Story Code: Brother-in-law / Sister-in-law, M/F, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Impregnation, Masturbation, Oral

I had locked myself away for ten years of extra education; I hadn’t taken the usual option of going away to university after college, living at home had the benefit that my mother kept my nose in the books and I worked in my family’s business during weekends and holidays. I left university with a Masters in Business Administration, a healthy bank balance rather than a huge debt and ten years of fun to catch up on.

After graduation I put a large deposit on a house and got a job with a local business, I still helped my mum and dad at weekends and some evenings, if I had moved down to London I would have commanded a six figure salary, in Leicester, I was taking a reasonable wage but not great. At twenty-six years old, I was still a virgin, had never had a boyfriend, hadn’t actually kissed a male that I wasn’t related too, and not in that way you pervert.

I was working as the assistant to the finance director of Bodget, Build-it and Run, house builder’s to the city’s slum landlords and the MD’s secretary had been pestering me to go for a Friday night drink with her since I joined the firm, eventually I gave in and agreed to go with her on a girl’s night out. I agreed, even though I had to help in my parent’s business on Saturday so I really wanted an early night.

I have to say that Carol had a very poor taste in pubs to visit on a Friday night. I was dressed up to the nines but Carol wore just jeans and a T-shirt and where I was sporting four inch high heels, she was wearing Doc-Martins. The pub actually had saw dust on the floors it was that rough and within minutes of us arriving there was a fist fight in the bar.

I noticed Anthony first, he was the winner of the fist fight, a large, muscular man with a shaven head, the scars of countless fights covering his face and knuckles, just seeing him across the crowded bar sent a tingle into places I’d never felt a tingle before. Anthony was about to start a second fight when his brother stepped between him and the man he was about to pummel. Johnny was slender, shorter than Anthony and had strawberry blond hair cut short at the back and sides but longer and floppy on the top of his head.

Carol ended up chatting Anthony up and so Johnny and I were left to sit drinking in an awkward silence. At midnight we ended up with a kebab each and a large bottle of cider in Carol’s living room. Carol set the music on eleven, just one step down from making the windows rattle and she turned the lights down to a glimmer. Johnny was sitting on one armchair and I was on the other while Carol and Anthony cavorted on the sofa.

Sex had never reared its ugly head in my life, hell; I must have been the only twenty-six year old woman on the planet who had never even looked at a mucky picture on the internet and now, here I was, sitting opposite a couple, in the almost dark living room, watching, or rather trying not to watch Carol and Ant making out on the sofa. Carol slipped off the seat of the sofa and went onto the floor on her knees, there was a very long changeover in between two tracks on the CD that was playing and the sound of a zipper being pulled down was almost deafening.

Anthony let out a deep sigh and said, “Are you two going to sit there all night watching us or are you going to get down to some fun yourselves?”

I watched Carol’s head rise and fall in Ant’s lap a dozen times before I finally worked out what she was actually doing, Ant’s breathing made it clear that he didn’t think having his cock in Carol’s mouth was a half as disgusting as I did, then I noticed Johnny drag himself out of his chair and he came over towards me very slowly as if he didn’t really want to but as he and I had been watching Ant and Carol fooling around on the sofa, Anthony was now free to watch us sitting on opposite sides of the room and it was obvious from some of his uttering’s that he thought his brother was acting like a ‘Wuss’.

Johnny pulled me out of the seat, sat in my place and pulled me down onto his lap. We started kissing, now let me tell you this, I had thought that I had kissed in the past, okay, all members of my family but when Johnny forced his tongue into my mouth I realised that this was my first ever kiss and something else, I had missed out on a dozen or more years of pleasure just to get a good qualification.

We had been kissing for about thirty minutes when Johnny suddenly stopped, I was sitting with my back to the sofa and Johnny was facing it, he took a hold of my chin and turned my head to face his brother and Carol. Carol was standing in front of Anthony, she had just slipped her feet out of a pool of denim that sat on the floor and as she knelt on the sofa, one knee either side of Ant’s bare legs she was pulling her T-shirt off over her head, now she was totally naked.

