A Truly Depraved Family

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A Truly Depraved Family

by BrettJ (c) 2016

As many of you are likely aware, it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. There are good people, helpful people, evil people and selfish people.

In this crazy world of ours, there are also some unusual people. At times, it is the unusual people who make the world interesting and what follows is a tale about interesting people.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but there are two kinds of “evil people” in this world, the kind that cause pain or suffering to others and the kind that are very naughty and lead hedonistic lives of pure decadence. Such people live solely for pleasure and comfort. The Merritt family was just such a family. Jack Merritt came from a family who had a lot of money and were not afraid to spend it. The Merritts lived lavishly and Jack’s mother doted on her only son. As for Jack’s successful father, he made sure his twin daughters enjoyed every creature comfort there was to offer.

Jack Merritt grew up to become a stunning specimen of a man. He stood 6’4″ tall, with a perfect profile, dazzling white teeth and blonde hair. To the observation of many, he was very reminiscent of the actor Robert Redford in his “Butch Cassidy” or “The Sting” period. Small wonder he could have his pick of any woman he wanted, because he dazzled with his looks and was facile of mind as well. Well-bred and attractive, he was also witty and a masterful lover, sexually skilled by the time he entered university. Women fell at his feet, including any coed he chose, a few of his sexier professors and even a magazine centerfold. Jack loved sex and next to intellectual challenges, the challenge of a new sexual conquest was how he spent most of his time in academia. Everything else came naturally to Jack Merritt and his grades reflected that. In the rare times when Jack did need a tutor, there was no shortage of lovely coeds willing to help Jack with his “studies”.

There was only a tiny problem with his university period, and that was the general malaise that set in by his third year. There were few sexual challenges left, he had fucked everyone that caught his eye – hot MILF professors included – he had even participated in a group scene on a few occasions. He was always a careful and giving lover, as well as being a sex machine, but the tedious sameness of it all was beginning to wear on him.

As fate would have it, that was just about the exact time Jana Nagy transferred from UCLA. A Californian by way of the Czech Republic, she was the first woman Jack ever met that he thought was as perfect as he was. He saw her at a lecture and smiled at her, she smiled back. He stayed after class to see if they could have coffee – and she said a polite “No, thank you.”

Not one woman had said no to Jack in his entire life and he found that amusing. A challenge, someone that was seemingly immune to his charms and his assets! The next two weeks were spent in pursuit of the elusive, tanned blonde with the dazzling blue eyes. Jack put all of his efforts into courting the delicious Jana. He dazzled her with flowers and hand-written notes until she agreed to one date simply to stop his arduous pursuit.

Jana and Jack’s first date was by no means their last date.

Over a sumptuous dinner, the attractive young couple realized they were of like minds. Kindred souls who would not ever allow themselves to be bound by the outdated conventions of society. Jana was able to sense that Jack would provide her with sexual thrills she had not yet dreamed of. Jack sensed that there was nothing he could tell Jana that would cause her to run away. Two dark, depraved, lustful souls had found one another.

They immediately went to a wonderful hotel and checked in. Then, with total abandon, Jana and Jack spent the next three days fucking. Oil, shower sex, anal sex, there was nothing Jana wasn’t up for. She noticed the pretty concierge and invited her up for a drink after work. When Sharisse arrived, they got her a bit tipsy and Jana watched as her new boyfriend fucked the sexy black woman with his masterful skills and large cock. She enjoyed every voyeuristic moment.

Jack knew he would be a fool to let such a woman go, so he bought her a beautiful diamond the next week and made her his fiancé. All through that year and for his years at law school, Jana was at his side, providing moral support and sexual thrills. He was right about nothing shocking her, the past he discreetly hid turned her on tremendously and his family was klasbahis güvenilirmi thrilled by her as well.

After graduation, Jana and Jack married. He joined his father’s practice as a full partner and he and Jana continued to thrive, meeting other hedonists that shared their love of perversity. Jana loved watching her husband fuck other women, especially black or Asian women. She thought the contrast of his blonde beauty and their exotic looks was like an erotic painting. Jack loved watching Jana get down and nasty with other men, although there wasn’t one who could satiate the nymphomaniac that lay inside of her.

After 3 years of marriage, the young couple decided to have children. “We’ll raise them as we were raised, right?” Jack asked. “With open, honest sexuality and when they’re old enough, we’ll let them fuck with us?”

“Just like our parents did with us, yes darling,” Jana grinned, remembering how delighted she had been to discover that both were children of families who practiced “family love.” With a devilish smile, Jana happily went back to sucking her husband’s cock. Her lewd little wheels were spinning quickly. She simply could not wait to be a parent and raise a child that she would eventually take to her marital bed. Screwing your own child with love and passion, was that not the height of decadence, the penultimate in perversity?

As the couple was insatiable and fucking constantly, it didn’t take Jana long to become pregnant. They had temporarily stopped swinging so that there would be no lingering doubts the child was Jack’s. When they did the ultrasound and found Jana was expecting twin girls, there was a small blip.

