Auntie Em Ch. 14

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This is the final chapter in this series. Some of you may not like the way it ends, but that’s how it played out in this over active imagination of mine.


I came home two straight weekends after our unplanned orgy. Things were, let’s say, tenuous at best. I felt a lot of unreleased hostility in the air on each of those visits; mostly between Auntie Em and me. Didn’t feel that way with Mom. Felt a little bit of hostility between Mom and Auntie Em. We made love like nothing had ever happened, but outside the bedroom was a different story.

So, after my third weekend visit, I decided to stay in town for a while hoping our unspoken animosity toward each other would subside.

Another month went by. Then two. And, before I realized it, three and a half months had come and gone without a visit home. When my calls home became more and more infrequent, Mom began calling me, sometimes two and three times a week. Our conversations were always lighthearted and fun. Never any accusations. Nary a word about anything remotely connected with me and the preacher’s wife. It was almost as if Leanne had vanished off the face of the earth.

It was Friday when Mom called again. She’d caught me between classes.

“We need you to come home,” Mom said. Before I could ask why, she spoke again. “Your Aunt Emma and I need you home.”

I was astounded. There was none of the usual small talk that all of our conversations began with.

“What’s wrong, Mom? Auntie Em sick again?”

Mom didn’t want to elaborate. She simply repeated her request. “We need you home as soon as you can get here.”

I knew better than to ask Mom again. She could be as stubborn as an old Missouri mule when it came to getting information from her when she didn’t want to give it out.

“Okay, Mom. I’ll see what I can do about cutting classes for the rest of the day. I’ll get there as soon as I can.”

“Hurry,” Mom said and then she hung up the phone.

I hastily called all my professors and told them I had a family emergency and didn’t know when I’d be back. They were all very understanding and gave me a week’s worth of reading assignments and the accompanying homework and told me I could make up any tests I might miss after I returned. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed.

I wasn’t doing all that badly in anatomy, but my professor, Tamara Bailey, had insisted that I needed some extra tutoring. We had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow. My mind was awash with ideas of what could transpire inside that empty classroom. That was one appointment I sorely did not want to postpone.

I left school, not even bothering to pack a bag like I usually do. Just got in the Camry and drove straight to Auntie Em’s house. About halfway home I called Mom on my cell phone to let her know I was on the way, so it was no surprise when I opened the door and found her and Auntie Em sitting together on the sofa. They looked serious.

“What’s up?” I asked as I sat between them. “You two okay?”

“We’re okay…in one sense of the word,” Auntie Em said.

“What do you mean?” I asked. I looked at Mom, laid a hand on her thigh and the other on Auntie Em’s thigh. “You look okay.”

Mom leaned back and sighed. “I wish it were so simple.”

I arched an eyebrow and rubbed her leg. I turned to glance at my auntie and squeezed her leg lightly. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I give up.”

Mom took my face in her hands and turned my head back towards her. She gave me an open mouthed kiss. I took that opportunity to slide my tongue past her full, luscious lips. She broke contact immediately.


“For goodness sake, sis,” Auntie Em said. “Just tell him!”

Mom tried to speak but her words wouldn’t come out. Reminded me of a fish out of water the way her lips were moving.

“We’re both pregnant,” Auntie Em blurted out.

I couldn’t have been more stunned. “Wow!” I said in disbelief. “Are you sure?”

“Sure as hell wouldn’t be joking about something like this, now would I?” Auntie Em said, her voice sounding a tad venomous.

I turned to face Mom. “That’s what we all wanted, wasn’t it?”

Mom looked down at the floor. “Yes, baby, it was. But there’s a problem.”

I hugged Mom close; kissed the tears running down her cheek. “We can get through this,” I told her. “We’re tough enough to get through most anything.” Mom cried even harder.

“The babies ain’t yours,” Auntie Em stated a bit too gleefully.

I stood and faced the both of them. “What……? I mean, are you sure? How do you know?”

“‘Cause you ain’t been here in almost four months,” Auntie Em sneered. “And we’re not even a month along.”

“We just found out yesterday,” Mom told me. “Doctor confirmed what we’d already suspicioned.”

“So you see,” Auntie Em began. “what your little tryst with Sister Willis got you.” Mom’s shoulders heaved with her regretful sobs.

“So where does that leave me?” I asked.

“Right out in the Gaziantep Escort fucking cold,” Auntie Em told me.

