Bourbon, Scotch , Beer

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As I walked into the store I adjusted my skirt, and headed straight for what I wanted. I knew what I was getting, bourbon, scotch and beer. The three of us had shared those drinks for so long, hell we even identified our selves as such. Teddy was Beer. Easily accessible, smooth, bubbly, effervescent, not the most refined of men, but I could always count on him. He was my first too. Two young kids exploring and fooling around.

David on the other hand was scotch. A more well to do family, and it was always “David”, never Dave or Davie, always David. An unexpected powerhouse, even as a boy, he had a strength to him that hid behind his smaller frame. Yet he was so in control of it all. A proper gentleman and considerate, but not the man you wanted mad at you. I would love being with him, and even offered to practice my oral techniques on him in high school, knowing he would be discreet about it.

And I was the bourbon. At least that’s what Teddy and David said. A kick in the ass, a tomboy and yet I like to think I floored them the first time they saw me in a dress. Most of the time, the trouble the three of us got into was me trying to press my luck. Thankfully Teddy and David were always there for me. That is until now.

Teddy was getting a new job overseas. I can’t fault him for wanting to take it. It’s a huge pay raise, and doing what he does best. The sting is that David was joining the military and leaving as well. Within days of each other, the two people I have shared most of my life with were going to be on the other side of the world. I wanted to do something for them tonight to show them how much they would be missed. And I wanted something to hold on, something to keep them close to me.

The bottles were set on the table. They didn’t even knock, they didn’t have to. My door was always open to them. “Hey Sheila, got your message, what’s the big occasion?” Teddy’s voice bellowed through my house.

“In the kitchen Teddy. Make yourself comfy, David will be here shortly.”

“Already here love. I walked in with Teddy.”

I came around the corner to see them on my couch. I set the trey of Hors d’oeuvres down and went back to finish the dinner. The last touches were the most important. Though why I bothered I don’t know. It wasn’t the dinner I cared about. This was my last real night with these two. Tradition I guess, or just some time to stall.

Thankfully dinner went well. The chicken cordon bleu was a nice mixture of the two styles for both Teddy and David. We talked, reminisced, laughed and joked, just the same as we have for so many years. A few more drinks, and we were all sitting by the pool, looking at the night sky. I decided to go head and pop my surprise. “Ok gents, you’re Ankara escort both leaving me, and while I’m not happy about it, I do know its best for both of you. But I want to do something before you get away and forget me.”

“C’mon Sheila, we’d never forget you.”

“Teddy’s right Sheila, that would be tantamount to forgetting our own names.”

“Not forget that I exist, forget what we are like together. We three get along famously, but we’ve never been apart. On your way to conquering the business world, and becoming some admiral or what, you two will have a lot to think about it, and it won’t be me. Call me a jealous bitch…”

“You’re a jealous bitch.” The two said in perfect unison.

“You jerks, you know what I mean. I want one last thing to hold on to when I think of you two. That’s what tonight is all about. One last bit of adventure.”

“Oh dear god, what are you planning Sheila?” David took another sip of his scotch as he looked at me. The look on his face was a mix of waiting for the world to end, or possibly the greatest night of his life. Teddy merely smiled, and opened another beer.

“I want to surprise you, both of you. Now wait here, and be naked when I get back. Both of you.” I Just stood and walked back to the house. Not looking around, no hint that I wasn’t one hundred percent serious. I was serious; I wanted them, both of them, one last adventure, one last fantasy. I wasn’t going to back down now. This was the last chance to do it the way I’ve always wanted to.

I noticed my hands trembled as I undressed. I stood there in front of the mirror and looked at my reflection. I wanted something a little different, they had both seen me naked before, but I wanted to show that this was something more. Finally I put on a pair of thigh high black boots. Pulling my hair back into a ponytail, I took one last deep breath and committed myself to doing it. No turning back from here.

The heels made a sharp click as I walked across the tiles toward the pool. David and Teddy had stripped down, and were drinking deeper than before. I made a small cough to get their attention. Both of them turned, and their mouths dropped open. I also noticed that they both got hard in an instant.

“Sheila! What in the world are you doing?” David was beyond his manners at the moment, which was where I most wanted him.

“I’ve had a fantasy, a secret, that I want to share, with you two. For a very long time I’ve dreamed about having two men at once. No other two men do I know that I trust enough to do this, so before you two go, I want the three of us to try it.” I knew I was standing like a schoolgirl. Hands clasped behind my back, one foot back on its toes, swinging back and forth. Ankara escort bayan Naked in my “fuck me boots”, acting like a scared child, and yet I wanted this. Just once, please.

