American Virgin

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When I hit 18, I desperately wanted to shed myself of my virginity. My problem wasn’t that I was hideous looking or anything. I was a good looking if skinny Joe Average kid, but I had major confidence issues when it came to girls. The closest I got to any action was at my 18th birthday party – an embarrassing handjob in a closet playing 7 minutes in heaven, and let’s just say when you cum too quickly and the girl runs out of the closet waving her hand drenched in cum to a crowd of laughing people, that’s a major confidence killer.

I ended up with the nickname, Oily Oliver, because the girl in the closet told everyone that I was already leaking precum when she reached into my pants.

So I stayed away from girls and jacked off in my room like a fiend. My mom overheard me sometimes and would yell, “What are you doing in there, Oliver?” And I’d yell back that I was doing cardio or push-ups and to stay the hell out of my room.

But 18, I mean I couldn’t graduate high school as a virgin? I couldn’t start college as a virgin? No, I needed to get some experience fast.

My best friend, Coops, was a bit of a player. He came from a rich family, so he always had girls around him. He loved getting head and loved telling me about it. He was a lucky asshole. Money, girls, looks, cars. Life wasn’t fair.

I was bitching about my virginity online with a friend when he suggested I get a rich relative. Yeah, right. All of our family was poor. But the it occurred to me that my dad had a very rich and famous friend. My dad used to be a stand-up comic, and he opened for a guy who ended up becoming a rock star. We got Christmas cards from the guy and tickets whenever he was in town. Rumor had it that he was actually my godfather. Time to reach out!

I wrote a letter to Joey Price, the big rock star with a voice like Zeppelin and the swagger of the old school 70s stars. Sex, drugs, rock and roll. I wrote and asked him if he was my godfather. If he was, I would love to hang out with him some day. The tabloids said he was on wife No. 3, and he had mansions in LA, Martha’s Vineyard and Arizona.

To my delight, Joey emailed me back within a week. He said he wasn’t 100% sure that he was my godfather, but he wouldn’t be surprised. He said he’d be thrilled to see me and the fam when he was next on the East Coast. Damn, I couldn’t wait that long. I replied that I wanted to talk to him in private. That night, he said we could skype.

“Oliver, dude! it’s your uncle Joey! How’s your dad? How’s your mom?”

“Good, dad’s got a job teaching humor writing at a college here. Mom stays at home and looks after us.”

I looked at the screen, amazed that Joey Price would be chatting with me. He looked older than his videos, but I guess he’d be in his 50s, my dad’s age.

“So let me guess, Oliver. You want to get into the music industry and want my help?”

“No, no sir. I actually plan to get into finance.”

“Oh! Smart kid!”

“I wanted your help about something else.” My hands were cold and clammy and I looked at my bedroom door to make sure it was closed. “Sir…”

“Uncle Joey, please!”

“Uncle Joey? I’m 18 and, well, I’m not very experienced… you know, with girls.”

“OMG, you’re a virgin?”

I laughed nervously, nodded. “I thought maybe rock stars, you guys have orgies, parties, something like that? I thought I could get invited? Learn that way?”

Uncle Joey couldn’t stop laughing. “Geezus, sorry kid. I lost my virginity when I was 15. But different times. Every girl wants to bang the band.” He stopped wheezing. “Listen kid, you’re my godson. I’m pretty sure. I haven’t been there Anadolu Yakası Escort for you in years, but I will help you out here. You want a party? I will arrange a party for you.”

“Wow, that’d be great.”

“Now, I want you to think hard about this before I throw you a party. Do you want your first time to be special? Then save it for the girl of your dreams. But I can make sure you party all the way except for actual sex. If you just want to lose it, I can arrange that too. But you’re going to have to live with the fact that you lost it to a hooker. A very high priced, elite hooker, but a hooker. What do you think, Oliver?”

I was stumped. I didn’t really think about that. “What happens in party


“You’ll get beautiful women doing everything you want except actual pee in vee sex.”



“They go all the way.”

I swallowed hard. My dick was bulging in my sweat pants. I was going to get laid.

“I guess….” My voice cracked… “I guess I should save it?


“Ok, my man, I will arrange everything. You can get away for night? Get to Manhattan? Waldorf Astoria?”

“Wow, sure, that would be great!” Something occurred to me, “Um, can I bring a friend?”

