And Then There Was Katie Ch. 03


“Hurry up and get Hannah’s diaper changed,” Jennifer hollered from the other room. Mike reluctantly stopped tickling his giggling daughter and carried her into the nursery. As he had done so many times over the past year, Mike performed diaper duty.

“OK, we’re ready to go in here!” Mike shouted back to his wife. Jennifer ran around the corner, several bags in tote.

“Alright, let’s saddle up!” The three of them were late to pick up Jennifer’s parents. Their destination was the airport.

Mike followed Jennifer out the front door. He shut the door behind him and attempted to get it locked, but the baby in his other arm started thrashing about. “Okay, okay,” Mike said to his daughter. He set her down on the ground, and she took off running down the sidewalk toward her mother. “You’ve got incoming,” he shouted.

Jennifer waited until Hannah was right behind her to suddenly spin around and shout, “Boo!” The fourteen-month old squealed in surprised delight, then turned and ran laughing back up the sunny sidewalk. Mike loved the way her little curly blonde hair blew in the strong West Texas wind. As she ran to him with open arms, he scooped her back up and showered her with kisses.

They were quite the happy family. Mike confidently knew that by looking at them, nobody would ever guess that he was having a torrid love affair with his wife’s sister.

As he had so many times, Mike’s father-in-law John was taking the family on vacation. They were going to Disneyworld, and not just Mike and the girls; the entire family. The family vacations were always fun, but the prospect of being in Florida with Katie for eight days had Mike’s adrenaline pumping.

It had been two months since Mike and Katie first consummated their love for each other. While they had only been together a few times, both of them had high hopes of sneaking some time alone during their imminent trip.

After strapping Hannah into her car seat, Mike hopped in the front of the Suburban and pulled out of the driveway. Jennifer talked excitedly to their daughter as he drove the few blocks over to his in-laws’ house.

Within minutes, Mike was helping John load more luggage into the vehicle. The drive to the airport was filled with chatter about the trip, what rides everyone wanted to ride, what shows everyone wanted to see, and just general giddiness at the prospect of getting away for a week.

Mike’s mind was elsewhere. His thoughts were consumed with his sister-in-law Katie. What would she be wearing on the plane? Would he be able to endure smelling her delicious perfume from the seat behind him? Would they have a chance to be alone in Florida? Would Katie even want to try? He had so many questions, all revolving around the exciting prospect of once again enjoying Katie’s naked body next to his own.

Katie, her husband Thomas, her brother Daniel, and Daniel’s roommate Chad were all already at the airport when Mike’s group arrived. Mike’s breath fell short when he saw Katie. She wore a white spaghetti-strap tank top, skimpy khaki shorts, and brown leather sandals. Her golden-tanned skin stood in stark contrast to the white top. Mike’s cock sprung to attention as he approached her.

Katie came running to him, and Mike saw flashes of the Hollywood heroine running into her man’s arms before he realized she was coming for the baby. “Aren’t you just the cutest thing ever!” Katie said loudly as she snatched her niece from Mike’s arms. Then softly, under her breath, looking quickly at Mike, she whispered, “And so is Hannah!” With an imperceptible wink, she spun and jaunted off with her little niece.

Mike fought his eyes to keep from staring at Katie’s perfect ass shaking in her little shorts. Everyone greeted everyone else, and the family proceeded to the check-in line.

The flights and the layovers were uneventful, at least in Mike’s view. When being around Katie, “uneventful” had taken on new meaning for him. The family joked and played cards and laughed and had a wonderful time, but Mike struggled to stay focused with the forbidden fruit of his lust always just a few feet away.

The nine of them arrived at their reserved Florida villa that afternoon. As they hopped out of their rented vehicles, Chad was the first to speak. “Dang, this place looks huge!”

Everyone echoed Chad’s impression and headed in to the house. It was indeed spacious, with six bedrooms, four bathrooms, two living areas, a game room, a pool and hot tub, and more. It was laid out in three levels: a basement, the ground floor, and an upstairs. Mike jockeyed to obtain a bedroom close to Katie’s, and he sensed that she was also concerned with the room assignments. He wasn’t sure how that would benefit them, but it seemed to be more logical than being on totally opposite ends of the house.

The family explored the house and decided to just hang out there for the rest of the day. Some swam, some played pool in the game room, some watched TV, and all did whatever they felt like. Early in the Antep Escort Bayan evening, everyone was watching a movie in the basement when Katie got up and headed upstairs. “I’ll be back,” she announced. As usual, nobody paid any attention.

