A Modern Harem Pt. 07

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The subject that was on everyone’s minds did come up as Gerald and Joyce cuddled that evening.

“You know, my man,” she said, drawing little circles on his bare chest with her index finger, “there’s a difficulty we’re going to be facing pretty soon. Maybe we’re already facing it.”

“What’s that?” he said.

“Oh, Gerald, you must know. Here you are, trying to keep four different females happy. Even you, with your seemingly endless reserves of energy, might end up exhausting yourself in the course of time.”

“Maybe,” he conceded grudgingly.

“So the issue is: can we get another man to take some of the burden off your shoulders?”

“You sure Tara’s husband is out of the picture?”

“He’s gone to Florida with that little piece of fluff. I doubt he’ll be coming back anytime soon.”

“I can’t think of anyone else.”

“You sure?”

Gerald didn’t reply, and they both lapsed into silence. After a while, with extreme reluctance, Gerald finally came out with: “There’s my brother.”

“Your brother?” Joyce said, startled. “You never told me you had a brother.”

“We–we haven’t gotten along lately.”

“Why is that?”

Gerald again fell silent, and when Joyce glared at him demanding a reply, he blurted out: “I think he slept with my wife!”

Joyce gasped. “Oh, come on. I don’t know anything about him, but surely he’d never do anything like that.”

“He might have!”

“But you don’t really know?”

“Well, no. Look, Joyce, Keith and I had a great relationship once–in fact, he introduced me to my wife, Caroline. They worked together at this nonprofit, and she kept on working there after we were married, all the way up to the time she got ill and . . .” And died.

“Okay, fine, but do you have any evidence that they had an affair? Did you ever confront them about it?”

“Not really. But there were times when they were spending a lot of time at the office–I mean evenings. Why did they do that?”

“Gerald, some people do have to work late at the office.”

“I know but . . . they never gave me really good answers as to what they were doing.”

“My dear, I think you’ve gotten worked up about nothing. I mean, maybe there was something going on, but unless you have real proof you’d better let this go. Anyway, you can’t stay mad at him forever: he’s your brother, and eventually you’ll have to reconcile with him, no matter what you think he did.”

Gerald said nothing, lapsing into a sulk.

“Why don’t you have him over for dinner?” Joyce suggested. “I’m sure we’d all like to meet him. And maybe he and Tara will hit it off.”

“Okay,” Gerald said sourly.

Even so, Gerald took a while extending the invitation. Keith Wilkins only lived a few miles away, but he was happy to come by and meet Gerald’s new girlfriend.

On the day he was to show up, all four females seemed to be in a tizzy. They all believed that, being Gerald’s brother, Keith had to be a nice guy. What did he look like? Had he been married? (He hadn’t.) There were more intimate questions that Hilary and Bridget exchanged among themselves, replete with chuckles and giggles.

At his arrival Keith was greeted with open arms. In fact, he was rather taken aback at all the women who were there: Gerald hadn’t told him about any of them aside from Joyce. He was a few inches shorter than his brother, about five foot seven, but was so muscular in chest and thighs that he looked like a fullback; but there was an aching tenderness in his face that seemingly caused the young ladies almost to swoon. They managed to restrain themselves when saying hello to him, while Tara, her eyes shining, extended a trembling hand and felt the faintest bit of electricity when Keith took it in his.

After that, Hilary, Bridget, and Tara retreated to the kitchen while Gerald and Joyce made small talk with the newcomer.

“Omigod, Mom!” Bridget gurgled. “He’s so handsome!”

“Yes, he’s quite good-looking,” Tara admitted.

“Good-looking?” Hilary said. “He’s a dreamboat! Maybe I prefer Gerald just a wee bit, but Keith’s no slouch.”

“He’s about the same height as you, Mom,” Bridget observed. eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar “That’ll make it good for stand-up sex.”

“What?” Tara cried.

“Hilary told me that. If you want to have sex–with a man, that is–standing up, you have to be about the same height. Otherwise your genitals won’t line up.”

“I am not thinking of having sex with him!” Tara said, outraged.

“Aren’t you?” Hilary smirked. “You probably got wet just from touching his hand.”

“I did not!” (But she had.)

“Well, we can worry about that later. Right now, let’s shovel some good food into the guy’s mouth.”

The dinner menu included pork chops, roasted potatoes, French-cut green beans, and a green salad, with a nice chocolate cake for dessert. Everyone found the meal satisfying; but it became obvious that the women in particular were encouraging Tara and Keith to get better acquainted. When he heard how her husband had bolted from her, his natural sympathy for women came out, and he focused all his attention on her. A definite chemistry was developing.

But, even though the young women thought something of a physical nature might happen that very night, Keith presently thanked everyone for a lovely evening and gave brief hugs to Joyce, Hilary, and Bridget. When it came to saying goodbye to Tara, he held her in his strong arms quite a bit longer, keeping her close so that it was clear he could feel her breasts pressing up against his chest. A kiss that he intended to place on her cheek ended up as a smooch on her neck, causing Tara to shiver uncontrollably.

