Big Changes At Home Ch. 13


Chapter Thirteen

Rebirth Of The Thompson Family

The alarm clock screamed that next morning and Richard smacked the annoying device into silence. Looking around the darkened room, for a moment he was perplexed to find himself in the smaller room. He looked around the room, which used to be Owen’s room, and wondered why he wasn’t in his room. The answer hit him and his eyes widened as he realized that he was in his room. The events of the weekend rolled over him quickly, like the highlights of a movie. The Saturday banquet the law firm held, the sex and submission to his wife, his submission to his son the following day, and the upheaval in the family structure that followed. Richard wasn’t the head of the family anymore, Owen was, and was also the Master of everyone in the family. Richard sighed and shook his head as he realized that he was the Slave of his son, along with his wife and daughter. He winced as he realized that he had lost the right to call them that anymore, to him they were Owen, Taryn and Rosina. Rosina: there it was, he remembered why he had set his alarm for Five-Thirty. Rosina had said he should wake her, for his own good.

Rolling out of bed and wondered what “tradition” he needed to attend to this early in the morning. Tossing his bathrobe on over his panamas he walked quietly out of his room and over to Rosina’s. Pushing the door open, he peered inside and looked at his little girl curled up in the bed. Unfortunately the sight of his little girl sleeping, didn’t bring back the sweet images of when she was little, but the sight of her the day before, getting fucked by Owen. His cock thickened at the thought of her brother plunging his thick cock repeatedly into her small pussy. Richard shook his head and forced the nasty thoughts out of his head as he approached the bed.

“Sweetie . . . Rosie,” Richard said softly as he shook Rosina by the shoulder that Monday morning. With a grumble and groan Rosina started to stir and wake up, looking at Richard with a slightly puzzled look when she was fully awake. “You wanted me to wake you at Five-Thirty this morning,” Richard said and looked at Rosina, hoping for any clue as to why.

“Oh yeah, the tradition . . . c’mon,” Rosina said as she rolled out of bed, completely nude.

Richard’s eyes bugged out as he saw his daughter casually get out of bed without a stitch of clothing on and leisurely put a housecoat on. A few days ago she would have made him leave the room before even risking for him to see any part of her body. As a result of the revelations of the previous day, fear of nudity seemed so trivial and pointless. They had witnessed each other have sex, in front of the whole family as well. Quietly they walked out of Rosina’s room and then downstairs, it wasn’t until they were on the main floor before Richard spoke up.

“Rosie, what ‘tradition’ do we have to see to?” Richard asked as his foot touched the main floor.

“This is your first morning as a Slave to Master, so you need to make him breakfast in bed,” Rosina said as she started to walk toward the kitchen.

“Breakfast in bed?” Richard asked with a touch of nervousness, it had been quite a while since he had cooked breakfast.

“Yes, it is our way of showing our gratitude for his taking control of us. Our way of expressing our love and devotion to him,” Rosina said as she entered the kitchen and walked over to the coffee maker.

“Gratitude?” Richard asked with a slightly puzzled tone of voice.

“Yes. I can’t speak for you, but for me, my life is much simpler now, much clearer. He has taken the responsibility for the tough decisions in life and left me with a clear path, to follow him. I am immensely grateful to Master for doing that,” Rosina explained as she started to prep the coffee maker to brew coffee. “Sit down, while I make us breakfast first,” she added casually.

“Are you happy this way?” Richard asked tentatively as he eyed up his daughter who started to pull out pans from a bottom cupboard.

“Absolutely, I couldn’t imagine being any other way! I am proud to serve Master! I will always be there to serve him in any way he needs. I love him, I need to show him how much I love him and love to serve him with my service and devotion,” Rosina replied as she paused for a moment to look Richard in the eye to convey her earnestness.

“You really do see yourself as his Slave, don’t you?” Richard replied with a nod of his head.

Richard could see in his daughter’s eyes that she earnestly wanted to show her brother her love and constant devotion. To her it wasn’t a once a week thing, it was a constant, 24/7 thing. She wasn’t a submissive who sought a Master once in a while, she was a Slave who was bound to her Master and served him with absolute devotion, believing that she literally belonged to him like his shirt or his shoes.

“What else would I be?” Rosina replied with a silly smile on her face.