“I want to fuck with our kids,” Jana smiled at her husband. “But you know that the one thing I haven’t done yet is have incestuous sex with any of the women in my family. I don’t really know why, my sisters and aunt are stunning and have offered. I suppose it might be because my own mother isn’t bi-sexual.”

“My mother and sisters are both very much into women, so, if we ask them, I’m sure they’d love to take you to bed and help you – rehearse,” Jack smiled.

“No darling, there’s a lovely Asian girl at your office I want to fuck,” Jana told Jack. “Her name is Azaylia she’s about 22, with the most delicious derriere and long legs, I want her to be my newest lesbian experience,” Jana smiled, licking her lips.

“I’ll see what I can arrange,” Jack smiled.

When he came home later that night, Jack was all smiles. “She practically jumped up and down when I told her what we had in mind,” Jack told his pretty blonde wife. “It turns out she’s a very kinky girl and is currently single, she’s seen you around the office a number of times and thought you gave off a ‘vibe’. She’ll be here tomorrow night at 9,” Jack told Jana.

“How lovely, we’re going to have a wonderful evening,” Jana beamed.

Jack shook his head. “Not we babe, you. I think you should do this alone without me as a distraction. I’ll go visit my family, my sisters are visiting and I haven’t fucked either of them in a while.”

“Give them my best,” Jana smiled.

“Sure, after I give them MY best,” Jack chuckled. Later on that night, in bed, his wife was almost insatiable. The anticipation of a new carnal adventure had unchained something in her and Jack hoped it would remain free.

When he got home the morning after his wife’s escapade, he was wrung out. His sisters had been thrilled to see him and his mom, still stunning at 52, had joined in the debauchery. Jana hugged him and she was all smiles.

“Azaylia was amazing, that gorgeous body, that smile, those legs and what-a-TONGUE!” Jana moaned. “She made me her bitch for long time, not that I minded. Oh Jack, she was delicious. I think it’s safe for us to assume I’m still bi-sexual, although I still equally love cock. Speaking of that …” Jana dragged her husband upstairs and attacked him. He didn’t get to the office until nearly 1 PM.

Jana gave birth to twin girls 8 months later, both healthy and happy. The girls were named Juliette and Kirsten and had both of their parent’s wonderful qualities. From the start, the twins were inseparable and seemed to have boundless energy. Their parents spoiled the girls rotten, although they were lovely children. Jana and Jack decided the time was right for them to have more children, but then a monkey wrench was thrown into the works.

“You probably shouldn’t have any more children,” Jana was told. “Your previous pregnancy klasbahis yeni giriş put a strain on your body and any more children would be risky.”

Jana and Jack were crushed, as they adored being parents and it put their future plans on hold. They also wanted to give their girls more siblings, but of course, Jack had a solution.

“We’re rich,” Jack told his wife. “We’re respected members of the community, we’ll adopt. We couldn’t possibly be turned down.”

When they were being shown available children a few months later, they saw pictures of two lovely little girls who were likely only about a year younger than their twins. In every picture, you saw both babies. One of the little girls was a cherubic little black girl, the other was a little Korean sweetheart with a perpetual smile. “That’s Bobbie – Barbara – and Kim,” The woman at the agency said. “You never see one of them without the other, they bonded from the day they first came to us. We’re hoping to have them adopted together, it would be ideal.”

Jana looked at her husband and he nodded. Both girls were cute and he thought if they were as pretty as his twins, they would become lovely young women. “I can assure you, we have more than enough resources to afford to adopt them both,” Jack assured her. “May we meet them?”

Arrangements were made and from the moment they met the girls, everyone fell in love. Jack was captivated by little Kim and she stayed by his side the entire time. Sweet little Bobbie charmed Jana and was always offering kisses. Their hearts went out to these sweet youngsters and it hurt a bit to leave the girls there, although they tried to explain to the girls that they were coming back and they would be “forever sisters”. Both girls were crying and so was Jana when they drove away.

“I hate leaving them behind,” Jana sniffed.

“Honey, it’s only for a few days. Why didn’t you find a boy to adopt? You’ve always talked about adopting a little boy,” Jack asked.

Jana turned and looked at him. “Jack, those are OUR girls, as much as Juliette and Kirsten. I knew it from the moment I saw their pictures. They need us and we can keep them together.”

“Now comes the hard part,” Jack chuckled as he drove into the driveway. “Telling our two little princesses that they’re going to have to share.”

It turned out not to be difficult at all. The girls were delighted that they would have baby sisters, although they were a bit put out when they discovered their new sisters weren’t babies. The girls were placated by their mother when she explained, as best she could, that now they would have two more playmates and that they could help take care of the girls. There were 6 very happy people in the Merritt household when Bobbie and Kim came to stay a few days later.

Everything went along perfectly. Bobbie and Kim still looked out for each other and stuck close, but gradually, they began to trust their “big sissas” as Bobbie called them while she was learning to talk. The girls grew up in a house full of love and privilege and all 4 of the Merritt girls were sweet, lovely – if spoiled – children – who got good grades and were a credit to their family.

Of course, being sisters, they still fought and argued, but only rarely. They learned early on that their home was not like everyone’s home, but were smart enough to keep secrets. Juliette knew that her parents sometimes had “weekend guests” that they hugged a lot. Kim knew that her Daddy sometimes didn’t like to wear clothes, like out by the pool.

