All Saints Ch. 01


All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old


Sunday, November 1, 1992, Los Angeles, CA

Periwinkle Halstead woke up cuddled against Patricia Dempsey. As she rejoined the conscious world her senses ganged up an stirred memories of the previous night. She tasted lingering traces of mixed cum. Her bottom was sore and her pussy felt raw. Her nipples,drilled ito Trish’s bare back, announced their tender chafed presence with little spasmodic sharp twinges. Peri smelled the heady scent of her and Trish’s dried sweat, infused with their failing deodorants and dying perfumes. As she separated from her friend, 18-year old Peri’s nude body stuck tackily to Trish, pulling free with an audible kiss. Her fingers trailed from the entranced and oblivious 19-year olds’s massive right breast along her ribs and hip, reluctantly surrendering their clutched prize.

Peri rolled to her right, flopped on her back, smiling in her exhaustion and deep sexual satisfaction, and stared at the stippled plaster ceiling over Dr. Carter’s king-size bed. “Oh My Gosh!” she sighed to herself, “What a party!” She rolled her head on her pillow as she reflected on the private Hallowe’en fuckfest.

It had been a huge surprise when she and Trish returned home late Saturday afternoon from studying at the University library. Carter greeted them at the door wearing a medieval monk’s robes and hood. “Great! You’re home with plenty of time to get ready for tonight!” he boomed, hugging the teens close against his coarse habit and kicking the door shut behind them.

“Huh?” Trish blurted, with a quizzical squint.

“Yes, Uncle Bill,” Peri asked, “What do you mean? What’s tonight?”

“Well, it’s Hallowe’en, isn’t it?” replied Carter, letting them go and stepping back. He never tired of surveying their nubile voluptuous bodies. “I decided to have a fun little party,” he continued, “Ruth Cohen will be here in a bit, and Chad English is bring Jenny.” He beamed inside his hood. “Everyone has a costume. I put yours in the master bedroom.” He side-stepped the girls, swatted them sharply on their rumps and said, “Now, Scoot! Go get changed… We’re going to have a great time!”

His enthusiasm was contagious and the teens hustled down the hall, eager to find and don their costumes. Carter, meanwhile, resuming his last minute preparations, walked through to the breakfast nook and turned on the outside lights. The pool garden was lit with scattered tiki-torches and he had strung Christmas lights around the patio, having replaced all red, green and blue bulbs with orange, white and purple ones. The plantings and fence provided a mysterious veiled backdrop for the flickering low flames and dappled holiday strands as well as being a barrier to any chill breezes. “Perfect,” Carter muttered to himself, looking out through the glass slider.

The girls walked up behind Carter, flanking him on their preferred sides. Trish slipped her right arm loosely around his waist while Peri lightly rubbed his shoulders with her left hand.

“What do you think, Dr. C.?” Trish asked, applying slight pressure with her open palm.

“Do our costumes look like you hoped they would?” Peri followed, finishing the question and tugging Carter’s cowl off his head.

Carter grinned at their refletions in the dark glass and brought his arms around the teens’ shoulders, snugging them close. “Absolutely!” he declared.

Trish, who had, in the past six weeks, lost nearly 15 pounds and was down to 150 on her 5’5″ frame, was stuffed into a bright green satin Playboy Bunny costume. Her breasts, formerly oversized at 40DD, had naturally reduced a bit, but were still more than ample for the costume’s push-up cups. Their milk-white tops bulged at the front and side edges of the suit’s bust line. The high-cut hips emphasized her thighs, now nicely toned by her diligent yoga workouts, yet still good-sized, if not quite Rubenesque. Trish’s 3″ emerald pumps made her taller than Peri, who stood 5’6″ flat-footed in her fringed, ankle-high, soft-soled, leather moccasins.

Carter had found an Indian Princess costume and Peri fitted and filled the garb to a tee. The lightweight brushed buckskin dress followed her form from neck to knees, cinched at the waist with braided thongs. Peri’s hourglass figure pressed the outfit at key points and the beadwork on the bodice highighted the her unbound 35C breasts.

Carter lowered his hands and rubbed small circles casually on their young bottoms. Turning left and right he gave Trish and Peri quick kisses. “Would you please pull the cold cuts and cheese out of the ‘fridge and put them around the table?” he asked. The girls nodded their assent and turned to the kitchen. Carter felt his cock thicken as he watched them walk off. “Oh, it’s going to be a helluva party!” he thought, then he went to the living room bar set up, splashed a quick shot of Candian Club over an ice cube and sipped while he adjusted his sound system.

