April Fool’s Surprise

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“Look, Vijay, that’s one hell of a funny April Fool’s joke, but come on, that’s pretty obvious! There’s just no motherfucking way that you’re not either just too drunk to think or messing with me again. You’ve been dating my sister for how many months now, and you honestly want me to think that you’re cool with me pumping her sweet ass? Even if you are, what about her thoughts, buddy? I think that she should have some input into who gets to stick his dick into her holes, especially that one!” I rocked with laughter as I answered my sister’s boyfriend.

I dismissed my best friend Vijay’s supposed April Fool’s prank, given that my sister Candace and he had been dating for a while now … Hell, I had basically sent her his way to get her off my radar! My growing incestuous lust for Candace really troubled me, so I figured that if she were dating my best friend, the taboo elements would converge to make it an absolute impossibility from her end, even if not my own. I wanted her, but I didn’t want to want her, you see. It was just wrong … I mean, she was almost a niece or daughter as well as a little sister to me. Mom had left her in my hands so much in her later years that I had really raised the brat myself. I was sure that she saw me only as a brother and not in any other way.

That was when Candace produced her shocker, “Actually, it was my idea, because Vijay doesn’t like anal. It’s no joke, Dan. I love you, but I’m also in love with you. I can’t give you my pussy, though, since that’s Vijay’s. My bottom is another matter. It’s a mix of religious taboo and germophobia, I think, but the idea of anal is really a squick for him. On the other hand, he still enjoys my twat, not to mention my breasts, so we’ve agreed that my cunt is off-limits for life. So, you have your hole, Vijay has his, as is his right as my future husband, and my mouth is another matter altogether. I own it and can assign it as I please.”

“And he’s fine with that? Fascinating. Not that I mind, though it’s interesting that you speak as if I actually own your cute butt, sis,” I grinned as I noted that choice of words.

“That’s because you do, bro. Vijay also understands that I love both of you and this is a damn good way to make this work. The booty is yours, the pussy is his. I’m going to love having both of you use me and fuck me and everything. There is another complication, though,” Candace said, winking as she looked up behind me from the loveseat, where she sat with Vijay.

I turned around and there was Vijay’s sister, Radha, who smiled at me as she walked over and planted a very wet and eager kiss on Candace’s lips, followed by mine. She then knelt, opened my bathrobe, and slid her tongue around my exposed, circumcised cock. I was very stunned, especially once Radha took me deep inside her mouth and really got busy sucking me off. I found my hands roaming the waves of her lovely, jet-black hair as she sucked and licked my dick with a hunger that I had never guessed from our past, purely social connection.

“As you can see, Radha likes you a lot, too, but she also likes me. So, here’s what we propose. You marry Radha, she and I become lesbian lovers, though we’re both bi, not gay, and I become your permanent anal slut while married to Vijay. My mouth will be hers, you see. Vijay, of course, is a very old-fashioned guy in many ways and has no interest in sodomy, incest, or anything of the sort, though he loves to watch. That’s his kink: voyeurism. He thinks that those things are sexy, but he’d rather watch them than do them, for reasons that only he can explain,” Candace clarified, before letting Vijay get in a word edgewise.

“Yes, with the buggery, it’s just … unclean and against my personal preferences, not to mention my personal beliefs, not that I expect everyone or even all Hindus to agree with me. Still, watching it is a bit of a turn-on at times. Personally, I also feel that there’s no reason to object to the lesbian stuff, as Radha and Candace have a special bond that I cannot match or provide. It’s a beautiful thing, really, the love between two women, something in which I don’t agree with most swamis. Even if I wanted to bed another woman, I can’t bring myself to commit incest, even if I’m okay with Candace and Dan doing so.

“Basically, though, I’m a one-woman man. I’m monogamous, but I understand that Candace loves both Dan and me. She’s poly. I’m not. It’s not that I want to be a cuckold, not in the usual sense, nor would I condone Candace putting out for half the city, but this is different. I don’t think of myself as a cuckold in this case. Ankara escort I prefer to think of it as being true to myself while accepting of others who are true to themselves, too. I have no desire for creampies, to suck cocks, or the whole chastity scene.

