A Mutual Interest

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Often when walking through the city centre I’d see some one who would make my day seem that little bit brighter. A girl would walk past me, probably not even aware that I exist, her beauty, her femininity would enchant me. The way she moved, the way her womanhood shone through would excite me. Male instinct would come in to play and for a moment I would study her breasts, for a millisecond I gaze at the way her pussy is beautifully outlined by her tight fitting trousers. I go on my way momentarily excited by the experience.

Today was different, today I was captivated by beauty. For a moment in time I could no longer concentrate on anything but her. I drank her in, her gorgeous brown eyes seemed to sparkle, her jet black hair fell across her shoulders and caressed her beautifully formed face. This was love, no doubt in my mind, I was smitten. I was in turmoil, this vision of perfect womanhood stood before me and I didn’t know what to do next. I could only compare what I felt to how you feel when you see virgin snow. Captivated by its beauty, enriched by its purity, yet still you desperately want to experience, feel and enjoy it. That was the state I now found myself in, I wanted her on every level that made me human.

I have already said today was different, different because today I was not in the centre of town but in my own flat. This heavenly vision was potentially my future flat mate, and right now her rent for the month was a promise that she would stay exactly as she was at this moment forever.

” Hi, I’m Rachael” she said, her smile warm and sincere. “Simon,” I replied awkwardly, “let me show you around.” The tour of the flat didn’t take long and she seemed suitably impressed. I watched her as she inspected every room, she seemed to light up every part of my home and I was praying she would make it her home soon. ” Would you like some coffee”? I asked, as we returned to the kitchen, she accepted and soon we were talking about our interests, then our recent history. Our conversation was comfortable, I really liked her and by the time she said she would love to share the flat I was in deeper than I’d ever been in my life.

That’s how come she was sitting on my settee tonight. The same as she had done for the last month. We had been getting on really well. We gave each other space, we both loved to watch documentaries on TV and she didn’t even seem to mind watching the odd game of football. My only fear was that I had, perhaps, made her uncomfortable. I couldn’t help but gaze at her for long periods. She would sit in a certain way that would either accentuate her beautifully formed breasts, or, she would curl up on the settee, her cute ass outlined by the tight leggings she seemed to love to wear.

My eyes would devour her femininity, I longed to taste her sweetness. If she was aware of the longing I had for her she hid it well. I was sure she did not know how I lay in bed at night stroking my hardness. Imagining my tongue gently opening her pussy, tasting the first of her secretions as her clit filled with arousal and protruded erect from its moistened hood. I lose my self in my own lust as I pictured her grinding her pussy into my face, the image of her coming over my face would unleash my own orgasm, and with it a torrent of hot come would shoot out of my twitching cock landing on me and spurting beyond hitting the pillow into which I stifled my cries of pleasure.

Even though I was certain she knew nothing of my self pleasuring, I was sure she must be aware of the over all effect she had on me, I just hoped my longing did not drive her away.

I suppose looking back it was obvious it could only go one way or the other, eventually my longing for her would have to have an outcome. Either I would do something rash and she would storm kuşadası escort out thinking I was some sort of sad bastard or ……

I had cooked tonight and dinner had been late. I was finishing the dishes when I heard a moaning coming from the front room. My imagination was running wild, I had fantasised many times about Rachael touching herself. I often would lay awake at night hoping to hear her whimper as she reached orgasm, but never had I been given the treat I longed for. She didn’t have a partner and I figured she must find release through self pleasure, perhaps it was this I was hearing. I moved quietly toward the front room and peered through the open door. Rachael lay on the settee, her eyes were closed. I could see she was breathing deeply by the way her perfectly formed breasts pressed against the tight material that clung to her upper body as she breathed out.

The shadows cast by the warm light from the open fire caressed parts of Rachael I had longed to pleasure for so long. I glanced towards the TV and in an instant realised the sounds I had heard were due to the film Rachael had been watching. The screen revealed two lovers embracing, making love, how I wished I could pleasure Rachael in the way the woman on the TV was being pleasured. Rachael lay there looking beautiful, she was stretched out on the settee lying on her back. Her legs were raised up and slightly parted. One arm hung over the edge of the settee her other arm lay gently across her pelvis her hand rested gently on her pussy.

