Angie Finds a New Friend

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Angie looked at her watch. “10 minutes late” she thought. She could feel the call coming. One that was much like the others. “What would the ‘reason’ be this time? A buddy needing help? Late with a homework assignment?”

Angie always managed to meet the guys who just lacked commitment. Oh they were good on the first few dates. The normal dinners, movies and whatnot. But as soon as things got more significant the guys would drift off into the foggy night on the train never to be seen again. Unless of course the awkward times when she would be alone at some food court eating her slice of cheese pizza and see him off laughing with some blonde gymnast type. Life had played that card a few too many times.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t always some short little girl with perky A/B cup breasts and blonde, angel-like hair. It never failed to leave Angie self conscious about her 5’10 frame and her not so perky C cup chest. Guys were supposed to like them big. She always had thought. And it seemed that they had been pleasing enough to most since they always seemed to get ‘accidentally’ touched in crowds. Just then the phone rang.

“Hello?… Uh huh… Oh yeah… Well that happens… ” a tear swelled in her eye “Well yeah. Maybe next time.” She couldn’t decide whether to slam the phone down or just drop it and cry so she sorta let the phone slip down to the table and tried to wipe the tear. “I should have seen it coming” she thought sadly. Uncertain of her thoughts she decided maybe she should just take a walk. Maybe get her mind off of things.

As she left the house she made sure to lock up and started walking. She had no destination in mind. After all the purpose was to just take in the night and forget the woes the single life. As she passed a small bar on the corner she decided to step in for a drink. Her attire of a white blouse and light blue jeans seemed to fit in somewhat. She found a small table in the corner and sat down. When the waitress passed she just ordered a coke. Alcohol just didn’t feel right.

After her drink had arrived and she had a moment to sip it, she was startled by Tessie, a short American Italian girl dressed in a tight, plain white t-shirt and tight black jeans. “Hi, I noticed that you were alone and thought I would sit by ya. You never want to appear alone in a place like this. Never know who is watching you.” She smiled and winked. “I’m Tessie.” She said with a friendly smile.

“Oh,” Bostancı Escort still a bit taken back by Tessie’s perky attitude, “I… I’m Angie.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you. So what brings you out here tonight?”

A bit to embarrassed to go into details, Angie just shrugged off what had happened earlier, “Oh just kinda needing to forget about life and all, ya know?”

“I hear ya. Life sure can give you a headache sometimes. If it weren’t for good friends and such I would never make it.” Tessie giggled. “So where are your friends? You seem to nice to be alone.”

“Oh some are married and others have moved away to become career girls and such.” Angie sighed.

“I never really understood the whole career girl mentality, but too each their own right?” Tessie shrugged. “So what were your plans for after here?”

“Oh I dunno. Never really planned out the evening, ya know?” Angie said as she kinda realized how pathetic it sounded.

“Well then I will just plan the night out for us then.” Tessie winked. Angie was taken back once more by Tessie’s perky attitude and forwardness, but it kinda felt nice to have someone take control and Tessie seemed like the type that could make a fun evening out of any situation.

Just then Tessie took Angie’s hand. “Come on. Let’s go dance.” And before Angie could come up with and excuse not to she was whisked off onto the dance floor. A nice up beat song played as they stopped in the middle of the dance floor and began to sway to the beat. After a few seconds Angie loosened up and decided to let things take the course. It had been a while since she just danced for the hell of it. Soon a giggle surfaced as she felt the music fill her body and the rhythm lead her motions.

The next song was just as up beat but had a little dirtier of a meaning. Tessie seemed to take to the song and gave a dance that was very seductive. Angie blushed as Tessie pretended to try and seduce Angie. Tessie first had given a look that was a “I’m in the mood” look. She then danced closer without breaking a stare she had fixed on Angie’s eyes. Angie blushed as Tessie continued the charade. Tessie placed Angie’s hands around her waist and then put her own arms up around the neck of Angie. It seemed natural since Tessie was about 4 inches shorter yet Tessie still managed to lead the dance. Tessie then squeezed them closer and slipped into some moves that had her bouncing a Bostancı Escort Bayan little causing some light friction between their chests. Angie noticed the tingling caused by the friction and felt awkward at how it caused some noticeable excitement. It wasn’t that she was really into girls or anything, but it had been so long since her breasts had been teased so well.

