Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 30

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I arrived around opening, with maybe a half dozen men in front of me. A somewhat typical number I had thought, even if today was actually a holiday. After paying and entering the locker area (which has been expanded recently), the number of men was incredible – making me completely re-evaluate my earlier assumptions about the number of visitors.

As so often happens, even though the number of men was large, upstairs was virtually empty – no one in any booths or the sling, and just one person in the porn room.

The porn playing showed a threesome, while a couple of men came and left the theater area. When another man entered, going up next to me, my hopes were quickly raised. And almost as quickly confirmed, as he went pretty directly went for my cock as I stroked his thighs. He soon used spit on my cock head, a fantastic feeling. He did it again, making me almost come before going down on me. Soon, as I fed him my hard cock, he asked about using a booth. I said nothing, enjoying the porn while having sex like this. He left soon shortly afterwards.

As nothing else occurred in the still empty space, I also left, walking around a bit. The sling room and basically all booths were still empty, apart from one man laying on his stomach. Not quite tempting enough to keep me from visiting the darkroom. Which led to an encounter with a fairly unskilled stranger, which does happen. In my case, his lack of skill outweighed my enjoyment. Especially after he did not seem to understand I wanted to leave, requiring me to be a bit more forceful than customary.

Downstairs, I went to the locker area to put away my bag with lube, camera, and extra condoms. Putting the locker key on my ankle, I headed directly to steam room with two condoms and the little brown bottle.

Entering the steam room after putting away my towel and glasses, the dim space quite crowded, thought not yet very warm, much less hot. Reaching the rear corner, it was y empty though the steam room was pretty much filled with naked men. A hand easily found my exposed cock, then a mouth, after I had reached the back bench. Quite pleased at finding a cock sucker so easily, having passed at least a dozen unattached men likely wanting what was now occurring along my horny shaft. Such directness is one of the baths’ greatest satisfactions, something no woman seems to understand, an incredibly attractive sexual freedom in a place where it can be fully indulged.

He began to take my delightfully swelling cock deeper, an exquisite sensation which is so thoroughly addictive, letting its length go deeper into a man’s welcoming soft mouth, both of us knowing how good it feels to have sex like this. There are not really any illusions at a bathhouse, at least fundamentally – we all share the same desires, in a place where opportunities abound to indulge ourselves.

Though often only being perfectly fulfilled with a bit of luck, as was happening now. Soon, I had put a foot up on the smooth bench, placing my available naked crotch in front of his face, loving getting sucked like this, hands running over his head and its short hair. Soon enough, just fully giving in, starting to mouth fuck him almost to orgasm.

This is the sort of natural rush that is so naturally addictive, getting head from a talented stranger. Controlling myself enough to reach down to find his cock, which was massive and nicely stiff. Making him harder still by stroking as he began stroking my spit covered shaft, both of us submerging in mutual jacking off.

At some point, I had slumped enough while getting blown to start to kiss his ears, that had already been fondled to his apparent delight. Things kept getting sluttier, sinking into an irresistible haze of oral pleasures. However, I subtly rebuffed a couple of invitations to kiss, preferring to keep tonguing his ears and neck.

The area immediately around us remained empty, bahis şirketleri though the space was filled with men. The cock sucking remained fantastic, as he knew from how I played with his cock and nibbled at his ears. A couple of men had passed behind me, none with any awareness about what was happening, requiring a bit of force in pushing away someone who was far too insistent, repeated hints failed to make the point.

Nonetheless, as one could expect, another man was able to join our shared fun. He started with me, playing with my nipples as the sitting man sucked me. My hand found the new man’s cock at about the same time as my cock sucker’s hand, allowing us both to turn this stranger on, drawing him closer. Leading to our cocks being sucked together, a decadent sensation I cannot resist, especially when my nipples are being played with.

Group sex is a prime reason why so many men become regular bathhouse visitors. Something first experienced years ago on my first visit here, going down on a man while being rimmed, a glorious welcome to the world of male only saunas. Discovering the sort of abandoned satisfaction that groups can share, losing track of everything except the unending pleasure.

