And One More, Makes Three Pt. 03

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The Piedmont Horizon Inn and Suites, is a left over piece of American greed. Built in the late 1990’s after the race riots burned through Northern Loudes County, the original owner Paul Worthington bought 20 plots of inner city property for pennies on the dollar. Paul was a member of the then Community Action group that looked to gentrify the area and push the overwhelming number of black inhabitants further into the interior of Loudes through economic measures. The eight story structure represented the new wealth that was funneling in from “Silicon Valley.” Looking to expand their influence and flaunt their good fortune. Almost overnight, the area was occupied by banks, businesses, fashion outlets, car malls, fitness studios, and bars that served everything from premium coffee to expensive and exclusive alcohol. Catering to the upper crust that flooded in overnight. Then the Second Depression hit. Eight years of fun in the sun. Then the Second Depression hit. Many people lost their shirts and all of their savings in the span of a few hours. Even Paul wasn’t sparred the humiliation, going so far as to commit suicide.

The Piedmont went through 5 more owners in the span of 3 years. Like “Pops,” it almost became a victim of the economic downturn. Yet again, the “Good” Senator Morrison stepped in and saved the establishment, (even if it was not directly). As part of his 3rd term in office, the business district of Piedmont, begged the Senator to do something to stop the bleeding. For his part, Robert convinced the State to dispense funds for a new multi-sport stadium. Almost overnight, the Loudes County Sports House was erected, drawing 4 semi-pro sports leagues, and gaining the contract to sponsor the teams of Cal Tech Loudes County (the Sunshine Sharks), for the next 40 years. Slowly the Piedmont began to turn around. The managers and players of the visiting teams enjoyed staying there and even a few actors lent their names to the establishment. But being Semi-Pro, the money brought in would never float the Piedmont back to it’s glory days. Yet, of all the hotels in the area, it was still rated one of the best to stay.

Ryan was behind the wheel of their rented Pantera SUV. The drive back to the hotel was quick and uneventful, as the hour meant most people had turned in already. The streets were clear with the exception of the roving Police cars, looking to bust anyone speeding or driving under the influence. Ryan wasn’t dumb enough to get caught in their trap. Keeping the cruise control locked to two MPH under the limit, he drove cautiously and alertly. Not just to avoid police interference, but also because riding in the back was his lovely cousin Brittney, and shotgun was the love of his life, his sister Thaelor. Twenty-five minutes after they started, Ryan pulled the SUV into the back entrance to the parking garage. All the passengers filed out and headed to the “service elevator.” Thaelor gave her brother the room key to activate the special code to access the 8th floor. Pressing the button, Ryan leaned against the carpeted wall of the elevator car, to let out his exhaustion. Brittney took this laps in attention to cop a feel of the round rump of Thaelor. Even though she was tired, the sensation and attention made her horny. Grabbing Brittney’s hand, she held it like a lover in order to prevent her from making her any hornier than she already was. When she looked at her cousin, all she could see was a wink and a smile.

Entering the room proper, Brittney took in the minimal opulence of the space. It was much bigger than she imagined it would be. Wall to wall carpet, a plush living room set with matching Mahogany furniture. A mini kitchen, with marble topped island. Brittney had been some several 5 star hotels before, but this one took the cake. It was beautiful and stylish, yet homey.

“This is great Thaelor! My compliments on your taste.”

“It’s nothing.” Her cousin said. “I found it under “Review Stars.” Believe it or not, this place is actually oy considered a 3 star inn.”

“Ok…so how much was it?”

“Not as expensive as you’d think. I got this room for the weekend for about the price of a coach ticket to N.Y.”

“I’m impressed.” Just then, Brittney was rocked with a yawn that shook her from head to toe. “Boy…I guess I’m sleepier than I thought. Where’s my room?”

Thaelor took her cousin by the hand leading her down the open hall to the master bedroom. In the Eastern wall, another door led to the “kids” addition. While not as stylish as the Master room, the space was tastefully done. Colored in a peaceful beige palate, with a pillow top Queen-sized mattress and a 52″ Television mounted to the wall. Another set of mahogany chairs, a desk, and a stand-alone lamp finished the accents. The room also had its own bathroom, the center piece being a sunken tub with shower and pool fittings. While Brittney checked out the bed, Thaelor returned to her room to retrieve the extra pajamas she brought in her bag. When she came back, Brittney was already in the process of undressing, having removed istanbul escort her shorts and pantyhose. Thaelor had a beautiful view of her cousin’s ample, dark colored ass. She had to swallow hard not to be mesmerized. “Here you go.” She said as she walked in. Brittney half turned around, not a hint of embarrassment in her demeanor. “Thanks cuz, I’ll be out in a minute.” She moved toward Thaelor with the same lust in her eyes that blazed back at the Country Club as well as in Thaelor’s dreams. The same ones that oozed during their phone calls over the previous 2 weeks. She knew what she wanted. She knew her cousin wanted her. But her heart belonged to another.

