Bosses’ Pool Party


Erica and Lisa had settled into their shared apartment quite comfortably. School for both of them and working at the Toy Shoppe left them little free time. They were quite surprised when the engraved invitation arrived by courier. The gold-trimmed invitation simply said, “You are both invited to a pool party at Frank and Vickie’s on Sunday afternoon. Dress for fun!” The address was included.

“I wonder what they have in mind,” said Erica.

“If I know them, sex will be on the agenda!” answered Lisa.

Frank and Vickie owned the adult toy shop where they worked and the interview process had been sexually oriented. This might be interesting.

Erica knew immediately what she was going to wear. She still loved the thrill of showing off her sexy body. She had bought a black sling bikini that was simply strings with a small patch covering her pussy. Her c-cup breasts were exposed except for a string over each nipple. That would be her choice of attire for the pool party. Lisa was in a quandary, though. Her 38 DD tits did not hide easily. She had bought a Wicked Weasel triangle-top bikini that covered her nipples and little else. The bottom was just as microscopic, and both were transparent when wet. She loved the top, but felt the bottom was too much. An idea took shape and she got a wicked smile on her face. “I’ve got to go to the Erotique Boutique. Want to go?” she asked Erica.

“No. I need to study. What are you looking?” Erica replied.

“A clip,” said Lisa as she was leaving.

The Erotique Boutique was an upscale lingerie store in the adult complex where the Toy Shoppe and a strip club were located. Lingerie was a gentle term for the outfits sold in the Erotique Boutique. Living up to its name, the store carried everything in the line of sexy clothing, from stripper outfits to scandalous lingerie to extreme swimwear – they had it all. Lisa entered the store and walked directly to the swimwear section. She found what she was looking immediately, and the only problem was to choose the correct shade to match her bikini top. Making her decision, she decided to keep the purchase a secret from Erica until the day of the party.

Thursday and Friday passed rather quickly, but Saturday was a drag. Both girls had the weekend off from work and they lounged around the apartment, studying some and catching up on sleep. Determined to save their sexual energy for the party, they managed to abstain from lovemaking throughout the day and night. By Sunday morning, they were about to go out of their minds, not only from the self-imposed moratorium on sex, but also from the anticipation of what their sexy employers had in store for them. Showering together and shaving each other’s pussies did little to take the edge off.

Finally, it was time to go. As they started out, they had an idea. Driving was so much more fun with a hand in your crotch. Erica simply rolled her strings off her tits and eased her fingers into her bikini bottom. Just at that time, Lisa spied a police car in a large parking lot and pulled in beside it.

“What are you doing?” asked Erica.

“Having some fun. Just keep doing what you’re doing,” Lisa answered.

Rolling down her window and waving the young, good-looking officer over, Lisa pinched her nipples to make them stand out against the thin material of her bikini top. Erica meanwhile, had begun to get into a slow rhythm and really didn’t care who saw her.

When the officer bent to down to look into the car, he got more than he expected. Lisa’s gigantic tits were attempting to escape their slinky confinement. After getting an eyeful of those tits, he happened to look over to the passenger seat. Erica had her head thrown back, her eyes closed, and her finger massaging her clit. The officer was awestruck and barely heard Lisa ask him for directions to Frank and Vickie’s gorukle escort bayan house. On her second try, she got his attention back to her side of the car and managed to get the directions from him. As they drove off, Erica stuck her finger in Lisa’s mouth and waved to the officer.

When they arrived at the house and got out of the car, Erica saw Lisa’s clip for the first time. The bikini clip barely covered her lips and was unbelievably sexy. Throwing on cover-ups, they approached the door and rang the bell. Vickie answered it and invited them in. She was completely nude, or so they thought, and kissed each of them warmly. When she turned to lead them to the pool, they saw that Vickie was not completely naked. She had a star-shaped pastie centered on each ass cheek. Erica and Lisa knew they were in for a great party.

They walked straight through the house to the enclosed back yard, which not only contained the pool, but a rather large Jacuzzi. Frank, wearing a silk dressing robe, got up from a lounge chair and greeted each of them warmly. Lisa especially enjoyed Frank’s hug and lingering kiss, as she felt his dick begin to rise underneath the robe. Detaching himself from Lisa, Frank turned and called a young man to come over. “Luke, meet Lisa and Erica – two of our friends.”