Hilary and Bridget gave each other knowing looks. We know what she’s going to do when she goes up to her bedroom. Her undies are probably sopping wet right now.

Keith began coming over frequently, and after three or four visits it became evident that he and Tara had formed a real bond. But Joyce was keen on settling one matter that was in some ways even more important than this budding relationship. One afternoon she had a heart-to-heart talk with Keith about his brother and his brother’s wife.

“I know,” she said without preamble, “that you and Gerald haven’t always gotten along.”

“Yes,” Keith said laconically.

“I really have trouble believing what he thinks you did.” She’d spent enough time with Keith to know he was a fundamentally decent man.

“You mean, that I slept with his wife?” Keith said bitterly. “Glad you give me the benefit of the doubt.”

“Just to clear the air: you didn’t, did you?”

“Good Lord, no! I’d never do anything like that. I love my brother–and I loved Caroline, but only as his wife.”

“Then why does he think–“

“Look, Joyce, Gerald can be pretty good at hiding things. I think what happened was that, when Caroline got sick, he didn’t think I was being as sympathetic and supportive as I should have been. And maybe that’s true, although God knows I tried to be there for both of them as much as I could. I actually thought it would be better if I stepped back a bit: we all knew what was going to happen, and I felt that the two of them needed as much time together as possible, so they could say all the things they had to say before it was too late.

“And so, after her death, Gerald fell into a bit of a depression. Not surprising, and I didn’t blame him! But then he started to blame me for all sorts of things–and I think he seized on this crazy idea of an affair between me and his wife just as a way of expressing his grief and anger at what had happened.”

“I hope he’s getting over it now.”

“I think he is–thanks to you. Not just because you’re now there for him, but because you’ve helped bring us back together. Both of us owe you more than we can possibly say about that.”

“Well, that takes a big load off my mind. Let’s turn to something much more pleasant.”

“What’s that?”


All of a sudden, Keith’s eyes got dreamy. “She’s a wonderful creature.”

“Yes, she is. And she admires you too. Do you think you’re ready to take the next step?”

“I am. Is she?”

“I’m pretty sure she is.”

Joyce wasted no sincan escort bayan time in settling the matter. After dinner one evening, she pulled Tara aside and said, “You and Keith are really hitting it off, aren’t you?”

“Y-yes,” Tara stammered.

Looking at her intently, Joyce said softly, “Would you like to have him–tonight?”


“Yes, tonight. I’m sure he’d be happy to . . . cuddle.”

Tara began breathing fast, her chest rising and falling rapidly. “Okay,” she whispered.

“Good. I’ll give the good news to the lucky man.”

The matter was settled in minutes, and around 10 p.m. the others–and especially Hilary and Bridget–watched in awe and solemnity as the couple walked upstairs hand in hand to the second guest room.

“That was fast!” Hilary enthused.

“Hardly,” Joyce said. “They’ve known each other for almost two weeks. I figured it was time . . .”

“Well, I wonder if we’re going to need earplugs.”

“You stop that kind of talk!”

“Oh, lighten up, Mom. I just like to tease.”

The others went up presently–Gerald and Joyce into the master bedroom, and Hilary and Bridget in the other guest room.

It wasn’t long before predictable moans, groans, and sighs began emanating from each bedroom. The girls, who had just concluded an intense session of sixty-nine, couldn’t help hearing those sounds; and Hilary, her face smeared with Bridget’s juices, looked back at her partner and said, “You know, I could use a cock right about now.”

“Yeah, me too,” Bridget said. “But it seems the two cocks under this roof are occupied.”

“So what?” Hilary said, leaping up from Bridget’s naked body and pacing around the room. “I don’t see why we can’t . . . join in.”

Bridget gasped. “That would be, like, super-naughty!”

Hilary shrugged. “Oh, who cares? I think the old folks can deal with it.” With one of her chuckles she added, “It’s not as if they’re virgins.”

Her eyes big and wide, Bridget whispered, “So . . . who’s gonna go where?”

“Well, in the interests of symmetry, it seems you should go to your mom and Keith, and I’ll head on over to my mom and Gerald.”

Bridget got up from the bed like a zombie and stood up. “You mean–we’re just gonna march into those bedrooms?”

“Sure, why not? They could probably use a little change-of-pace right about now. Men always like variety.”

And with that, Hilary marched out of the room and made her way to the master bedroom. Much more tentatively, Bridget shuffled toward the other guest room. With a shaking hand she opened the door.

She saw her mother lying flat on her stomach, Keith lying on top of her and grinding his organ into her. He was obviously in her ass. At first, the two didn’t notice the newcomer, but when Bridget edged over to the side of the bed near her mom’s bed, Tara’s jaw dropped and she looked petrified.

“For heaven’s sake, Bridget, what are you doing here?” she cried. Meanwhile, Keith continued happily pounding away at the woman beneath him, giving a little wink in Bridget’s direction. This new arrival, in all her naked glory, definitely aroused his admiration.

