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Sara and I have been dating for about two months, and there is this dive we seem to frequent every weekend, and tonight was no different. Usually it is just her and I but she is meeting friends there tonight. I would normally not tag along on a “Girls Night Out”, but we have both been busy and not going would mean not getting laid, and well we all have priorities.

It’s about 8:30 and the bar is pretty dead. A few guys still in there softball getups are at the bar and the few tables are empty. Her friends aren’t here yet and we order our drinks. I get Captain and Coke, she opts for a some blue colored margarita. Sara is stunning tonight. She is short, 5’2″, I never asked her weight but am sure she is under 120. Her light brown is hanging straight tonight and comes down to the small of her back. Her pink lips are plain tonight without lipstick, and she has left her clear complexion untouched by make up. She is wearing a plain white top, and a mid-thigh length skirt. Her legs are bare, and the shoes are sensible.

She smiles as we catch each the other up on our week and to be honest I hear very little of what she is saying. Her dark brown eyes seem to shine as she talks and I imagine what they look like when she explodes into orgasm. I fight for focus as I hear her ask about my week. I tell her it was busy but dull. She smiles, rubs my hand across the table and tells me she will fix the dull part.

Her friends walk in and though I don’t know them well, I do recognize them as they enter. Mary is a tallish big boned blond with this great looking face. Her hair is shorter than Sara’s and looks recently permed. The other, Kathy, is about the same height and build of Sara and is almost as fantastic looking.

They order their drinks and Sara and I each get another. They chat and I fade off focusing on Sports Center shown on the way too small TV set above the bar.

I stand and excuse myself and head off to the bathroom. I take care of business, wash up and head out. As I get into the hall, I am pulled to my left. I turn my head to see it is Sara and she is leading me to the Women’s room. I smile at her and follow. The room is a two seater, and both stalls are wood covered and floor length. We enter the one against the wall and she pulls the door shut. I open my mouth to ask her what’s gotten into her but she quickly kneels and undoes my pants. She smiles up at me as she pulls out my hardening cock and devours it. My head goes back from the intense pleasure. I feel my cock harden in her mouth until I am fully erect.

She stands and we kiss long and deep, my hands lifting her skirt, my hands grabbing her tiny cheeks. She quickly turns from me and leans her head on her left arm, her ass right up against my hard cock. I reach down and lower my cock between her legs. I rub the head of my cock between her lips and feel her wetness.

I enter her quickly and I hear her gasp, I waste no time, I lean my left arm on the back of her neck, holding her in place and I stroke my cock in and out of her, hard and fast. Her breathing is loud and deep. She reaches back with one arm and holds my side as I pound her. Her body tenses, she shakes and her head lowers as she shudders with an orgasm. I slow my pace, then withdraw my cock from within her soaked pussy. She turns and smiles. I pull up my pants, zipper and button them. She straightens herself out and leads me out of the bathroom.

We receive several dirty looks from people as we head to our table. The bar has filled somewhat, Mary and Kathy tell us that a few of the ladies went in the bathroom and came out a little pissed. I smile and Sara explains she was as quiet as she could be.

Sara goes to the bar and orders herself another drink. Mary looks at me and smiles and tells me that Sara has told them I had an amazing cock. I stare at them both then I look down not sure what the hell to say. Sara returns and Mary tells her I blush way too easy. Mary explains what made me uncomfortable and it’s laughed off by all. Sara tells me that friends “share” so I shouldn’t be embarrassed.

We decide to play pool for a bit. The bar is busier but the table is open. We all dig out change and put enough quarters on the table to hold it for a few games. Sara and I team up, and Mary Kathy are good enough to hold their own at first. The conversation bounces between jobs, friends and has a bahis şirketleri good flow.

Sometime during the second game, all three girls seem to for get how to play pool. They need me to coach them, get behind them, lean over them. The attention is great and I figure the alcohol is making all three a little flirty. They smile as I help them, all three very graciously rubbing me as I lean against them as I help them.

We finish a third game and get more drinks. I change to straight coke as it gets later knowing I will probably be driving all three home when the night is done. Kathy seems to take exception with my choice of beverage and tries to goad me into taking a shot I have never heard of. I refuse reminding them that someone has to be sober. The other two join Kathy in urging me into taking a shot. Finally Mary leans forward and tells me if I try it, I can have all three tonight.

I look at them, shocked but interested. All three smile at me and Mary is the first out of her seat. She stands next to me and puts her hand on my crotch. She smiles as she feels me. She sits and Kathy does the same. I am extremely turned on but the reality of this is almost incomprehensible.

Sara nods at me and smiles so I give in and they get four shots of whatever it is. It’s dark and looks thick. I set the shot next to my Coke and Sara says cheers, they pick up their shots, I get mine and we slam it. The taste is bitter and strong. It was like a tequila syrup. I fight back a grimace and take a long pull at the soda.

