An Unusual Office Work


We have been friends for quite a long time but this friendship remained limited to internet chatting, hot flirting and sexual innuendos of words and phrases. Although we were living in the same city and know each other’s address and location but we never committed to meet. During this long internet friendship, I had been involved in serious relationships with a few girls and she’d always had a few fuck buddies, friends with benefits I mean ;), and we shared our sexual experiences with each other, but never did we think about meeting in person and doing the hot stuff that we’d always been talking about. An interesting thing in this friendship was that I’d never seen her picture or viewed her on cam, nor had she me. It was such a loose chain…our relationship you know.

Another interesting thing about our friendship was she was 11 years senior to me, but she had passions and emotions like a 20ish girl. When it came to sex, she was highly imaginative, creative, forward and open-minded. I learned a lot from her experiences and she learnt a bit too from mine. ?

Once I made a plan with two of my friends to go on a vacation in Hawaii for a week and completed my preparations a day before our departure. However, there were a few things in office which I had to take care of before flying there. So I got to office, started my computer, logged on to yahoo while checking my emails, and there she was on yahoo. We exchanged pleasantries and she told me that she was feeling lonely as she didn’t have any fuck buddy around these days. I told her about my vacation plan and that I wouldn’t be online for the next few days. At that point she said ‘wait, brb (be right back)’ and she was gone.

I started completing my office work and after about half an hour, I heard someone knocking gently on my office door. I opened the door and imagine what? She was right there at my office door. I was surprised like anything. Though I didn’t see her ever, but I knew it was her. She had that mischievous smile on her face. Anyhow, she stepped inside pushing me back gently. She was wearing a shirt dress that buttoned from the top to the bottom. It was crisp white and hugged her curves and simple white flats that allowed for soundless walking across any room. ?

The top three buttons were undone and the top of her cleavage peeked through. She’d undone the bottom two buttons as well. She smiled at me and placed one hand on my shoulder moving me backwards to an office wall. ‘James, I kept waiting for you…I kept waiting for you so long…Not tonite…’ she kept staring at my eyes as she began to unbutton my shirt. I started to say ‘ooooh honey’ but she shut me up by kissing me hard on the lips. ‘No, James, you can’t make excuses tonite…This is my time,’ she said in Antep Bayan Escort a sultry voice.

She finished unbuttoning my shirt and undid my jeans. I started to unbutton her fourth button, but she gently pushed my hands away…’No…baby…I’m leading this now’… and she started to nibble on my neck as she loosened my jeans. She pulled them down and ran her tongue from my neck to nipples…..they were small and taut and she gently bit on one then the other… my jeans and underwear were around my feet.

I was still standing against the wall, half naked for her and I reached for my cock…stroking it for her…’Yes, that’s right James, get it rock hard for me’…’Baby, I would wait for you, but tonite, no more waiting, I need, crave you…’ Saying this she took my cock from my hands and continued stroking it…the pre cum at the tip beckoned me… she lowered her head to lick it….mmmmmmm……. ‘I can’t resist your cock, you know that,’ and she sucked on the tip only.

My hands in her hair, tugging her back up to my lips…We kissed and she asked me to undress her…I unbuttoned her dress and saw that she was wearing a teddy….a one piece……..all white….showing off her tan all that much more…her breasts were more exposed and I lowered my head to suck the top of her breasts, moving aside the material to cup it all and sucked on her nipples as she nibbled on my neck, moaning near my ear… ‘James…baby, I need your cock…’ she reversed our positions so that she was leaning flush against the wall with her back to me.

I stepped out of my jeans, kicked them aside and she felt my cock running all along her ass cheeks…my hands encircled her. I had one hand playing with her engorged clit and the other cupping her wet, hot pussy…I spread her legs some more and my cock was at her pussy…just the tip at the opening…We heard groaning and realized it was just the two of us as my cock slipped in further. Some slight resistance for it was tight, but then, ‘ah, yes,’ she moaned as I was in deeper and she was moving back into me…My thrusts increased then she realised that I was teasing her as I slipped it all the way out, then slowly slipped it in…”more, James, More” she implored me. I kissed the back of her neck in response, sucking it and driving her crazy.

Then my thrusts increased and we are in tandem with my cock penetrating harder, faster, our breathing increased and I sucked at her neck and shoulders… she was so wet that I saw my cock slicked with her juices each time I withdrew.