Rosina glanced over at her father and smiled at him. It had been some time since she Casibom had spent any time with him and this morning reminded her of her special morning. Now she was showing Richard what to do to in order to please Master on his special morning, the morning after his submission to Master. Even though, Rosina was happy as Owen’s Slave and trusted that Richard would be too, eventually. The thought of her father a Slave to Owen just like she was, struck her as a little odd and she wondered why he did it. Rosina wondered if her father regretted being Owen’s Slave, what man would want to be his son’s Slave?

“Dad . . .” Rosina started out but Richard quickly cut her off.

“Richard!” Richard quickly interjected.

“Right, Richard, what do you think of this weekend?” Rosina asked as she opened the fridge and started to pull out supplies to make breakfast.

“What do you mean, Rosie?” Richard asked as he looked at Rosina’s rear, a touch too long.

“About everything that happened this weekend, all the changes!” Rosina said strenuously as she turned to look her father in the eye.

“Relief,” Richard said with a heavy sigh.

“RELIEF?” Rosina snorted in shocked reply.

“Yeah, I was lost when I lost my Mistress. I was so used to having someone to serve that to suddenly not have a Mistress was too much to bear. Now that I have Master and Mistress Red to serve, I am much happier; things are the way they should be.” Richard said with a look of peace about him as he smiled at Rosina.

Rosina could see it in his face that Richard was relieved, she couldn’t deny it. It still struck her as odd that any man would want to give up control of his family to anyone, let alone his son! Though Rosina could see the smile of contentment on her father’s face and took solace in his comfort.

“But what about Owen as head of the family? Are you relieved to give up that control too?” Rosina asked as she continued to cook breakfast.

Richard got up and poured himself and Rosina a mug of coffee each. He thought about that one, and knew that as a man he should never have allowed that to happen. As a Slave to Heather it was always contained to every Friday evening, this was different. It had happened so fast and he was so used to complying with those in authority over him that he had gone along with it. It was done now, he was his son’s Slave and how could he serve his son one moment and then be his father the next? No, like it or not, it was the way it had to be, he knew Owen was right.

“We both know that I haven’t been much of a father these past few years. Hopefully

Master will be a better head of family than I was. It might be for the best, we will have to trust Master, and wait and see,” Richard said as he put the mug of coffee down beside Rosina.

“But are you relieved to give up that control? Is this what you really want?” Rosina asked as she took a sip of coffee while intently eye Richard.

“Yeah, I don’t have to worry about the family anymore,” Richard said with a smile as he opened up a cupboard and pulled out two plates.

“As long as you’re okay with it, Dad,” Rosina said as Richard put the plates down on the counter.

“Richard,” Richard replied.

“I don’t care what Master says, you’ll always be my daddy!” Rosina said fervently as she suddenly turned and embraced Richard with a firm hug.

“And you’ll always be my little girl, but Master was very clear on this, we must obey him, right?” Richard said in a calm and firm manner, while stroking Rosina’s hair.

“I know,” Rosina said as she broke the embrace and smiled up at Richard with tears in her eyes. “I love you, Richard,” she said, still finding the last word hard to say.

“I love you too, Rosie,” Richard said as he kissed Rosina’s forehead. “Now how about that breakfast?” he asked as he smiled at Rosina.

Rosina then served up the breakfast and the pair chatted while they ate. Oddly enough, the man sitting across from her felt more like a friend to Rosina, rather than her father. In any event she was starting to feel closer to Richard than she had in years. Richard did seem happier and more comfortable with himself, and generally at ease. As bizarre as it seemed, Rosina started to see how this radical restructuring of the family might be the best for everyone.

Once breakfast was finished Rosina instructed Richard on how and what to cook. Rosina made sure that Richard did everything and did it exactly the way that she had prepared it. Richard still felt strange cooking breakfast after Taryn making it for him for so many years. Despite the considerable amount of time that had passed since he had last cooked, Richard did okay. At the appointed time of Six Twenty-Nine, Richard and Rosina walked up the stairs, with breakfast on a tray.

Tarn lay still that Monday morning as she remained curled up to Owen. For the first time she had been able to make love to Owen late into the night and fall asleep surrounded by his powerful arms. As she brushed Casibom Giriş some stay hair away from her Master’s face she was filled with Love. Taryn’s heart nearly burst with the intense love that she felt for her son Owen. She glanced around the Master Bedroom that had been hers for most of her marriage. Taryn looked at the bed that had been her marital bed and oddly enough, it still felt like that to her. She kissed Owen’s cheek and laid her head on the shoulder of the man who felt like her real husband.