The three girls smile and Kathy tells us we should get the hell out of there. We stand and discuss driving arrangements. Neither has anywhere to be till late Saturday so they decide to ride in my car to Sara’s apartment. We walk to the car, Sara on one side of me and Mary on the other. Kathy follows behind. We get to the car, and like a bunch of little girls, they all call the front seat. I laugh at them and it is Sara that wins.

I start driving the 20 or so miles to Sara’s place. Sara announces to us all that she loves to suck cock and would like to suck one right now. She asks if anyone minds and no one does. She reaches over and opens my pants and pulls my cock out. I keep both eyes on the road and adjust my arms to make room for her. Mary leans forward into the front to get a better view. Kathy seems somewhat embarrassed but laughs.

Sara’s mouth on my cock feels fantastic. She licks at the head gently, then eases just the tip in her mouth. She pulls back then takes it again. I lean back hard in my seat, concentrating. She continues and I vaguely hear Mary telling Sara she looks like a great cock sucker but bets she can do better. My cock is hard and starting to throb when Sara stops and tells Kathy to prove it.

I laugh at them, and the two switch spots, crawling and bumping over the center seat. Mary faces me and grabs my hard cock. She tells Sara she was right, “huge’ she says and lowers her head to my lap. Her mouth feels extremely different on my cock. Her tongue moves gently under the rim of my head. I press back hard in the seat shocked at the sensation she gave me. She moves her head up and down on my cock, her tongue focused on that one spot. She sits up as my cock throbs. We are getting close to Sara’s and Mary asks Kathy if she wants to swap, which Kathy laughs but declines. We get to Sara’s and head through the front door.

We enter and Sara says she needs to pee and disappears down the hall. Mary tells me she loved sucking my cock and looks forward to finishing. I smile, but am in complete disbelief. Kathy doesn’t say much, just a shy smile. The two head into the kitchen and pour us some drinks. I take a glass of Captain and coke from Kathy and I lean on the arm of the big sofa as they sit on the love seat.

Sara comes into the living room wearing a bathrobe and smiling at us. She picks up a drink from the table and asks if it’s hers. It is, so she takes a big gulp. She has a black robe in her hand that she tosses on the sofa. She looks at me and says she wants to fuck. She repeats this and says she wants to do it right here and right now. She sets her drink down and moves towards me. I start to stand straight but she stops me and shoves me back so I am leaning on the sofa arm again.

She undoes my pants once more and smiles at me. The other two girls are sitting behind her watching bahis firmaları intently as she pulls my cock out. Kathy is smiling at me. I smile back slightly as Sara starts to rub my cock. Sara asks if anyone wants to help get me hard, because as she said before she wants to fuck. Mary stands and moves towards us. She kneels and puts her mouth over the head of my cock. The sensation of her tongue hits immediately and I let out a moan. Sara starts to stroke me into Mary’s mouth. I feel my cock stiffen.

Sara moans at Mary telling her what a good job she did at sucking me hard. Sara stands and drops her robe. She tells Mary that she is ready for the cock. Mary eases my cock from her mouth. I look at Sara and she is absolutely beautiful. She is completely naked, and her body looks perfect. Her nipples are small and erect. Her pubic hair is neatly trimmed. Mary holds my cock as Sara climbs on me to straddle my hard on.

I can still feel Mary’s hand on my cock as the tip spreads Sara’s tight lips. Sara slowly eases her self down. I feel her stretch open around my cock as she gets more of it in her. She moans. I look at her face and her eyes are closed as she lowers herself, stops and raises up. I look down and Mary lets my cock go and slides her hand up slightly and begins to rub Sara’s swollen clit as she slowly moves up and down on my cock, taking more in her every time she lowers herself. She moans louder as Mary rubs her clit.

I watch as Sara’s pace quickens on my cock. She isn’t taking all of me yet, but it won’t be long before she is. She tells Mary to rub her fucking clit harder. Mary does as she watches her friend lower herself almost taking all of my cock in her pussy. Mary stops rubbing for a second and raises her wet finger she used on Sara to my mouth. I open my mouth and lick Sara’s juices off. I moan at the taste.

Mary lowers her hand and rubs Sara’s clit. Sara is almost frantic as she rides my cock. I am fully entering her when she slides down. She shudders and I feel cum gush from her pussy down my shaft. She slows almost to a stop and shudders again. She lets out a load moan and cums again.

Sara eases herself off my cock and Mary engulfs it in her mouth cleaning sara off me. Sara smiles and tells us she is hungry. She picks her robe off the floor and slides into it. Mary takes my cock out of her mouth and stands. Mary follows Sara into the kitchen. I reach for the black robe, pull of my shirt and put the robe on closing it loosely. I sit on the couch and Kathy smiles at me asking if this is a little weird. I tell her it is and ask how she is doing. It seems she’s ok, but has never seen either of her friends like this.

She tells me she also has never seen a cock like mine. Turns out her boyfriend is “small” as she says and they have been together for sometime.

Kathy asks if she can look it again. I feel odd, but I tell her it’s fine. She stands and moves to me on the couch and sits down. She pulls open my robe and looks at my half stiff cock. The wetness is still shinning off it. She reaches and feels it. Her hands are soft and she is very gentle. It grows in her hands. She tells me fuck it, what the hell and leans in and kisses me hard. She pulls away and removes her pants. Her body is perfect, her pussy is trimmed neatly. She sits next to me and leans back pulling me on her.