Bach’s ‘Toccata and Fugue in D Minor’ had just begun when görükle escort bayan the doorbell rang. Carter set down his empty glass, ambled to the foyer and admitted his enchanted secretary, Ruth Cohen. “Hey, Baby!” he greeted her, hugging her tight on the threshold. “You look terrific! Looks like we’ll be whipped into shape PDQ, now,” he declared, admiring Ruth’s dominatrix costume.

Ruth Cohen, age 35, had changed considerably from the fat, pasty, unkempt blob she had been when she started working as Dr. Carter’s secretary at the University counseling center three years ago. He had recognized her hidden beautiful assets and used his hypnosis to break her eating disorder, improve her self-esteem and, not coincidentally, to sexually enslave her. She was his earliest thrall and now, more than ever, he enjoyed exercising his power to fuck her whenever and however it suited him.

For tonight’s masquerade, Ruth wore stillo-heeled, mid-calf black boots. Her leather trenchcoat flapped open in the hall, revealing black fishnet stockings fastened to a black lace garter belt, framing her heavy brunette bush peeking out from the edges of a tiny black satin G-string, and matching black lace underwire bra, which supported her full, mature 37D tits. She smiled her thanks for Carter’s compliment, flashing her brilliant white teeth between deep carmine lips. Her eyes sparkled behind the black satin ‘Zorro’ mask she used as a headband for her medium length brunette hair.

“You’re sweet, Billy Boy,” she cooed, “but you don’t fool me in that pious monk’s robe,” SMACK! Her riding crop whistled and popped against Carter’s butt through his heavy costume. “There’s a reminder for you what happens when little boys are naughty!” Ruth laughed and pushed past Carter into the house. “Am I the first to arrive?” she asked, turning around and repairing their broken embrace.

“Well,” Carter answered, “my girls are here, naturally, but other than that…” He was interrupted by the doorbell. Carter gave Ruth a fast squeeze and a wet kiss, then turned and opened the front door as she closed and belted her trenchcoat before walking through to the dining room to say ‘Hello’ to Peri and Trish.

On the porch were Carter’s 45-year old friend and personal physician, Charles ‘Chad’ English with his 26-year old receptionist, Jenny Adams, whom Carter had spellbound a year before when she was first hired. Carter extended his hand and ushered them in. “Hey, Chad,” he said, “good timing, Ruth just got here.” He looked Jenny over and grinned at her black-and-orange cheerleader’s uniform. “Hi! Oregon State, eh?” he chuckled, “We can always use a beaver!” Leaning in close he whispered, for Jenny’s ears only, “GINGER.” The keyword transformed her instantly into his programmed, personally compliant, devoted servant.

“That’s what I’m here for, Dr. Carter,” Jenni answered, spreading her handheld black-and-orange plastic pom-poms and shimmying her 33B boobies under her tight white sweater. “Rah! Rah! How do you like my shakers?”

Carter laughed. “A LOT! But you know that!” He winked at Chad who was grinning from ear-to-ear. “Come inside and meet Trish and Ruth. My niece Peri is here, as well.” Carter put his arm around Jenny and guided her past with his palm sliding along her lower back, then followed her down through the foyer. Chad, dressed as a circus strongman in leopard-print, faux-fur trunks, ribbed white cotton tank top and black high-top wrestling boots, brought up the rear.

With the guest list complete and assembled around the food table in the nook off the kitchen, Carter said, loudly, “Trick or Treat! Happy Hallowe’en!” Passing his hand, like a wand, across the smorgasbord he indicated “There’s more in the ‘fridge if needed. We can all of us help ourselves. Oh, by the way,” he added, pointing the the murky, greenish-brown, fuming, bubbling, crystal punch bowl, centered among the meats, crudites, chees and bread, “the ‘Foggy Bottom Punch’ is strictly non-alcoholic cider and lemonade with dry ice for effect. It won’t hurt anyone, but don’t swallow the melting CO2 chunks!” He grinned, poured a small glass and swigged it in demonstration. “The hard stuff is at the bar in the living room and we have wine or sodas with plenty of regular ice in the freezer.” Raising his glass to the party he toasted them, “All Fun, No Rules, No Limits! Thanks for coming.” Then, following his own guidance, he went over to the bar to build another CC-Rocks.

Chad soon joined Carter and poured himself two fingers of Johnny Walker Red. “So, who’s the bunny? Did you hire her for the party?” he asked bluntly, swirling and sipping his drink.

“Fuck no!” Carter hissed, “What the fuck’s wrong with you, Chad?” Frowning and calming himself, Carter said, “She’s a friend of Peri’s, wants to have fun, just like all of us. Be nice and she’ll be nice. But for Christ’s sake, don’t act like a jerk. She is not a slut or a hooker!”