Each time I came crashing into her body, slapping against her flesh, she let out a bit of a moan as she couldn’t contain her pleasure. Looking me in the eyes, she moved down onto her knees. I banged hard on her sexy butt, giving her hard thrusts into her pussy. She instinctively tried to raise up to meet me as I thrust forward to meet her. I continued my work on her, increasing my pace. Each time I pushed forward, she pushed back with as much force as she could muster. Her breasts were bouncing back and forth from the motion of her hips, and each collision sent waves of sweet pleasure coursing through her body. “Oh…yes..yes….YES…” she screamed as her orgasm approached…her screams only made me even more excited and my thrusts became more rapid and violent.

Then I stepped away from her, turned her around and my intoxicated eyes showed my desire to be sucked. She got the point and tasted herself and my precum on my cock and seemed to be lost in the moment of just pleasuring me. She was on her knees now saying ‘this cock is mine… this cock is mine James’.

My cock was throbbing in her mouth and she sucked my entire length. It seemed she was wondering if she desired to swallow my cum or have me fucked her more. She looked up at me, seeing my half open eyes staring at my cock in and out of her mouth and she knew that I would want her to take my cum in her mouth for there was no stopping that look she got when I was about to explode. She released me a bit and said ‘Cum for me James…..” and got a hot, so hot, spurt of my cum in her mouth and swallowed all of it while still sucking me.

When finished, I leaned against the wall and she rose up. I saw the smile in her eyes. She was still in her teddy, but her breasts totally exposed. I leaned towards her grasping her breasts and sucked on them. ‘ah, I am still ready for more, but know that it will only be a matter of minutes when you’re still hard cock and will be inside me again…’ she whispered and gave me the clear signal that she wanted me inside her again.

But now I was in control of the situation and in some other mood. I kissed her breasts and toyed with her nipples. I encircled her in my arms in a tight embrace and pressed my lips onto hers as I started kissing her like a man possessed. My hard cock sticky and hot pressed against her stomach as I hugged her, hands squeezing and stroking her sexy butt cheeks as we stood in the office.

“Dee!” I groaned “Oh Dee I love being with you so much…I could explode,” I kissed her again.

I studied her body closely for a minute or two gently stroking my cock and smiling as I did so. I turned her away from me and urged her to bend over. She was moaning as I teased her dripping wet pussy from behind with my fingers.

“I wanna cum inside you Dee,” I said probing her with my fingers; turning them this way and that. My thumb teasing her slit and sending jolts of pleasure through her. I mumbled that I wanted to get inside your steamy ass that she couldn’t understand and then I pressed my thumb gently against her anus, she gasped and asked me moaning, “What James?” “I wanna bust your ass and cum in you there!” I replied in a husky voice. She said softly but firmly, “Oil me first”.

I gave a whoop of joy and reached up to the drawer of my office table where the hair oil was kept. She positioned herself. Bending over and parting her legs slightly, as her experience had taught her. She felt the oiliness fall onto her butt crack and my finger pushing the oil into her back hole. She saw my lean muscular legs and saw my hand cup and oiled my balls. I know she must be hoping that my shaft was also being oiled.

Finally after a few minutes of pumping her ass hole with oily fingers, I aimed my cock head at the lubricated target of her anus and pushed…wow, it was intense. After letting her have a few seconds to get used to something in her backside, I began to push again, and slid most of my cock slowly into Mary’s tight little ass. It seemed like she had relaxed now.

I took it easy on her as I started to slowly move my hard cock in and out of her tight little butt. I slowly withdrew until just the swollen head was inside her…then, pushed it all the way back into her. I could feel the soft velvety tip just touching the end of her rectum. I just loved the sight of my cock moving in and out of her ass. And, that smooth feeling of being inside her ass, yea, there was nothing quite like it. This was really “doing the nasty!”

She started to moan a little as I started going faster. We both straightened a bit. I thrust inside her ass. She was already wet and had cum once before and she came again. (yes she can and did cum from being ass fucked, just about every time as she’d told me number of times), as I banged her ass and her against the wall with each thrust.

She knew very well that she would need to spur me on so she started squeezing her ass cheeks and that sent me over the edge. ‘Cum for me James,’ and with one more thrust, I exploded with a hot spurt in her ass mingling with my hair oil after fucking her ass for 10 glorious minutes. If you have not had that experience, it is wonderful to feel your cock shooting off in ass. We held each other tighter as we recovered from the intensity of this orgasm.

I hadn’t had a cum this good in a long time. Yea, there was just something special about this woman — and also being in her ass. Finally, I collapsed on top of her. Neither spoke for several minutes. We just lay there, my cock still deep in her bottom, in that forbidden tight little place, as we caught our breath.

“Was it as good as you thought it would be with me?” I finally asked, still nearly breathless, as I withdrew from her and rolled over next to her.

“Yea, maybe better. I had a great cum. I wanna do this again.”

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