Baseball Tryouts

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Hunter. 17 years old. Closeted gay guy.
Brad. 17 years old. Straight asshole.
Setting: Baseball team/school

From the moment Hunter laid eyes on Brad, two feelings rushed through his body. Hatred and absolute lust. Brad’s cocky attitude made him one of the biggest assholes that Hunter had ever met, but his arrogant smirk that he wore every day was enough to make Hunter’s knees buckle. At 17, Brad had one of the most beautiful bodies that Hunter had ever seen. His shaggy dirty blonde hair framed his boyish face with his stunning green eyes. His broad shoulders and muscular arms were enough to drive Hunter wild, not to mention his chiseled torso and sun kissed skin leaving the faintest of tan lines around the faint V leading down to his most prized possession.

Hunter had been going to school with Brad since freshman year, giving him plenty of opportunity to see Brad’s perfect body in the gym locker room. Hunter had known he was gay for a few years now, but he did his best to hide it. He was already out casted at school and didn’t need another reason to be exiled from the rest of the high school crowd.

Hunter walked down the hall and soon approached Brad and his crew of arrogant jocks. He just kept his head down and continued to walk past them to avoid any communication whatsoever.

“Hi Hunter,” said Brad in a girly, taunting voice. Hunter just kept walking past the boys without even acknowledging them. Brad grabbed his shoulder, stopping him in his tracks.

“Faggot, I’m talking to you.” Brad said in a deep, intimidating voice this time. Hunter hated him more than anything but the firm grip that Brad had on his shoulder made Hunter’s cock begin to harden in his jeans.
“You coming to baseball tryouts, Princess?” Brad joked. Hunter was not at all the athletic type and he did not need Brad to remind him of that. Brad gave Hunter a sly wink as he broke free from his grip and continued down the hall.

As Hunter stormed off, he couldn’t help but think of how much of an asshole Brad was. Sure, he was gorgeous but he was a total prick to everyone. Hunter them remembered what Brad had said about baseball tryouts. Maybe he would go. It would just be another chance to watch Brad undress in the locker room.

After kocaeli escort the last bell rang in the afternoon and everyone emptied the hallways of the school, Hunter shyly made his way into the locker room. He was in heaven as he looked around the room to see the schools hottest boys stripping their off clothes and changing into gym shorts and muscle shirts. Hunter moved to a corner and faced the wall as he quickly changed; making sure no one noticed his growing erection. As he slipped on his shirt, he felt a familiar grasp on his shoulder for the second time that day.

“Look who it is boys,” Brad sneered.

Hunter turned around to the find Brad in only his grey boxer briefs. His eyes trailed from Brad’s chest to his amazing set of abs. Hunter followed his thin happy trial down to the sizeable bulge in Brad’s underwear. For the third time that day, Hunter felt himself slowly growing harder in his thin gym shorts. He pushed Brad’s hard chest and hurried out of the locker room before anyone could notice Hunter’s hard, 7 inch dick through his shorts.

He made his way out to the baseball field and waited for the rest of the boys while his boner subsided. He looked across the field and saw the entire group of boys making their way toward him with Brad front and center. He had a look of fury in his eyes. Hunter began to panic as he saw the anger on Brad’s face as he approached.

“Don’t you ever put your fucking hands on me again,” Brad yelled as he pushed Hunter to the ground. Just as Hunter fell, the baseball coach walked up.

“What the hell is going on here?” the coach screamed, “Hunter, Brad, you two can stay late today.”

“Way to go faggot. Now we have to stay late,” Brad scoffed.

“Don’t blame me asshole. You put your hands on me first,” Hunter replied.

“Because you wanted me to,” Brad said under his breathe.

The boys all went through practice running laps, hitting, and pitching balls back and forth to each other. After an hour, boys began to leave the field until only Brad and Hunter were remaining.

“Okay boys,” said the coach, “Pick up all of the equipment and then you two can head home.”

Hunter and Brad spent the next hour in silence picking up baseballs, gloves, and bats darıca escort and bringing them to the equipment locker on the side of the field. Brad left the field and set out for the locker room with Hunter following him. Once they got to the locker room, Brad turned on the shower and began to undress. Hunter’s eyes were immediately on him.