Teddy took another long draw from his bottle, then looked over at David. A silent conversation passed between them in what felt like hours. Then each of them nodded and looked back at me. “Ok, we’re in. What do you want?”

They were standing before, just standing there, letting me direct them, and giving me my fantasy. Of all the times I had thought about this, I had hoped I knew what I was doing. Teddy was the bigger of the two, both his frame and his cock. He would be better on the bottom, inside the pussy. I doubted whether I could ever take him in back. “Teddy, lay down on the towel there. Let me start there.”

He went and lay down, with that large rising shaft proudly on top. I was getting weak in the knees just thinking it through, trying to decide what I wanted and how. I felt a small drip from my own desire run onto my leg. God I was wet already. This was happening, really going to happen. I went over, the clicks of the heels the only sound I could make. I stood over him, looking down at him for a second, such a wonderful eyeful of muscles and meat. I knelt down, straddling him, rubbing my wet inner skin over the length of his shaft. I then remembered David still standing there. “David, there is some lube under that lounge chair, come one over lover.”

As he made his way to us, I slipped myself onto Teddy. It was slow, inching down onto him, letting him stretch me a little at a time. Oh god, I could just take Teddy right now and it would still be wonderful. But him and David, oh yes, yes, that was even better. I just needed to wait. David was here, still unsure what to do. I leaned over, to kiss his tip, take a little bit in my mouth to get it harder, and then told him to do what he knew was good. I leaned forward, laying my head down on Teddy’s chest.

David had done this before. We had talked often of their love lives and they had used me as reference material for pleasing their girlfriends. I wondered if he was overwhelmed by my sudden wanton behavior or more uncomfortable with Teddy. We’d all gone skinny dipping, laying out, and running through fields in nothing more than our smiles. I was certain he wasn’t uncomfortable with Teddy, but maybe he was just uncertain of this arrangement. To his credit, he was amazing.

My ass was up in the air, waiting for him to proceed. I felt the first small drops of the lubricant. Just one finger as he worked the gel around my tight opening, helping me to relax and open up. A little more and he worked more inside me. More as the second finger came in, slowly twisting Escort Ankara and turning. He was so very good, so gentle, easing me into those places I so longed to be. Finally I felt more than the finger, as he came in behind me, one more application of gel and then entering me inch by inch.

We were there, the two of them joined inside me, just holding the position for breath after breath. Then David began to move in and out, each draw and push measured by his long labored breaths. As he proceeded, Teddy matched him, thrusting in, as David would come out. I was pinned by their movements, filled to the point of bursting, having no recourse but to lose myself in the ecstasy. I bit my lip, clutching at the towel beneath Teddy, holding back my orgasm, not wanting to come, so that it would never end. At last I could hold it in no longer. I gasped, I screamed, I moaned. Through closed eyes I saw the torrent of colors and explosions, as my body was flooded with the feelings of delight, wonder and desire. Yet they continued to move within me. One wave of ecstasy had finished and I knew a second was soon to follow. David was beginning to breathe harder, faster. I knew he was close. Teddy growled deep in his throat; each thrust from his hips was deeper, stronger more powerful. Their matched rhythms now collided, both of them slamming in and drawing out, filling and emptying me as they pushed and pulled. I was squeezed between them and cried out again, lifting my head as best I could to draw the air into my lungs.

At last David released himself, and I felt the jet of warm fluid exploded deep inside. He gave out a long heavy breath and pushed a little further to give me all he had. Then Teddy came, as if waiting his turn. There was more of it, faster and fuller. I completely missed his face, any signal that he was even close. Just the extra wet feeling inside me to tell me he had. I fell forward again, weary and worn from the orgasms that racked my body.

David pulled out slowly, gently, as only a gentleman could. As he did, teddy lifted up on one side, rolling me onto my back. I couldn’t move. I had dreamt that taking the two of them at once would be so wonderful but I never thought it would take so much out of me. I just lay there, trying to catch my breath, finding any strength at all, to even move. Then Teddy took one of the towels from the chairs and draped it over me. David knelt over to kiss my cheek, and Teddy did the same on the other side. My eyes were still closed as I heard them walk away.

I awoke to sunlight, the morning rays slowly crawling over my naked body. It was still hard to stand, but I made my way into the house, through the kitchen and to the room where the video camera peeked through the blinds to the area near the pool. I rewound the tape and watched the performance we had given. Damn they were sexy. I put the label on it that read simply “Something to remember me by” and kissed it. Some things are too good to ever forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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