“Hi. Glad to meet you,” said the handsome young man. He returned to the side of the pool and continued working. Dressed in a pair of Speedos, Luke apparently kept himself in top shape. His torso was well-muscled and his entire body was toned and tan. What both girls noticed as he bent over then stood up was his perfect ass. “His front is as good as his rear,” whispered Vickie, as she stroked their asses subtly. They turned in unison and kissed her passionately. Erica began to work her way down Vickie’s voluptuous body as Lisa tried to lick every inch of the inside of Vickie’s mouth. Returning the kiss with a vengeance, Vickie got both her hands on Lisa’s abundant ass and squeezed the cheeks gently. Breaking away form Lisa’s hungry mouth, Vickie said breathlessly, “I’m gonna see that ass get pounded before you leave here.” Lisa just moaned. Erica meanwhile, had moved around behind Vickie and pressed herself to her employer’s back, reaching around and feeding Vickie’s tits to Lisa one at the time. Lisa was doing her best to take the entire breast into her mouth, but Erica moved it away and put the other one in its place. All this attention was driving Vickie crazy with lust, and the girls’ actions were not going unnoticed by the guys.

Frank took off his robe, revealing his naked body and impressive dick, already hard and glistening. When he said, “Luke, you’re a little overdressed,” all the girls paused to watch him shed his Speedo. They were not disappointed. Luke’s cock, while not as large in diameter as Frank’s, was at least two inches longer, approaching nine inches. It too was rock hard and sprang up and slapped his belly when the Speedo came off. The girls simply sighed and got a dreamy look on their collective faces. “First dibs on the pool boy!” shouted Vickie, as she ran over and dropped to her knees in front of Luke. She quickly began sucking his head, coating it with her saliva, and in the blink of an eye, she deepthroated the entire length. Erica and Lisa could actually see the bulge in her throat as Luke began to move his hips.

Frank had moved behind Erica and Lisa, and reached around them to feel their breasts. Erica stepped put of her sling bikini, and Lisa dropped her top, freeing her massive titties. Everyone watched as she slipped her c-clip from between her legs. Frank took it from her hand and, holding it to his face, inhaled the musky aroma. He licked the juices that had collected on the plastic and told Lisa, “Your pussy tastes just as good as it smells, and I’m going to eat it until you cum!”

Her nilüfer escort bayan knees already weak, Lisa simply lay back on a lounge chair and spread her legs, giving Frank all the invitation he needed. Erica was stroking her pussy by that time, and when Frank went to his knees to get at Lisa’s inviting cunt, she lay on her back and slid under Frank’s ass, between his legs. There was his engorged dick above her, just waiting to be loved.

“Lisa, hand me a pillow so I can fuck this dick with my mouth,” said Erica huskily. Lisa complied and the pillow put Erica’s head at the perfect height. She gently stroked Frank’s swaying balls and licked the underside of his cock. Tickling the cleft under the head, she licked his slit and tasted the precious nectar. “Damn Frank. You taste pretty good yourself!” Erica exclaimed. Frank’s cock jumped of its own accord and Erica had to capture it with her hand before engulfing the head. She took her time, and slowly covered every inch of Frank’s cock with her mouth and tongue, leaving it wet with saliva. She began to rub her pussy, as the scene played itself out.

Frank had begun kissing Lisa’s lips and tempted her with the tip of his talented tongue over and over, darting into her pussy and quickly withdrawing to attack another place. Before long, Lisa was dripping copious amounts of love juice onto Frank’s hand that held her ass off the lounge chair. As she moved her hips, she almost slid off his hand. Frank, in an effort to stabilize his oral target, simply slid his middle finger up through the slick lubrication and into Lisa’s ass. The two sensations sent Lisa into her first orgasm of the day.

As she writhed on Frank’s face and finger, Erica was busy working on his dick. Gentle, loving licks had been replaced by a voracious sucking that had Frank on the edge. He disengaged himself first from Lisa, and then turning around looking Erica in the eye, he said, “I want to fuck you in the pool.” Hand in hand they waded into the shallow end of the pool and when the water got to Erica’s breasts, Frank turned her around and pressed himself against her. His dick nestled into the crack of her ass, and just as she thought he was going to fuck her there, Frank leaned in and said, “I’ve wanted that pussy of yours since the day of the interview. Now fuck me like the hot bitch you are.”