“I just thought I’d make a threesome,” Bridget said with a grin.

“You get out of here right now!” Tara ordered, but Keith shook his head, silently saying, Pay no attention to her. You’re more than welcome here.

Giggling, Bridget clambered up onto the bed and placed herself, legs spread wide, in front of her mother’s face. Without further ado she took hold of Tara’s head and plunged it into her sex. Tara let out a muffled “Mmm!” as she tasted her daughter’s pussy for the first time. As if by some instinct–or maybe because an orgasm was in the offing–Tara began licking that twat maniacally, lapping up the juices that had already coated the area from Hilary’s ministrations. In a matter of minutes, a euphoric simultaneous climax overcame all three participants, with screams and squeals and whimpers erupting from their throats as they collapsed in a tangled heap of naked flesh.

In the other bedroom, Hilary–also nude–boldly entered and found her mom riding Gerald gölbaşı sınırsız escort enthusiastically. Joyce let out a squawk when she saw her daughter standing by the bed and cried, “Good Lord, Hilary, you shouldn’t be here!”

“Oh, calm down, Mom,” Hilary said dismissively. “I’m sure there’s room for one more.”

And with that, she climbed up onto the bed and promptly sat on Gerald’s face. His mouth greedily began tonguing at her pussy like a thirsty dog. Joyce, in spite of her previous lesbian episode, still seemed embarrassed at being naked in front of her daughter, and she covered her breasts and delta with her hands; but then she saw the absurdity of the act and continued bouncing up and down on Gerald’s cock while Hilary watched the intersection of their bodies raptly. She almost came out with, “Ride ’em, cowgirl!” but thought that might be unduly flippant. Instead, she reached over and grabbed her mom’s tits and gave them a good squeeze. Then she bent forward and pasted a long, wet French kiss on Joyce’s mouth, which Joyce instinctively returned. Gerald, meanwhile, was almost smothered as Hilary pressed her labia down against his face and held his head tight with her thighs on either side of his head.

This too resulted in a simultaneous climax that made all three people ecstatic.

Later, Keith forged into Bridget’s pussy while Tara watched in awe, and Hilary got a fine pummeling in her ass from Gerald while she ate out her mom. It was becoming obvious to everyone that these two mother-daughter pairs, being serviced by two brothers, were fairly unique in the annals of sexual intercourse, and they were proud of being pioneers in that regard.


The morning after is always a bit awkward after sex. Especially when it was the kind of sex that the six people in the house had engaged in.

The two mothers were unusually quiet as they sipped coffee in the kitchen while their daughters prepared another full breakfast for everyone. While the girls were occupied, Tara leaned over to Joyce and whispered, “That was pretty crazy last night, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, it was,” Joyce agreed.

“Imagine getting it on with your own daughter!”

“I have to admit I’d done that before.”

“You had? My goodness.”

“It’s all an expression of love, isn’t it?”

“I hope so. Imagine what people will think of us if word of this ever gets out.”

“It won’t get out. The point is, though: you hit it off with Keith, right?”

“Um, you could say that.”

“That’s great. He seems like a wonderful man.”

“He is.”

“And I think we’ve healed this rift between him and his brother.”

“I guess so.”

At this point Hilary, although busy cooking a huge mess of scrambled eggs, spoke without turning around. “Hey, Mom, I think I want to have two guys in me at the same time.”

Joyce scowled at her. “Hilary, that’s pretty lewd.”

“It’s called double penetration, Mom.”

“I know what it’s called, dear.”

“Have you ever done it?”

“Good God, no!”

“Well, you can try it too. In fact, I’m beginning to think every female in the world should give it a shot at least once in her life.”

“Do you, now?”

“Yeah. And I hope I can enjoy Keith by myself sometime. Would that be okay, Tara?”

“I don’t know that it’s my decision.”

“Sure it is. He’s your man.”

“Is he? Well, if he is, you have my permission.”

“Mom probably wants him to poke her too.”

“Hilary!” Joyce cried. “Don’t put words–or thoughts–into my mouth.”

“Oh, come on, Mom, you know you do.”

“Well, maybe.”

“Okay, so we’ll play musical beds for a while.”

Joyce sighed. “If you like.”

“But of course you and Gerald are kind of the foundation of everything–and Tara and Keith too.”

“If you say so.”

“Sure I say so. As for us, I guess I’ll get my own guy someday, and Bridget will probably settle down with some scrumptious little lesbian. They can marry now, you know.”

“Everyone knows that, dear.”

“Just wanted to make that clear. Maybe we’ll have a quadruple wedding someday.”

“You’re getting a bit ahead of yourself.”

“Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?” Hilary said–and concluded with one final chuckle as the two brothers drifted into the room, arm in arm, attracted by the smell of the cooking food–and by the inexpressible appeal of the four women whose charms they all expected to enjoy for many years to come.


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