“Sure, kid. Don’t go crazy. This will be an expensive party, but no drugs – I don’t want your parents to kill me!”

“No, of course, sure, um, thanks, Uncle Joey.”

I lied to my parents and told them I was going to stay overnight at Coops. But that night, Coops and I were sitting in a limo courtesy of my rock star godfather, on the way to Manhattan.

“So Oliver, we’re getting a sex party with no sex?”

“Dude, sort of. I told my Uncle Joey I didn’t want to lose my virginity to a hooker.”

Coops laughed. He was that “blonde guy.” I wanted him to tag along because I didn’t want to be with a bunch of strangers.

We arrived at the Waldorf Astoria and were shown to our suite. Inside, the suite had an incredible view of Manhattan. Red furniture, red curtains, a white marble buffet with every kind of Italian food I could think of. Might as well splurge since Uncle Joey offered, right?

But then the girls walked in. Uncle Joey had asked me what kind of girls I liked. I told him I liked Asian girls and Latinas. They seemed sweeter and cuter than the girl who had jacked me off in the closet. Six girls walked into the suite, 3 Asians, 3 Latinas, all with different color hair – from blondes, to purples to red They were all wearing school uniforms and looked no older than me and Coops.

“School uniforms? I like your Uncle’s dirty mind!” Coops whistled.

“I am Anna – I’m the emcee for the evening.” This beautiful Asian girl with blue hair no taller than 5′ smiled at me. “Oliver, would you like your own private room or would you and your friend like to share a room?”

“Dude!” Coops whistled, “I’m down if you are.”

“Um, sure.” I was already cold and clammy. This was happening.

The girls set up massage tables side by side in the suite’s sitting room. Coops and I stood by the buffet. I was nervously stuffing my face and drinking wine. Coops was nodding confidently, smiling, “Dude, this is going to be fun.”

The massage tables looked like regular massage tables except we quickly noticed something different. “Dude!” Coops nudged me and pointed to the middle of each table – there was a cut-out hole.

I gulped more wine.

“Time for shower!” Anna announced. She led me and Coops into the giant futuristic bathroom which had a huge walk-in shower with showerheads on each end. “Undress, boys!”

Bashfully, I could feel my face beet red Kurtköy Escort as I stripped. My pale white body I had shaved earlier. My boner was rock hard and red, pointing in the air. Compared to the tanned Asian and Latina girls, Coops and I were pale and white. I glanced over at Coops’ muscled body and was relieved his boner wasn’t any bigger than mine. But all around us, the six girls had stripped as well and giggled as we all crowded into the shower. The hot water came down, the girls got out their loofahs, and Coops and I were scrubbed and suds up by loofahs, boobs, and butts.

It was like we were in a car wash. Waves and waves of girls were soaping and rubbing themselves against me. They giggled like anime girls, and then it happened. A girl was twerking her ass against me. I shuddered as I came, holding her waist as I sprayed her ass, but instead of insulting laughter, the girls moaned my name as if my cum made them orgasmic.

“Dude!” Coops smiled, “You came?”

“Yeah,” I sheepishly smiled back, and luckily my best friend did not judge me. A girl was rubbing up against him and with a loud moan, he came too followed by another chorus of the girls moaning.

We were soon scrubbed down and ushered out of the shower into white bathrobes. We returned to the living room where the girls giggled as they stripped us of the robes. We hopped up onto the massage tables with fluffy white towels placed over our butts.

“Oliver, do you like massages?” Anna smiled at me.

“I’ve never had one.” I adjusted myself. My junk was hanging through the cut-out hole and I could feel the air around me. I looked over at the other table and saw that Coops’ junk was also protruding through his table’s hole – he looked like a cow ready to be milked.

Anna ran her fingers along my spine. “You will like this, Oliver. One of us will massage your back. Another your feet – it’s called reflexology. And another will give you a lingamic massage.”

“Cool.” I closed my eyes as mysterious and relaxing music began. I felt as if I was on a tropical island under a night sky. I felt the light weight of a girl sitting on my lower back. She had climbed up and was rubbing my shoulders with well oiled hands. “Nice.” I whispered. Then I felt another girl grab a hold of my feet. She was massaging my feet but then she moved around so that my feet were up against her oily breasts. I opened my eyes to confirm that Coops was also getting the same treatment. I almost fell asleep until I felt hands handling my dick, pulling me, milking me through the hole. I opened my eyes again to look over at Coops’ table and saw a girl under the table, pulling him until his erection glistened in her hands.

