Birthday Surprise

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My name is Eddie and I have a story to tell, but first I have to tell you a little about myself and give you a little back story. I have a pretty severe physical disability called Muscular Dystrophy. I really cannot do much of anything physically on my own. There is nothing wrong with me mentally, well except maybe a little perverted like most men. I am 31 years old and have the same wants and needs as everybody else. I have had a few sexual experiences, but have yet to experience intercourse. I have had nursing assistants and nurses come to my home to take care of me for the past 10 years. This is a story about 4 of my personal favorite nurse/nurses assistants and my 32nd birthday. First I need to tell you about the 4 ladies and my relationship with each.

The first was Robin and was my first nurses assistant, before this my mom took care of me and still does with help. Robin was crazy and a lot of fun. She was about 40 years old, but did not act it. I was about 23-24 at this time. Robin was short, average weight I guess. Short curly blonde hair and blue eyes. We mostly just watched TV together and teased each other, usually sexually teased, mildly.

My second nurses assistant was Maria. Maria was tall with long dark hair. Big body, but not fat. Dark complexion, not black, think maybe Italian heritage. Brown eyes and an amazing smile. Nice sized breasts. She was a couple years younger than me, She was 22, I was about 24-25 at this time. Maria was the first one to talk me into letting her bath me (part of their job but I was kinda shy about that at the time). We teased each other terribly. She would tell me all about her sex life, in detail. We would even go on the computer and look at porno sites together. Co-wrote stories to a guy she met on internet. I think she brought me a porn video for one of my birthday’s. All this and never any sexual contact between us, except an occasional kiss on cheek, not that I didn’t try. I had a major crush on Maria, may have even been in love with her.

The third lady in question was my first actual nurse. Her name was Elaine. Tall, average body, really nice ass. Medium length reddish hair, green eyes, wore glasses. She was about 40 years old to my 25-26 years at the time. Was the first married lady. We of course teased each other, sometimes mildly and sometimes pretty badly. She seemed like a real stuffy serious person, but actually wasn’t, could even be pretty wild. She would kiss me on cheek, nibble my ear, caress my neck, face, etc. Occasionally she would flash me her bra, not much in boob department. She would even let me masturbate in front of her, sometimes would even kind of help by positioning me. Once she even sucked my toe, not particularly something I wanted, but hey.

Last but certainly bahis şirketleri not least is Michele, my current nurse. Came into my life when I was about 27 to her 37. Short, average body, big breasts, nice butt. Long dark blonde hair, green eyes, nice mouth, and the softest smoothest skin everywhere that I have had opportunity to touch. It wouldn’t be a lie to say Michele changed my life. She convinced me to go out of the house without caring what people thought or if they stared. I had basically not went anywhere for about 5 years. Now I’m always going somewhere. Anyway, of course we teased each other unmercifully. She would kiss me on lips, lick and nibble my ear and neck. Grab my dick, through a towel but still, just enough to tease. Definitely closer to Michele than the others, she knows everything about me. We have been there for each other through some pretty rough times. She is my best friend and I love her, I think she loves me in some way too.

Now onto the story finally. Keep in mind that I hadn’t seen the first 3 ladies in years.

It was a couple days before my 32nd birthday and I knew Michele was up to something, just didn’t know what. I kept bugging her to give at least a hint, but she wouldn’t budge. Just had a mischievous grin on her face.

It was the morning of my birthday. Michele wouldn’t be coming in until 4PM, which was suspicious because she usually only worked evening shift when I requested if we planned on going somewhere special.

My day went on as usual. Mom gave me her gift, a new computer game. I played my game and waited anxiously for 4. I tried to get something out of mom about tonight but no luck.

4:00 PM arrived and strangely enough when Michele got here, my parents both left, believe me, that is strange. Michele had balloons and a card and that was it, oh and a birthday kiss on lips as usual. I usually get a shower when she first gets here, but today she says we’ll do it later. Now I was totally confused.

We sat there doing our usual things, me playing on computer, Michele doing her paperwork. A strange car pulled up about half hour later. Surprise, it was Elaine with more balloons. She gave me a kiss on cheek and a happy birthday. Oh, this is what she was up to. Ok, nice surprise.

We sat around talking and laughing. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Who could this be? Elaine answered the door and oh my God, it was Robin with more balloons. She came barging in, “Hey Eddie, Happy Birthday buddy!” Ruffling my hair. Oh yea, pretty good birthday present.

We all just settled down once again when yet another knock at door. Oh come on, who the heck could this be. Oh Yes! It’s Maria. I am just speechless. I cannot believe it. She had a whole bunch more balloons. Room was now bahis firmaları filled with balloons. Maria gave me a big kiss on cheek. I was smiling ear to ear.