“I simply have no need or desire for another person of either sex, to be clear. All that I want is Candace. All that I love is Candace. All that I need is Candace. She is my ideal woman, more than enough for me. Period. End of story. No one else. Furthermore, I’m no submissive. In some ways, I have more power and in some ways she does. It doesn’t matter. I am confident enough to go after what I want and who I want, which just happens to be the woman of my dreams, Candace, my future bride.

“I want to marry her, I want her to have her girlfriend, who happens to be my sister, I want her to have her love affair with her brother, and I want my sister to marry Dan. This way, it’s win-win-win-win. Everybody wins. That’s my take on this,” Vijay explained to us.

“Jesus fucking Christ, man! But if you ever fall in love with a second person, that door should be left open to you. I think that’s only fair, just in case,” I observed, thinking as well as one could while a gorgeous Indian woman sucked one’s cock.

“I agree. No matter how sure Vijay is, and he might be right, let’s leave the opening there for him. Just in case. I won’t be upset. Face it, it’s flattering as hell, of course, that he’s only into me for now, but I want him to be happy. If he’s happier monogamous, good, but if that changes, he should have the freedom to change with it. I love him too much to force poly on him, but also too much to keep him mono against his will. I would never make a cuck of him. Never! I will never treat him like one. Period! I don’t care that he likes to watch! I like that he’ll never have to worry about creampies or sloppy seconds, since they would only humiliate him!

“I love each of you in your own special ways and I would never do anything to hurt any of you, not intentionally at least. I hope that is clear to all. I worship each of you, but for different reasons, and I want to make each of you as happy as you make me! My mouth belongs to Radha, my pussy belongs to Vijay, my ass belongs to Dan, and my breasts belong to each of you! Please tell me that it’s okay with you to share Radha with me, Dan!” Candace declared before turning to me as Radha sucked me hard.

“Of course, it is, sis! If you’re sharing me with her and Vijay is sharing you with me, why shouldn’t I share her with you? That’s only fair and that’s part of why I believe that Vijay should always have the choice to change his mind about monogamy,” I agreed gladly and freely, wanting others to at least have the same freedom as me, whether they exercised it or not.

“Very true, but I will never change my mind. Still, I appreciate the gesture, knowing that I can if I wish. I like having the option recognized, whether I use it or not. Thank you for understanding and for taking my sister and your sister to bed as well. Double wedding?” Vijay offered, even as Candace planted herself on him on the loveseat and began riding him.

“On one condition: no use of ‘forsaking all others’ in any of the vows. That way, if you do change your mind, you’re not breaking your word. I refuse to be a hypocrite by promising monogamy and I refuse to be a party to hypocrisy, either. You’re my best friend and I won’t put you in that position,” I insisted, even as I slid my cock into Radha from behind and started fucking her in the prone position, much to her gratification.

“Oh, God, I’m not a virgin anymore!” Radha announced, indicating that she had been, which would explain how tight she was, and damn was she ever!

“Too painful?” I asked her sincerely, not wishing to ruin sex for her on the first time.

“It hurts, but I love it! Keep it up, please!” Radha pleaded with me, making it clear that she was mine now.

I continued fucking Radha for a good while, even as Vijay took Candace from below, each of us guys doing our best for our women, just as they did for us. There was no question but that Radha had it bad for me, judging from how delighted she was with every thrust, welcoming my strokes inside her as I took her good and hard. Far from wanting it to be gentle, as was usual for a virgin, Radha seemed really hooked on the act, and then it occurred to me … she wasn’t a virgin at all! This was at least one April Fool’s joke right there. I didn’t honestly care, of course, but still, it was amusing that she felt the need to play the role Ankara escort bayan of a maiden this time around.