I reach down and rub her clit. She moans as she kisses me. I raise up and point the head of my cock between her wet lips. She tells me to be easy. I slowly push the tip between her lips, they part and she lets out a gasp. I pause and wait, I push again, she moans and tells me she feel like it’s the first time. I push a little more and she lets out a yelp. I pull back, and watch her intently She nods and I push back in, fucking her with the head of my cock. I slide in, out and I feel her relax.

She asks me to go a little deeper. I push the head fully in and then pull back. Her pussy is incredibly tight. Sara walks in, I turn and she smiles. She tells me to fuck that tight bitch good. I smile at her and turn my attention back to Kathy. Sara leaves the room. I lean up and slide my free hand down and rub Kathy’s clit as I fuck her with my cock head. I slide deeper and manage to get half in her. She is moving with me, helping me rub her clit as I fuck her. She says “wholly shit” and shudders. I slow my pace and hold my hand tight kaçak bahis siteleri on her clit as she climaxes.

She sighs and I lick my fingers off. I slide out of her and sit next to her, my robe open. Mary and Sara return with some breaded chicken things. They set them on the table. Sara tells Mary that everyone got fucked but her. I reach for my drink and slam the rest down. I set my empty glass on the table and notice Mary has lost her Jeans, and is just wearing her shirt and matching pink panties. I notice that even though she is larger than either of the other two women, she is just as if not more attractive.

Kathy stands, have naked and grabs my glass from the table and goes into the kitchen to refill it. Mary sits next to me on the couch and inquires as to whether or not I had cum yet. I shake my head in the negative and grab my lower lip between my teeth as I do.

Sara explains that I had been trying to quit smoking and the Dr. had put me on some meds that seem to make me a little numb down there, meaning that it is almost impossible to make me cum. “bullshit” Mary says to the explanation and leans in to me, kissing my neck and stroking my cock.

I get hard almost immediately. Mary kneels next to me and pulls her panties down, dropping them on the floor next to the couch. She straddles me and lowers her wet pussy over my cock. I feel her part to take me. She pushes herself down on me until I feel my self “hit bottom”. She moans and lifts and lowers, faster and faster. The sensation of penetrating her so deep drives me crazy. I lift my hips up towards her and hold tight, slowing my pelvis bone to rub her clit as she slams back down.

I feel myself getting close and she seems to sense it. She slows and leans off my cock. I notice that Sara is now on her knees in front of the love seat and is licking Kathy who must have returned from the kitchen. I move behind Sara and kneel. Mary has come with me and kneels beside me as I slide my cock deep into Sara from behind. I fuck her hard and fast, my pace steadily increasing.

I feel my cock throb with every thrust in. Mary is rubbing my back urging me on. I feel my cock twitch and quickly pull it out. I lean forward my cock resting on top of Sara’s crack. I feel it throbbing and I reach down to help myself finish. I feel Mary’s hand on my cock as she starts stroking it. My cum shoots out hard, most of it splattering Sara’s back, the rest drips down her crack. Another throb and a smaller load releases.

I watch as Mary bends down and licks the tip of my cock as I finish. I quiver and fall back against the bottom of the couch. Mary licks down Sara’s crack and I am amazed. She licks gently and slides her free arm under Sara rubbing her clit till Sara screams in orgasm.

Sara collapses on the floor and Mary sits back on the couch. Kathy is laying on her back on the loveseat and looks very content. A few minutes pass and all is silent. Mary’s voice breaks in, telling us that she never really got to see Kathy Suck me off. Kathy laughed at her telling her that’s because she didn’t. Mary teases Kathy much like a 4th grader would, and Kathy moves to the floor between my legs.

She takes my limpish cock and licks just under the head on the outside. Her tongue sends shivers through me. My cock starts growing again. Sara Moves to the loveseat and Mary sits next to Kathy watching her. Kathy continues to lick that spot over and over again, then slides her mouth up taking just the head in her mouth. She then slides her mouth back down, licking that spot again, taking my head in her mouth every so often. She does this until my body quivers and my muscles tighten.

Mary observes and tells Sara the bitch is going to make me cum again. She pulls Kathy back and lies in front of me spreading her natural blond pussy, asking me to finish in there. I move to my knees then lower myself down. My cock slides right in her. Her pussy feels so tight and I am aware of how close I am. I move my cock fully in and out of her. My cock head spreading her open every time I enter. I bottom out again and my muscles tighten. She moans. I thrust in hard and hold it.

My cock throbs inside of her. She grinds underneath me. My cock pulses and I shoot a load in her. She moans. I shiver again and lay to rest on her as I feel her shudder underneath me. I kneel back up and collapse again leaning against the couch.

I do not know when I feel asleep but I awaken and am lying naked on the floor with Sara snuggled next to me. I gently try to move away, and she mutters “I know it was a week late, but happy birthday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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