Bettina’s Oral Arguments Ch. 03

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Harley Quinn

(Part 3 of 3)

Jem stayed away during spring break. My beautiful daughter Angela came home from college for another visit but I hardly saw her for all the running around she did with her friends. Still, no sense to risk her catching me in bed with her ex-boyfriend.

After the break, we dove right back into our lovemaking experiment. We continued calling it an experiment but of course it was love we were making. I certainly felt I loved him. And I flattered myself that he loved me. Not that it mattered though. There wasn’t a future for us together. Jem needed to find a girl his own age, one he could marry and raise a family. As for me, I was starting to see possibilities in some of the men around me, now that I was ready to be a lover.

In the meantime we molested each other joyfully. Jem had become so familiar with my body that he could turn me on and get me off seemingly without effort. I had become obsessed with his manly good looks, his young body and especially his wonderful fat cock which rose to the occasion again and again. I loved the feel of it in my hands, sliding over my lips and tongue, pounding into my pussy.

But as summer approached we knew our time was coming to an end. During finals week we actually studied more than we screwed. When our tests were done we got together one more time to do it up right, get it all out of our systems. After that we would part friends, if possible.

We started with a long session of sixty-nine. We had a pretty good system where one of us would focus on giving pleasure and the other would just maintain oral contact. So while he was licking me real good I held his dick or balls in my mouth and while I was sucking him for all I’m worth he would kiss and nuzzle my bush. We’d tap each other on the shoulder when one of us was ready to pass the baton.

Over the course of an hour Jem brought me off three glorious times and eventually filled my mouth with his delicious come. We took a break to recharge and have dinner. I fixed him a salad while he grilled himself a steak. He asked if I wasn’t having any and I told him I would just enjoy some of his meat.

After dinner we watched a dirty movie. It was well done and very sexy. I especially liked that it paired up young men with older women, like us. Later that night we acted out a scene from the film. Jem fucked me from behind and spanked my ass… hard. Then I rode him and he slapped my tits… hard. Then he climbed between my legs and while he fucked me he put his hands around my throat and pretended to choke me… softly, not hard.

We slept together that night, something we didn’t do often since he lived in his parents’ house. I loved having him in my bed, smelling his scents, hearing his soft snoring. It was so tempting to just beg him to stay with me forever. But I really appreciated having those hours with him.

Early in the morning almanbahis I crept out of bed and spent some time in the bathroom. I had a treat planned for my lover and wanted to make sure I was especially clean for it. Then I curled up next to him and just loved life until he woke up. He wanted to fuck right away, no surprise. But I told him to be patient and he would be rewarded.

I fixed him breakfast and told him to come upstairs when he was finished eating. He asked if I wasn’t having any breakfast and I told him I would just enjoy some of his sausage. Upstairs, I got naked and I spread a big beach towel over the bed in the guest room. We were going to do something strange so I thought it fitting to do it in a strange bed. On the night table I set a little glass of olive oil and a little glass of mouthwash. I was getting ready to do something neither of us would ever forget.


Jem found me there on the guest bed, lying on my side with my tits hanging out. I had my right leg cocked up in front of my left knee. I dipped my fingers in the olive oil and reached behind me to rub some between my cheeks. Jem’s eyes lit up and he took a seat at the end of the bed to watch the show.

“You know how you say that nothing about me is gross or disgusting, Jem?”

He nodded. I dipped my fingers in the oil again and reached back, smearing the slippery stuff on and around my butthole.

“What if I said you were going to get some brown-eye?” I asked.

He shook his head. I dipped my fingers again and brought them to my bung. I pushed my middle finger past the tight outer ring and got my anus slick with the oil.

“What if I said you were going to buttfuck me?” I asked.

He laughed and shook his head again. I dipped into the oil and two fingers this time penetrated my tightness. Oh it felt lewd and exotic.

“What if I said you were going to stick your cock up my ass, Jem?”

“Well gosh, Mrs. R____. If you say I’m going to do it then I had better do it.”

I dipped my fingers again and began fucking my ass with one, then two, and eventually three fingers. When I felt like I was lubed and stretched enough I dipped my fingers one more time to be sure. Then I sat up and told Jem to get his dick out. I gave him a liberal coat of oil and he was so big and hard. I was so excited.

I got on all fours and presented my greased-up ass to him. He took his position behind me. We had never done it this way before but he had probed me enough over the past months with toys that we knew how it would work. Still, I was a little afraid when I felt his cock head press up against my pucker. But I trusted him and I really wanted to give him this pleasure.

With both hands gripping my hips, he gave a slow-motion push and my sphincter clenched involuntarily. I forced myself to relax though and he slowly but surely eased into me. It almanbahis giriş was unreal, the way he filled me up. It was uncomfortable but it didn’t hurt. I could feel my anus stretch to accommodate him, to mold itself to his contours. Minutes passed and I felt his pubic hair tickle my cheeks.