I watched as Carol began kissing Anthony as she felt behind herself and suddenly there was the glint of Anthony’s wet cockhead as Carol pulled and pushed it, raking it along her body, between her legs, then she lifted Casibom slightly and settled back down with a little wriggle of her bottom. Carol gasped, Anthony gasped and as Johnny whispered in my ear, “Can I do that to you?” I gasped too.

Johnny took my distraction at watching Carol and Anthony fucking to get his hand up my dress and into my knickers and once he got one finger into my fanny hole, I was lost, there was only one way that tonight was going to end whether I wanted it too or not. I was well drunk, but even if I had been sober I doubt that I would have stopped Johnny easing his cock into my body from below as I watched my co-worker and his brother fucking. Carol was a hell of a lot more demonstrative and verbal than I was but then Anthony was pounding his meat into her body hard and fast while Johnny was just slipping and sliding into me very slowly and very gently.

When Johnny was close to his climax he slipped his hand over my hip and began to massage my magic button rapidly with his fingers as he continued his languid fucking action, I began my first ever climax with another person and as I wriggled and rolled around, my animation finally took him over the top. As soon as Johnny finished shooting he pushed me off as quickly as he could but grasped the base of his cock as I slipped off of him. I turned to look at his cock for the first time, I could have said the first cock I had seen in my life but Anthony’s cock had that distinction and I had seen his cock often as he and Carol swapped and changed position many times while Johnny was fucking me.

I said, “Thank God!” To myself as I saw Johnny’s hand was holding the thick ring of a condom close to his balls, his rapidly shrinking cock hadn’t been anything like the size of his brother’s cock even when it was fully hard but I got a feeling of great relief until I noticed that his hand and his underpants were brown with my dried blood from when he opened my flower for the first time.

“Are you on your period?” Johnny whispered.

I shook my head, “You’re my first!”

Carol kicked Johnny and Anthony out at three o’clock in the morning, I was about to crash on Carol’s sofa when the front door opened and I was introduced to Gavin, Carol’s husband. Gavin was a cook at Walkers Crisp factory and at three o’clock in the morning he was just getting in from his shift, the swing shift; he had started work at six o’clock the evening before.

I found myself alone in the pub the following Friday evening looking for Anthony and Johnny, Carol would have come too but she had to go home to Gavin as he was on early shift that week. Johnny came in but his brother was nowhere in sight. I was actually disappointed, something told me deep inside that Anthony liked me a lot more than Carol and that he only fucked her because I was so quiet the previous week, mainly because I was frightened to death of him back then, but after watching him perform with Carol, I wasn’t frightened anymore.

Johnny was good as gold, he made a beeline for me and bought me a drink. We chatted all night long and when the pub chucked us out he took me home and was just going to leave me with a kiss at the door when I blurted out, “Want to come in for a coffee or something?”

“I don’t drink coffee thanks but I can think of something I would like!”

There was little preliminary activity, Johnny started kissing me and he found his way to my bedroom with our lips locked together. I was stripped naked this time and dropped on my bed where I watched Johnny undress, I wanted to ask him to turn the light off because I was feeling very self-conscious being totally naked but I really wanted to see what I had missed the week before.

I didn’t even think about it again but just as he did the week before, Johnny rolled a condom down his cock before he climbed on top of me in bed, just as he had done the week before he fucked me long and slowly, a very gentle lover, and just as he had the week before, he managed to get his fingers to my magic button to drive me over into my climax, using my body’s reaction to my own orgasm to deliver his. Johnny was very quick to pull out as soon as he finished his climax so that there was no chance of any of his swimmers escaping through the thin latex shield.

We slept the night together and in the morning when it was time for me to go to work, Johnny took my hand and placed it on his cock and got me to masturbate him and as I was rubbing him off, he did the same for me. We both climaxed simultaneously and while I wet his hand and wrist, he fired a pint of hot seed over my hip, thigh and belly.

Johnny turned up on Saturday evening after I finished at my parents office, he brought a pizza with him to share with me, we actually ended up eating it cold, in bed, after fucking for over an hour. We slept the night together again and again, in the morning we masturbated, this time, Johnny got me to masturbate myself while he sat and watched me, I got on top of the hill and stopped but he complained about being short changed and told me to keep going. I felt totally stupid as I rubbed away frantically Casibom Giriş while Johnny kept egging me to go harder and faster, then he took hold of his own cock and began to rub, he got up very close so that I could see his cock really clearly and as he fired off into my face, I gasped and rubbed even harder taking myself way, way over the top of the mountain of my climactic experiences to that time.

