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I have always been highly sexed but always kept it restricted to girls. All this changed one day. I will never forget that day – it was the day I got my first blowjob from a man. I had gone to my favorite bookstore and got a hand full of tokens and picked out one of the booths in the back of the store. I had watched most of a movie about a big titted bitch sucking a big cock. I had my own cock out and was slowly stroking it when to my surprise my booth door opened and a man stepped in. Realizing I had failed to lock the door I did not know what to do. There I set with my cock in my hand in front of a stranger.

“Oh… sorry,” he said and then with his eyes glued to the screen he exclaimed, “Oh man! That is so fucking hot. Let me watch too!” He then laid several more token on top of the machine and set down beside me. Before I ever realized what was happening he had his hard cock out too and slowly started stroking it.

I had never been this close to another man with his cock out before and was still wondering what to do. My cock answered for me – it got even harder in my hand. It was sort of like having illicit sex setting there jacking with another person present.

The token ran out and I rose up and put another one in and sat back down. Then I got the biggest surprise of my life; the man reached over and took hold of my cock. I started to object but it felt so good I gave into my sexual lust and for the first time in my life felt a man’s hand on my hard cock.

He gently stroked it and rubbed my leaking pre-cum all over my cock head. I just set back with my eyes staring at the blowjobs on the screen. I was embarrassed but I also was enjoying the hell out of it too. Then before I even knew what was happening the man was on his knees and had taken my cock into his mouth. Again I wanted to object, but having my cock sucked was one thing I loved best, so again I put aside my embarrassment and shame and let him suck my cock.

That was the first man given blowjob I ever had and being truthful, I have to say it was the best blowjob I had ever had. I gave him the biggest load of cum I had ever shot. When he finished sucking all the cum out of my cock he sipped up his pants and gave me his card and told me, “If you ever want another one call me.”

With out even looking at his card I stuck it in my pocket and wondered if anyone saw him come out of my booth. After awhile I left promising myself I would never come back. I could not believe it – I had let a perfect stranger suck my cock almost in public. I also had to admit he gave a perfect blowjob. Just the thought of it caused my cock to respond. But still I promised myself – never again.

But try as I might, I could not get the memory of his lips around my cock out of my mind. I even jacked off hoping that would rid me of the memory. But all this did was make it even greater. It was two days later and I was horny as hell, I took out his card and looked at it. The card just had his name and a telephone number on it. His name was Bob and just for the hell of it I rang the number planning to hang up if he answered. But my reaction here too surprised me. The sound of his voice made my cock get rock hard.

So not knowing what to do I stuttered, bahis siteleri “I… er… I er… we… er… we met the other day… “

His pleasant voice asked, “Did you like it?”

In barely a whisper, I answered, “Yesss… ”

“Want me to do it again?”

Embarrassed as hell I whispered again, “Yesss… “

He then told me to meet him in the same booth in an hour. It was the longest hour of my life. I started not to go but the memory of his mouth and my most willing cock forced my feet to the booth. Once in the booth I became scared and started to leave several times. Then it was too late; he slid into the booth beside me and put several coins in the movie box. He choose another good blowjob movie and soon my cock was straining to get out of my pants.

Not saying a word he began to rub my cock through my pants. When I did not object he opened my pants and freed my shameless cock. After stroking me a few minutes he slid to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. Man this blowjob was just as good as the one I remembered.

I started meeting him several times a week to get my cock sucked. After we became comfortable with each other he had me come to his private office. There he liked for me to strip so he could rub his hands all over my body as he sucked my cock. At first I was embarrassed but again the lure of having my cock sucked made me agree. After the second or third time he started taking off his clothes and would stroke his cock as he sucked mine. His body was completely smooth with just a small tuff of hair above his hard cock. His cock was uncut, about seven inches, and about as big around as a banana.

I don’t remember when the thought first came into my mind and I don’t know why. As a matter of fact it shocked me that I would even wonder about such a thing. But I wondered what it felt like to hold another cock besides my own. But once this though entered my mind the frequency that I came to get my cock sucked increased. I told my self it was the blowjobs and not looking at his cock that caused my increased visits.

Bob must have sensed what I was thinking because one time when he was giving me another “blowjob of my life” he brought me almost to climax and then taking his mouth off my cock asked, “You ever wonder what it feels like to touch another cock?’

I don’t know if it was because I was caught up in the throes of sexual desire or if I really had the urge to know what a cock felt like, but I answered, “Yes.”

Not saying a word Bob took my hand and standing up he placed my hand upon his cock. I have never had anything affect me like that did. The very minute my hand touched his cock a bolt of pure sexual lighting shot through me. His cock was hot, hard, soft and alive. It grew even harder in my hand. Also when Bob stood it brought his cock just inches from my face. It not only was the first cock I had ever touched, it was beautiful, it was thrilling, and it brought me to sexual heights I never knew existed.

I was drawn like a moth to the flame. I was mesmerized by the look and feel of his cock. Like I was in a trance and with out even giving it a thought I slowly leaned forward and kissed his cock. My whole world changed. I could not get enough of sucking, canlı bahis siteleri kissing, licking, and rubbing his cock all over my face. Yes, in just a few moments, I had become a cock loving, cock-sucking slut. All I wanted was Bob’s cock in my mouth. In just a few minutes I received my first taste of cum – I swallowed it all and sucked him dry.