I looked around the room, searching for words with which to smooth out this situation. Couldn’t find any. “I’ll get my things,” I said.

“They’re already packed,” my auntie replied. “You’ll find them just inside the door to your room.

“I would appreciate the use of the Camry,” I told Mom in a low, halting voice. “Just until I can get things settled.” I turned toward the bedroom.

Mom let out a long, anguished cry. “Noooooo!” she said as she rushed to my side. We walked together into the bedroom. She immediately went to her knees in front of me and fumbled with the button and then the zipper on my pants.

My pants fell to the floor around my ankles. My boxers soon followed. “I’m so sorry, baby,” she said as she held my stiffening rod in her hands.

“You weren’t here.” She licked the head of my cock. “And I needed a man.” Another lick. “I needed you.” Mom impaled her face on my cock until I could feel it enter her throat. She didn’t even gag.

I ran my fingers through her bright, red hair. “That’s okay, Mom. It really is.” I could feel the salt of her tears falling on my groin.

She looked up at me, her eyes full of questions. “I shouldn’t have neglected you, Mom. Just because me and Auntie Em were having problems didn’t make it alright for me to ignore you.”

She released my prick and stood. “Come to bed with me,” she begged. “Make love to me one more time before you go.”

With a bit of difficulty, I managed to get my shoes off. I was then able to step out of my pants and my boxers. I took off my shirt and t-shirt and then kissed Mom as tenderly as possible. Her tongue snaked into my mouth, found mine and embraced it. Slowly and deliberately, our tongues made sweet love to each other.

I reached behind her and undid the small button at the bottom of her neck. I pulled the zipper all the way down to her ass. Mom shrugged her shoulders and leaned slightly forward, allowing the cotton print dress to fall to her waist.

My hand reached instinctively for her breast. I could feel the nipple hardening through her slip covered bra. I massaged her bountiful tit with a tender touch, determined not to bring her any pain or discomfort whatsoever.

I broke the kiss and nuzzled her neck, kissed her behind her left ear and nibbled on her earlobe. God, I was on fire already. But I wanted to take it slow for a change. I think Mom did too because she just stood there, her dress hanging on her hips and her neck arched in total surrender.

A low moan escaped her lips as I tongued the inside of her ear.

I moved to the other side and licked her neck from bottom to top. I made several wet passes with my oral digit, leaving a trail of saliva in its wake. I lovingly caressed the inside of her ear with the tip of my exploring appendage, causing her to shiver.

I captured Mom’s right mammary with both hands, bent down and suckled at her tit. She cradled my head in her hands and pushed her breast into my face. “Oh, baby,” she said. “You know how to make mommy feel soooo good.”

I pushed her dress past her hips and watched it fall to the floor. I grabbed the hem of her white slip and pulled it up over her cotton panty covered ass.

“Oh, yesssss,” she hissed when I ran my hands under the leg bands and squeezed both ass cheeks.

Mom jerked and shuddered when I spread her hunkers apart and began to tease her back door.

“Take it off,” I told her. “Take your slip off.”

Slowly and sensuously, Mom pulled the slip up past her shoulders and over her head. Her bra was alive with movement as her breasts jiggled inside those cotton cups. I couldn’t help myself. I had to catch one or both of her nipples in my mouth.

I slid my hand under her bra and cupped her right breast in my left hand. Her nipple was hard and erect against my palm. I pushed her bra cups up and off those beautiful mountains of Mom’s and seized her left nipple between my teeth.

“Ohhhh, baby,” she moaned as my tongue flitted across the hardened tip.

I released Mom’s breasts, turned her about and unhooked her bra. It slid fairly easily down her arms and fell to the floor. I reached around her, cupped her big titties in my hands and tweaked the nipples.

My already hard cock stiffened even more when it made contact with her white cotton granny style panties. I rubbed it along her ass crack. It felt so sensuously sinful to have my rod so close to Mom, but still not actually touching her. I could have humped that narrow valley between her hunkers until I came a bucketful, but that wasn’t what either one of us was after.

I eased Mom’s panties slowly off her ass and slid them down those gorgeous legs of hers and let them glide to the floor. Now we were both naked.

Mom walked over to the bed with my hands still full of her milk bags. I let them go when she crawled onto the bed. She lay on her back and looked Gaziantep Escort Bayan up at me.