It was just the way she was resting her hand. I was sure she wasn’t even aware her hand lay on a part of her body that I longed to touch, and to enter. The whole scene was erotic to me, she would probably be horrified if she knew how I would love to see her hand start to gently massage her tightly clad pussy. Disappointed I returned to the kitchen and made two coffees. I brought them back into the lounge and placed them on the table. Rachael smiled, her usual radiant smile. It made my pulse race, I longed to kiss her full lips, gently move my mouth over her beautiful neck, eventually reaching her gently heaving breast. I needed to encircle her nipple with my tongue taking it gently into my mouth and nipping her softly with my teeth feeling it harden in response to my oral caress. Her voice snapped me out of my fantasy. ” Thanks Simon,” she said, “dinner was great.”

“No problem, it was a pleasure,” I replied. “What’s this film then?” I asked. ” I’m not sure,” she replied, “but it’s getting pretty steamy in places, to be honest it’s making me fucking horny.” I needed a reality check, had she just said that, or had my lust for her finally caused me to lose the plot. My face must have given my shock away. “I’m sorry” she said ” I didn’t meant to,.. well I was just thinking out loud, I hope I haven’t offended you.” If only she knew. ” Not at all” I replied, “I admit I was a bit taken back when you said you were horny but it definitely caused no offence,”

“I can see why this film is making you feel needy.” The scene on the screen, although not hardcore was definitely pornographic. The camera moved down the woman’s naked body to reveal her lovers head positioned between her outstretched thighs. The scene moved back to her face which mirrored the waves of pleasure she was so obviously experiencing.

” Would you mind if I touched my self a little?” she asked. My pulse which had been quickening for a while now began to race, here was the most beautiful woman I had ever encountered asking my permission to Masturbate. ” I won’t if it would bother you, but I need to come, and the experience is enhanced for me if some one is watching.” She looked at me with those beautiful eyes that were almost pleading with me. They broke contact with mine and moved down my body to rest on my aching cock. ” By the looks of it you need some relief your self, why don’t you release your self the poor thing is positively straining to get out of your trousers.” I didn’t need asking twice and unzipped my aching length. I released my throbbing shaft from its bounds and stroked its length with one hand whilst cupping my aching sack with my other hand. ” I need to point out some rules” she said, ” I am in control of the situation here, you come only when I tell you and not before.”

” Do you think you can manage to hold on until I tell you to?.”

” Ye. Yes,” I stammered, I would have done anything at that point. My hand gently worked away on my sensitive tip and I controlled all the urges I had to furiously jerk off. I knew she would make me wait and that my patience would be rewarded.

Her hand was gently tracing the length of her slit through the material of her leggings. Her lips were swollen and I knew it would not be long before she would need to remove her clothing in order to increase the sensations her fingers were giving. She removed her top, slipped her hands behind her back and unclipped her bra. The soft white material complimented the beautiful tones of her dark skin as it slipped down her arms. Her breasts were perfection. They weren’t large just ample, beautifully proportioned and rounded. The stayed pert as the material that had supported them fell to the floor. The sight of them caused the movement in my hand to quicken a little. I already felt the pre cum oozing from my tip and smeared it over the head of my throbbing cock, ceasing to masturbate while I did so, helping me to calm down.

Rachael had removed her leggings and was lying back. One hand teased her nipple rolling it between her finger and thumb. With the other hand she rested her palm against her mound applying gentle pressure to her clit. She stopped occasionally to apply pressure to her pussy. Her white panties now had slipped into her opening sex and were saturated by the juices that now were flowing freely from her. I resumed the stimulation of my aching cock, faster than before, I could not help but do so. Rachael’s fingers slipped inside her panties and began to circle around her clit. As she slipped two fingers into her soaking hole I heard the delicious slurp as they were coated in her wetness. I jerked hard on my length my hand pumped hard along my shaft as I lost my self control at the sounds her arousal were making. This excited Rachael and she fingered herself furiously for a while. I let go of my cock, managing to regain control I did not want to come yet, I wanted to savour every moment of this beautiful woman’s pleasure.