Erica leaned forward and put her hands on the edge of the pool. The action raised her ass off Frank’s cock and he eased it into her pussy. Feeling every inch of that wonderful cock in contact with her pussy walls pushed Erica into a small, satisfying orgasm. The first one out of the way, she knew that she was going to give Frank the fucking of his life, no matter how long it took. By bending at the waist, Erica’s sensitive nipples just touched the warm pool water. As Frank began thrusting into her dripping pussy, he created a series of waves that caressed Erica’s nipples. She knew that such stimulation would drive her over the edge quicker than she wanted, so she moved forward slightly and laid her head on her forearms on the side of the pool. This also gave Frank a better angle to fuck her and he did just that – fucked her as if hers was the best pussy in the world. His long, slow strokes increased in tempo, and as he stroked harder, Erica pushed back harder. She was determined not to cum before he did, but Frank’s fucking ability was really getting to her. She felt as if her pussy was on fire and Frank’s cock was spreading the flames. Frank’s speed increased, and Erica gave as good as she got. When Frank finally erupted and spewed his cum into her pussy, she crested an incredible orgasmic wave. Her clinching pussy milked him empty and they both collapsed against the side of the pool, spent and smiling.

While Frank was piledriving Erica, Vickie and Luke had bursa otele gelen escort bayan moved from oral sex to toys. A sex swing had been installed near the Jacuzzi, and Vickie was strapped in so that her pussy was the lowest part of her body. Luke held a remote control that allowed him to raise and lower Vickie at his will. Lisa took all this in at a glance, and made her way over to that side of the yard. Vickie evidently just had an orgasm, as she was moaning and shaking her head wildly. Luke never let up with the remote and as he lowered her to his groin, she began to moan louder. Raising her almost to the tip of his dick, she yelled, “No! No! Don’t stop!” At that point, Luke lowered her down onto the full length of his nine-inch cock. Giving her a few seconds he raised her up again, repeating the scenario over and over, driving Vickie wild. She had cum twice already and was working on number three. Lisa called Luke’s name, and when he looked her way, she took her right breast in her hands and put the nipple in her mouth, first licking it slowly, and then sucking it until it popped out of her mouth and stood out in all its glory. Doing the same with her left tit, she then rubbed them together and closed her eyes as she brought herself off. Then, quickly stepping over Luke’s prone body and facing Vickie, Lisa grabbed Vickie’s nipples and pinched them, driving Vickie over the edge again. By this time her pussy was dripping and Luke was the recipient of that precious love juice. Lisa was able to lower herself onto his face and reap the benefit of Luke’s talented tongue. Luke had raised Vickie off his dick and Lisa dove onto it with a vengeance. She sucked him hungrily, licking off both his and Vickie’s juices, as he did his best to lick her from the top of her pussy to her asshole. Pausing for breath, he told her, “Turn around and let me fuck that gorgeous pussy.”

Lisa quickly did an about face and impaled herself on Luke’s stiff dick. Having recovered from Erica’s wonderful fucking, Frank looked at Luke and Lisa with interest. She was leaning forward to give him access to her nipples, which were swollen and puffy, exposing her cute little rosebud. Frank retrieved a bottle of lube from a cabinet and began dropping it onto his dick. Erica walked over and took the bottle from him. Pouring it into her hand, she rubbed it onto Frank’s dick, and then bent down to massage some into Lisa’s ass. Slipping her middle finger into her roommate’s stunning, sexy ass, she looked at Frank and said, “She’s all yours. Fuck her like she needs it.”

Frank, already on his knees and lining up his cock with Lisa’s ass, took his time to allow her to get ready. As it turned out, he wasted the time. Lisa yelled, “Shove it in now!” and Frank complied happily, sliding into her ass, all the way up to his balls, in one stroke.

Luke was in a slow, up and down rhythm, and Frank quickly caught up. Their combined efforts were poetry in motion. One dick in – one dick out. One dick in – one dick out. Lisa had never been fucked so well in her life! The incredible feelings were so good that she was on the verge of losing consciousness. Seeing Lisa’s predicament, Erica kneeled down and took one of Lisa’s nipples in her mouth, sucking it gently and providing a new focus for Lisa’s desire. Lisa snapped out of her semi-conscious state and began to fuck in earnest.

Erica looked up to see Vickie spreadeagle in the jacuzzi, with a pulsing jet of water directed on her pussy, laying her head back onto the edge of the jacuzzi. Erica crawled over and kissed her passionately. Vickie opened her eyes and said,”I want to fuck you now.” Erica kneeled there while Vickie belted on a strapon dildo that looked as big as Luke’s dick. Needing no lube, Erica offered her pussy to Vickie and felt the cool plastic phallus enter her. Slowly at first, Vickie seemed to know just when to speed up and slow down. Looking over at Lisa, their eyes met and then closed as they reached another mind-blowing orgasm. Reaching out to each other, grasping hands, they held on as Frank and Luke climaxed and Vickie fell on top of everyone, exhausted.

“Whew! What a pool party! I can’t wait till Christmas”

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