Tarn was content yet conflicted, but she tried to enjoy the peace of the moment despite the conflict. Tarn knew that by rights, she should be lying next to Richard, her husband and not her son. The recent events seemed to be driving her towards her son at breakneck speed. Since her submission to him, she felt herself drawing ever closer to him. Try as she might, she needed him in a way that a mother shouldn’t need a son. Taryn even had trouble seeing Owen as her son anymore; he was so much more to her than that. She loved him as much or more than she had ever loved Richard, in that she knew that she was in truth his wife as well as his Slave. Taryn also knew that she could never be his wife, even if you put aside the fact that they were mother and son. The main reason that Taryn knew she couldn’t marry Owen was that a true Slave didn’t desire to tie her Master down. As his wife she would be his equal and that simply went against the natural order of things, she was his Slave and he was her Master.

This morning Taryn knew that there was absolutely nothing normal about her family. The strangest thing was that the family seemed to be closer knit and happier than before. Things like this shouldn’t happen and when they do they should cause irreparable damage to the whole family, and yet Taryn liked the way things had worked out. The whole family had accepted and encouraged her special relationship with her son. No more did she have to hide it from any member of the family. In fact the whole family could relax and be themselves within the safety of the family. Wasn’t that what a loving family should be? Didn’t everyone strive to create an environment where everyone in the family knew they were loved and could express themselves? Sure they may be the most bizarre and mixed up family in the world, but they were happy.

Before Taryn could continue her morning musings, the door opened up. Richard walked in the room holding a tray of breakfast. He was followed by Rosina who wore a cheeky smile on her face as she winked at Taryn, behind Richard’s back. In that instant Taryn knew what was going on and had to stifle a laugh at the thought of Richard cooking. As she looked at the pair dressed in bathrobes, standing near the end of the bed an idea formed in her mind.

“How dare you disgrace yourselves like this!” Tarn snapped angrily in a hushed tone of voice. “You two are not worthy to wear clothes in Master’s personal chambers! Return to your rooms and put your clothes away. Come back when you can present yourselves more appropriately!” Taryn growled and scowled at Richard and Rosina.

Without saying a word, both Richard and Rosina left the room. After about a minute the pair walked into the room in the same order, both completely nude. Taryn looked them over and smiled as she appreciated the individual beauty of Richard and Rosina. Richard was a handsome man, and indeed radiated masculine appeal. Rosina was a tight and trim young lady with a slender and petite body style. Both of the Slaves before her made her mouth water.

“Stand there while I wake Master,” Taryn said as she pulled the bed sheets down.

Tarn had pulled the sheets down so far that both she and Owen were revealed down to their ankles. Richard and Rosina both liked the display of flesh before them. Richard kept walking his eyes over Taryn’s body. Rosina kept looking between Owen’s and Taryn’s nude bodies. After the forced sexual play between her and her mother, Rosina looked upon Taryn’s body with greater interest and appreciation. Without pausing at all Tarn leaned over and wrapped her lips around Owen’s cock and quickly descended her lips on the shaft that she worshiped.

A sense of satisfaction and completeness came over her as she began to suck Owen’s cock. At once she knew that she was where she belonged, on the end of her Master’s cock. She had a purpose in life as long as her Master needed her. As long as she had the privilege to serve her Master, him her life had meaning. He had rewarded her loyalty and service with an elevated position and greater authority. Deep in her heart Taryn knew that she was nothing more than his slut, his Slave, his possession.

Taryn’s oral ministrations did not go unnoticed by anyone in the room, including Owen. Owen started to stir and wake up as the pleasurable sensations from his cock disturbed him from his slumber. Owen looked down at his mother who was happily sucking on his cock and smiled. Love filled his heart as he watched her repeatedly Casibom Yeni Giriş bob her head on his dick. Owen looked up and saw Richard and Rosina standing at the foot of the bed, nude. Richard held a tray of breakfast, his arms starting to shake from holding the tray for so long. His mind flashed back to yesterday and the tumultuous changes that he had implemented. He smiled to himself as he glanced around the Master Bedroom, his room. A wicked sense of satisfaction filled him and he sighed as everything seemed right with the world.

