Ana Sparkle, A Dark Smoking Diamond

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Ass Worship

Ana Sparkle is a smoking fetish model, openly selling her extremely devoted, prominent high dependency nicotine addiction. There is also amongst her output is a focus on the dark side of the fetish with a love of the damage that she is doing her lungs with every tar laden cigarette that she smokes.

This short story has been created from a conversation on Reddit with Ana.

Ana Sparkle is a twenty-eight-year-old dark eyed, dark haired beauty from Romania. She is very much a self-declared heavy smoker. In any twenty-four hours she will smoke between three and five packs of cigarettes. This will very much depend on her moods, and how much coffee she is drinking. She loves drinking coffee as much as she likes smoking cigarettes.

She started smoking relatively young, her first cigarette was when she was fifteen. It was a decision made because of peer pressure at school. She did not want to be seen as the uncool one. It was just a joke to start with. But for Ana, from that carefree giggling laugh before being handed a cigarette to taking a drag, to the twisted pleasure that she got from the subsequent hacking cough after inhaling. As such that she just to persevere and have that second cigarette, and then a third. She enjoyed the coughs; but more importantly she absolutely loved the nicotine rush. She found that between the splutters that she really liked cigarettes. Her family certainly did not approve, of her liking cigarettes. Even now are very much disapproving of her smoking habit. Also, unfortunately for Ana no one else in her family smokes. She is alone in that regard with her desire to smoke.

For Ana the fascination of smoking and the pleasure that it gave her, it was not a long process of her to increase her consumption and smoking rate. She became utterly fascinated by cigarettes and what smoking them did for her. She just loved the nicotine rush and the feeling it gave her.

Once she had finished school, she had to earn money to pay for her cigarettes. She was smoking so many it was getting expensive. As such she then went to work in a local shoe factory. But by then Ana was very much devoted to her cigarette addiction. So much so that once she had got paid, by the end of the week her whole salary would be gone. As she spent everything that she had buying cartons of cigarettes. She just loved to smoke them that much.

With her passion of smoking, she soon discovered that she could not hold down a proper job. It was all very well smoking bursa escort in the morning and in the evenings. But she found that she just had to stop working so frequently to have a much-needed cigarette break. With her all-controlling addiction to nicotine, even back then then Ana could not go much longer than thirty minutes before needing to stop what she was doing to light a cigarette. Eventually management cottoned on to how little work Ana was doing and how much time she was outside. She then just had to quit the shoe factory.

She doesn’t care at the end of the day that her whole-body smells of her cigarettes, as it’s her. Other people have to live with it. She hopes people accept her for who she is. A very heavy smoker.

Her desire to smoke meant that one day when out shopping she had momentarily lost herself as she had been focused on choosing new clothes to wear. After gathering up the selection of clothes she headed off to the changing room just to make sure that they were the right size. She had spent so much time choosing the items. It was only then sitting on the little wooden bench having got undressed and sitting there just her underwear that she very much needed to smoke.

The cigarette was soon out, and she was very much decently dressed when the police turned up. She just had to accept the ticket and fine. She reluctantly knew that it is part of her heavy addiction to nicotine. She should have popped out first, had a cigarette and then gone back in. But at that moment in time sitting there on her own, she had just needed to smoke. The effort involved to get dressed and head outside into the cold had been too much. Unsurprisingly she has really found that she cannot go too long without a cigarette. It doesn’t matter where she is, she is going to light one anyway.

Ana already smoked heavily, at least her three packs a day until one day she found on the internet that she had the potential make money from her addiction. That men will actively crave her beauty and fund her addiction. She revels in the fact that there were lots of people out there who were fascinated with her heavy smoking. She can easily mix her natural beauty with her desire for cigarettes and make money whilst enjoying her smoke.

