Are We Related?


Mom looked great. All made up, her hair perfect, smiling broadly for my camera. She and Charlie were tying the knot after dating for years, and I couldn’t be happier.

After Dad died, Mom fell into a funk. She seemed to have lost the will to live. Still a young woman at 40, and with me as her only family, she was pretty down.

Then, she met Charlie. He was older, and at first I made fun of the old man, teasing Mom about being a gold-digger. She’d laugh and say, “Johnny, we’re just friends,” but I knew that was changing, and good for her! It took ten years, but she was happy.

I moved out at 21, when I saw she was okay without me, and Charlie picked up the slack, visiting, taking her to dinner, then on vacations, and finally he asked her and she said yes.

So, the ceremony was at City Hall, with me as the Best Man, and Charlie’s sister, Rose as her Matron of Honor. Rose was about 50 also, a widow herself, and I had just met her, although Mom had gotten to know her. Mom said I’d like her, so I tried to be nice to her, with small talk, but we really didn’t have anything in common.

We were dressed in suits and dresses, not gowns, and after the “I Do’s”, we went to a steak house for a big lunch, before they were flying to the Caribbean. I noticed Rose having more than a couple with our meals, laughing at nothing, with a silly grin on. She was attractive, and she and Mom could have been classmates, their ages so similar. Mom winked at me more than once, as if to say, ‘don’t worry, it’s almost over,’ while I kept glancing at Rose’s chest. Her red dress plunged in the front, more suited for a younger woman, but she filled it out well. It turned out she was a barmaid, and I surmised, had a few too many at work regularly.

We loaded into my SUV and headed for the airport, Rose and I in front, with the newlyweds smiling at each other in back. Rose’s dress was running high, but I wasn’t complaining: I love a show, especially by full-figured babes, what they call flashy women. Not sluts, but close to it. I knew Rose hadn’t been celebate since her divorce, for sure!

We dropped them off at the terminal. Since “9-11” it’s impossible at airports, so we said our goodbyes at curbside, and off we went.

“So, Rose, where can I drop you?” I asked, as we headed back to town.

“I don’t know about bursa bayan eskort you, but I could go for another drink. My treat.” She was looking at me, smiling.

“Oh, Jeez, don’t you have a long drive?”

“Yeah, but I’ll stay tonight. That motel wasn’t bad last night, and I’d rather drive in daylight.

But, if you got plans, Johnny, forget it, I don’t expect you to babysit for me. I’m a big girl, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

I looked over and she thrust her chest out and laughed. “Very big!”

I grinned. I liked the risque chat, always enjoying saucy waitresses and barmaids who used their assets to their advantage. And they were big!

“Oh, no, I was just concerned about your drive… Which motel are you at?”

“Quality, on Route 37. Don’t feel obligated, Honey, you’re a young man, and hanging with someone your mom’s age, can’t be too exciting.

There’s a lounge at the place. I’m sure I’ll strike up a conversation with some lost soul, I always do!”

“Believe me, you’re nothing like my Mom, she’s way too straight-laced. Charlie brings her out a bit, but she’d never travel alone, let alone go into a bar by herself.”

“Well, Darlin’, we are who we are.” She patted my hand on the console. “I’m used to dealing with men mostly. I feel most comfortable with men, I don’t know why. Not young hunks like you much anymore, but in my day, I had a following.”

I grinned. “I bet you still do, I should come down to your place some time.”

“I’d like that, Johnny! Charlie’s the only family I got, and your mom now, too. Hey, are we related now? You and me?”

“I don’t know, what would you be? My aunt?”

“Oh My God, No! I can’t suddenly have a full grown nephew! We’ll just be cousins, kissin’ cousins!” She laughed.

“Sounds good! So, that drink?”

“Let’s go, Cousin!”

It was happy hour when we got there, mostly regulars turned when we entered, me in my suit and tie, Rose in her red dress, black heels, big chest and huge smile.

We ordered, a Martini for her, beer for me. We sat in a booth, each booth dark, except for a candle. We toasted the newlyweds and Rose scanned the place. “Just what I figured, a real cheaters place. Some of the old guys are just here to gawk and giggle about who’s screwin’ who. Like bursa evi olan escort voyeurs!”