Bob asked me if I wanted to come home with him for a drink and maybe watch a movie. I readily agreed and soon we were at his house. As soon as we got to his house Bob put a DVD in the player and turned it on. The movie was a gay one with several men sucking each other’s hard cocks. Bob seated me on his couch and excused himself to get us a cold drink. When Bob returned from the kitchen he was completely naked.

His rock hard cock was sticking straight out and swayed back and forth as he walked towards me. Man I was mesmerized – I could not take my eyes off his swaying cock – the first cock I had ever sucked. Licking my lips in anticipation, I stood up off the couch and started to sink to the floor so I could once again be face fucked by that lovely piece of man meat. But it was not my face Bob wanted to fuck this time.

Setting our drinks down Bob took hold of my shoulders and pulled me to a standing position. He then quickly striped off my clothes till I stood completely naked before him. He then put his arms around me and pulled me tight against his naked body. My hard cock was tightly pressed against his cock as he held my ass cheeks and ground his cock against mine. Next he kissed me. At first I had some hang up about kissing a “man” but quickly realized kissing a man was nothing compared to sucking a man’s cock and swallowing his hot man cum, which just a short time ago I had done. So I willingly opened my mouth to receive my first ever man kiss. Some hot women had kissed me but never had I been kissed like this. I don’t know if it was his naked body pressed against mine or what, but his kiss carried me to erotic heights I never knew existed.

Breaking off our tongue fucking I whispered, “I have got to have your cock.”

Grinding his cock into me Bob answered, “I want to fuck you.”

Caught up in my new sex utopia, I answered, “I want you to… but I am scared it will hurt too much.”

“I promise I will go easy… we can stop whenever you want,” Bob assured me.

Bob began by having me lean over the arm of the couch as he applied some sort of lube to my ass. He gently massaged my ass bud with one hand as his other hand stroked my cock. Bon then slipped one well-greased finger into my virgin ass. The invading of his finger into me was more of a surprise than of any pain. Bob gently finger fucked my ass with his finger. It felt very strange, but very exciting too. Next Bob worked a second finger into me and once more slowly started finger fucking my ass. I quickly became not only use to his fingers in my ass, but I began to immensely enjoy it and started humping back on his fingers.

“Are you ready to try more?” whispered Bob.

“Yes! Please put your cock in me… NOW!” I begged, shaking my ass back and forth on his fingers.

To make it easy on me for my first fuck Bob lay down on his back with his cock sticking straight canlı bahis up. Then he then had me kneel with a leg on each side of him and my well-lubed ass poised over his rigid cock. I began to lower my ass till I could feel his wet cock head pressed against my ass bud.

“Push like you’re taking a dump… then relax,” Bob instructed.

I did as he said and then I quickly lowered my ass till his cock head slipped inside my love tunnel. The closest I can come to explaining the pain is it was like stumping your toe. It hurt hard right at the first, but then rapidly tapered off leaving me with a pleasurable feeling I had never known. My newly awaken sexual hormones came to life with the knowledge that I had a man’s cock in my ass and my cock, which had softened, sprang back rock hard.

“Are you all right? We can stop,” stated Bob when he saw me temporally flinch.

“I’m all right,” I assured him, answering his first question. In response to his second statement I answered by sinking down on his hard cock till I was completely impaled on it. The sensation was indescribable. I had never felt so full, nor had I ever felt so sexually stimulated. Slowly I began to ride his cock up and down with each trip becoming more sensual than the one before. All the while Bob was watching my face as he gave me my first ass fucking.

“How’s it feel?” Bob asked thrusting his cock up to meet my down strokes.

“Soooo goood… Fuck me hard! NOW!!” I cried stroking my ass faster on his cock.

Bob then rose up and pushed me back till I was lying on my back with my legs spread up and wide apart. This gave Bob room to fuck me, and man did he fuck me. With each of his strokes I moaned and begged him to fuck me harder.

“OH FUCK BOB!!! Its soooo goood… fuck me… fuck me harder… ohhhh,” I cried over and over as Bob’s cock took my virginity. I wrapped my legs around his ass and raked his back with my fingernails as I pleaded over and over for him to “Fuck me harder, give me that COCK!!” I didn’t care if it was broad daylight and anyone could look in the window and see and hear me beg a man to “Fuck me FUCK ME HARDER!!”

And fuck me harder he did! Bob responded by thrusting his cock into my ass with a vengeance. “Yes! What a fuck, what a hot hole. Take that cock… take it allll,” he screamed as his cock pounded my ass bringing me to new and wonderful sexual loftiness.

Then for the first time I felt a man’s hot cum filling my ass taking away my virginity forever. My own cock trapped and rubbing back and forth between our heaving bodies released its load of cum as Bob’s cock was releasing its load into my love tunnel.

Overcome with sexual fulfillment, I remained with my arms and legs wrapped around Bob. I could feel Bob’s cock softening and his warm man juice running out my ass around his cock. For the first time in my life I was completely sexually satisfied – I had been carried to a new world by Bob and then fucked into complete submission. I had been fucked at both ends and I had loved it. We fucked several more times that evening and I went to sleep with Bob’s cock lodged deep in my cum filled ass – I was one contented and thoroughly fucked, slut. I had at last found sexual fullness – I had found cock.

To make a long story short, I moved in with Bob and became his suck/fuck-mate. I had went to a Bookstore and really discovered more – I discovered what I love most – a hard cum spewing cock in my mouth or my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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