“Come here, baby,” she said. “Let’s make this a moment neither one of us will ever forget.”

In less than a New York second, I was lying next to my beautiful mother with my tongue halfway down her throat.

I broke the kiss and once more began to pay homage to those oversized melons of hers. I could feel her nipples growing harder by the second as I flicked my tongue back and forth across the ends.

I pushed her breasts together and took both of those rubbery appendages in my mouth at the same time and wrapped my lips around them. I used my tongue to tease one and then the other as Mom’s breathing took on an entirely different rhythm.

Each deep intake of breath was followed by a series of short exhalations, her stomach heaving with every eruption of air that escaped her lungs.

I released those bulbous boobs and kissed my way down Mom’s stomach. She shoved her hairy mound upwards in anticipation of what was to come.

My tongue outlined the edge of her bushy nether region and found its way to the crease where her leg joined her torso. I licked the length of that valley from her hip to her groin, planting kisses along the way.

I grabbed her calves and pushed her legs up and in until they were resting on my shoulders. Mom arched her back even higher as I licked my way down her skid plate and found her brown hole with my tongue.

That first contact with her anus made her shiver like she was standing outside in 30 below weather without any clothes on. Mom let out another moan of what I would call pure ecstasy.

“Ohhhh, myyyyy gawddddd!” she cried as her head twisted from side to side. She scissored my head between her vise-like thighs, keeping me rooted in one place. As if I wanted to go anywhere!

I continued to worship at her “taint” like a man possessed, trailing my saliva laden tongue from her asshole to within a hair’s breath of her labia. Over and over again, I made that short trip, each time, eliciting a series of moans and groans that needed no translation. Mom’s hips and pelvis were in a state of perpetual motion as she humped my face.

Suddenly, I realized that I had been doing some moving of my own. My own woman pleasing tube of meat was about to burst as I rubbed it against the comforter.

Mom let out a groan of disappointment as I ceased all movement. Her grip on my head loosened to where I could extricate myself from between her legs. I crawled up the bed and lay down beside her.

“Sit on my face,” I told her.

Mom complied with enthusiasm and was soon riding my face like it was a horse and she was the jockey, determined to win the triple crown. She grabbed me by my hair and jammed my nose and mouth hard against her sex.

“Umph,” she grunted as she humped her crotch against my nose, lips and tongue. “Eat my pussy. Lick my clit. Make me cum, baby. Make me cum.”

I was giving it my best effort, that’s for sure. Flattened my tongue and licked the entire length of her pussy lips from bottom to top, wiggled the tip on and around her clit and moved back down for another trip along her leaking, dripping sex.

I made one more lap up those sweet, juicy lips of hers and then zeroed in on Mom’s clit. She moaned as her body seemed to vibrate from top to bottom. Suddenly she stiffened and screamed out my name. “Aaron! Baby, baby, baby!”

I continued to torture her little button as she announced that her orgasm was imminent. “I’m there! It’s here! Ohhhh, I can’t stand it! I’m cummmmmmminnnnng! Fuck me to tears; I’m cumming.”

Mom flopped back onto the bed and lay there panting, her tongue dangling lifelessly out the side of her mouth. I crawled between her legs and aimed my hot spear of love at the middle of her velvet lined hole and slowly eased it inside.

As soon as the head of my cock slid past her quivering lips, her pussy muscles clamped down like a vise. Her glory hole was now tight as a virgin’s ass. The friction created when I pushed even further inside was quickly raising my horniness level to a complete new high. It didn’t hurt, but I was pretty sure my cunt stabber would be raw as hell come tomorrow morning.

Finally, I made it all the way inside. I held my cock in place for a few seconds before I withdrew and assaulted her hot box again.

Mom met my thrusts with an urgency that did little to betray her true intentions. She wanted another orgasm and she wanted it now. We were both heading in the same direction.

The ride became easier as I continued to stroke in and out of Mom’s love cavern. She was releasing copious amounts of creamy fluids around my cock; so much so that each time I withdrew the suction would cause her pussy to make a farting sound.

I felt Mom’s cunt squeezing me differently this time. Instead of making me feel as though my cock was caught between two large pieces of concrete, her muscles rippled like waves of Kansas grain standing Escort Gaziantep at the mercy of the wind over my shaft from one end to the other. Much more of this and I would be done for.

I slowed the pace until I was barely moving, trying to prolong the inevitable for as long as possible, but Mom didn’t want it that way.