Riding so close to orgasm in the dim heat, I pulled back for a break, hand sliding over my wet cock as I watched my cock sucker take a stranger’s hot shaft deep. The new man was clearly enjoying the same skill I had, his expression utterly turned on. My fingers played with his hard nipple, feeling him shift position, stepping back a bit.

The reason became apparent, as he started to be fucked by someone from the crowd around us. My attention fully returned to the man sitting on the bench, stepping near his face again, willing cock sliding past his soft smooth lips, really turned on knowing just how slutty the mouth I was filling had been. His big cock was rigid as I shifted enough to reach his mouth, pressing my lips against his as our tongues met.

Kissing a horny man is yet another reason the baths are so popular. Especially after knowing just where that mouth had been, having seen and felt its magic. Finding a skilled kisser is always a delight, and it was clear we were both skilled as our tongues played, mouths opening wide. Kissing like this can seem timeless, until noticing that his mouth had returned to my cock. We continued to alternate between different types of head, him going down on me and me kissing him, mouth and ears and neck while jacking him off.

No longer able to stop myself from kneeling on the floor, needing to suck his big hot cock after doing my first hit of the day, aware that this would be the third time in a row taking such a large cock into my mouth. And horny at the thought of taking it deep. Even before opening the bottle, my lips kissed his sexy shaft, tongue licking along its silky length, getting lost in the sensations while knowing that the real fun was still a breath away.

Closing the bottle tightly, my mouth eagerly slid over his cock head, tasting a salty liquid when taking him y deep, lost in the rush of being on my knees in front of a big hot cock, sucking a willing stranger.

Unfortunately, just after breathing out, a man stepped on my foot. Not only was this distracting, it happened several times, requiring a fair bit of effort to get him to stop stepping on me. Using my strength like that was enjoyable in its own way, but needing to push a clueless man off was an unnecessary distraction.

It was unlucky more than anything else, just another reason why crowded days at the baths tend to be more uneven in terms of fun. The crowd in the back had steadily grown, even if the amount of sex going on had not. This is one of the slight paradoxes that cannot be easily explained, but can certainly be observed – after a certain point, more potential partners means less actual sex at a male only sauna.

As bahis firmaları the space continued filling further, I stood again, returning to kissing him passionately as he played with my cock. My tongue was just as hot to put in his mouth as my cock, oral pleasures that we continued to share, soon returning to our previous games. With delightful variations, including him keeping me on the brink of cumming in his mouth while expertly playing with my nipples.

My kissing and mouth fucking became more forceful, starting to stroke his cock with ever more pressure, making him rigid. His sucking was fantastic, of the sort only a totally turned on man can provide, yet it just made me feel in more control. Or not control exactly, something more along the lines of mutual satisfaction ruling both of us equally. You just give in to it, knowing that your partner has done the same.

He came while jacking him off, my cock in his mouth. His orgasm pulsed through a thick throbbing rod, followed by feeling spurts of hot cum along my leg. He was totally lost in the heavenly sensations, my hand spreading cum over his d, then down his gorgeous shaft as I held him tightly, keeping his cock hard while pumping him completely dry. Enjoying complete control of my wonderful cock sucker slut, knowing that I was making him cum harder than he ever could by himself.

I withdrew a bit, kissing him again, tongue dancing over his, enjoying just how easy it was to dominate his mouth as he played with my cock. However, by now the heat had risen to a point that leaving was a good idea, prompting him to stand and leave. I followed, though it took a while to figure out a way through all the men, basically none of whom were having sex.

Closing the fogged glass door behind me, the outside area was only a bit less crowded, with the shower area so full it took a while before a shower was free.

Going upstairs, the darkroom was empty, in that mysterious way which occurs on such crowded days. However, it did not take long for another man to enter, stroking my foot and then along my leg, settling on the platform. As he continued to move further, my foot rubbed over his towel, feeling his cock swell while trying to find a way to touch between his naked legs.

Anticipation added its own delight, as it was fairly obvious that another cock sucker wanted to go to down on my waiting cock. Knowing that is an amazing thrill, the sort of slutty truth that is shared among men given the opportunity. Which we had been, so it took little time before I was being sucked, and I was reaching out to stroke his hard, and thick, cock.