“OK, OK,” Chad quickly apologized, “Didn’t mean to offend. She’s so good altıparmak eskort looking and that costume… looks like the ‘real McCoy’… I just wondered, you know? Never meant anything by it. Sorry!”

Mollified, and not wanting to spoil anything, Carter smiled at the younger man. “No worries, Chad. And, you know? I think she’d like to hear you tell her she looks as good as ‘the real McCoy.’ I think she’d respond well to that, I truly do.”

Just then Ruth came over and asked “Do you have any Drambuie for that scotch, Bill?” She pushed up against Chad and added, huskily, “Give me a strong man and a ‘Rusty Nail’ please.” Ruth shoved her left hand under Chad’s ass and between his legs. she stroked his ballsack through his shorts with her extended middle finger while she scratched his cheeks with her thumbnail. Carter chuckled, set Ruth’s drink on the bar and rejoined the girls, leaving Chad in Ruth’s hands for the moment.

Trish, Peri and Jenny were a mutual admiration society, doting and fawning as they nibbled the veggies and crackers. “I just love naturally curly hair,” Jenny bubbled at Trish, as she ruefully touched her own straight golden-red tomboy cut.

“…You’re so tall and slim, Jenny.” Peri commented, interupting Trish who was observing “I wish I had your cute dimples, Peri.”

Carter injected himself into their conversation, “Now, now. It’s fine to notice and comment on each other’s fine qualities, but don’t do so at your own expense. You are, each of you, very beautiful, different and unique.” He picked up a celery and continued his impromptu advice, “The tricky part of paying a compliment, for the giver, is sincerely remaining objective. While, for the receiver, the challenge is accepting the compliment gratefully at face value…” pausing, he stepped over to Jenny and said, “For instance, Jenny, you have lovely green eyes.” Jenny blushed at the direct positive statement and dropped her chin to her chest. Carter subtly grazed Jenny’s left breast with the back of his right hand as he tilted her face back up and said softly, “Just say ‘thank you’ and smile, Baby-Girl.”

Pleased to hear her master’s affectionate tone, Jenny obeyed readily. “Thank you, Dr. Carter,” she replied with a broad smile.

“So, you see how easy and effective that is?” Carter asked rhetorically, moving over to Trish. He slid his hands down the sides of her satin bunny suit to her bare hips. “Toots, you’ve worked very hard at losing weight and toning your muscles.” He flexed his fingers, pressing their tips firmly against her smooth white skin. “It’s really paying off.”

“Thank you Dr. C.” trish replied breathily, loving the electric jolts his hands sent racing through her body.

Completing his circuit, Carter faced Peri. Placing his hands on her shoulder points, with his pinkies just under the hems of her costume’s short sleeves, he leaned forward and gently captured her plump bottom lip between his teeth. Carter sucked briefly before popping it back out of his mouth. “Peri, your mouth is a delight!”

“Mmm, Thank you, Uncle Bill,” Peri purred, as her tongue savored the trace of Carter’s whiskey taste on her lip.

“There!” Carter exclaimed, flatly, “Demo over. Practice makes perfect.” Sweeping his hand toward the glass door he said, “I suggest you take some wine outside in the warm air and relax a bit. We’ll all play some games in a bit.” Carter excused himself and drifted back toward the living room, knowing a suggestion was a command to at least two of the nymphs.

Across the room, in the dark by his big club chair, Carter heard familiar sounds. Chad and Ruth had escalated their contact. Carter refreshed his whiskey quietly and watched them in the dim light.

Modest Mussorgsky’s ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ was fading and Carl Orff’s ‘O Fortuna’ from Carmina Baruna began its chant.

Ruth was bent, facing away, over the near chair arm. Her trenchcoat, open, lay doubled up across her back and her riding crop was on the floor. Chad stood behind her with his spotted trunks around his ankles. He was hunched over Ruth’s back, slowly, deeply, driving his dick into her. Carter could not tell from the angle whether Ruth was being fucked in her ass or her cunt, but there was no mistaking her gutteral moans: Chad was fucking her soundly somewhere and she loved it. As the crescendos and pace of the music built, so did Chad’s thrusts and grunts. Ruth must have braced herself on the opposite chair arm because soon the club chair itself was rocking on its legs under the Chad’s increasingly powerful grinding against Ruth haunches. Carter’s own cock was throbbing as he watched and listened to their muted gasps.

Chad gave a final push of his hips, arched his back and growled loudly. He pulled Ruth against him, using some handhold hidden from Carter’s view. She yelped, moaned and then whimpered softly as the chair settled back into nearly its original position. Carter drained his glass quickly and silently backed out of the nilüfer escort room.