“Like something you see?” Brad asked with disgust.

“No Brad. Just leave me alone,” Hunter replied.

Brad slowly walked up to Hunter wearing only his tight boxer briefs. He grabbed Hunter’s hand and placed it on his sizeable bulge.

“Is this what you want?” Brad continued.

Hunter’s heart raced and he began to grow in his boxers. Brad looked down and noticed a small tent in Hunter’s underwear. A smile spread across Brad’s face and he looked up, meeting Hunter’s gaze. Brad leaned in and pressed his lips to Hunter’s, sending shivers down Hunter’s spine. Hunter pulled back, with his hand still on Brad’s hardening dick.

“What are you doing?” Hunter asked surprised.

“What you’ve been wanting me to do since freshman year. I see the way you look at me. I know you want me,” Brad said with his returned cockiness.

Hunter didn’t need to hear it twice. He immediately pressed his lips back to Brad’s. He felt Brad’s tongue pressing against his lips and Hunter immediately parted them, giving Brad’s tongue access. Their tongues massaged each other’s. Hunter continued to rub Brad’s cock through his underwear. Soft moans escaped Brad’s mouth as Hunter ran his hands over Brad’s muscles with his other hand. Hunter kissed Brad’s neck and continued to make his way down his beautiful body. He kissed Brad’s chest and took one of his nipples into his mouth. Brad’s body shuddered with excitement each time Hunter’s tongue flicked over his nipple. Hunter continued to lick his way down Brad’s abs until his was on his knees, facing Brad’s underwear barely containing his dick. Hunter looked up at Brad and kissed his erection through the material of his underwear. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of Brad’s boxer briefs and slowly lowered them to his ankles. Brad’s 9 inch cock sprang out, hitting Hunter in the face, leaving a drop of precum on his cheek. He brought a finger to gölcük escort his face, wiping Brad’s juices from his face.

“Taste it,” Brad enticed.

Hunter brought his finger to his lips, stuck out his tongue, and tasted the sweet and salty mixture. Once again, chills were sent through Hunter’s body as he tasted what he had been longing for.

“What are you waiting for?” Brad asked.

With that, Hunter slowly lowered his lips to Brad’s head. He stuck out his tongue and licked the underside of Brad’s penis. Brad grabbed the back of Hunter’s head and shoved his cock into his mouth until he felt his massive head hit the back of Hunter’s throat. He continued to fuck Hunter’s face, getting more of his dick down Hunter’s throat with each thrust. Hunter was having trouble breathing with Brad’s huge cock in his mouth so he grabbed Brad by the waist and quickly pushed him back, making him fall into the shower. With Brad now on his back, Hunter quickly stripped off his underwear and sat on Brad’s chest under the running water.

“What the hell are you doing?” Brad asked angrily.

“What you’ve been wanting to do to me since freshman year,” Hunter replied with the same cocky grin that Brad constantly wears.

With that, Hunter reached behind him, grabbing Brad’s rigid cock and lowered himself onto it in one painful thrust. A mixture of moans and screams filled the locker room as Brad slowly fucked Hunter on the shower floor. Hunter balanced himself on Brad’s defined abs as he felt Brad’s throbbing erection glide in and out of him. With one hand, he rapidly jacked himself off, each thrust getting him closer to cumming all over Brad’s perfect chest.

“Take my dick baby,” Brad screamed as he continued to fuck Hunter.

Hearing Brad say that sent him over the edge. Without warning Brad, he exploded all over his abs, chest, and gorgeous face. Scared that Brad would be mad, Hunter quickly apologized.

To his surprise, Brad winked at him and replied, “Lick it off.”

Hunter bent down and licked his own cum from Brad’s face and Brad began to quicken his pace. With one hard thrust, he shoved all 9 inches into Hunter’s tight ass and let out 6 ropes of hot cum. Hunter kissed Brad as he came, swapping Hunter’s cum back in forth between their mouths.

“Let me give you a ride home,” Brad said.

This is my first story. Constructive criticism is welcome. Chapter two coming soon!

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