Her morning routine, having probably already awoken in the middle of the night to smoke a couple of her much needed cigarettes, is that after coughing a lot, she will not leave her bed until she had smoked between three and five. Only then escort bursa with her lungs partially happy will she finally get herself out of bed and head to her kitchenette. She cannot rush her mornings. Once there she will focus on drinking her first of several morning coffees and of course lighting her first of many cigarettes. She won’t really move for a while. All this means that before she has a shower or gets her make up done to go on camera, she will have smoked between 12 and 15 of her Kent 100’s.

Ana will have smoked practically a pack of Kent’s just for breakfast. She had experimented with other brands, but they were just too weak. She knows that her lungs love the nicotine from her Kents far too much.

She also knows nicotine is running her life, the rhythm of cigarettes is in control of her, not the other way around. The idea of smoking multiple cigarettes at once, gives her both pleasure of the rush of nicotine and added layers of tar that her men love watching her do. It’s a win, win for both of them.

Ana has to take the bus to the nearby city to buy her cigarettes. It’s a trip she needs to do at least three times a week trip to buy a carton. Sometimes one carton will last three days, but more often just two.

Ana is fully aware of what smoking is doing to her energy levels. Filling her lungs with tar means that three times a week that she has to catch the bus, she gives herself an hour or so that she does not have to run. She literally cannot get off the bus and light her cigarette fast enough. The whole journey is like torture, being stuck in a claustrophobic tube with no ability to smoke.

Whenever she goes anywhere, she always now takes her time; she cannot rush, her body won’t allow it. As Ana knows that would easily tire herself out. Climbing stairs, or any physical activity is extremely hard work on her lungs and body. She knows that she cannot sprint any longer. Things just take their time, as if she is to go any quicker, her lungs would be far too easily winded.

For Ana her smoking levels have not actually increased because of selling herself on camera, her smoking levels were already high. Sitting there smoking on camera is not a problem for her. She would be sitting there smoking anyway. Men might as well enjoy her, and she might as well get paid for doing it.

Ana loves that she has got a smoker’s cough, it’s a mark of her years of enjoyment of cigarettes. She does not see that for a reason not to smoke. bursa escort bayan Even after waking up, coughing a lot, then smoking hard on those first cigarettes of the day she will then struggle to breath and feel extremely lightheaded, she does not see that as a problem. She enjoys it.

Her friends and family do not agree with her heavy addition and are genuinely concerned for her. But to Ana, her addiction comes first. Everyone has to deal with it. As it’s her.

She does occasionally think about the long-term future, her main concern at the moment is to pass her driving test and then buy a car, as well of course- keep smoking. The idea of driving herself to the shop to buy cigarettes, whilst smoking a cigarette or two is her aim. Currently the whole effort of slowly walking to the bus stop and then spending time sitting on the bus for far too long without a smoke, is just so hard for her now.

Ana has managed to solve one problem. So that she can learn to drive, she has found a nice driving instructor who will let her smoke whilst she drives. Her excuse is that her smoking makes her calmer. She cannot be dealing with the stress of learning to drive without a cigarette. She also cannot afford to keep stopping the car for a cigarette break. She is currently intensively learning two hours a day, three times a week. Her continued smoking lets her focus on the road, not on that building nagging feeling of needing a cigarette that would happen with being stuck in car for two hours. She has only been learning for two weeks and has already determined that she cannot cope with the stress of the road without smoking. She hopes that her driving becomes as reactionary and natural as her lighting a cigarette.

Also, whilst looking forward to the future, Ana likes the idea of having children, she loves the idea of being a mum. This will of course all depend on if she can meet the right man. That relationship will have to be on her terms; they will have to accept that she is a very heavy smoker. At the moment the idea of having a family is not completely ruled out. But the very idea of cutting back her consumption of cigarettes is not currently something that she can thing about. She believes even then that she might still have to smoke a little. However, at this moment in time, there is no possibility of a child, and she does not contemplate ever quitting. She just needs to smoke.

Ana is aware that she has a future. But currently living in the smoke-filled moment and enjoying the process of continuously lighting up her much-loved cigarettes. She knows that she still needs to keep continuously and repetitively feeding her lungs with smoke, and her bloodstream with the desired nicotine.

The End

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