Alley Quicky

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I invited Diana to join me for drinks and a movie. Diana is wearing a little black skirt, white blouse and red strap heels. Diana is 25 never married dental assistant at my personal dentist office. Its late, almost midnight when we left the movie theater. I can vaguely see her black bra through her shirt, and a little of the lace framing her cleavage. The parking lot is empty and dark. I’m walking beside her, then all of a sudden I push her into an alley. She screams and tries to resist me as I push her up against the brick wall behind a dumpster. Covering her mouth with my hand. She feels me press my hard cock against her thigh. ” Don’t make any more noise.” Diana nods her head, tears running down her face. I rip her blouse open, the warm humid air on her skin makes her feel sticky. I pull her bra down exposing her tits. Her tits fall out and she cringes. I begin to kiss her neck and chest while running my hand up the back of her thigh and feeling her ass. I pull down her thong and shove two of my fat fingers into her tight pussy. Diana whimpers in pain. I said ” Shut up!” I push her down to her knees. ” Now suck my cock, slut.”
She looks up at me with tears running down her face, scared. She cautiously raises her hands up to my pants. She unzips my jeans and slowly pulls them down with my boxers. My hard cock stares her in the face. I grab the back of her head and pushes it onto my cock. Diana gags and tries to push away but I’m too strong for her. I grab her hair pushing and pulling her head on my cock making her gag with every thrust.

I pull her head off my long thick cock. It’s slathered escort jigolo gaziantep in her drool. ” Get up. Now you whore.” Diana did as she was told. She stands up and face me covering her chest with her hands. I push her ripped shirt and bra off her shoulders and it falls to the pavement. She stands in the alley naked from the waist up, thong around her ankles. I look her up and down with a smirk. I push her up against the brick wall and fondle her tits as I kiss her neck again. ” You like this, don’t you? You want my cock.” I bend her over the dumpster and raise her skirt over her ass. I run my hand between her legs and feel her wetness. ” I knew you liked this you slut. You want to be taken, don’t you?”
Diana looks back at me over her shoulder and shakes her head no. ” Please. No. Don’t.” She pleads. I step behind her and she feels the warmth of my body. I softly run my hands over her ass and without warning I shove my cock in her tight pussy. She moans in pain, trying to take all of my cock. I thrust in and out of her pussy hard and long. Grabbing her hips pulling her into me with every thrust. She feels my cock swell and jerk inside of her. I go harder and faster, my balls slapping her ass. I pull her hair back hard as she feels me squirt my hot cum into her pussy.
Relieved, I pull my cock out of her and stand her upright. ” Good girl, now lick me clean.” She kneels in front of me again and takes my cock in her hand. She licks it up and down, tasting my cum and her juices mixed together. She takes my cock in her mouth and sucks every last drop escort bayan gaziantep lezbiyen of cum from it. When she is done she stares up at me. I moan softly and pull up my pants and boxers and zip up. ” Now pull yourself together and get the fuck my car.” I pick her thong up off the ground and put it in my pocket and walk towards my car smugly.

Diana stays in the alley, scared, looking around for her shirt. She picks it up and puts it on, buttoning the few buttons that are still attached. She gets up and walks out of the alley to my car, her cum dripping out of her pussy and down her leg. She is in my car scared, and oddly turned on. We arrive at my penthouse, she put her hands on the wall, she is facing and starts rubbing her butt against my crotch. I reach for her ripped shirt and bra pulling them off, cupping and caressing her breasts. She is turning me on again, the alley was temporary relieve. I start nibbling her neck again and can almost hear her purr like a cat when I start rolling her nipples between my fingers. I pull up her skirt and start running my hands over her legs…caressing her inner thighs feeling the dried cum and juices from earlier. Diana wants to turn around but she isn’t allowed. Instead I press her hot, half naked body against the wall. The contact between the wall and her hard nipples sent shivers down her spine. I slide my knee between her legs, forcing them to open, rubbing against her. The only thing she manages is to sneak her hand between our bodies and feel how hard I am again. She grabs me and strokes gaziantep escort masaj salonları my hardness. I turn her face and explore her hot silky mouth in a long kiss.

I still manage to focus despite what her hand is doing to me. I lick her neck and in the same time slide my hand in her panties. I found her hot and wet already. When I start rubbing her clit, I hear her gasping and purring. The movement of my fingers become more intense, but I know when to stop…just in time. I almost had her begging. Looking again in her pleading eyes and teased her tongue with mine. She whispers: ” Please…” So I reach for her panties and rip them off, placing another kiss on the back of her neck. I got rid of my already tight pants fast and let her hold and tease me a bit with her long nails…I push her against the wall and slide deep and hard inside her, continuously rubbing her clit. She moans when she feels all my length invading her, but she is enjoying every second of it. Her moans are sharper as I’m ramming deeper inside her tight pussy. To keep her quiet I took away my wet fingers from her clit and put them into her mouth. She starts sucking them greedily, while she feels my other hand sliding back to rub her clit. Each time I’m coming out of her, I’m returning even deeper than she thinks I can. She had one hand against the wall, but the other hand is digging the nails deep in my leg. As a response I bit her neck and start ramming my cock harder in her. I still have my two fingers in her mouth to keep her quiet, but I understood from her moans its time…so I took her as hard and fast as I could. She bits my fingers to stop a sharp scream, which made me come inside her…over and over again…till it is running down her legs…

Five minutes later I’m still inside her…and we are trying to gain back our breaths between passionate kisses. I help her and myself to become decent again and took her to the car to drive her home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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