Bedmates , Soulmates


I knew the minute I saw Joe, I had to have this man. He was over six feet tall, had blonde hair that was spiked up, and blue puppy dog eyes that, when he looked at you, would seem to beg you to take him home. He also had very broad sholders, and big hands and feet! I had to wonder if the old cliche was true. Every time I ran into him at work, I would glance at his crotch, and see the bulge that kept my fantasies going. Joe was a shy man, seemingly oblivious to his good looks. I began fantasizing about him daily; at night in bed, during the day at work, in the shower, anytime I had a chance. I would imagine him looking at me with those puppy dog eyes of his, taking me into his gentle arms, and I would fantasize about him feeling good inside me, as I knew he would.

I am a pretty good looking woman myself. Extremely long blonde hair, stunning blue eyes that complimented my beautiful face. And curves that just don’t quit. I knew Joe would not be able to resist me, as I could not resist him. If my looks didn’t get him, then my wit or my double D cups would! I started to accidentally run into Joe at work as often as I could. We would have little conversations, with me staring at his pants, and him staring into my eyes or blatantly at my chest at times. Joe was way too shy to ever approach me, so I knew it was up to me to make him mine. I started to send out little flirtatious vibes, that he surely couldn’t miss.

But, always the gentleman, he was slow to reciprocate. That was fine by me, as this little cat and mouse game was fun in itself. One day at work, I saw him coming up towards me from behind. I was chatting with another male coworker, who would flirt with me daily as well, and we were laughing about some new toy that had come into the store that would insult you if you pressed the buttons. I knew Joe was getting nearer, so I laughed a little harder so he would know that me and this other man were indeed having a good time; trying to spark a little jealousy in him.

Then, something so small, yet so exciting happened. He went to walk past me, and he gently put his hands on my hips, as if he could not get by without doing so. This one touch sent all kinds of signals out to my entire body. I felt goosebumps immediately rise all over my body, my nipples harden, and my head get lighter. I almanbahis looked directly at him and smiled, and he smiled back with a look as if to say “You are the woman of my dreams.” He managed to say excuse me while going past me, in that gentle voice of his. So quiet, you knew this man had to be a tender lover. I wanted to fade out the rest of the world at that moment, and take this man into my arms, and have him right then and there.

Days went on, and I continued to increase my flirting with Joe. He seemed inexperience at flirting, and I always seemed to have the upper hand. But, he was indeed flirting, there was no mistaking that. I could tell that he too, was going out of his way to run into me at work. One day I got up the nerve to ask him to take break with me. He did, and we sat out there just talking for ten minutes straight. From that point on, we were inseparable, and the rumors at work were flying like wild fire. We took breaks together, had lunch together, and were calling each other every time we had a chance.

During one of our nightly phone calls, he cut the conversation short, and asked me to come over to his house. I didn’t hesitate for one second. I went right over. He casually opened the door, and sat back down on the couch. Now it was my turn to be shy. I stood frozen in the doorway, not knowing what would happen next. He smiled, and said “You can take off your coat and sit down here..pointing to a seat on the couch right next to him.” I took off my coat, and let it drop to the floor. I then walked over and decided I had another seat in mind. I sat directly in his lap, and began nuzzling his neck. I could smell the scent of his cologne, intoxicating me, and making me putty in his hands.

My arms were around his body, and my hands were exploring the broad back of this man who had to begiled me. I was kissing him, making my towards his mouth; not knowing if once I got there if he would turn me down. Suddenly, I knew I wouldn’t be turned down, because his hands told me how he felt. They were all over my back, rubbing it, and carressing it, in that gentle way I had fantasized about a million times. My lips finally met his, and we had the most gentle, passionate kiss you could ever imagine. We were both scared, and shaking at this point, knowing that we had both opened almanbahis giriş ourselves up, and let the other know for sure, FINALLY, that we were hot for each other.

Our kissing turned more passionate. His tongue was no longer gentle in my mouth, but now more heated, and exploring and sucking with intense pressure. His hands were no longer innocently on my back, but all over my body, reaching down my back to their final destination of my behind. He was gentle squeezing it, and sending waves of pleasure all over my body. I didn’t notice at the time, but we had started to recline, until I was laying down, and he was on top of me. I could feel the weight of this man on top of me, and this excited me more than anything had ever excited me before.

He was grinding his crotch into mine, while fully clothed, and we were both extremely excited. He asked me if I wanted to continue this upstairs, and I nodded yes, and he took me by the hand and led me up to the bedroom. I was extremely nervous while he disrobed me. He started with my shirt, and he seemed very pleased with what he saw there. My chest was nearly busting out of the new purple bra I had bought in case this occasion had arisen. My nipples were hard, and begging to be touched. Joe took this tempting sight in, and continued to undress me, quickly as he was more and more aroused with each peice of clothing that came off. He basicly ripped off my pants, and then began undressing himself.

The second he tore off his shirt, I became extremely aroused. I had fantasized about his chest and those broad sholders for a month, and I could hardly contain my excitement at seeing them for the first time. He quickly moved onto his pants, and I could see a better view of his bulge, that could not be contained in his underwear any longer. I saw his penis peeking out, and I knew I was totally wet waiting for it to be inserted in me. He quickly ripped off his underwear, hoping to get to the main event quickly, as he could not contain himself any longer. He then pulled me towards him onto the bed, and stripped off my underwear in one tug to the ground.

He also took off my bra, and cupped by breasts with his large hands. My nipples were already hard from being aroused, and this only made them harder. He was stroking them, and kissing them all over, almanbahis yeni giriş and then he pulled me onto the bed on top of him, and rolled me over so that he was once again on top of me. I could feel his skin touching my body, sending shivers all the way up and down my body. His skin was so soft on mine, and I could still smell that intoxicating scent of his cologne. He was kissing me hard, letting me know how excited he was, exploring my mouth, my neck, and my sholders with his tongue. Then he could wait no longer, and put his penis inside me. I immediate felt small shock waves all over my body. I had never had someone with a penis this large inside me before, and I was in heaven! Every stroke felt so intense, making me shiver with delight. Every thrust felt like heaven. His arms were around me, as if he had to hold me as tight as he could while thrusting in and out of me.

I was lying there, moving my hips along with him so we could thrust together, taking the pleasure even higher. Every time he thrust into me, his chest touched mine, and nearly crushed my tits, but it felt so good! The feel of his penis inside me, along with the weight of a real man on top of me, was too much for me to stand. My moaning was getting louder and louder. There was no way I could be quiet with this kind of passion heating me up. Joe was quiet for the most part, but his grunting and facial expressions told me exactly how good this felt for him too. I came relatively quick, within ten minutes of his initial thrusting. It took him an hour to come inside me. That was the best feeling I have ever felt. His cum shooting inside me, his body stiffening and remaining completely still while he shot it in there, and I could feel his balls pulsate up against my pussy as he came.

When we were done, we laid there completely spent, very satisfied, and nuzzling for a few minues before I had to get dressed and go home. We didn’t want to leave each other, as we knew that for the first experience this was pretty tame, and there was so much more we had to do to each other yet. We could not wait to experience each other again, and again. I left him barely being able to walk, and completely and totally in love with this man. I had gotten to know him over the past month emotionally, and I couldn’t wait to get to know him better physically. We spent the next month having sex, experimenting, and professing our love for each other. Five years later, we are married with kids…BUT, our sex life has never, and will never die. It is one of the things we value most about us.

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