As he took me deeper, I did a hit of rush, unable to resist. The sensations when getting sucked after the effects start to spread through your awareness, cock filling an infinite wetness surrounding an infinite shaft, an effect I could not resist the very first time I experienced, decades ago. Breathing out and talking so dirty – “suck it .. slut .. oh fuck .. oh yeah .. do it .. so deep.”

Riding the wave of orgasm as his mouth enveloped me, knowing that decades of experience would prevent cumming so good at the first contact. Not that the temptation is so easily avoided, but after learning what it feels like to go down on a man after doing poppers, especially when 69ing, it is generally possible to avoid giving in to that first amazing intensity. Basically, rush is a fantastic sex drug, and the baths are a wonderful place to enjoy it among men.

After that perfect introduction, he moved alongside me on the platform. Our hands roamed over chests and thighs and balls while jacking off. He went down on me a couple of different times, shifting position so it became possible for me to swing a leg over his chest. He soon took my cock into his mouth, as I started to play with his cock and balls, on my elbows.

Sliding a finger down over between his ass cheeks, it seemed kaçak bahis siteleri as if his hole was already lubed. By now, the presence of another cock was irresistible. Doing a deep hit, I soon had his thick cock sliding past my lips as my finger circled his soft ass. Before breathing out, he began touching my hole too. The combined sensations were heavenly, taking him deep, the rush filling me. I was not too surprised to soon end up deep throating him, as my skills have improved over the last few visits.

Knowing that he could not resist my finger going past his quivering anal ring, surrendering to the delight of using another man like this, my cock no longer in his mouth as he began to teabag me. I spread my thighs, settling my ass lower, a slippery finger fully buried inside him, eagerly sucking as we fully indulged ourselves, the way men will when given the chance. What I had read decades ago about bathhouses, which turned me on so much back then, is essentially true – men love having sex like this. And to be honest, after they experience it, become unable to stop enjoying it.

After going down on him, time passed in swirling delight, including other men, though on the edge of our playing. As he lay on his back, I tended to avoid his single pierced nipple, that not really being something that interests me. I have been that way since having sex with my first girlfriend – no jewelry removes any need to pay attention to metal. In the present, this meant concentrating on one nipple, not both, though considering the attention being paid his sexy lubricated ass, he did not mind in the least.

I had been playing with him, including finger fucking while sucking his delicious cock, then just sliding my slick finger between his legs. By now, doing another hit was unavoidable, followed by sliding two fingers into his stretched ass, my cock filling his mouth as I began to seriously finger fuck him, just letting go, knowing he was loving it.

At some point, I used my thumb on his tongue, very sensual as I sucked him after doing a hit, creating an amazing connection between turned on partners, a feeling of control when sliding over his soft wet skin. However, not much rimming occurred, as my position never quite worked. Plus whiskers, something that is not a male advantage in my opinion.

Having almost multiple times, and knowing he had no intention of cumming soon, I gathered my will, which was a difficult task as we kept pleasuring each other, including running my thumb over his tongue several more times, along with him licking a couple of times. He finally let me go, and going down the spiral staircase, saw that more than two hours had passed since first entering the steam room.

Downstairs was truly packed, everywhere. Returning a final time to the top level, seeing the sling was still empty, as it had been every time when going by the room this visit. The porn was fairly uninteresting, leaving the darkroom as my final destination. Entering cautiously, there did appear to be at least a few people in it.

After checking the unsurprisingly empty glory holes, I approached the platform, aware of a head at its edge. Taking cock in hand, standing next to a likely cock sucker, it took little time for a mouth to begin to envelop my now swelling dick. Growing harder, my hands began to explore his chest, soon discovering that the man taking my cock was the same one as before. Just adding to my turned on state, aware that such a bathhouse slut might have enjoyed other partners in my absence.

We soon returned to our previous mutual activities, 69ing gloriously. Time can flow very differently in a bathhouse, another one of its unavoidable charms, sinking repeatedly into the delight of uninhibited male only sex. My cock had reached its limits, the poppers combined with so many barely contained orgasmic moments leaving me in a condition where it would be a couple of hours before being able to get hard again.

Leaving the darkroom again, the fact that another half hour had passed, most of it involving cock sucking, merely confirmed what was already plain – this was another fantastic visit.

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