While I kept using Radha in that position, Candace rode Vijay much harder than before, bouncing eagerly on his cock and taking him deeper into her twat. She put the cowgirl in “cowgirl style” for sure, and God, her ass looked as delicious in its own way as Radha’s did below me! Both ladies bucked their hips wonderfully as they squeezed our dicks with maximum intensity, clenching us in ways sure to milk our balls with their tight, delightful cunts. We reveled in the lovely wetness and warmth of their twats, unable to hold back, even as they creamed themselves on our dicks.

Just as I pulled out, Candace climbed off Vijay and limped over to me, his jizz leaking down her thighs as she planted a kiss on my lips. The next shocker came when Radha approached Vijay and gave him a thorough French kiss that clearly wasn’t her first. It was even more stunning when he returned the kiss with equal fervor. Something about this didn’t add up, and then both Candace and Radha switched, the former kissing Vijay and the latter locking lips with me. I fully enjoyed the kiss, but I had the distinct feeling that the joke was on me, especially once Radha began giving head to her brother. He was clearly not the conservative voyeur with serious hang-ups and one-woman man that he first appeared to me.

“Okay, what gives, guys?” I asked, but Candace stopped me with a finger to the lips, after which she descended and started sucking my dick for good measure.

“April Fools, buddy! I really had you going, too, didn’t I? There’s some truth to the prank, but that will be revealed more in time. Suffice it to say that I’m not the monogamous type at all! Nor do I have any trouble with anal, incest, swapping, or orgies. More to the point, I have no trouble with the idea of being filmed, as we are now!” Vijay pointed to the camera, much to my amazement.

“Horny devils, all four of us! That’s what really counts, bro! We might as well be lovers. All of us. All. Of. Us,” Candace, just as Vijay and Radha joined her on their knees to me.

The next thing that I knew, a Viagra pill was in my hand, along with a glass, and I didn’t know who the fuck was handing them to me, since my companions were all busy sucking me together. The glass was tossed back, the pill with it, and then … Hands covered my eyes, followed by a blindfold, the end of the sucking, and then my hands were cuffed behind my back. I was pushed backward, onto my back, and I felt a tight hole envelop my cock in a hurry. The heat and friction made it obvious that I was up somebody’s asshole, but just whose? Was I being raped? Was that part of the April Fool’s gag?

The delicious asshole surrounding my dick was soon too much stimulation, but thankfully I had just come, so that helped me control myself, even if part of me was curious as to what went on there. The figure in question rode me for several more minutes until I couldn’t resist … I spurted inside her bowels, much to my surprise. I hoped for release now in another way, but instead, I was pushed onto my belly and some lube was applied to my butt. I soon had a decently sized prick up my ass taking me as its owner clearly wished.

I was used and fucked for what to be a good thirty minutes or so, until at last I heard groans of pleasure, felt hot jets of cum shooting up my booty, and the sore prick was removed from my bottom. Its owner then removed my blindfold and my handcuffs were taken off me. I saw Vijay walking away and looking back to grin at me, indicating that he had been the one sodomizing me. I just barely registered all of this when I stood and saw her: Nina Santino, my high school sweetheart. She rushed up to me and didn’t wait for me to signal my acceptance. Instead, she planted kisses on my face and tears with them, as if to make it abundantly clear that whatever she did, she still adored me.

“Congratulations! A lot of this was an April Fool’s prank, but now you’ve been in your first porn flick, and that, my dear, is very real! Yes, I recruited people from your own life to make it more real, and yes, they meant what they said about wanting to be with you. So do I. Each had a role to play, of course. Vijay was the semi-cuckold with major hang-ups. Radha was the sultry fiancee with strong bisexual leanings. Candace was the slutty, incestuous sister. Their rhetoric was meant to make it seem more realistic, and yes, some of that stuff really happens in people’s lives. By the way, did you enjoy her ass? Trust me, mine will be Escort Ankara even nicer than that,” Nina told me with a highly sensual kiss.

“What was this, some kind of twisted revenge porn, with everyone that I care about involved? Do they even care about me?” I asked with real uncertainty mixed with a bit of lingering arousal.

