A Night For Two

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It started with nothing more than a long slow kiss. Diogo’s mouth hot against mine. His hands pulling my face up to his. Holding it there. I clutched his chest and could feel such an intense heat. Behind me, his brother slowly started to lift up my shirt and kiss my back. Starting from the top of my ass on toward my shoulders. Together they both pulled my shirt off while I turned around to unbutton Pedro’s pants. From behind Diogo unhooked my bra and began peeling off my jeans. As I had gotten ready for the night and slipped them on I thought how sexy my ass felt. That secretly I would use that as my way of flirting. But I had no idea that it would lead me into a room alone with these two gorgeous men. I stopped Diogo there. He would have to enjoy the sight of my ass only thru the soft lace of my panties. Another secret weapon, that I had only thought would serve to tantalize my own fantasies that night, had now turned into a real source of seduction.

I decided then to take all leads. Talking with these two earlier made me realize that Diogo was, in fact, the big brother. During the conversation he often cut off Pedro or finished his sentences for him. I thought, at first, perhaps because Pedro’s English was not as strong. But when I would see his face as Diogo talked I wondered differently. There was more of a shyness to him. More of a vulnerability. More of a frustration. More of a resentment? Whatever it was, I knew for sure Diogo had all the confidence and ego. And I was about to use this dynamic for some fun.

I finished rolling off Pedro’s pants and, as I did so, slide my entire body downward. I smiled the most devilish smile to myself as I imagined the two brothers catching glances at each other. Imagining Diogo’s face as he wondered why I was turning my attention to Pedro and Pedro innocently looking at his brother. Well, what do you want me to do? He said through the expression on his face to Diogo. I’m not gonna stop her. And, really, big brother, what are YOU gonna do about it? But before Diogo would get a chance to do anything, I slide back up and took Pedro’s face and pressed my mouth to his, fast and hot. As I did this, I pushed his body back with mine until I finally got him to sit on the edge of the bed. I then let that devilish smile finally show on the outside altıparmak escort as I began to kneel down between his knees. Just as I was about to expose his giant cock from his boxer shorts, big brother decided to exert some dominance into the situation. Just as I thought. Just as I planned.

Diogo knelt down and grabbed both sides of my hips with his big hands. He pulled my hips upward so my ass was right against his chest. I had heard the sound of pants unzipping while I was busy with Pedro. I could feel the hardness of Diogo’s dick brush up against the back of my thighs. As he did this, a light rush of air passed between my legs. Cooling parts of me that were starting to heat up beyond my control. All at once, things clicked between all three of us. I let my head fall back as I moaned, Diogo now took off my panties in one strong pull, and I reached for Pedro’s dick which I began to stroke. I tilted my head forward. I noticed that Pedro had loosened his shorts to reveal his hard cock. As I looked at it, my pussy began pulsating. I smiled at him and let him follow my gaze as I brought my mouth down between his legs. I started by licking and gently wrapping my lips around his tip. He was huge. I was anticipating these two to be on the bigger side, but I had not expected this. Pedro could easily be eight inches. As I slide him deeper inside my mouth I couldn’t stop thinking about him inside my pussy. I felt myself becoming so wet that I could feel drops escaping down my thigh. However, nothing would escape very far as long as big brother could help it. As soon as I got lost in sucking off Pedro, Diogo was right there to get some attention. And I could feel his hands still on me. First with my hips, but then slowly making their way between my thighs. As I arched my back, Diogo moved his hands over my ass. Those hands again. Those gorgeous big hands I have always fantasized about. Imagining them all over my body. Tonight I would finally learn what those felt like in all the right places. And soon, his fingers found their way elsewhere.