“That’s enough Red, I’m awake,” Owen said with a smile as he patted Taryn’s still moving head.

“Good Morning Master,” Taryn said lovingly as she moved up and kissed Owen on the lips. “Should I punish them for the audacity of waking you, Master?” Taryn asked Owen with a stern tone of voice and a mischievous sparkle in her eye.

“No, not yet,” Owen replied. “Let’s see what they want,” he said with a similar twinkle in his eye before he looked at Richard expectantly.

“I brought you breakfast, Master, to thank you for taking me on as your Slave and relieving me of the burden of being the head of the family,” Richard said with a submissive tone of voice.

“Did you make enough for Red?” Owen asked as he eyed the tray.

“Yes, Master, I made enough for you and Mistress Red,” Richard Replied in the same submissive voice as he kept looking down.

“Good, you can feed Red, and Cat can feed me,” Owen said as he glanced over at Rosina.

“Yes, Master,” Richard replied with a nod of his head.

The Thompson family sat together on that bed and spent some much-needed together time. Richard fed Taryn and Rosina fed Owen. Not much was said as two family members fed the other two family members in silence. Richard and Rosina enjoyed the moment of pure servitude. They enjoyed the simple pleasure of serving and obeying their Master and Mistress. Once breakfast was finished Richard cleaned the tray of dishes away and put them on a nearby dresser.

“Breakfast was good, Nick. From now on, you and Cat will have the table set downstairs and breakfast ready by seven each morning, understood?” Owen said in a commanding tone of voice as he glanced back and forth between Richard and Rosina.

“Yes, Master,” Richard and Rosina replied in chorus.

“Good, now Cat, get over here and suck my cock!” Owen ordered as he gave Rosina a stern glare.

“Yes, Master!” Rosina squealed in delight as she stretched out on the bed.

Rosina quickly arranged herself so that her head was between Owen’s legs and she was comfortable. Eagerly she grasped Owen’s cock and brought her lips to the head of the thick cock. Sliding her lips down the shaft of her Master’s cock always brought Rosina delight, but to do so in front of her Father added and extra kick of excitement. Without any trouble the fat head slipped down her throat. Rosina set about to draw out the blowjob by setting a slow pace. Richard watched intently as his daughter sucked off his son, she seemed blissfully happy to do so.

“Okay, Nick, time to get to work. Get down there and eat your Mistresses pussy,” Taryn said with a wicked smile on her face.

Taryn moved over a bit and spread her legs wide, as Richard moved calmly and steadily to get into position. Eating pussy was something that Richard knew well, it was one of the regular things that he had done for Heather. Once again Richard had been ordered by his Mistress to eat her pussy, and he was happy to comply. The regular order of what Richard expected in life continued, he was given an order, and he would comply. Richard looked over the pussy of his long-time wife, and recently acquired Mistress, and absorbed its beauty. He always knew she was a beautiful woman with a tasty pussy, and this was one order he was happy to comply with.

When Richard’s tongue reentered his mouth after taking its first lick of Taryn’s pussy, the taste was sweet and delicious. This was just the taste he remembered, the reason why he loved to eat pussy, and Taryn’s pussy always tasted sweet. Licking up towards her clitoris, Richard was rewarded with still more of the slick and tasty nectar. It wasn’t until he got down to the entrance to the inner depths of her womanhood that the taste changed. Mixed with the sweet taste that he knew and loved was a salty, foreign flavor that wasn’t familiar. Ignoring this and continuing to press on, Richard continued to lick around the entrance, only to find more of the odd tasting juice flowing out. Richard’s confusion got the better of him and he did something he shouldn’t have, he glanced up into Taryn’s eyes.

“Yes Nick, there is something different about the way my pussy tastes this morning, isn’t there. Care to know what it is? I’ll tell you, Nick, you are eating a freshly fucked pussy!” Taryn said with a sneer on her lips as she looked down at a wide-eyed Richard. “Yes Nick, you are licking Master’s cum out of my pussy! How does it feel to be licking your son’s cum out of his mother’s pussy?” Taryn asked daringly and waited for a moment to answer, when a stunned Richard didn’t say anything, she continued. “I didn’t tell you to stop, Nick! Eat my pussy!” she ordered arrogantly and grasped Richard’s head and pulled it toward her pussy.

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