Mike felt pangs of déjà vu. As he wondered what to do, his daughter fortuitously filled her pants. He quickly volunteered to do the dirty work, and he snatched Hannah up and bounded up the extended two-flight staircase.

When he reached the second floor, Mike noticed the light in Katie’s bedroom on. As he walked past the open door, there stood Katie, apparently retrieving something from a drawer. He stopped, catching her eye.

Katie looked up at him and smiled. “What’s up?” she asked.

“Diaper duty,” he replied. Lowering his volume, Mike continued, “It didn’t take me long to volunteer since I knew you were up here.”

Katie’s smile widened. Looking past Mike, as if to verify that they were alone, she asked, “Do you think we’ll be able to sneak any time together?”

“God, I sure hope so. I did notice that we’ll be sharing a bathroom with you and Thomas. Do you ever get such an amazing urge to go that you have to drag yourself out of bed in the middle of the night to get to the bathroom?” His question was obviously loaded.

Katie’s eyes seemed to sparkle as she realized what he was hinting at. “You don’t mean…”

“Yes,” he picked up her comment, “I mean we could both get up in the middle of the night, sneak into the bathroom together, and at least have a quickie.”

Katie laughed, “A ‘quickie,’ huh? With our spouses right next door? It’s so risky!”

Turning serious, Mike answered, “I think I’m ready to take the risk.” Mike surprised even himself with the turnaround from his originally obsessive cautiousness.

Katie thought for a moment before replying. “Me too.” After another brief pause, staring into space she said, “God, that would be so damn hot.”

“I’ve gotta get this diaper changed. Can you come down here and we can talk about it some more?” Mike asked.

“Sure,” Katie responded. She turned off the light and followed Mike down the hall to the make-shift nursery. Mike commenced changing Hannah’s diaper before Katie spoke again. “So, how will we know when to get up? We won’t exactly be able to set an alarm.”

“Well, I’ve thought of that,” Mike said, “and I can set an alarm on my cell phone. I’ll just sleep with it in the pocket of my shorts and make sure it’s set to vibrate. If you do the same thing, I can two-way you and wake you up.”

Katie smiled. “That sounds like a great plan to me. There’s only one thing I worry about.”

“What’s that?” Mike finished the diaper change and set Hannah down on the floor. She laughed and took off running around the room.

“Well,” Katie said, looking over her shoulder before continuing, “we’ll have to be deadly silent, and I’m not sure I can do that with the things you do to my body.”

Mike caught her wink, then laughed as he responded, “Well, I guess we’ll just have to make due, huh?”

Hannah ran past her aunt and out into the hallway. Mike quickly followed her, not wanting her to get too close to the staircase. Katie grabbed his ass as he left.

“So,” she said with a pause, “how about tonight?”

Picking up his daughter, Mike replied, “Well, actually I thought it would be better to wait until tomorrow night. We want to be sure nobody will wake up, and after doing Disney all day tomorrow, we should all be worn out. Plus, how much more fun will we have tomorrow looking forward to the night ahead?”

“Good point,” Katie answered. “I only hope I can make it until tomorrow night. Just talking about it has my panties soaking!”

“Yeah, well check this out.” Mike took Katie’s hand and pressed it to the bulge in his shorts. Moaning, she quickly pulled her hand away and stepped back.

“Oh Mike,” she whimpered softly, “don’t…I’ll jump you right here.”

Mike’s face reeked of slyness. “And that’ssssss…bad…”

“You aren’t seriously suggesting we just do it right here!” she struggled to remain quiet.

“Well, I’m sure the others wouldn’t miss us for a few more minutes.” He returned Hannah to the floor and stepped closer to Katie. “We’ll be able to hear if anyone is coming up the stairs.”

Her breathing was quickly accelerating. The stairway leading back down to the ground level was constructed like a hallway, with walls all the way up. It continued right on down to the basement, where Mike had pulled the door shut on his way out. At the top, the path immediately turned the corner to the right, which is precisely the place Mike and Katie stood. Nobody could see them before reaching the very top of the staircase.

“Besides, we’ll hear the booming of the sound system if anybody opens the door to come up.” Before Katie could respond, Mike cupped her face with his large hands and kissed her. As soon as his lips met hers, Mike felt Katie’s apprehension and fear melt away into lust. Her mouth opened instinctively as Mike’s tongue pushed its way inside. Mike suddenly felt a pair of little hands on his leg and remembered his daughter.