He slide one finger inside me. Slowly. It was just how I had imagined his finger to feel. Big and full. I arched my back further to feel him as he went deeper. I moaned over Pedro’s cock which made his head bursa rus escort bayan roll back and caused him to let out a low moan of his own. Just then, Diogo’s face came up beside my ear. He pressed his mouth close. With that sexy Portuguese accent he breathed, “You like my finger inside you, don’t you?” I moaned again. And as he continued to breathe hotly onto my ear, he drove two fingers inside me. “You do.” I pulled my head back, losing Pedro from my mouth. Touche, Diogo. You’ve got my attention now. One-upping your brother again, you son of a bitch.

But I wasn’t about to let him completely win. Yet. As Pedro fell back onto the bed, I turned and grabbed Diogo’s face. I licked his lips with my tongue. I stared straight into his eyes and smiled while I waited for his reaction. His eyes flared for a moment as he realized what I had done. It wasn’t the taste of his brother on his mouth, but the taste of not getting his way that sparked an aggressiveness in him. What was it about him not being on top all the time? Wrapping his hands around my waist, he pulled me up to my feet. In one swift motion, he turned me to face him and his head was buried in my neck. Breathing, licking, biting. Then his mouth making its way downwards. His soft tongue felt warm and wet as he licked my nipples. They had never been so hard. The slow movement of his tongue was the perfect mix of firm flicks and soft sucking. And those big hands reached up and began caressing my tits. One side being stroked by his thumb while his mouth continued on the other. I lifted my own hands and grabbed the back of his head. One on his neck and one gently pulling through his hair on top. I lowered my head just a few moments to take in his scent. He smelled of sandalwood and fresh air. I felt all of my body releasing into his grasps. My head fell back as I became wetter by the second. At this point my pussy was throbbing. Waiting, almost agonizing, for what was to come.

Just then Pedro rose up behind me. I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass. I took one hand from Diogo and reached behind me to stroke Pedro. And there were the three of us. Standing in the middle of a room. Naked. Sweat. Heat. I was dying to have one of these cocks inside me. NOW. I suddenly bursa üniversiteli escort bayan took my other hand off Diogo’s head and grasped his dick instead. Now I could see the secret source of these brother’s rivalry. If Pedro’s cock was big, Diogo made up for it in girth. His was still as long as his brother’s, but so much bigger. I was done playing my game and now wanted to see what game they would play. And I wanted them both inside me badly.

I broke away from both of their holds and made my way to the bed. I crawled to the middle as I looked back over my shoulder at the both of them. Who would be the first to move? Would Diogo assert himself? Would Pedro relent? At this point I didn’t care. I wanted to fuck. I turned over onto my back and waited as they both stared at my naked body, and I at theirs.

They both made their way forward. It would be Diogo who would do what he does and direct us all. He motioned to Pedro to lay down beside me. And as he did, Diogo grabbed my legs, pulled me toward the end of the bed, and then fiercely flipped my entire body over. As he grabbed my hips and thrust them against his cock, he bent over to once again breathe into my ear. “Why don’t we just finish what you started?” Pedro made his way closer so that he could slip his cock inside my mouth again. My head was spinning, my body on fire. Taking Pedro out for a second, I turned back and managed to moan out, “Fuck me.” And as I began sucking Pedro off again, Diogo slammed his cock inside me hard. “Oh, I will.”

I couldn’t stand it. His was a cock that fit every curve and angle of my pussy. Every movement sent shocks throughout my entire body. I could feel it in my nipples. My ankles. My throat. My toes. Each sensation that I got from Diogo was used by me to send pleasure to Pedro. If it had only been two of us, I would be moaning, screaming, grabbing sheets and pillows and whipping my hair all over. But Pedro was in a trance having all that energy focused on him. So much so that I could soon feel his salty load inside my mouth.

And from there it was a perfect cascade. I was so hot watching Pedro cum that I soon felt my pussy shudder. Noticing that his brother had beat him to the punch, Diogo’s cock thrust harder and harder inside me until I couldn’t do anything but release this intense sensation. I felt my pussy clench his dick tight as I came. Pedro fell out of my mouth and I heard myself moan uncontrollably as his big brother finally burst; taking his cock in his hands and cumming onto my ass.

It all started with nothing more than a long slow kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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