The same was happening to me. My nervousness was gone, pulled and stretched by this massage. Then the girl underneath Coops opened her mouth and started sucking him. I too soon felt a hot wet mouth under me, sucking my virgin dick. I tried to relax but I started to tense up.

“Shhhhh, Oliver, relax,” Anna said as she worked on my shoulders. She then reached beneath her and pulled away the towel.

“Relax, Oliver,” the girl said as she rubbed her breasts against the soles of my feet.

“Mmmm,” the girl beneath me said, her mouth full of my dick. Her humming felt incredible as she slobbered around my dick head.

I looked back at Coops table, seeing him serviced by those 3 beautiful girls. Realizing I had my own 3 working me. The excitement was too much as I shuddered and ejaculated into the willing mouth below.

Again, I waited for laughter. Some teasing from the girls or Coops for cumming so easily, but Pendik Escort there was only moaning from my 3. I laid on the massage table, spent, relaxed, as the girls continued to rub my shoulders and feet, the third still suckling my dick.

Soon Coops was cumming. His trio moaned, and watching him get serviced got me hard again. I was, after all, 18 years old and in my prime.

This time, Anna asked me to flip over on my back which I did excitedly. The 3 girls oiled me down and i was twitching my erection to show off my youthful vigor. One girl massaged my hands, another girls rubbed my feet up against her tits while Anna climbed onto the table and squatted over my thighs. I admired their beautiful tanned bodies against my pale skin. “Handsome gringo,” one girl said.

“Decision time, Oliver. Would you like us to go all the way? Or as close as possible?”

“Go for it, dude!” Coops smiled. “This is fucking amazing.”

“All the way?” I squeaked. I couldn’t believe it but this night was very memorable.

“You’re the boss, Oliver!” Anna reached for my boner and started sucking me. Then another girl took a hold and started sucking, then the third. I knew I couldn’t last long as the 3 girls took turns sucking me off, their 3 tongues teasing and flicking the length of my erection. But just before I thought I would cum, the girls snapped on a condom on me. Then, one at a time, they climbed onto the table and directed my erection into them. I had seen enough porn to name this position – reverse cowgirl. I looked down at my skinny body, enjoying the view of watching my wrapped dick sink into the three different girls as they mewed with pleasure and continued massaging and stroking my skinny body.

I looked over at the other table and Coops was getting head while another girl was licking out his asshole. He seemed to be in heaven, his eyes half-closed, his legs up in the air.

I didn’t just want to be fucked, I wanted to do some fucking, so I sat up and directed Anna to lie down. I clambered over her. She reached between us to guide me in so I could try good old fashion missionary. But porn never shows you how tightly clenched your junk is inside a girl. How snug you feel when her legs come up and wrap themselves around your waist. How a girl’s eyes blaze with each push in. I was panting as our bodies slapped together. The other girls – one was kissing my ass and pulling my balls. The other was sucking my toes.

Virginity lost. If I thought that was the end of the evening, I was wrong. Each girl had a turn on my dick. I mean each girl – all six. The girls rotated between our 2 tables. Coops and I would pause the action and hit the buffet. Sometimes, the girls took us back into the shower for another invigorating scrub down, but it wasn’t until the next day, 10 in the morning when we were finally finished. 24 hours ago, I was a virgin. Now, I had had six girls ride my dick like I was their favorite Disney ride. Each girl moaned and screamed in orgasm. I don’t know if they really came or not, I just felt like my dick was magic to each of them.

5 of the girls were snuggled in the enormous bed, purring like sleeping kittens. Anna kissed me and showed me the pile of used condoms from our evening. She hugged me and whispered “Oliver” and it took Coops pulling my arm to stop me from wanting one last boning session with her.

Coops and I sat half-asleep in the limo on the ride back home. We were trying to list everything that had happened to us. Handjob, blowjob, footjob, titty fuck, toe-sucking, deep throating, reverse cowgirl, missionary, planking, corkscrew, doggy, wheel barrow, froggy, spooning, geez these girls taught me a lot.

The girls got up to kiss us goodbye and a couple of them cried as if we were their long lost boyfriends. I was a little sad that I probably wouldn’t see these girls again. Shit, probably couldn’t afford them! But I did feel like a brand new man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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