An Afternoon Adventure

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“What are we going to do now that the inventory is done,” Ann says while we are walking out to our cars after completing inventory. Our playful banter has been going on now for weeks ever since I hired her at the store.

Our back and forth flirtation started with little comments here and there about sex and then it evolved to some naughty comments about what are favorite sex positions and now we have gotten to the occasional accidental brushing up against each other just to tease each other.

On this particular afternoon Ann just finished work and I ran into her in the parking lot and we started up are playful banter. “How about we go out to eat we can take my car I know this nice restaurant just down the road.” “You just want me in your car so that you can flirt with me.” Ann replies as she locks up her car and walks over to the passenger side of my car.

We pull into City Forest restaurant and go in and order our food. Sitting at the table our playful banter is getting pretty naughty especially when I touch your hand and start running my fingers up your arm sending tingling sensations through your body. I feel your leg rubbing up and down my leg and I don’t know if you are just playing or not but you ask if we can go someplace private. I think that I inhaled the rest of my food in minutes just so that we could go out the door. I can see the look in your eye and I know that you’re restraining yourself from making a seen in the restraint.

Once at the car I open the door and you brush the side of your breast against my arm I think that it turned me on more then you. With your hand rubbing my thigh we start to make the two block drive to the hotel that I called and made reservations for us. I can see the unbridled maltepe escort lust in your eyes as I am getting ready to pull into the parking lot. Just as I am about to pull into the parking lot I get a naughty thought and pull back out into the road and tell you that I don’t think that your turned on enough yet as I take a quick nibble of your neck knowing that it will drive you that much closer to the edge.

Leaning over you whisper are we ever going to get there. Little do I know that you are getting some naughty thoughts of your own by rubbing the inside of my thigh and nibbling on my ear making my cock jump in my pants and swerve on the road all at the same time. “Oh I am plenty turned on right now. I think that you need to stay on the road mister before you get us into an accident.” As you nibble all the more on my ear. Once I recover my senses of your nibbling it’s my turn to drive you farther to the edge by rubbing the wetness that is growing in your tight shorts. Not to be out done you start to rub my cock through my pants. We couldn’t get to the hotel fast enough at that point.

I stop at the last stop light right in front of the hotel after driving us around the block and unbutton your shorts and slowly start to rub your wet pussy. I can tell that we are now at that point where we need to get into the hotel or we will end up having sex right here in the parking lot. I get the key and we practically run to the room knowing what is about to happen.

As soon as the door shuts you push me up against it and we embrace in with wanton need for each other. Before I know it you have my shirt off and you’re sliding my pants to the floor. Not wanting to be outdone I pull mecidiyeköy escort you up and kiss you passionately as I pull your shirt and unclasp your bra and letting it fall to the floor I take one of your nipples into my mouth and suck on it as I slide your shorts off your body revealing a sexy thong you start to stroke my cock through my boxers.

Walking backwards away from me you get to the bed and lay back. I walk over and start trailing little kisses down your stomach to your navel and then as I pull your thong off of you I continue my trail of kisses making sure to not kiss your pussy as I work the thong off your feet and throwing it aside. Once naked I climb on the bed and whisper that you need to free my hard cock from their current confines. You get up off the bed and pull my boxers down and then off. Grabbing the my cock I watch as you lick the head teasingly feeling your hot breath on my cock I can’t help but thrust upward forcing my cock into your mouth. I bend forward and start playing with your nipples as you start to bob up and down with your mouth and stroke my cock into your mouth. With one hand on your breasts I move the other to the back of your head and grabbing your hair I start you pull your mouth onto my cock even faster. You cup my balls in your hand while you’re making me go crazy with sucking my cock pushing me even closer to the edge. I can’t last much longer so I pull you up onto the bed with me and lay back as I position you over me and start to lick and nibble your pussy giving you the perfect opportunity to take my cock back into your mouth.

Squirming in pleasure I can tell that I am hitting all the right places your pussy is getting so wet I pendik escort just hope that I make you cum before you push me over the edge because I still need to get my cock into that tight wet pussy. I nibble your clit and push you over the edge. Your legs wrap around my head tightly as you lose control and have your first orgasm. As your orgasm washes over you I slow my nibbling down to licking up and down the length of your pussy. I ease you up and lay you down as I climb on top of you kissing you passionately. “I want that throbbing cock inside my wet pussy.” You whisper into my ear as I start biting your neck. I take my cock in hand and start to rub it up and down the length of your pussy. Pushing ever so slowing making you gasp I work my cock all the way into your tight wet pussy. Your pussy is still spasming around my cock as I finally get deep inside of you. I start with slow deep thrusts taking myself all the way out only to go as deep as I can back into you. Lust is in your eyes when you tell me to “fuck me like you mean it” Your words drive me as crazy as you already are and my pace picks up and I start fucking you like I possessed animal I can’t last much longer like this and I can tell that you are building to another orgasm.

I know that we won’t last much longer so I pull my cock out of you and turn you around and bend you over I am my cock at your pussy and go as deep as it will go. Thrusting in and out of you I pull your head back by your hair allowing me to pick up more speed. “Where do you want me to cum” I yell as I am about to cum. “I want you’re cum in my pussy” is all you can say as your orgasm starts to wash over you. Your pussy squeezing my cock is what pushes me over the edge and torrent after torrent of cum gets pumped deep inside of you. Our mutual orgasms last until I finally start to slip out of you and cum starts dripping from your pussy as we collapse on the bed together. Catching our breath I pull the blanket over to us and cuddling up together I start to brush my fingers up and down your arm as we slowly drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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