“Ooh…I don’t smell to good right now. Let me shower and we’ll return to that sentiment in a few.” Thaelor said on the way out the door, leaving Brittney to muse in the room alone. Thaelor closed the door and leaned against the wall to compose herself. Her heart was and always would be with Ryan. But her body ached to be with Brittney. “Thaelor ole’ girl; you might have bitten off more than you can chew.” She whispered to herself.

She needed some soul sustenance. A release from the tension she felt in her loins. Floating to the living room area, she found her brother sitting on the couch, the wall mounted T.V. displaying the latest news in sports as he sipped on a glass of whiskey. Knowing her cousin was in the bath, Thaelor hopped in her brother’s lap and kissed him passionately.

“Thaelor, what…”

Thaelor placed a finger to his lips, got up and grabbed his hand. Before they reached the bathroom, she turned on the light and the shower head to cover her tracks. Quickly she led him to the Master bath and stripped out of her clothes. Ryan followed suit. Together, the siblings showered the stink of the club off their bodies. Kissing, groping, fondling, and touching. The flames growing higher in their souls, as the warm water cascaded down their bodies. Sated, Thaelor and her lover exited the shower at the sound of their company leaving hers. Taking towels, the siblings dried off and clothed themselves in their respective robes. One leaving the bathroom before the other.

When Thaelor reached the living area, Brittney stood swathed in the pajamas she brought for her. A matching silk top and short bottom set, colored in deep purple, and accented with Japanese style vines and flowers. True to form, Brittney looked nothing like the mannequin that originally modeled the clothing, she looked 10x better. Handling the remote, Brittney found the 24 hour music channel piping in slow, lustful, music. She caught her cousin coming into the common area out of the corner of her eye. Brittney strutted over to her muse to the rhythm of the beat. Thaelor smiled, Brittney’s moves were cat like. Sensual, dripping with lustful, sexual longing. Just standing there, Thaelor felt her loins re-igniting, even after a quick romp with the love of her life. What was wrong with her? How was this possible? Was she a lesbian? How on Earth could another woman have this affect on her body?

Brittney grabbed Thaelor’s hand ever so gently, pinning their bodies together as they danced to the sexy tune. Brittney tried to spin her taller cousin around. Once twice, three times…ending with another attempt at a kiss.

“Hey, either one of you ladies need a night cap?”

The sound of Ryan’s voice startled Brittney, who let go of her cousin’s wrist.

“What are you guys doing? “

“Nothing.” Brittney spit out.

“Just having a little fun dance. You know Mod’Rick is one of my favorite singers.”

“True enough. So, how about that drink?”

“Sure.” Thaelor said.

“Why not, surprise me.” Replied Brittney.

Ryan did a double spin as he headed for the kitchenette.

“Oh, by the way Thaelopr, I forgot to give this to you.

Reaching into the pocket of his robe, Ryan produced a small black box. Thalelor’s mouth dropped open. Taking the box, she opened it to reveal a gorgeous old and diamond necklace. The same one she told Brittney about last week. Her eyes misted over. How had he known? Thaelor’s excitement was so great, she threw her arms around Ryan’s neck, momentarily forgetting who else was around.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!”

Her hands reached out to her lover’s face, she kissed him ever so passionately on the cheek. Coming dangerously close to his lips.

“You’re welcome sis, how about that drink?” Ryan turned to make the drinks. “Do you see this Brittney? Weren’t we just talking about this last week? How did he know?” Yet even though Thaelor was ecstatic, Brittney’s mood had changed dramatically, her arms crossed over her breasts.

“I’m happy for you.” She replied scornfully. “But what is that?”

“It’s the necklace we talked about Brittney, what are you..”


“Brittney…calm down..”

“DON’T TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO OR HOW I SHOULD FEEL! I have been honest as HELL with you…about EVERYTHING in my life! I have avrupa yakası escort told you my deepest feelings and desires. My hurts and my fears…EVERYTHING! I have known plenty of brothers and sisters before, many of whom come from wealthy families, I have NEVER seen them give gifts like that, NOR have they ever given THANKS like YOU just did! SO just WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!!”

