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He sat at his computer in shock. ‘How in the hell could someone write a story about fucking their own daughter?’ he thought continuing to read and something came to him, his cock was harder than it had been in years. ‘Damn!’ he said looking down to his swollen member. ‘You like this shit do you?’ he laughed enjoying the feel of being so hard again.

He hadn’t had a good hard-on in five years and figured it was his age creeping up on him. But, after reading a few of the stories on the web site, he quickly realized his cock was fine and wanted something different. He thought of his daughter. ‘I wonder if she’d fuck an old man?’ he laughed thinking of her long brown hair and her cute, little eighteen-year-old ass. His cock got harder thinking of Amanda in their pool the day before. ‘Damn!’ he moaned reaching down to give it a hard squeeze. ‘It’d be nice if we could get her to help with this,’ he whispered thinking of the shy girl and her legs wrapped around his hips.

‘Daddy, it’s time for dinner.’ Amanda said tapping on the door, wondering why her father locked the door of his den. ‘Come on, before it gets cold,’ she added waiting for him to reply.

‘Okay, baby,’ he yelled, hoping his cock would go down. It would be just a tad hard to explain to his daughter why his cock was so hard. ‘Oh nothing really, I was just thinking of fucking some young girl,’ he laughed to himself and figured what the hell. Amanda was always sitting on him, hugging him and wore some skimpy things around the house. If she did happen to notice, he’d just tell her that he needed to get laid. He saved the web site, put out his cigarette and walked to the door. ‘Hi pretty girl,’ he winked looking down to her large D cup breasts, his cock started to grow once again, and didn’t care. It felt good.

‘What are you doing in there?’ she teased in a motherly voice, noticing that he was smiling and something seemed different about him.

He glanced at her breasts again, hoping that she wore her favorite nightshirt to bed later. He loved seeing her in small things and after reading that story, he was going to start enjoying looking at her. ‘Nothing. Just paying a few bills. I must have locked the door on accident,’ he smiled putting his arm around her and walked to the kitchen. ‘So, what’s for dinner?’ he asked moving behind her rounded ass, pinning her between him and the stove.

Amanda felt him against her and a warm rush quickly covered her body. She loved touching him anyway possible and he seemed so different today. ‘I fixed you a thick steak and a salad,’ she replied turning her head to smile and she felt it. Her Daddy’s cock was as hard as a rock and it was pushing in the crack of her ass. ‘Whatever you were doing in the den, please keep it up,’ she thought enjoying his stiff cock pushing against her.

‘A man couldn’t ask for a better daughter,’ he whispered in her ear, ran his arms around her as tight as he could, kissed her neck and was sure that Amanda moaned.

‘Thank you,’ she purred savoring his cock on her ass and him hugging her so tightly, wondering what was going on. They hugged and kissed as father and daughter, but she’d never felt him hard until now.

He pushed on her a little harder, flexed his cock and walked to sit at the table. ‘How was your day?’ he asked lighting a cigarette, hoping Amanda enjoyed him being hard, because from now on he didn’t care. If he got hard while they were hugging or when she sat on his lap, he was going to enjoy it and hoped that just maybe she would too.

‘It was okay,’ she said thinking of his long, thick cock on her ass just a few moments ago and how magnificent it felt. She could only wonder if it was for her or someone else. She had a few dirty thoughts of him in the past, but it was always because of a friend talking about fucking him. ‘How about yours?’ she turned to see his dark eyes were looked on her tight blue, spandex shorts. ‘God, he’s checking out my ass!’ she thought with a hint of excitement running through her young body, as she walked towards him with his dinner plate.

‘It was pretty good,’ he smiled watching her full breasts swaying back and forth as she moved closer to him. ‘So, what do you want to do tonight?’ he asked watching her nipples growing right before his eyes and he realized he should look up to her pretty face.

‘I guess the same thing we do every night.’ Amanda replied hoping that his cock would be as hard later on. She knew that she’d be wearing her small, white top and her tiny pair of blue, bikini panties for him. He was this hard today; he’d be just as hard when he saw her wearing that. ‘A movie and then bed,’ she added thinking of his cock nice and hard while they sat watching a movie hugging each other.

‘Sounds good to me,’ he smiled giving her full breasts another look, seeing that her nipples were swollen. ‘I like it when we watch movies together,’ he said looking up into her pretty; green eyes and saw a little sparkle in them.

