Aunty Sue Ch. 4

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Well, by now you know what happened with Aunty Sue, Shelly and myself on our little harbor outing. The weather turned nasty later that day and I had to take the yacht back to the mooring, with two rather bedraggled (but still very sexy) woman on board.

We all got drenched on the trip back, one of Sydney’s famous ‘Southerly busters’ came up, wind, rain and cold (well still 25 degrees C) weather came up, and we all packed up, piled in the care and Aunty Sue drove us home. Shelly and I sat in the back seat, trying to keep warm, it’s amazing the ways a very horny sister can keep you warm, Aunty Sue (she still insists that we call her Aunty Sue, rather than Sue) could hardly keep her eyes on the road. Shelly was alternately rubbing my colder part (well I told her cock was cold) and pushing her tits and pussy against me. We both came several times during the drive home. I can still taste the delicious taste of her juices.

As we came around the corner to our place, Aunty Sue warned us that our parents would be home in a few days, and that maybe we should all ‘cool it’ for a while. Shelly looked at me with those Ankara escort sexy eyes, as if to say ‘not a hope’, we both said ‘yes Aunty Sue, what ever you want’.

We pulled into the drive, and parked the car. We all piled our of the car, with Aunty Sue saying ‘I get the shower first’, Shelly and I looked at each other and grinned. We let her get into the shower while we unpacked the car, put things away and had a little ‘brother and sister fun’. We then crept up the stairs and could hear the shower running. Shelly looked at me and told me to strip. My cock was hard to start with, but with the sight of my sexy sister stripping beside me, got harder than rock!.

We then both crept into the bathroom where Aunty Sue was showering and watched, She was standing there with her fingers up her pussy and fucking herself harder than ever! Shelly turned to me and told me that she thought that Aunty Sue needed a helping hand. We crept in, Shelly pushed me down to take Aunty Sues swollen pussy lips, and she started to suck on her nipples. Aunty Sue let out a groan ‘thought you two would never make it up here, I had to start Ankara escort bayan by myself!’.

Shelly was focusing on Aunty Sue’s top half, while I was sucking on that beautiful clit of Aunty Sue’s. I let my hands wander across to Shelly’s sexy arse, and proceeded to put two fingers up her pussy, and two up her arse. Soon the two of them were cumming, and I was feeling left out!

Aunty Sue started screaming, her orgasm was so intense, and I could feel Shelly quivering against my fingers. The feeling was almost to much, I wanted to cum in one of those wet juicy pussies so much!! Aunty Sue looked down at me and smiled “looks like it your turn little boy’ and took my rock hard cock in her hand. Shelly started fingering herself with one hand, and the other up Aunty Sue. Aunty Sue was licking my nipples and I was nearly cumming, when she pulled back and told Shelly to take me. I expected Shelly to suck me off as she had before, but Shelly straddled me and took all my cock inside her, Aunty Sue was licking my balls, and alternating with licking Shelly arsehole. I yelled, “Shelly, I’m gonna cum, get off or I’ll Escort Ankara cum inside you.”

Shelly just smiled and started to ride me harder and harder, squeezing my cock with her vaginal muscles on the upstroke, and pushing harder on the down. I could not hold myself, I let go with the most explosive orgasm I had ever had. I came and pushed my sperm deeper and deeper into my sexy sisters pussy.

The three of us just lay there in the shower, with the water pulsing over us for about half an hour before we started to move. Shelly and Aunty Sue started to get themselves dressed while I watches, my cock was getting harder just watching them put on the display. They were almost fully dressed when we heard the front door and dad called out, “Hi kids, we’re home!”

Oh shit I thought to myself, how are we going to explain this! Aunty Sue said, let me handle this, you two go to your OWN rooms, and come down when I tell you.

Well, If you want find out what happened next, I will have to get asked by the readers, because, it’s rather interesting, and I guess I want to know if any one want to know.

Email me at, and if I get enough interest, I will let you know what happened.

Note from the author: All rights reserved. No part of this story can be published or distributed without the Author’s express permission.

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