He was thankful for Hannah in this instance, for she had reminded him to stay vigilant and not lose himself in the moment. After all, he would have only a few seconds’ warning if someone was coming up the stairs.

Mike removed his left hand from Katie’s cheek and reached down to his daughter, patting her gently on the head. When Hannah persisted, he softly tickled his fingers down her nose and across her cheek. As always, the adorable little girl chuckled in delight and ran back up the hall way.

Katie’s tongue frantically grappled with Mike’s, their kiss becoming more and more wild. Mike’s hand traveled from where his daughter had stood to Katie’s right hip. After dinner, Katie had changed from her sexy tank top and khaki shorts to a t-shirt and cotton athletic shorts, a fact for which Mike was suddenly thankful.

Mike flattened his hand against Katie’s side, slid it up under her shirt, and let his fingers slip inside the elastic waistband of the shorts. Katie’s gasping breath caught as if she had suddenly choked on something. Mike’s fingers continued their journey, moving underneath Katie’s skimpy panties toward the source of lustful heat radiating from between her legs.

Mike found her to already be very wet. Straining against the shorts’ elastic, Mike bent his wrist and slid two fingers inside Katie’s love sauna.

Katie’s hands quickly grabbed Mike’s face and strongly held his mouth to hers. She kissed him like a woman possessed and struggled to control the moans escaping from within her. It was as if she knew she would scream if her mouth was able to escape its union with Mike’s lips, and the rest of her was fighting fiercely to prevent it.

Rather than sliding in and out, Mike’s fingers just stroked the inside of Katie’s pussy. He concentrated on what he hoped would be her g-spot and was soon rewarded with even more squeals from Katie’s mouth to his. The slight swelling and firming of the flesh beneath his fingers confirmed that he was in the right location.

Struggling to remain aware of his surroundings, Mike listened for sounds from his daughter. He quickly heard the squeaks and rattles of her toys from inside the temporary nursery. Soon after their arrival, the family had covered electrical outlets, closed bathroom doors, and removed any other imminent dangers to the baby. Mike felt confident that Hannah couldn’t hurt herself without getting past him and Katie and taking a tumble down the stairs.

He didn’t imagine that Katie was concerned with such things at the moment, as long as his fingers continued manipulating that all-too-sensitive region inside of her. She desperately grasped at Mike’s face, then clawed at his chest through his shirt. Moments later, she attacked the athletic shorts he wore that were similar in style to hers, grabbing frantically at the waistband.

In the very next instant, Katie grabbed Mike’s wrist and pulled upwards. He slid his soaked fingers out of her as she broke their kiss. “Fuck me!” she gasped. “Please!”

Mike pushed the front of his shorts down and took his throbbing erection in his fist, ready to comply with her request. Katie lifted her left leg, grabbed the crotch of her shorts and panties, and pulled them forcefully to her right. Mike inched closer to her and slightly squatted down.

It was an awkward position, but he managed to line his hard cock up and penetrate her sopping hole. Katie bit her lip to contain the sounds that she wanted so badly to release, holding her clothes out of the way until Mike was sufficiently buried inside her. Her left leg remained in the air, pressing against his side.

Katie quickly wrapped her arms around Mike’s neck and looked into his eyes. Sharing the gaze, he asked, “Can you jump?”

Still biting her lower lip, she nodded rapidly. Mike slid his hands around to her ass. Simultaneously, Katie leapt off of her one leg and threw it around Mike’s waist as he lifted her body up and returned to an upright position. Katie locked her ankles behind him as he stepped forward and leaned into the wall, using it to help support Katie’s weight.

As intense as the situation was, Mike remained mindful of the stairs and his daughter. To his eternal gratefulness, he could still hear the noise of toys coming from down the hall. He sure didn’t want to have to abandon Katie’s warmth that surrounded him to prevent Hannah from nose-diving to the ground floor.

Spreading his legs for leverage, Mike used the strength in his arms to hold Katie in position against the wall. With his legs, he began to lift and lower himself, allowing his amazingly hard cock to fuck the blonde goddess that was his sister-in-law.

Due to the seven-inch height difference between them, Katie was able to once again affix her mouth to Mike’s. Mike could not believe that what was happening was real, but the moisture of Katie’s pussy and the frenzy of her tongue convinced him otherwise.