“Of course, we do! That’s why we did this! We’re getting you back with Nina, the way that you two belong together! You two need each other and that’s that! None of your bullshit excuses, bro! I adore you, especially for raising me, but you two didn’t talk, you made serious mistakes, and now it’s time to clear things up for good, so that the five of us can move forward as lovers. Yes, I said that! The five of us! Lovers, honey! That’s what we all want, including you, and that’s no April Fool’s joke! So, what do you say? Nina’s semi-retired from porn and she wants to grow old with you, the man that she loves! We’ll all have more money than God and we can keep working our jobs, anyway to keep from sponging off her. What do you say?” Candace turned to me with her arms around me for a major makeout session.

“So, wait, Nina … all this time, you still loved?” I asked the only question that actually mattered here.

“Yes, and if you doubt me, just check my new tattoo,” Nina lifted her skirt and showed me that right above her shaved twat were the words, “Private Property of Daniel Romano.”

“How long…?” I asked her, truly staggered now.

“Longer than you can guess, and if you watch my recent movies, you’ll soon find that you’re famous. People already want to know who you are and why you own me, babe! Don’t you realize that you never stopped possessing me, body and soul, from the first day that we met? Sure, I was a snooty bitch, but how long did it take me to push so aggressively for both a date and hot and heavy sex? Why do you think that I asked you to the Sadie Hawkins dance? For lulz? Nope! Why do you think that I asked you to the prom, refusing to wait for you to ask me?

“Listen, buddy, I’m yours, so deal with it! I don’t mind that you’re a nerd! I took your virginity and I’ve never looked back. Why do you think that I wanted to do all those nasty things with you? From the day that you and I met, I was your love slave and I have never forgotten it! The fact that three other people saw it the same way just shows me how right I was. I tracked you down, with Candace’s help, and I awaited my moment, which is this one!” Nina told me as she began sucking me with a vengeance, while Vijay started sucking my balls, Candace rimmed my ass, and Radha started in on my taint.

“The film’s still rolling, so your answer is being recorded for history. Which is it? Pride or love? We’re all in love with you, but we’re going to wear you down, so you might as well surrender to Nina’s love for you,” Radha declared, sure of my answer.

She was right… , “So, the cheating … it wasn’t cheating? You just wanted this for both of us?”

“Yes, but it was a happy mistake, since it led us here. Now, what do you want? Now that you know that I planned to share you with those cheerleaders, majorettes, jocks, nerds, even teachers, what are you going to do about it?” Nina told me as I slipped inside her soaking wet cunt, “I was the school slut, and I was going to make you a stud, but it’s not too late. It never was. You were right about me being a tramp, but I did it for us, for you, to give you the life of sexual abandon and total debauchery that you deserved and still do.”

“Good, because I’m no wimp or cuckold, babe. Turnabout’s fair play. I don’t accept hypocrisy. Sluts are fine, but not hypocrites and that’s how I felt back then, too. I hope that we’re on the same page here,” I asserted while I pounded her lovely twat.

“Honey, I’m on whatever fucking page you turn!” Nina told me, just as Candace, Radha, and Vijay started licking me all over, “Oh, and Radha really does want to marry you, but she wants us all to join me in porn. Amateurs for now, but who knows in time?”

“I want that, too, bro! What if I told you that Nina’s fertile and so is Radha? It’s only a matter of time before you breed me, too. How’s about that for a porn theme? As for me, I can’t wait to have you up my pussy, just like my ass. God, you were amazing in my ass!” Candace assured me as the camera kept rolling, “My brother fucked my ass and I loved every second of it!” she added, facing the camcorder.

“Well, when you put it that way… ,” I chuckled, even as I hit Nina from the back again.

I had the funny feeling that this was going to be the best day of my life … and the start of a brand new way of life.

I wasn’t wrong. It very much was … and I’ve never been happier in my entire life. Strange as it seemed, with these four, I had finally come home.

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