Ryan reentered the living area, hands weighed down by three drinks, “What’s the yelling about in here?”


Thaelor’s voice dropped barely above a whisper. “Brittney, please sit down.”


“PLEASE…sit down. Let me explain.”

Brittney gave a short huff and plopped down on the couch. Her arms never leaving her chest. She was pissed.

Thaelor took a deep breath before she began. Her voice calm and assuring, yet her insides were a jumble of nerves; she didn’t want to reveal it like this,

“You want to know what’s going on Brittney? You want to know what that was all about? You feel as if you have the RIGHT to know? Well…maybe you do. You’re right, you have told me everything about you, and I have kept very little from you. Yet: there is one thing that I have deliberately kept from you. You have asked me over and over again who I am love with and I have never given you a straight answer. I know full well of your feelings for me. You told me at the country club, you have told me over the phone. I felt it even at the club tonight. I feel it whenever I’m near you. But…my heart belongs to someone already.”

Taking the drinks from Ryan’s hands and placing them on the table, she reached up and kissed her brother. With more patience than in the shower earlier, with the same enthusiasm when their affair began back in the cabin; their own little world.

“I am in love with Ryan, Brittney. We have been in love for a few months now. Even before you and I met. Before I knew of your feelings for me. Before you said what you said at the Country club. This is the one part of my life I have kept from you. Maybe I should have told you…”

“You THINK?!” Brittney retorted.

Thaelor sat on the couch next to her cousin, reaching for her hands. Brittney recoiled a little, her cousin wouldn’t be denied.

“I didn’t tell you because I was weak and scared. Do you have any idea what this would do to me? To our FAMILY?! To our DAD?! I wanted so many times to tell you. I waited for just the right opportunity to tell you. I have grown to trust you, I just didn’t know how to trust myself.”

Brittney scrunched her face in disbelief, “Trust YOURSELF?! Bitch…what the fuck are you talking about?!”

Thaelor lowered her head, next came the hardest part. She took another deep breath, held it and said a silent prayer.

“I didn’t trust myself around YOU!! You have made me question a lot of things about myself since I met you. You have made me think things; DO things: I have never thought I would EVER DO! Not in my wildest dreams!”

“Like what?” Brittney’s anger was disappearing ever so slightly. Hearting this, she was now intrigued.



“HEY…enough with the vitriol. I get you might be angry, but…”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP RYAN!! You’re just as guilty as she is! You knew all about this and…”

“No…he didn’t.” Thaelor continued. “Don’t be angry with him. I never told him about our conversations. I never let on that we even talked after the Country Club. He didn’t even know you were coming to meet us tonight. This is all on me. If you want to be angry with someone…take it all out on me.”

“I was till he interrupted. So…I’m listening. Like what?! Be specific.”

“I told you about what Sharmel and Monica did to me, I never thought I could be attracted to a girl. I never thought I would want to…BE with a girl. I never thought…a girl would make me question my sexuality or make my insides tingle like they do when I’m with you.”

“So, you thought about eating my cooch…BIG DEAL!” you want a blue ribbon for that? Maybe a little CHEESE to go with that WHINE?!”

“LOOK! THIS ISN’T EASY FOR ME, OK?! I am a woman who has built the majority of my life around secrets, and other than my brother, I don’t TRUST just ANYBODY! Unlike you, I don’t have the FREEDOM of just running off to some THEREPIST whenever it SUITS ME! You don’t KNOW OUR FATHER like WE DO!! To you, he’s just “good ole’ uncle” Robert, to us; he’s the devil incarnate! I’m not so much worried about what he would do to me, that’s already been established. I’m worried about Ryan. You have no idea what he would do, even to his favorite SON; if he ever found out. Brittney, when I tell you I am in love with Ryan, I mean it. I would do anything and give anything to make him happy. Because as you saw tonight, he makes ME happy, I want you to be a part of that. I just didn’t know how to say it, due to fear. I’m sorry.”

Brittney took a deep breath. She bahçelievler escort knew full well what it meant to live in mortal fear. She knew too what it meant to love and be IN love. She was looking at her latest iteration right now. But she was hurt. Deeply. She felt betrayed, deceived, and just a little bit curious.