The ease with which Mike’s cock slid in and out of Katie’s body defied the effort the two were exerting to maintain their position. However, the physical strain only served to intensify the pleasure the two felt at once again being joined together. His hardness, her tightness, and the situation’s danger had the two quickly on the brink of orgasm.

Katie began quietly squealing into Mike’s mouth. He felt her pussy clamp down on him as she started to cum. Her quivering flesh squeezed him mercilessly, and he knew it would only be a few more moments before he was spraying his own cum deep inside her.

Over the sounds of Katie’s moaning, Mike suddenly heard the thundering sound of a subwoofer make its way up the staircase. Just as quickly came the sound of a shutting door, and Mike knew somebody was walking their way.

With Katie’s pussy still convulsing uncontrollably, Mike dropped her to her feet and resentfully pulled his cock out of her, breaking their kiss. With wide eyes, she looked at him in bewilderment. Mike pointed to the stairs with one hand and held a finger to her lips with the other. Katie quickly nodded in understanding, and with shaky legs made her way to the bathroom.

Mike swiftly returned his cock to his shorts and silently sped toward the room where Hannah played. Panic, anger, fear, frustration, and the need for release all swept through Mike as he swooped up his daughter. Turning off the room’s light, he quickly made his way back to the place where seconds earlier he had enjoyed the wonderfully soft, wet insides of his sister-in-law.

Mike stopped, took a deep breath, and rounded the corner to head downstairs. He nearly collided with his wife, who shrieked in surprise. Mike laughed in feigned amusement.

Suddenly breathless, Jennifer asked, “What are you doing? I thought you were just changing Hannah’s diaper and coming right back.”

“Well I changed her, and then she wanted down to play. Then she started acting like she needed to go some more, so I just talked to Katie some and let her play around until she did. I just finished changing her for the second time and was heading back downstairs. How’s the movie?”

Mike hoped that his story was plausible. He hoped that the aroma of sex in the air was all in his head and that his wife couldn’t smell it. He really hoped that she couldn’t see the raging hard-on that was contained within his shorts.

Jennifer’s face contained hints of skepticism. “So where’s Katie?” she asked, seemingly confused.

“She said she was going to the bathroom when I was finishing Hannah’s second diaper. I guess she’s still in there.” Mike’s chest pounded so fiercely, he wondered how it wasn’t audible. He suddenly remembered with horror his reading of The Tell-Tale Heart in high school. “Fucking Poe,” he thought to himself. The memory pushed his adrenaline production even further into overdrive.

“Well I was just wondering.” she said, obviously agitated. “You’ve both been up here for like twenty minutes.”

Jennifer just glared at Mike as if expecting some sort of response. Mike’s brain was at full throttle trying to think of what to say, when thankfully, Hannah suddenly laughed and reached for her mother, nearly leaping out of Mike’s arms.

“How’s my pumpkin?” Jennifer asked playfully. Mike handed off the baby, and Jennifer turned and headed back down the stairs. “So do you want to come watch the rest of the movie with us, or just stay up here with Katie?” she asked, not turning around.

Mike felt like his heart was on the verge of exploding. He wondered what, if anything, his wife knew or suspected. Was she just being cranky? Or was she really dubious of Mike’s explanation of the situation?

“Why would I stay up here?” he asked in mock confusion. “We wanna go watch the movie, don’t we mama!” He switched to his baby voice, hoping the enthusiasm would seem genuine.

The trio made it to the basement, re-entered the room, and sat back down. Hannah immediately wanted to play in the floor, so Jennifer let her down. Moments later, they were joined by Katie, who quickly and emotionlessly hurried across the room to Thomas. She sat on the edge of the couch next to her husband, curled up into a ball, and rested her head on his lap.

For the remainder of the movie, Katie did not move from that position. She stared straight ahead at the TV, her glance never changing directions. Mike wondered what she was thinking. Was she angry? Was she upset at what they had done? Was she just frustrated that the situation was so limited? He didn’t know what was going on inside her head, but it worried him immensely.

By the time the movie ended, it was little Hannah’s bedtime. Jennifer acted like her normal, jovial self, and Mike hoped that she didn’t really harbor any doubts about the scene upstairs. “Why don’t you go on and get in bed,” Jennifer offered. “I can get the baby fed and in bed, and that way you can get a head start. I know you’ve been working awfully hard lately and must be tired.”

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