“That’s it, Betsy. I’m all the way in.”

“Oh it feels so big. But just the right size for me.” And it really was. As good as his cock felt in my mouth and pussy, it seemed like my anal opening fit him like a glove.

“This feels amazing,” Jem gushed. “So tight.”

“All right, lover. You know what to do.”

In answer he slowly withdrew himself halfway out of my ass and just as slowly pushed himself back in. Oh, if I thought it felt good before, I had no idea. I shut my eyes and surrendered my ass to him as he fucked me tenderly in the wrong hole. I couldn’t believe this was me: prudish, uptight Bettina, with a young man’s hands gripping my waist while he screwed in and out of my butthole.

“I’m fucking your ass, Betsy. You look like a porn star with my dick in your ass.”

“Uhhh, I’m your personal porn star, Jem. Uhhh, you are making me feel sooo good.”

Jem pushed in and stopped, rubbing his hands all over my back and cheeks. Then he pulled out halfway, three-quarters, all the way out. I whined in protest. Then he pressed his head back in and slowly sank to full hilt. He pulled all of the way out again and pushed back in. He did this repeatedly and it drove me crazy. What a stud. Then he poked just his head in and back out, just an inch or so, in and out, in and out, in and out, then smoothly all the way in, rubbing his hands all over my back and cheeks. What a stud.

“You must really have me stretched out to pop in and out like that.”

“Your ass wants me in there. It grips me when I try to pull out.”

This was a lot of fun but I was glad when he went back to just gently ass-fucking me. By now I was comfortable enough to push back some and to signal to him that I was ready to pick up the pace. I wiggled my ass back and forth and he spanked me, making my sphincter squeeze on his dick. My breasts swayed with the rhythm. He began picking up speed and I knew he was building up to a climax. I was very happy with the way this was turning out. It would have been so satisfying for him to finish hard and deep in my greasy colon. But I had one last trick to play.

“Tell me when you’re about to come,” I asked him.

“Uh, why’s that?” His voice was hoarse. He was close.

“Just tell me, OK?”

His cock pistoned in and out of my ass. I really did feel like a porn slut, on my hands and knees, anus stretched to capacity, getting forcefully buttfucked by a young stud. I imagined guys watching my movie, watching me get cornholed on film. Would they think I was a fox? or a pig? Either way, I felt like a goddess.

“Betsy, almanbahis yeni giriş I’m close.”

“Fuck me, Jem.”

“I’m so close.”

“Tell me when you can’t stand it.”

“It’s now, baby.”

I pulled away and he popped out of my hole. I spun around on the bed, rolling to my side so I could look up into his face as I took his dirty, greasy, twitching cock in my mouth. Yes, that is correct. The single-most dirty, disgusting thing I could imagine I was now doing. My self from last summer would be absolutely horrified.

I took that cock in my mouth, smeared as it was with oil and the residue of the inside of my asshole. I licked and sucked him as he came but I was careful not to swallow. I just let his jism pool up in my cheek and drool out the corner of my mouth. He fucked my mouth and came and came, a leering grin on his face.

“You are such a slut,” he teased.

I would have objected to that, if my mouth hadn’t been overflowing with cock and come and filth.

“How does your ass taste?”

His dirty talk excited me even more, despite the mockery.

When I was sure he was done I squeezed the last few drops out of his balls and spat out the rest of him onto the beach towel. I reached for the mouthwash but Jem grabbed my wrist and lay with me and kissed me deeply, tongue and all, smeared as my mouth was with oil and the residue of the inside of my asshole and of his own come. It was a beautiful and loving moment.

Then we took a sip of the mouthwash and headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Once our mouths were clean we hopped in the shower and washed each other’s bodies. I paid particular attention to his cock and he paid attention to my stretched out butthole. The poor battered thing was sore and put up little resistance to his probing fingers.

There on the bathroom floor he had me lay down and spread so he could eat me out one last time. Then he had me roll over and he covered my ass with kisses. He finished by actually licking my butthole.

“How does my ass taste?” I asked.

“Just like candy,” He replied.

Hours later, we said our goodbyes. I told him that even though we were separating that if he ever needed me he only had to ask. I promised I would come to him, do whatever he wanted. He promised me that the same went for him. We kissed. We parted. I felt so lonely when he was gone, yet so loved.


That was twenty years ago. I didn’t marry the first man I dated after Jem, or the second or the third. But I married the right one. Albert is older than me but healthy and vital. He really enjoys having a hot and horny wife.

Jem got married too. In fact, he’s my son-in-law. He and Angela have given me five beautiful grandchildren. Jem is a well-respected man in the community and notable for the honor he pays to his mother-in-law.

He calls me Tina now like everyone else does and we act like there was never anything between us. But every once in a while when we’re alone he calls me Betsy to let me know he remembers. He has never called on me to fulfill my promise. But if he does, I’ll come to him and do whatever he want

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