She was right, it looked like every Hollywood bar where they’d go to hook up. And the old timers were busy watching me and Rose.

I mentioned it to her and she laughed. “They’re speculating on if this is our first date. Probably figuring a office fling since we’re dressed decent.”

She waved at a few of them and they looked away, embarrassed that they got caught. Then she laughed and scooted around the table, closer to me. “This oughta get them buzzin’, huh?”

She tucked her arm under mine and pulled herself up, her big soft tit pressed against my arm. She whispered, “Watch their faces Johnnie, thinking,

‘Look at that old cougar, got her nails into that young boy!”

I laughed. “Wow, you’re right! That’s the high- light of their day?”

“You think that’s good, watch this!” and I felt her mouth near mine. Her hand was behind my head and she held me straight, inches from my lips, but to them, we were making out. She whispered, “Look at them!”

They were gasping, staring, poking each other.

She sat back and said, “Funny what people will believe!”

“You had me believing, too! You’re lucky, I almost kissed you back.”

“John, I would have been lucky if you had.”

I was stunned, and she wasn’t laughing now.

Trying for a suave come-back, I said, “Well, you said, ‘Kissing cousins,’ right?”

“Hmmm, I sure did, Darlin'” and this time she made contact, our lips making contact, and her tongue slid past my lips.

I didn’t react, not sure what to do. After all, she is a woman, and I’m a typical horny twenty-four year old. We’re in a cheater’s place, where she’s more than comfortable, and her tongue is down my throat!

She broke away, and smiled. “That’ll give them something to talk about!”

I just stared at her. “You okay, honey?” she asked. “Cat got your tongue?”

“No, you do!” I blurted out, and she roared.

“I guess that won’t come up at the next family dinner. ‘Oh, by the way, we were making out in a motel after your wedding!’ I can see their faces! Sorry if I upset you, honey!”

She was still close, and I slid my arm around her shoulder, our eyes met, and I knew she wanted it, too. bursa rus escort We kissed, both of us allowing the tongues to play, her warm mouth tangy from the Martini.

When we paused, we didn’t even look to see who was watching, just stared at each other. She finally spoke. “Let’s get out of here.”

We finished up and left, the old timers smiling enviously. We were upstairs and in her room in minutes, pawing at each other, grabbing asses and boobs.

By the time the door shut behind us, I had her dress unzipped, revealing a black bra, very sexy.

She was as horny as I was, tossing my jacket onto

the couch and clawing at my tie and shirt.

We were kissing madly, noisy smooches as we tore through each other, flesh everywhere. Her bra burst open, I’m not sure why. My head was down between those tits, kissing and biting as she got my pants down.

She talked almost non-stop, approving my body, telling me what she liked, where to touch and kiss.

I loved how trashy she was, how she made me feel, how hot and hard I was, and she threw herself across the bed and said, “How do you want me, Honey? Front or back?”

I was never given the option before and quickly said, “Back” and she rolled onto the bed, propping herself up on the pillow, her butt raised up for easy access. She lowered her panties and stuck a finger inside her wet hole.

‘Ooh, yeah, all ready for you, Johnny, take me for a ride, Baby!”

I stood behind her, my 6 inches full and bouncing, and I got my tip against her pubes and felt her ease open for me.

She groaned as I entered, her lips parting, my cock head sliding past those thighs, into her boiling cauldron, where I began to mix it up, swirling around, in and out.

“Oh, Johnny, that’s it, faster, harder!”

I obeyed, slamming into her, seeing her face contort in excitement, and I was on the brink in no time.

She must have sensed it, based on the urgency in her voice as she propelled me on, “Yes, baby, Yes yes, yes!”

The cum rushed down my shaft, splattering into her hungry pussy, as she growled in satisfaction.

She rolled under me and I collapsed on her chest, both gasping for air in the stifling room. We kissed, passionately, as she ran her fingers through my hair.

She laughed, “I like this family thing! We got to get together more often!”

“Hmmm, I sighed, “Next time you’re in town, you stay with me! In fact, get packed, no cousin of mine is staying in no motel.”

“Honey, when you come visit me, we make like you’re just a young stranger, and you hit on me at work! I love giving the old timers somethin’ to talk about!”

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