As Johnny was getting dressed he asked if I could cook him a Sunday dinner sometime. “I could cook you one today if you like!”

Johnny smiled, “Can I bring Anthony along with me?”

I was a little shocked, I had actually gone looking for Anthony at the pub on Friday in the hope that he would do to me what he had done to Carol the week before but now, well, I had fucked with Johnny three times and what he lacked in urgency with his cock, he more than made up for with his fingers and even more when he encouraged me to use my fingers, so now I felt that Johnny and I were an item.

I told Johnny that lunch would be ready at one o’clock and he left me stripping my bed to put the sheets in the wash as they had become very wet and smelly with all the fucking, wanking and bodily fluids spilt all over them.

Johnny turned up with a bottle of wine and his brother at twelve forty-five, Anthony was drinking as was I but Johnny couldn’t drink as he was driving him and his brother to Lincoln to work. As we ate I found out that Anthony and Johnny owned their own painting and decorating business, they took on contract work on building sites all over the country, moving in from Sunday afternoon until Friday afternoon, working twelve hour days and sleeping in the houses they were working in.

Johnny had to do all of the driving as Ant had so many points on his licence that if his name were on the car’s insurance the price would double. We finished eating and Anthony said, “Right you two, I’ll wash the pots while you two love birds have one last fuck, it’s going to be a long week.” I blushed a deep red, I was still very new to all this sex lark and it never occurred to me that Ant would know what Johnny and I had been up to all weekend let alone verbalise it.

Johnny was very up for it, he seemed to relish the thought of fucking me while his brother was washing our dirty dishes, so much so that he didn’t take me up to my bedroom, he took me into the living room and was I glad that I had resisted the option of knocking through from the living room into the dining room when I was first restoring my house.. Johnny stripped me naked and as he was doing it I was saying over and over again, “What if Anthony comes in the room?”

“Don’t worry about him, He’d love to see you naked bouncing up and down on my cock.”

I was well into my stride, bringing myself off with my fingers, I had found it very easy to climax with Johnny watching me but this afternoon it was even easier, just having Johnny watching me while he was still fully dressed was a turn on but knowing Anthony was just a few feet away was giving me an even bigger kick, my orgasm was at least two or three stages higher than I usually took it too by myself.

Johnny started to undress himself while I was gasping through my hundredth climax, I was watching him, I really liked the moment when his cock sprang out into view for the first time and as his cock appeared I thought I heard a creak from the living room door. I found it hard to look away from Johnny’s cock but I did, just for a moment, the door had been closed, I’m sure of that but now it was open just an inch or so. Even though I was sure that Ant was looking through the crack, I still carried on rubbing myself up to the point that Johnny sat by my side on the sofa and handed me a condom to roll down over his cock, then he told me to get on top of him like I had seen Carol do to Anthony a week earlier.

Johnny just sat there with his arms at his side while I handled it all, it was surprisingly easy to get his cock in me and only a little more difficult to manage my own body to make the right movements to get the pleasure that I and Johnny wanted. My increased level of concentration and the fact that for the first time I was doing all the work while Johnny just sat there, I found my own climax was eluding me for a while. I heard a sound from behind me, looked over my shoulder, the living room door was now open wide and I froze at the apex of my climb up Johnny’s cock, I was so high that his cockhead was almost falling out of my cunt.

Johnny placed his hands on my hips and pushed me down again, “It’s okay, it’s only Ant, my brother!” My body slid down Johnny’s cock past the point that I was going down too while I was fucking him and I actually felt Johnny’s cock head forcing my cervix upwards and he pushed me away from him and pulled me back, adding an extra dimension to the feeling as my clitoris rubbed against his hair covered pubic mound and his cockhead rubbed over the roof of my vagina.

Johnny moved his hands under my bottom and he began to encourage me up again, “Come on darling, fuck me, we have to go very soon.” I took over again, Casibom Güncel Giriş I looked over my shoulder, Ant was sitting on one of my armchairs, his trousers were open and he was rubbing his own cock. I raised myself slowly until his cock almost fell out and then lowered myself again, once I was happy that Anthony was content with just sitting and watching, I relaxed and stopped looking back.