‘I escort bayan bursa do too,’ she smiled seeing his eyes on her breasts, thinking of all the times they hugged and snuggled so close. So close in fact that people would think they were doing things together and they never did it when her friend Britney stayed the night. ‘Two new ones came in the mail today. They both look very good to me.’ Amanda said as she sat across from him, making sure not to block his view of her breasts.

‘I ordered one that I wasn’t sure of. It’s some kind of old slasher movie from the late seventies,’ he said remembering that it was rated ‘R’ and had lots of heavy sex scenes in it. ‘They might be old, but I think their better than the shit they make now,’ he added cutting a piece of his steak and put it in his mouth. ‘Mmmm, damn girl!’ he moaned with pleasure. ‘I might not let you go to college next year,’ he said giving her a wink and couldn’t resist looking at her nipples again.

‘I gather that you like it?’ Amanda smiled taking a bite of her own, wondering what had come over him. He was flirting with her and it was making her tingle all over. She’d never hung out with many guys or been on a serious date, but she knew what was going on.

‘I love it!’ he said looking into her eyes and down the front of her body and didn’t care if she saw him or not. ‘Oh, you’re turning out to be a great cook!’ he smiled giving her a wink, hoping that tonight would be one to remember.

Amanda felt her face turning red as he told her what a wonderful cook she was and he was checking out her nipples. ‘Thank you, Daddy,’ she smiled wondering if his cock was hard or not. From the way he was looking at her, Amanda was sure he’d be harder than ever.


She finished brushing her long, brown hair; made sure her top was straight, gave her nipples a tiny pinch, caressed her burning pussy and made her way to the family room. All the lights in the house were off, except for a warm glow coming from the family room. Amanda walked in, covered her mouth and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. He had a thick, furry blanket on the sofa. Candles were placed all around and he had a bottle of wine sitting in a bucket of ice.

‘Wow, someone sure has been busy,’ she smiled, watching him turn and she was sure his eyes were going to pop from his head. He looked up, down and all over, her body and she loved it. That’s when Amanda saw his cock practically jump straight up in the air in his silk boxers.

He looked at Amanda and felt his cock growing faster than at any time in his life. He looked at her breasts under the small, white shirt; her nipples were harder than ever and looked so good. He slowly looked down her beautiful, young body and eyes were drawn to Amanda’s powder blue panties. ‘My god!’ he moaned walking towards her with his raging cock leading the way. ‘You are so gorgeous!’ he smiled walking to hug her. ‘Damn, you’re beautiful girl,’ he whispered pushing it down and moved against her.

‘Thank you, Daddy!’ Amanda moaned, trembling in his powerful arms, wondering if she should run away or stay against him, enjoying his massive cock crushed into her burning, virgin pussy. All the years of wondering what it would fell like to have a horny man against her were over, but the horny man, was her Daddy. His long and very hard cock smashed into her burning, young pussy, sending wave after wave of the most breathtaking feelings rushing over her. Feelings of need to be pleasured, but he was her Daddy and Amanda knew things like that weren’t natural.

He held her tight, enjoying her wonderful breasts smashed on his chest and her hot pussy on his stiffened cock. He knew that should end right now, but her trembling, excited body held him in a trance. He couldn’t keep his hands from Amanda’s body and her excited flesh. He caressed all over her back and slowly moved down to the edge of her small panties, wondering if he should go lower. There was no way that he wanted to ruin his love with Amanda. He gave her a small kiss on her forehead and pulled away.

‘Would you like a glass of wine?’ he asked pouring her a glass and turned to see his young daughter staring at his swollen cock. ‘I’m sorry baby,’ he said with a red face, trying to cover it and he noticed a very sexy smile move over her face.

‘It’s okay, Daddy. A girl loves knowing that she can turn on the man that loves her,’ she replied feeling her nipples were so close to exploding. She took the glass from him and moved to sit on the sofa. ‘Come sit with me,’ she said looking up to his cock, thinking of how easy it would be for him to stand in front of her and suck it dry. Amanda had always dreamt of sucking cock. She loved sucking big pickles, bananas and her little toy she got last year, but this one was real and it was her, Daddy’s. He was so hard and Amanda knew that it was for her and she loved it.

He wasn’t sure if he should even be in the same room with her or not, bursa sinirsiz eskort but the womanly look of lust on Amanda’s beautiful face drew him to her. His heart raced as he sat down next to her and again he couldn’t help looking at Amanda’s swollen nipples. ‘You are so pretty,’ he whispered slowly looking up to her face.

