stress of the anger of the break up.

We floated to an end after almost 90 minutes. Jimmy gave the instructor a full body hug. No kidding they mashed bellies and held still for a long time. I felt shy for a moment but was so chilled out that I stepped into his embrace too. It was warm and my heart slowed even more…

As we all tidied up, Jimmy told me, Dirk, the instructor was also Jimmy’s trainer and massage therapist. Dirk eyed my shoulders and said, “I dunno what you got held in, but you could really use a session on the table… “

Jimmy nodded, “Dirk’s the best… you should let him treat you to a massage.”

“Aw thanks, I’d like to but it’s probably not in the budget… “

Jimmy opened his wallet and handed me a card saying, “I’ve got a freebie cuz I refer so many people to Dirk… I want you to use it… ” Dirk grabbed his phone and opened a calendar.

I set an appointment for two days from then. Turned out Jimmy had a training and massage just after the time I’d asked for, we’d do the afternoon together, Dirk offered, we agreed. It was dark as we walked back to Jimmy’s place. We were mostly quiet.

In the apartment I flopped down on the futon. Jimmy dropped his shorts as he chugged water form the fridge, belching he stepped in to take a shower. He left the water running, “You’re up buddy!” I wriggled out of the yoga shorts and swinging cock and balls hit the shower. Jimmy was over the sink brushing his teeth. I felt so mellow. I was drained of the anger and disappointment. I didn’t feel any stress at all… “Hey Jim… man, thanks, this has been the best break up ever!” I called over the shower door.

He laughed, “yeah, its good to hang out with you… nice surprise… I thought about drive down to see my family, but today has been almost perfect… ” he voice trailed off as he moved in to the bedroom. The silky soap and steamy shower got my hands roving over my abs and cock… I sighed cuz if I was alone, I’d be jacking off… If I was with a gal, I’d be getting head for sure… the images of Jimmy and I grudge fucking my gal, the newest ex, flashed into focus… I smirked again… something güvenilir bahis siteleri told me Jimmy would be right there with me…

I stopped teasing myself with another sigh… drying off, I asked Jimmy, “Hey what’s your schedule like… I had such a great time… I’d like to hang more… if you do… ”

He answered back from the living room… “Duuuude, that’s awesome… I’m totally into spending the day, hell the weekend hanging like this… “

I had the towel over my semi… Jimmy was sprawled on the couch, leg over one arm of it… wearing only a pair of super faded, thin old school boxers. His cock was visible thru the gap in the leg… I let the towel drop and snagged my holey briefs from the futon. His eyes followed me as I tugged them on… I dropped into the arm chair across from him… I knew he had full view of my ballasck thru the holes…

We hung out like this, flashing each other, trying to catch eyes full but not get caught… I was content flashing… I was that guy who spent a lot of time naked in the locker room… going shirtless wherever I could… I had a tight lean body and liked to show off. Jimmy was taller and bulkier than me, but ripped cords of muscle framed him. He had amazing abs… and hips… his ‘cum gutters’ were almost ridges of sexy bone.

He mentioned that I was pretty cool about the break-up; the first we’d talked about it all day, really. I joked that had been mad, and more disappointed that she ruined a weekend I’d been fantasizing about for a couple of weeks… I realized I hadn’t really been that into her…

Jimmy said something and stretched… I didn’t catch what he said because I was just staring at his thighs and abs… I mentioned my disappointment again…

“You were planning a weekend long fuck fest weren’t you?” he had a half grin that told me he’d guessed what I was leading at…

“Yeah. That’s what sucks… I got mad enough last night to think about grudge fucking her… making her my slut… I mean as a fantasy, it was alright… “

“I banged a chick once who dumped my best buddy… just to get even with her for him… ” he swung one leg a couple of times… I could easily see the shaft of his cock jump a little.

“Seriously, I thought about using and abusing her… hell… I’d happily let you tag her too, to get back at her… “

“You got any pics…?”

I did on my phone. I stood over him for a moment and showed him the usual couple photos, she is damn attractive…

“Yeah, I’d do just about anything to hit that… too bad… “

I scrolled to other pics… the not safe for work ones… I sat back down as I let him see all the porno pics we’d made… he got to see me in those pics too, naked, hard… getting head… I felt my cock grow and shift to poke itself out of the hole in my crotch…

“Fuck yeah dude… that’s hot! I’d bang her for sure… anytime anywhere… ” he handed me back the phone.

“I grudge fucked her in my mind last night… gave you a turn at her too… face down ass up… us taking turns… ” I laughed, kinda mean, kinda nervous…

“Damn buddy… too bad she’s not here right now, huh?”

“No shit… man… I’d love to just see her used… “

“If I’d’ve know you were that adventurous last night, we’d be banging one of my gal pals right now… “


“Yeah, totally sucks… last night, you saw me texting her… she was only in town for abit and would’ve stayed thru the weekend, but I told her I was helping a buddy… “

“Fuck! Dammit! Any chance?” I grabbed my head, over acting; he shook his head… we laughed. I rolled over in the chair to get my charger from my bag. I accidently dropped it when trying to plug in to the wall. To get it I leaned over the arm of the chair… my ass crack was exposed, I knew it… the tears in the crotch were all along from balls to above my hole…

Jimmy’s eyes were gleaming when I sat back down. He launched into a hot story of a three guy tag of a gal in Las Vegas… while he told the story he cock went from hanging down between his thighs to laying along his hip… we were both sporting wood… I didn’t mean to, but yawned… he caught it… I stretched, actually tired.