They all sang happy birthday to me. Continued talking, laughing, comparing notes, telling embarrassing stories about me, etc. Michele got up and said, “Ok, time for your shower.” I just looked at her funny and said, “yea right.” She was serious.

I went in my room, they all followed. Ok, I’ll play along. Since Michele can’t lift me, Maria put me on my bed. Michele undressed me, no big deal they have all seen me naked anyway. Nevertheless I still got a hard on. They laughed and said, “Same old Eddie.” Maria put me in shower chair. Then they shocked me and played mind games on me all at same time. They stripped their clothes off, but had bathing suits on.

Michele said, “Ok girls, 2 of you get in there first.” Robin and Maria got in, then Michele pushed me in, followed by Elaine and finally Michele. Here I was naked in the shower, Robin and Maria on one side, Elaine and Michele on the other. Michele took the shower head and rinsed me down, spraying Maria and Robin in process. She handed the hose to Elaine as she shampooed my hair. Elaine rinsed my hair. Michele gave Maria, Robin and Elaine each a soapy bath sponge. They all proceeded to wash my body, 8 female hands all over me. They each took a turn washing my now rock hard cock. Michele was rinsing soap off and handed hose to Elaine and went to fix the bed for my return. I was just being rinsed when Robin reached down to play with my dick much to my surprise. Maria said, “you better stop that before he cums all over you.” Robin replied, “Cool, let him.” “In fact, I wonder if I got in front of him and you and Elaine continued pumping him really hard and fast if he could shoot on my chest?” Robin asked. Maria laughed and said, “Only one way to find out.”

Robin positioned herself in front of my chair. Elaine cupped my balls and started massaging them as Maria wrapped her hand around my hard cock and began vigorously pumping away. I was moaning like crazy. It felt oh so good. Maria pumping me hard and very fast. Together their hands sending me over the edge as I start shooting cum everywhere. Robin leaned forward a little and some of my cum did actually make it onto her chest, but mostly on her bathing suit. All three women laughing as I sit there spent for the moment. Robin suddenly pulled her bathing suit top down, exposing her small breasts with erect nipples, and scooping some cum up on her finger and rubbing it into her breasts. I was watching the scene in front of me when Elaine and Maria followed suit and pulled their tops down and began playing with their nipples. Elaine’s small breasts and Maria’s nice sized breasts inches kaçak bahis siteleri from my face.

Michele comes back into the bathroom and says, “What do we have here, having fun without me?” Maria laughs and says, “Don’t just stand there and whine, join in.” Elaine reaches over and pulls Michele’s top down exposing her large breasts, causing me to gasp. “Elaine, I was saving that for later,” says Michele.

“This water is getting cold, can we move this into the bedroom,” Robin says. Elaine moves out of shower and Michele pulls me out and over next to bed, her tits swaying before my eyes. “Why don’t we get these wet suits all the way off,” Elaine says. The four ladies strip the remainder of their bathing suits off. My eyes wander over the four naked female bodies in front of me.

Maria starts to pick me up to put me on the bed, as she’s bending over she leans in and kisses me full on the mouth and with her hand going under my leg gives my cock a playful grab. Laughing at the look on my face she picks me up and lays me on the bed.

The four naked ladies stand around my bed looking at me with devilish grins and I wonder what they have in store for me next. Whatever it is I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it.

They all start rubbing my body, legs, arms, and chest. Each of their hands brushing across my dick and balls. Maria leans over and starts kissing me, takes my hand and places it on her tit. Michele starts nibbling my neck. Robin licks and sucks my nipple and Elaine licks then takes my cock into her mouth.

Maria and Michele switch places. Robin goes down and joins Elaine in licking and sucking my cock. Maria, Michele and I engage in a three way kiss.

Michele places my hand on her big tit and I rub her nipple with my thumb. Maria and Michele kiss their way down my body until they too reach my cock. I had never heard of a four way blow job, but I was now getting one. Four sets of lips and four tongues all over my cock and balls.

Michele pushed the other three out of the way and climbed onto the bed straddling me. Maria and Elaine guiding my cock to her pussy. Robin had come up, kissing and nibbling my neck. My cock sliding into Michele, a light moan escaping us both. Slowly she starts grinding, riding me, looking into my eyes. Elaine and Maria taking each of my hands and holding them onto Michele’s tits. Robin goes and begins sucking on Elaine’s nipples, a hand rubbing between her legs. Maria rubbing Michele’s back with her free hand. Elaine’s free hand reaches over and strokes my cock as it moves in and out of Michele’s soaking wet pussy.

I start moaning that I’m about to cum as Michele suddenly tenses and begins moaning loudly and I finally explode as does she. She collapses onto me, kisses me and lays her head on my shoulder. I drift off to sleep as the other three kiss me once on cheek.

I wake up next morning, Michele sleeping beside me and nobody else. I smile and close my eyes. I ended up with the one I truly loved.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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