‘Do you think I’m pretty or do you mean theses?’ she asked with a smile, moving her hands down and ran a finger over each of her excited nipples. She watched his eyes widen and wished it was his fingers touching them, but he was her, Daddy. Daddy’s didn’t do things like that to their daughters’, did they?

He watched Amanda touching her nipples and couldn’t believe how hard she was making him. She slowly traced around them with her index finger, teasing her darkened areola circles as she looked into his eyes. ‘Are you trying to kill me?’ he asked with a wink and a smile. Amanda turned into a very sexy, young lady and it was going to be very difficult to stay away from her.

‘I’d never do anything like that,’ she whispered reaching one arm around him and the other for her glass of wine. ‘What movie are we going to watch first?’ Amanda asked wishing that it would be one of the movies he kept hidden in his room.

He handed her the cover and pushed play on the remote control. ‘It looks okay. I saved the ‘R’ rated one for last,’ he smiled putting his arm around Amanda and knew this should stop. He didn’t want to fuck up the love that they shared.

Amanda shifted her ass closer to him, enjoying the feel of him against her body and she quickly looked to see that he was still hard, hard for her. She knew this wasn’t right, but as long as it was just some touching and petting, it would be fine. ‘I love being with you,’ she said looking to his handsome face, wondering if he had thoughts of doing her. If so, Amanda wasn’t sure if she could resist him or not, she loved him as a father and wondered if she could also love him as a man.

He smiled, hugged her tighter and replied, ‘I love being with you too, baby,’ and he held her as the movie began.

They drank wine, enjoyed being so close together and laughed as the movie ended. ‘I hope the next one is a little better than this one was.’ Amanda giggled and a wonderful thought filled her half-drunken mind. ‘I’ll change the disk,’ she said standing up, walked towards the TV and knew his eyes were looking at her ass. She made sure to add a little more sway in her hips, hoping that her Daddy was enjoying her little show.

He watched Amanda’s great ass wiggling with each of her steps, having a good idea that she was enjoying it just as much as he was watching her. ‘Little teaser,’ he said to himself as she bent straight over. ‘Damn girl!’ he blurted out, enjoying her firm ass pointing to his face and he felt his cock quickly growing in his shorts.

Amanda turned her head and knew he had to be going crazy. Her ass was bent over giving him a great view of it and her tiny, blue panties were deep in her crack. ‘What?’ she asked in a teasing, little girl voice, know exactly what she was doing to her Daddy and his big, long cock.

‘What my ass!’ he laughed flexing his stiffened cock, not caring if she saw it or not. Amanda was still a young girl, but she was playing a woman’s’ game and now he only hoped he could resist her teasing. ‘I should give that hot thing a good spanking,’ he added looking at her great ass, wondering how it would feel rubbing his stiff cock in her deep crevice. He loved rubbing his cock into a woman’s ass since his first girl many years ago and tonight was no different. Amanda’s ass was beautiful. Nice and round with a deep crevice and his stiff cock wanted to be against it.

‘Daddy wants to spank me?’ Amanda teased in a ‘little girls’ voice that she knew would drive him crazy. ‘I’ll be Daddy’s good little girl,’ she whispered reaching her hand to her mouth and began to suck her thumb as she slowly walked towards him. ‘Please don’t spank me, Daddy,’ she said in a soft voice, making sure to stick out her lower lip and went back to sucking her thumb.

He watched Amanda and could not believe what she was doing to his cock. ‘You keep this shit up and I might do a little more than spank you,’ he said in his fatherly voice than Amanda knew he meant business, and was only used when she was in trouble.

Amanda loved the idea that she was turning on her Daddy this much and it was also getting her tiny pussy so wet, she was surprised her juices weren’t running down her thighs. ‘Oh come on, Daddy. You love it and you know it,’ she said with a smile sitting beside him and couldn’t help but notice his long cock was hard again. Now she just had to think of a way to get as close to it as she could and it came to her. She grabbed a pillow, put it over his lap, laid down and put her head on it, hoping that he’d let her stay.

She was lying on her side, giving him a great view escort bayan of her right tit and he could feel his big cock growing harder. He couldn’t believe Amanda’s head was only a few inches from his raging cock, only separated by some cheep pillow that came from Wal-mart. He moved his hand over her side, just a few inches from her tit, as the second movie began. His fingers rested on her warm, tender flesh, sending more excitement through his body and to his already, swollen cock.