“Ok, fine. Your secret is safe with me. You say I don’t know you, but; I know you well enough to know you don’t ever make a move without a reason. So, what is it? I know there’s more to this conversation than just telling me about this little “love affair.” Hell, you could’ve told me that over the phone. So…what’s next Thaelor? I know there’s more. If you’re so in love with him…why am I here?

It was just then that the gravity of the situation dawned on Ryan. He had a feeling where THIS was going , and he wasn’t sure he liked it one bit. But like a 12 car pile up on the freeway, he couldn’t turn away. This was NOT going to end well. Thaleor forged ahead tentatively.

“You’re right. I thought this whole thing up as a way to fulfill my fantasy.” She breathed. “I asked you here to be in a threesome with me and Ryan. I could thing of no one else that I’d rather it be with, and since you have stated you wanted to be with both of us…”

Brittney had heard enough.

“REALLY?!!” she boomed. “So, let me see if I get this straight…you thought so low of me to think I couldn’t take the fact you were already in love with someone else. Your own BROTHER not withstanding…but that I was such a WHORE as to join BOTH OF YOU in BED?! I’m not good enough to share this little tid bit of information with, but I’m good enough to FUCK?!! Bitch, you are just as BAD as everyone else in my life! I should’ve known you were too good to be true!”

Thaelor’s eyes misted with tears. “I never meant to hurt you. I’m sorry. You can leave if you like. No hard feelings. I’ll understand if you never want to speak to me again.”

Brittney snatched her hands away. Turning, she walked out the door. She couldn’t stomp her way to the elevator fast enough.

“I think that went rather well…all things considered.” Tyan said to his sister, as he held her tight to his body.

Brittney punched the elevator button over and over again. What the fuck was taking so long?! The damn building was only eight stories high?! She could feel her blood pressure rising as she paced back and forth, waiting impatiently like a bull in a rodeo pen. She could only imagine the smoke rising from her nose and ears. How could she?! What nerve! To take in all of her secrets, all her hopes and dreams, her fears and desires, even to go as far as to tell her she KNEW she LOVED HER?! To not even have the decency to tell her about RYAN!! My God…RYAN!! OF ALL PEOPLE!! I MEAN SHE NEVER EVEN SAID ANYTHING When…she…said…oh shit. BUT NO!! IT’S THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING!! She should’ve been the FIRST ONE THAELOR told…about…fuck.

WELL…SHE SHOULD’VE JUST BEEN HONEST…that…she…liked…dammit.

She was at a loss. The more she replayed everything in her mind, the more Brittney felt conflicted. Yeah, Thaelor may have led her on, may have misled her with disinformation. Maybe NOT been as forthcoming as she should have. But thinking deeper, she really DIDN’T know of Thaelor’s life. She really DIDN’T KNOW about everything she had been through. Nor did she know ANYTHING about their father. If he could really do the things she claimed he did; he just might be capable of doing ANYTHING! Maybe she WAS at odds with her sexuality. It’s not like being bisexual was something that came easy to her either, and the fact she wanted her first time to be with her…that must have been hard too. I mean they WERE RELATED…Maybe she should cut her some slack. Maybe she should remember that she told Thaelor everything, and she never had a cross or judgmental word. Maybe she was the closest thing to a best friend and SISTER she EVER HAD… Maybe when she needed her the most, she came to the rescue without wanting anything in return…maybe…maybe,,,maybe she should get out of the hall, as she was damn near naked.

The knock came a few minutes later, though it was kind of expected. Ryan opened it wide on the third rap. Thaelor stood from her place on the couch, trails of tears still visible on her face. Opening her mouth to speak, Brittney hushed her with a wave of her hand as she stomped her way to the “kids” room. “I’m just coming back for my things” she said flatly. Once inside, Brittney laid out her clothes. Unbuttoning the pajama top, she stopped. Taking a good look at the material, the exacting fit…it must have cost a pretty penny. Yet Thaelor bought it for their little rendezvous without a second thought. Besides, she had been in MORE THAN one threesome before. A couple with guys she didn’t even like. But Thaelor was offering what must assuredly be the most precious thing to her in her life, no questions asked. AND Ryan was by no means the worst she could do. Hell, he was FYNE AS FUCK!! What to do…what to do…

They both heard the door in the back room open slowly. Thaelor and Ryan craned their necks to see what would happen next. As their cousin entered the room, they stood in unison. Not sure what to think next. Brittney strode in, not nearly as angry as before. But not completely stoic either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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