I remembered how it had felt deep inside when Johnny had rocked me back and forth at the bottom of my stroke so I repeated that myself and found that it was even more pleasurable if I did that a little faster than Johnny had done it. I felt the first shiver of my orgasm building and kicked my leg muscles into life to catapult my body upwards and just before Johnny’s cock left my body I relaxed my leg muscles but instead of lowering myself as I had done to that point, I allowed gravity to pull me back into Johnny’s lap with a loud slap of buttocks against his thighs.

I managed to knock the breath from my body I landed so hard but still had enough conscious currency to rapidly rock back and forth as fast as I could to get that added dimension of pleasure before kicking my leg muscles back to throw my body upwards again to repeat the process. My body was on fire, I hadn’t had to put any effort into sex with Johnny before, just lying there under him climaxing had knackered me totally the first few times we fucked but now, I was doing all the work as well as climaxing and it was very hard work, my not being a sports woman I just wasn’t used to it.

Eventually Johnny filled his condom and boy was I glad, it felt to me like I had run a marathon, felt like I had been fucking him for hours but in real life timescales it was less than thirty minutes. I knew that Johnny would want to get his cock out of my body as fast as possible so as soon as I was sure that he had finished climaxing I pushed myself all the way up so that I was standing over Johnny and as he pulled the condom off of his cock he leaned in and kissed my pussy mound.

I stepped back off of the sofa and Johnny slipped off, tossing the used condom into the litter bin in the corner of the room, then he stood in front of me, he kissed me, then he pulled away from me slightly, he was holding both of my hands in his, he looked into my eyes, then said, “I’m going to make a flask of coffee for the drive up to Lincoln, why don’t you stop in here and chat with Ant while I do it?” As Johnny was saying that, his eyes were flicking from my eyes to his brother sitting there slowly rubbing his cock, I felt that Johnny was willing me to look at his brother as he sat there wanking himself off very slowly.

Johnny picked up his clothes and left the room, he made a big thing of closing the door and testing it to make sure that the latch had fully engaged in the door plate, “Why don’t you come over here and give me a hand with this Victoria?” I must have looked shocked at Anthony’s comment because he smiled at me, “Just a hand, nothing more, just come over here and kneel in front of me!”

I remembered back to the previous week, Carol had been in that same position before she had clambered on top of Ant and fucked him but she had used more than her hands on his cock, she had used her mouth. I couldn’t believe that it had been so few days since I had lost my virginity to Johnny and in those few days just how much sex I had and the different kinds of sexual things that I had done but so far, it had just been Johnny and me doing it together. As I walked slowly across the room that tingle, deep in my belly, the tingle that I had first felt while I watched Ant fighting in the pub returned.

I stood in front of Anthony, I couldn’t decide what I really wanted to do, wanking a man was easy, it required very little thought, very little emotional investment, it was almost something a woman could do for a man who was a complete stranger. Was I willing to suck his cock? That was a totally different question; again, I guess that it was an easy act, well, now as I stood looking down at Ant’s huge swollen cockhead and enormous length, double the thickness of Johnny’s cock, three inches longer at least. Perhaps if Johnny had got me to suck him first, just perhaps I’d feel comfortable about the thought of taking Anthony in my mouth.

I was almost at the point of convincing myself that I’d rather feel Ant’s cock in my cunt than in my hand, I looked over my shoulder at the packet of condoms on the arm of the sofa as I hesitated, the weight was already off of my left foot as I was about to kneel across Anthony’s lap. “I don’t use condoms, if you want me to fuck you it’ll have to be bareback and take your chance.”

Anthony took over; he pulled me in closer and pulled me down onto my knees. I took his cock in my hands and began to rub with both hands; Ant reached for my head and pulled my face as close to his cock as he could get it without me punching my own face as I wanked his cock vigorously. Ant was soon ready to climax and as he did he pulled my head down harder until the eye in his cockhead pressed against the tip of my nose and he fired off, I’m sure that it was just my imagination, that or the fact that my face was closer to Ant’s cock than I had ever been to Johnny’s cock when he ejaculated over me but Anthony’s spunk felt far hotter than his brother’s spunk ever did before.

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