Mom wrapped those long legs of hers around my waist, dug her heels into my buttocks and jerked me forward. “Fuck me hard!” she yelled. “Give it to me like you mean it!”

I sped up the pace. Mom met me thrust for thrust, grunting loudly every time my balls bounced up against her ass. The longer I pounded into that hot box of hers, the louder she became. My own breathing was erratic and without rhythm.

Then Mom’s second orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She screamed loudly as she arched her back and quickly slumped back onto the bed, spent.

Her head lolled aimlessly from side to side, her loud, eardrum bursting wails announcing to the whole world that I had made her cum.

Her cries turned to whimpers as her body shook with a thousand tremors. “You can fuck mommy anytime you want,” she mumbled as her humping motions changed to an occasional, almost imperceptible slide forward and then back again.

On the outside, it would appear that Mom was finished. Her eyes had rolled back in her head, but her cunt muscles continued milking my cock as I pounded her box.

My balls contracted. My dick got even larger and then I could hold back no longer. I slammed my rod of steel home one more time and held it deep inside her vagina as a ton of sperm made its way into her birth canal. Burst after burst shot out of my piss hole until I thought I had unloaded it all.

A slight move of Mom’s hips caused the wall of her vagina to caress the side of my cock head and another burst of sperm filled cum leaped out of my urethra and joined the other two hundred million plus sperm cells as they made their futile journey into her cervix.

I could barely support myself. My arms were quivering from the strain of having to support my upper body and keep it off Mom. Finally, I pulled out, lay down beside Mom and held her in my arms.

I was exhausted. You could have skewered me with a jouster’s lance and I would have been powerless to stop you. Mom and I lay together, looking into each other’s eyes, silently pledging our love to each other. Damned if I didn’t want to stay with that woman forever. I knew I couldn’t though.

I extricated myself from our embrace and went in search of my clothes. I gathered them in my arms and sat back down on the bed.

Mom turned over to face me. “You can keep the Camry,” she said quietly as if she didn’t want Auntie Em to hear her.

I put my feet into my boxers, stood and pulled them over my hips. “Thanks, Mom,” I told her as I sat down again.

I pulled on my t-shirt and then my shirt. Put my feet into my pants legs, pulled them up to my knees and stood to pull them the rest of the way up, fastened and zipped them.

Looked down at my feet and noticed that I had forgotten to take my socks off. Had kept them on the entire time Mom and I were making love. I stepped into my shoes and turned to look at Mom.

“Do you really have to go,” she pleaded; her eyes full of desperation.

“I think it’s best, don’t you, Mom? What with Auntie Em the way she is.”

Mom nodded her head ruefully. “I guess so, baby. I guess so.”

“I’ll be moving out of the apartment, too,” I told her. “Just as soon as I can find a place I can afford.”

“You don’t have to do that, baby.”

“Auntie Em’s a part of that deal,” I said. “Wouldn’t want you and her to be bickering over me.”

“Oh, baby,” Mom moaned as she held her arms out to me. I took her hands and helped her stand. We kissed for the longest time, out tongues caressing each other for what would, most likely be our last kiss for some time to come.

I hated to be the one who broke contact, but I felt like I should be on my way. Figured I’d already worn out my welcome; with Auntie Em, anyways. I grabbed my bag Auntie Em had packed for me, turned and looked at Mom one last time before I left. Still haunts me to this day, the way she looked; shoulders hunched forward with tears flooding down her cheeks. Damn, I hated to leave.

“I love you, Mom,” I whispered.

Mom couldn’t speak. I saw her open her mouth a couple of times, but the words just weren’t there. She held out her hands as if she were trying to pull me back into her embrace, but she was too far away to touch me. I couldn’t take it no more. I turned and walked out the door, past Auntie Em.

I stepped outside, closed the door behind me and cried. Cried hard. Tears streamed down my face like waterfalls. Thank God I’d made it out the door before I let go. I don’t rightly know what I’d done if I had broken down in front of Mom.

I pulled myself together, tossed my bag into the back and sat down in the driver’s seat. I turned the key and heard the Camry come to life. I drove away from the place where I had grown up, both physically and sexually. I never did return.

I got into town, hungry enough to eat a horse, so I went to the Dairy Queen for a hamburger and a coke. Walked in and saw Preacher Willis and Leanne sitting a couple of tables away from the door.

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