Decadent though they were, nothing happened with the girls until they were old enough to understand. As they entered their teens, the four sisters realized their parents were swingers and knew they could ask questions if they wished. Kirsten in particular asked an abundance and when she was 16, she and her twin were told about the family secret.

“So you and Mommy were both taught all about sex by your own parents?” Juliette asked.

“Yes, we were,” Jack answered honestly. “I don’t see anything wrong with it, we were both legal adults when it happened.”

“So, do you want us to have sex with you, Mommy?” Kirsten grinned.

“WHEN you are old enough and IF you want,” Jana told her daughter. “The option is there and don’t you look at your father like that Juliette – you aren’t old enough YET,” Jana chuckled.

“I bet Daddy’s a good fuck,” Juliette said impishly. “I also bet he has a big one.”

“Your father is a wonderful lover, and the rest, klasbahis giriş you will have to learn for yourself,” Jana laughed.

“Oh God, two more years, it’s not fair,” Juliette pouted.

“It so isn’t,” Kirsten groaned.

“You’ll have time to read educational books and make other friends and make an informed choice,” Jana told the girls. “We’ll discuss this with your sisters in a few years as well, you’re all lovely girls and anyone would be lucky to be your first. If you decide it won’t be us, that’s entirely up to you.”

Naturally, the seeds had been planted and of course, on their 18th birthday, the girls were treated to a 5-star evening out. Fancy food, some wine, a lovely hotel, lingerie and then, seduction. The silky, leggy blondes were a visual feast and kissed each other first before going off with their parents. Juliette got to find out first that her Daddy was a great fuck and very gentle, but a stallion as well. Kirsten had her first lesbian experience with her Mommy while she watched her sister fucking. Jana made her see stars. Her second experience was with her twin while Daddy and Mommy watched and Daddy recharged his batteries. Then, Kirsten got her first fuck while Juliette and her mother had a torrid sixty-nine. For the rest of the evening, it was all mixed up and over the remainder of the weekend as well.

Naturally, their younger sisters had a million questions. By now, Bobbie and Kim were chomping at the bit, but the same rules regarding age of consent also applied to them. “It’s not fair,” Bobbie pouted in that way she had. “We kiss an’ stuff, what’s the big deal about sex?”

Kirsten gave her sister a quick peck. “You’ll find out, sweetie. Believe me, you’ll be glad you waited – it’s worth it, right Jules?”

Juliette’s face took on a dreamy quality. “Oh yeah, totally.” Then, she giggled. “And yes Kimmie, Daddy is a good fuck. His cock is big and he knows how to use it.”

The younger Merritt siblings were frustrated, but their parents had a similar talk with them to the one they had shared with Kirsten and Juliette two years earlier. They made it quite clear to their girls that this was not a punishment, but a chance to reflect and to weigh their options. Of course, the naughty parents hoped their younger girls would join them and make it a loving family. They were both lovely, affectionate young women.

When their big day came, they were given the same royal treatment as their sisters had been accorded. However, there was one minor twist.

“Mommy,” Bobbie confessed. “I hope you won’t be too mad at me, but – me and Kimmie kinda did it last night. You know that I’m a whole 3 weeks older than her and we wanted to wait until her 18th birthday party, but Kim didn’t want to wait any longer. You know, we’ve always been so close and …”

Jana hugged her daughter. “Of course not angry, darling. I’m glad you loved your sister enough to love her physically.” She winked at Kim who was hugging her father. “How was she?” She asked Bobbie with a giggle.

“Fucking incredible,” Bobbie said. She began unbuttoning her mother’s sheer blouse and removing her lingerie as fast as her dark little hands would move. On the other side of the suite, Kim’s golden body was now naked and her father was eating her sweet little pussy. She was gasping and yelping that she couldn’t wait to be fucked.

Jack showed his daughter how to give a blow-job while he watched his ebony daughter and milk-skinned bride engaging in sex. He was happy that they had all come together in this manner and couldn’t wait to see further combinations. Kimmie was eagerly sucking his cock as he watched Jana and Bobbie sliding around the bed and move into a ’69’. Once Kim was ready, he let his sweet daughter mount his cock and fuck her virginity away. All 3 women insisted on cleaning him up and then the girls switched places. Bobbie wanted it doggy-style and while her pert little bottom wagged in the air, Jack fucked her like the cute little bitch she was. All the while, Jana was loving Kim and showing her how sexy they all thought she was. After, they all cuddled together and enjoyed various arrangements of bodies before going home the next afternoon. Of course, the minute they arrived, two lingerie-clad blondes yanked them all upstairs and a foursome now became a six-some.

The naughtiness in the family had been preserved and continued on. All four girls found themselves a group of regular lovers and most of those lovers have been invited to join the loving. Bobbie and Kim still remained inseparable and Jana expressed to her husband that perhaps they were meant to be together forever. “That’ll be their choice, but isn’t it wonderful they have a family who understands that kind of love?” Jack smiled.

“Yes, it is,” Jana nodded. “There’s nothing like the love of family.”

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