Bill’s Christmas Gift

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I can feel it in my hand. Bill asked me to touch him as he was leaving, he stood at the bottom of the banisters and the Christmas party was ending. We were all tired and ready for bed and all of the others had all departed, most by taxi because they wanted to let themselves go and take advantage on the drink on offer.

Bill was the last. I knew him through the office, he worked in invoicing and we had shared a little conversation at times. But not much.

When he asked me to touch him I assumed it was because of the drink, smiled and advised he should make ways for home.

“You have arranged a taxi yes?” I asked noticing he was now feeling himself. I also saw the rising bulge moving in his trousers.

“Wouldn’t you like some of this Peter? He asked, his green eyes focusing on mine and taking my hand down to touch him.

Quite unintentionally I was feeling his bulge now but quickly dislodged my hand and politely told him he should go, that I was tired and ready for bed.

“I am too, let’s share it together Peter, that would be nice and I have a special Christmas present for you.”

“And what is that?” I asked humoring him, hoping he would soon leave.

He glanced downward whispering; “Unzip and you shall see, it would make a lovely end to the day if we shared our fantasizes.”

I was thinking what is he on about. What should I do to be rid of him, Should I call a taxi on his behalf? But he took my hand again and his ‘present’ was growing all the time.

“Just squeeze it for me that will be nice Peter”

Why was this happening to me. It was as if Bill knew my mind. That I had been contemplating coming out for a long time. It was to be a very personal New Year’s resolution. But it was as if Bill knew I was gay but how. Did it show I wondered or is it simply because that is how the drink was affecting Bill?

But what was happening now was that I wasn’t removing my hand from his gender any more. He gave me such a lovely daunting smile as I squeezed and felt the sex stimulate my hormones.

Something was happening and I was enjoying the touching. I felt strangely at ease and the sound of his whimpering really turned me on. I resolved to try different things, moving my fingers around and underneath. It was bahis siteleri lovely and so soothing, special because was giving him as much joy as my new found pleasure.

“Don’t stop that is lovely and remember to undo the parcel won’t you Peter?”

He was positioning himself at the foot of the stairs, facing me still but with one foot placed on the next step creating a veritable space between his thighs which I found to be very enticing because I was able to vary my touching

I enjoyed it for a while; feeling and squeezing him like that between his legs and over his trousers. I was a little bit unsure though about accepting his invitation to open the parcel.

What if it was just the drink causing him to be like this, how embarrassing it would be if it was all some sort of joke and I fell for it.

That would be an awful joke to play though. But some of our office people so have a weird sense of humor.

I decided to ask him bluntly if he was aware of what was happening and would it be better if he left right now, that we do lots of things under the influence for what we may be embarrassed for when the drink wore off.

“Peter I am not so far pissed that I know what turns me on and I have had a feeling for you that tells me that you like what you are doing and would like to spend the night with me. So to hell with the taxi, let me show you what it is all about and undo your present right now!”

I realized Bill had this certain bossy eminence about him and oddly realized Liked that. It made him all the more attractive to me and I veered towards the notion that it would be nice to go further and indulge.

If , given the worst scenario, that it was all one big joke we could both blame the drink in the morning and carry on as normal. But if it wasn’t and Bill was genuine then it could be the start of a wonderful new relationship which quite frankly, I yearn for, Have done for a while but have never had the courage to approach another prospective guy except through the chat pages on the internet and they all seem just to want a quick thrill on the cam.

He was now fully erect and he asked me again to unwrap the parcel which was special for me and if I wanted he could try it out in me.

That made a shiver go up canlı bahis siteleri my spine. The thought of a sexual encounter of the deep penetrative kind was enticing enough. I had tried anal vibrators and enjoyed the feelings derived from them. But frankly I had got to the stage where found them boring. Something was missing. Okay, those Japs knew how to create the best sensual feelings but no matter how they tried it could never be the real thing.

Now I was given the opportunity to try and it was wonderful, because I did not have to worry about bucking up the courage to acquaint myself with someone and hope they were that was inclined.

So I ventured to open Bill’s parcel and breathed in his scent. I recognized it as Brute, the same as I use but when I delved further and slipped down his briefs to expose the content in his parcel, I immediately sniffed the smell of sex, a smell I had encountered often when wanking myself with an anal vibrator inside me, which was always more prominent when stretching the foreskin back to reveal that so gorgeous and wonderful sensitive head wrapped in a parcel of its own. So it was a sort of a parcel within a parcel and instinctively, and much to Bill’s joy, I was on my knees getting to know the content and enjoying it very much.

“It is just what I wanted Bill. I love it!”

“I thought you might, don’t stop what you are doing, I love what you are doing with my present.”

It was rather lovely, so big too and very stiff and pliable. I adored the feel of it and the smell of it. I ventured to massage gently his ample balls and he moaned urging me on, opening his legs wider so that I may cradle them. He said he loved that.

I generously massaged him awhile and he was rapturous – his head stretching forth and back as I gave him a really good stiff jerking, the same as I do with mine.

Should I or shouldn’t I? I was contemplating the taste of him. I had the feel, I had the smell now maybe the taste. I would go for it. Something told me it was right to do and I had often fantasized about how it would feel and taste in my mouth. Now was the time to find out.

I closed my eyes and went for it. An appreciative sound came from Bill’s lips as I started to discover just what oral sex is all about. canlı bahis I squeezed it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth and it tasted of seaweed – a little like haddock I liked so much for breakfast with a knob of butter. Now I had another kind of knob and it was delightful to feel and taste in my mouth as I generously sucked it.

I felt something stir below, it was a feeling familiar to me when I toyed with the anal vibrators, At the same time, Bill apparently frenzied by the way I was enjoying the content of his parcel, asked if we could go to bed and he would like to go further.

I didn’t reply. I just led him up the stairs, We both knew what we wanted now – I led him by his very enlarged cock and no sooner had we got into the bedroom when he stripped completely and stripped me too in no uncertain terms.

He gave me the once over and ravished my body like I had never known before. The joy of this Christmas could never be exceeded; I knew that now and looked forward to his fuck.

It soon came. He was hungry for it, He’d sucked me off and now he said he wanted my ass.- he had already sampled the goods and the feel of his tongue in my crack was out of this world.

He said it would be best on all fours, He got himself into the best position and I soon felt the heat of his knob begin to penetrate me. I handed him some lubrication from my bedside locker which I kept for when I used my vibrator and that helped considerably.

His initial penetration was hard going at first, He was a big boy and even my biggest vibrator could not compete with what was in Bill’s parcel.

“Just relax Peter” he said and I held my held down, felt the bulk of him work himself deep inside me.

This was the real thing and I found that, unlike with my vibrator, I was unable to move my rectal muscles to squeeze it inside. It was far too big but we didn’t need any extra sensual gratification, the massage of his cock penetrating me was enough and all the time our fuck was building perfectly. Even to the point when he’d paused occasionally so that we could both appreciate the feel of each other, the throb of his cock was very strong and it gave me a lovely warm sensation, I was at peace with the world and my Christmas was well served, when we climaxed it started a whole new relationship and I didn’t have to worry about my planned New Year’s resolution.

Bill and I would be doing and awful lot more parcel opening for ever and ever and that is the happy ending.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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