Rachael stopped finger fucking herself and slid her panties part way down her legs stopping short of taking them off. She now used both hands to stimulate her fully erect nipples, leaving them briefly to knead the pliant flesh of her full breast. The fingers that had been inside her pussy were coated in her wetness and she smeared the sticky liquid over her nipple. ” The musky odour of her arousal filled my senses, her juices were glistening on the material of her panties and it was not long before she turned her attention back to her now swollen pussy. I was holding my come filled sack with one hand and just gently rubbing my hardness with the other.

Now and again I would wank myself for a couple of strokes sending waves of pleasure along my length, producing more pre cum. Her fingers gently opened up her pussy as she kicked her panties off on to the floor. She dipped a finger into her soaking hole, slipped it out and covered her fully erect clit with her girl come. She slipped two fingers now into her hole and with her other hand beckoned me towards her. I moved until I was on my knees and in between her legs. She removed her fingers from her pussy and wrapped them straight around my shaft. She rubbed her hand along my length, her fingers coating me with her own wetness.

She moved her thumb over the tip of my cock and mixed my pre cum with her own. I was aching to cum now my need was intense. I knew just a little more stimulation would have me creaming over her, and so I sat back and just watched the exhibition unfold in front of me. She returned her attentions to her self and started to increase the friction on her clit. Her other hand she used to part her lips giving me a full view of her sweet pussy. She was getting more intense now, applying more pressure on her bud and increasing the friction. Now and again she would slip a finger from her other hand in to herself and finger fuck her pussy a little. She was biting her lip, her hand was moving faster now and her eyes were closed. Her breathing was rapid and she moaned every now and again. She was going to come soon and I was going to witness her pleasure, the sheer thought almost made me cum. She arched her back and shouted”Oh Fuck, I’m coming,.”

“Watch me come.” With that her hand stopped its frantic motion on her clit, she opened herself to me. I could see the walls of her pussy contract, I could see viscous liquid filling her hole as she came. She now needed penetration and rammed two fingers into her spasiming pussy. She now fucked herself hard, her moans came from deep within her throat as her fingers slurped in and out of her come filled pussy. My cock was now harder than it had ever been, I was more excited than I had ever been, this woman was beautiful and her orgasm now lifted her to a new level. She came down from her orgasm panting gently. Her breathing returned to normal. Her hand was out of her pussy and her soaked fingers were gently massaging her swollen and still aroused clit. ” That was fucking beautiful” I gasped, “I’m glad you enjoyed it I’m also glad you managed to control yourself.”

” I don’t know how” I replied, ” I really need to come, my sack is aching.”

” I know I know” she sympathised, “I need to come again to, but this time I want you to come with, and over me.”

” It will be my pleasure,” I said, as I started to re pleasure my throbbing cock.

Rachael rubbed her fingers along her slit. Her neatly trimmed mound was matted, soaked in her cum. She began to rub her clit gently with two fingers, stopping occasionally to give her pussy some attention. The sound her fingers made as they slurped in and out of her now fully opened pussy excited me and I began to wank my self hard. This excited Rachael and she rubbed her clit harder, three fingers from her other hand vigorously pumped in and out of her. I felt my self coming and pinched the end of my swollen cock, holding my hot seed in check. From the look of Rachael I would not have to hold on much longer. She applied rapid pressure to her clit, she kept fingering herself in an excited frenzy. ” Fuck, I’m coming again she yelled, shoot over me, cum all over my tits.” I needed no second invitation, a few fast pumps on my aching shaft and the sweetest rush of pleasure surged through me. It began deep in my sack and travelled the length of my cock.

” Feel this,” I yelled as my hot come shot from the end of my twitching cock. The first spurt covered her hand as it furiously frigged her clit, the second shot a wad of hot white liquid over her erect nipple, the third left the end of my cock and shot into the mouth of my sweet Rachael who was moaning out loud. The taste of my come kept her fingering herself until finally she was spent.

After we had both recovered I took her by the hand and led her upstairs. Tonight and for many more nights to come she would sleep in my bed. We fell into a deep sleep in each other’s arms, no more lonely self-pleasuring for either of us, we had discovered a mutual interest.

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