By the time Carter reached the glass slider to the patio his excited dick had calmed down to a managable lump under his tunic. He saw the girls were sitting on deck chairs, giggling and working on a bottle of Riesling. He picked up the veggie tray and carried it with him into the warm evening air.

As he approached he heard Jenny saying “…I don’t know what it is, but Dr. Carter is just so…COOL! I find him extremely attractive and don’t care that he is an old guy.”

Peri, laughing and talking over the willowy older girl, said, “I know what ‘IT’ is… and believe me, he does too!…”

“…his voice is like, totally dreamy!” Trish chimed in, “When he talks I get…” she looked up over the rim of her wine glass and saw Carter, “OH! Hi, Dr. C!”

Peri picked up the Riesling bottle and asked, “May I pour you a glass, Uncle Bill?”

Carter sat on a chaise near the trio, placing the tray on a table between them. “No thanks, Sweetie, I’m good.”

“You sure are!” Peri thought lasciviously, as she studied Carter’s craggy features in the weird glow of the patio lights against the backdrop of the torches reflecting on the still pool surface. Out loud, she asked, “What sort of games are we going to play?”

“Oh, well, you know, standard stuff… Pin the Tail; Bob for Apples; whatever…” Carter replied.

“BORING!” Trish interrupted. “I thought it would be a FUN party!”

Peri and Jenny laughed. “I think he’s teasing us, Trish,” Jenny said, looking at Carter. “Right? You’re kidding around?”

Carter chuckled and said, “Well I’m flexible. Do you have something in mind?”

Peri immediately offered, “How about a blind taste test? You know, like on TV where they see if someone can really tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi?”

The patio door opened and Chad and Ruth stepped out. “So this is where the party moved, eh?” observed Chad.

“Yes,” Carter greeted them, “We were just thinking of our first game. Peri has suggested a blind taste test of some sort… what do you think about that?”

“Could be interesting,” Ruth said, “But what? Wine?”

“Actually,” Peri clarified, “I was thinking Dr. Chad and Uncle Bill could sit blindfolded and we could see if they could successfully identify…US by our taste.”

Trish piped up, “You mean, like if I kissed them and you kissed them? Even blindfolded they would get extra clues… it wouldn’t really be a taste test.”

Chad said, “I think we could be fair, Trish.”

“Especially if you were tied down,” Ruth suggested, hopefully.

Carter looked at the group, gauged the piqued interest and said, “I think we have a pretty good idea going, here. I’ll be right back.” He went into the house and returned moments later with a handful of silk ties.

“OK, Chad, let’s you and I sit in these chairs,” Carter began, “and Ruth, you loosely tie my wrists to the arms. Jenny, you do the same for Chad. Peri and Trish, take a couple of ties and blindfold us.” Carter sat in a deck chair. “As Chad said, we’ll be fair, but Trish had a point about extra clues, so you ladies have to be careful not give away the game.”

Peri lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling, remembering how hilarious and exciting it had been as she, Ruth, Trish and Jenny had taken turns carefully bending over the bound men and kissing them, just lip-to-lip, tongue-to-tongue, with no extraneous touching. The men were surprisingly quick to misguess, although her pendant lower lip was an unontrollable give-away and both Carter and Chad identified her correctly.

Ruth stuck a carrot in her pussy and wiggled it until it was well coated with her juice and then put it in Carter’s mouth. Repeating, she gave Chad the sticky stick and advised them to “Remember that” then she had wiped the carrot, stirred it in Jenny’s cunt and again presented it to the men.

“OK, fellas,” Ruth asked, “You have Sample A and Sample B… can you identify which of our sweet twats produced the juicy samples?”

By the final round of the game everyone was out of costume. The men were still tied to the chairs and the women alternately, carefully, using no hands, sucked their hard throbbing cocks to see if the men could blindly identify their techniques.

Although both Chad and Carter were glad of the tests and enjoyed the teasing, tormenting tongues until they exploded their balls into whose ever mouth happend to be closed around their pulsing dicks at the critical moment, neither had been able to say whether Peri, Jenny, Ruth or Trish had drawn their seed. And, frankly, that was not a big deal for them.

Peri had gotten Chad’s eruption while Jenny was locked on Carter’s plum but they each reserved plenty of the goop to share when they kissed Trish and Ruth and laughed at the men’s inability to interpret one mouth from another.

Ruth had put it succinctly when she said, “I guess that proves it doesn’t matter who is sucking your cock or what she, or HE, might look like!”

After the taste test, the group played in the pool, naked, until the night air became to cool to be comfortable. Returning to the house, they divided into two teams for Twister: Carter, Peri and Jenny were one; and Chad, Ruth and Trish were the other.

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