Amanda lie motionless as his hand moved on her body, praying that he’d touch her breast, but he was her Daddy and Daddy’s didn’t do things like that to their daughters’. Blood raced through her veins, her young heart pounded with excitement and her head was spinning. ‘I love it when you touch me, Daddy.’ Amanda whispered turning her head to give him a smile and didn’t realize that the pillow had slipped, until she felt his cock on her ear. ‘Oh my God!’ she said to herself, wondering if he’d fix the pillow or just leave it the way it was. ‘Please leave it,’ she thought enjoying his extremely hard cock touching her, wishing his shorts were off. ‘Only a few more inches and Daddy’s cock will be right on my face.’ Amanda smiled to herself and couldn’t help but stretching out her body.

‘Oh shit!’ he thought feeling the side of Amanda’s warm face on his cock shaft. ‘How and the fuck did I ever let this go so far?’ he thought again, but she felt so good against him. It had been so long since a woman touched him and this young woman was his very sexy daughter and that made it even more exciting. He reached for his drink and the pillow slid more. ‘Oh no!’ he thought as the pillow fell to the floor. This was it; other than a pair of silk boxers, his cock was completely against Amanda’s gorgeous face.

She couldn’t breathe, her heart pounded harder than ever and she was close to fainting. ‘What should I do?’ Amanda asked herself as the heat from his shaft radiated through his thin shorts, to her face. ‘Could you reach my drink, Daddy?’ she asked turning her head towards him, wondering what he was thinking and when she saw his eyes closed, she knew he was loving it just as much as she was.

He jumped from his trance and reached to get her glass. ‘Here ya go, baby,’ he smiled reaching the glass to her, hoping that she could drink it without moving from where she was. She was his flesh and blood, but she was also a woman that was driving him crazy with lust. He watched as she lifted her head just enough to sip her wine, never moving from his cock. ‘That’s my girl,’ he said to himself as her pretty eyes looked to him with love.

‘Thank you, Daddy,’ she purred handing him the glass, shifted her body closer to him and gently rested her face back on his swollen cock shaft. ‘I wish I had the nerve to just reach in, pull it out and suck it dry.’ Amanda thought enjoying it on her face, praying it would find its way out of the shorts and to her panting mouth.

He just looked down, enjoying Amanda’s body against his, her big breasts in plane view, her beautiful ass in a small pair of panties and her face on his hard cock. What more could a guy ask? Lots of things, like turning on her stomach and sucking him dry or climbing on him and fucking his brains out, but the same thought filled his mind she was his daughter.

‘You are so pretty,’ he smiled caressing down Amanda’s side to her stomach, enjoying the young girls’ smiling face and her trembling under his fingers.

‘Thank you, Daddy,’ she whispered in a loving voice, thinking of turning on her back, giving him the opportunity to touch her anyplace he wanted, but she wouldn’t be able to feel him on her face. She thought of him fondling her breasts, caressing her excited pussy and doing anything else he wanted. ‘Fuck it!’ she thought turning on her back and slightly spread her legs, knowing his dark eyes would be looking to her very wet and excited pussy.

He looked over Amanda’s body and was lost. She was his baby and she was driving him crazy. His cock was harder than it had been in years and it felt so good, but he couldn’t fuck her. He caressed over her stomach and quickly felt her breathing increase. ‘She’s enjoying this just as much as I am,’ he thought wishing he could do more, but that same thought filled his mind.

Amanda just laid there; enjoying her Daddy’s loving hand caressing her stomach, wishing that he’d go lower, to her burning pussy. ‘Touch it, Daddy,’ she thought looking up to his face with need. ‘Please touch me!’ she thought stretching out as far as she could, making sure that her left leg was hanging over the side of the sofa and her right one was spread as wide as she could get it, giving him a great view of her panty-covered pussy.

He looked over her and knew what she wanted, but there was no way in hell he could do it. She was his baby, his daughter. He pulled his hand from her, reached for his drink, and heard a moan of disapproval come from Amanda. He slowly drank, watching her young, exciting body, enjoying her full breasts moving up and down as she breathed in and out. ‘It’s a fucking shame that some ass-hole had to make it illegal to fuck a relative,’ he thought watching over her, wishing he could sink his cock deep into her body and that’s when things really began to heat up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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