Trying to hide her embarrassment she broke the eye look she had with Tessie and looked around. It was then that she noticed that they were no longer in the middle of the floor. Some how they had drifted over to a secluded corner. She had also noticed something she hadn’t before. Why she hadn’t she wasn’t sure. Maybe she was just too caught up in her own problems and such. But each couple on the dance floor was made up of either a girl and a girl or a guy and a guy. This was a gay club! Tessie wasn’t just pretending! She was actually making her move! Just as her mind had finally done the math her thoughts were interrupted by Tessie’s soft, ruby lips meeting her own. Angie wanted to push back but the gentle kiss was soothing her emotional pain. She was in a tight spot and gave into the calming sensation.

Almost naturally her lips parted and she felt Tessie’s tongue penetrate. Out of curiosity, Angie began to softly suck and wrestle the tongue. They kissed for a while before Tessie pulled back with a smile. “So… Your place or mine?” Tessie giggled and winked. Angie blushed and tried to tell her that she was straight but couldn’t find the words. Right as Angie figured to just blurt it out, Tessie took her hand and was leading her out the door and onto the street. Once outside Tessie mentioned that she just lived in an apartment around the corner. Angie knew deep down that she needed to say something but being naturally shy she just couldn’t muster up the courage to say something.

Tessie unlocked her door, flung it open and pulled Angie inside. Tessie smiled and closed the door. Angie knew this was the time she needed to say something and right as she was to open her mouth to say something, Tessie lifted off her shirt and revealed her braless, perky b-cups. Suddenly Angie had forgotten what she wanted to say as she was much impressed. Tessie took Angie’s hands and placed them over her breasts. Tilting her head to the side, “Do you like them?” Angie didn’t know what to say. This was all so new to her. “They are yours to have for Escort Bostancı the rest of the night.” Angie blushed and felted flattered yet she thought for sure she was straight. Once again her thoughts were interrupted by the soft lips of Tessie.

Lost in the kiss, Angie just naturally played with Tessie’s breasts. Angie started to wake up from the slight ecstasy and had found the sentence she had formed earlier in her mind before the exposure of Tessie’s breasts. She all but pulled back to just blurt it out when Tessie’s hands had slipped under her blouse, cupped Angie’s breasts perfectly and, with an expertise fashion, found and pinched her nipples on the first try. Something that she had only wished all her dates could have done. She had to lead so many fingers before they could do that. And at those moments the passion had cooled. But this was different. Tessie’s pinches sent a shock through Angie’s body causing her to stand on her toes and break the kiss so that she could tilt her head back and gasp for air. As Tessie rolled the nipples between her fingers, Angie bit her lip, closed her eyes and moved her hands off of Tessie and onto Tessie’s hands. At first she meant to remove Tessie’s hands and allow her to think straight once more, but she found that she used her hands to keep Tessie’s in place.

Tessie pinched for a moment and then quickly removed her hands and unbuttoned the blouse. With a smile she slipped it off Angie’s arms and placed it on the floor and reached around to unclasp the bra. Angie realized that this was the last chance she would have to say anything. If she let Tessie pinch her nipples flesh against flesh then she would have no chance of having control. Tessie dropped the bra to the ground and looked deep into the eyes of Angie. Angie felt her mouth get a bit dry. Tessie’s hand slid up her sides and cupped her now naked breasts. Angie began to part her lips, but was halted by Tessie’s finger being placed over her lips. Tessie then made a cute gesture with her lips

“Shhhhh” then smiled. “I know you are straight.” Angie’s eyes grew big. “I have watched you for a while now actually. I have been waiting for the right moment to make my move. I almost had it planned out and then you came wandering into the club tonight. Such a nice surprise.” She gave an evil grin and a soft pinching pull on her nipple. Angie tilted her back once more and let out a deep moan. “Why don’t you say we just forget the guys tonight?” Angie responded with a nod as her eyes were closed and her breaths were racing. She was too turned on to disagree.

Tessie smiled. Much like a hunter who watches their prey step into the trap. Tessie then lead Angie to the couch and turned off the lights. That night Angie was to be Tessie’s and so it was.

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