He yawned again, “Damn you… now I’m tired too… “

“Yeah… I’m beat… ” I wanted to lay down… to let my imagination run with the ideas of tag teaming hot chicks with Jimmy… hell I wanted to be alone to jack off… I couldn’t stop the smirk… Jimmy flashed his right back at me.

I got onto the futon as he closed and locked the door, got the lights. He dropped his boxers before he got into the bedroom. I had my hand inside the pouch of my briefs by then too…

I didn’t hesitate to grope and tug… I toyed for a long time… keeping a lid on it, not quite fully hard, not quite fully jerking off…

I heard Jimmy’s bed creak… then again… then again… the rustle of the sleeping bag seemed really loud as I pushed it down and rolled onto my stomach, to hump iddaa siteleri my fist wrapped around my cock… fucking my fist… Jimmy’s bed creaked again, loudest this time… then his footsteps.

The light from the fridge blasted into the living room… “damn thirsty… ” he muttered.

I turned to look at him… he was fully hard, huge! And shiny with a lubed condom; in the fridge light that smirk was there…

In a flash his hands were on the back of me knees pushing down. I tried to get my hand off my crotch from under me… my wrist snagged on the waist band and there was a tearing sound as the fabric gave way some more on my ass…

Jimmy’s hot tongue drove the breath out of me as it wriggled thru the tears to contact the ridges of my ass ring. He drooled warm spit on my ass… his open mouth groan vibrated up my spine… I flushed hot… he flicked and swirled on my ass… he growled, “keep jacking your hot cock, buddy… “

I arched a little and gripped the base of my cock… that gave him better access to my ass… his tongue went inside of me for the first time… I shuddered and pulled harder on my dick… he grabbed my thighs and pushed my butt farther up. I was able to freely jack my cock as my ass was up so high. He gripped my torn briefs and tugged the tear wider and moaned again as he got inside my ass… he thrust his tongue in and deeper, in and deeper… I could feel his spit on my balls, I rubbed it into my cock…

He reached under me and pulled my cock back and gulped down what he could. I grunted, “Gawd yes… “My hands went to my forehead as I came up on my elbows. He shredded my briefs off of me… sucking my cock got me sweaty… I could blow my load really quick, I thought. He switched back to treating my ass… jacking my cock down and he tongue fucked my hole… his chin pressed harder and harder against the back of my ball sack… I was pushing back a little from time to time…

He groaned again. His tongue had me slippery. His finger tip joined his tongue. Two fingers swirled… and entered me in a slippery easy slide. I felt my breath push out in an open mouthed groan. I felt a little twinge, and then he slid in and out. I gave him control of the motion. He pushed down against the ring of muscles to contact the base of my erection inside me… damn that was hot, it made my cock pulse with every push…

He sat up suddenly, keeping me immobile with two finger tips in my ass and one hand hard gripping my cock…

He shifted and his hot, hot cock head was guided by his finger tips to lie against my ass ring. I bit my lip, “Jimmy… I, I think… “

He grinned at me as I looked over my shoulder… he leaned, the head of his cock pressed in and he pulled his fingers back, “I’m taking your cherry, ain’t I?”

I bit my lip again; I pressed my forehead into the crook of my elbow. Jimmy was holding his breath, holding me against his fat cock head… I nodded.

I heard the flip on the lube cap he pulled from under the couch. The cold drop took me off guard. He drove the head of his cock into the outer ring of my ass. I grabbed his thigh to stop him, to slow him. He paused and dropped a fat hot drop of spit on his cock… he leaned in again… with a shout I flattened on the futon.

He was in my ass. His thighs pressed my shaking thighs wider. He never eased the weight against my ass muscles. They cramped and pulsed… I broke a sweat. He was ever sliding, ever deeper. When his balls contacted mine, I convulsed under him. He dropped his full weight onto my back and whispered, “No one else will ever be the first cock up you ass… you’re taking it like a champ… you wanna come, don’t ya?”

I nodded against his rough jaw. The scraping pull back in my ass gave me room to breath. The slide back in forced another open mouthed grunt from me. He buried his tongue in my throat. He made a few quick shorter thrusts and then a long slow pull until the head of his dick caught on the rim of my ass. I moaned.

I felt his smile in my mouth. He fucked me.

In a few minutes of his sweaty humps I was matching his movements. He kept my mouth full of his spitty tongue. He was all over my back and butt. The drive of his thrusts had me pushing back with my elbows. I realized I was up on my knees now, fully fucking him back. He flipped me over, staying in just inside of me.

This was intense, he could get deeper. He had my knees hooked over his elbows and kept my jaw wide with wet kisses. He moaned into my mouth, “I’m gonna fuck your come out of you… “

A light went off in my head… I was racing to the edge. He was pounding me now in short sticky pushes. My dick was flopping against my six-pack; that was better than my hand jacking me… I was in his fuck, I was his fuck. I called his name.

He fell flat on top of me… I came and flooded us with my load… my ass gripped him so hard he stopped moving. I felt his butt and quads clench under my shins, he was grinding. He shuddered as he came. We folded and unclenched together, he had my come under his chin. I grabbed his head and sucked his kiss into me… the after shocks lasted long after he pulled out of my ass. I winced when the final stretch happened. He pulled of a condom and tossed it aside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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