A Game of Basketball Pt. 7

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I wake up before Nicole does. This time I get to be the one to wake her up. Slowly I pull back the covers, revealing her sleeping anaconda. I wrap my fingers around it and slowly stir it awake before I take it in my mouth. It doesn’t take long before it comes alive and fills my oral cavity up to the max capacity.

A soft moan escapes from her lips as I start bobbing up and down on her dick. My tongue gives the head of her dick a swirly before I dive down and take all of her cock down my throat as my nose meets her small patch of pubes. Her hands sweep through my hair. I look up to see her eyes flutter open as she looks down at me with those gold speckled eyes. “Good morning to you too,” she laughs.

I pull her cock free from my lips. “Just wanted to return the favor.”

I slowly kiss my way up her body until my lips meet hers as I straddle her hips. Reaching back, I line up her dick with it’s home in my ass. Slowly, I sit down on her cock, lodging it deep inside my butt.

Her hands grip my hips as she thrusts up into me. “Urgh, fuck,” I moan out. She looks up at me while she continues to work her fat cock in and out of me. I start to buck down, meeting her thrusts.

I fall on top of her, bringing crashing my lips against hers as our tongues smash into each other’s. Her hands coast up my back and grab a hold of my shoulders as she pushes her cock up deep inside me. Using one arm to support myself, I glide my free hand over her breast, giving it a sensual rub before my hand skims up her neck, caressing her cheek as I stare into those hazel golden eyes.

We moan in unison as she continues to batter my prostate. Each thrust causes a ripple of pleasures to flow through me. I can feel every vein of her dick as my asshole tightens around it. “Urgh, keep fucking me, babe.”

Her hands travel from my backup my torso. She squeezes my pecs before draping her hands around my neck, pulling me in for another kiss as she rams my ass real good.

I swirl my tongue around hers as her hand runs up the back of my neck into my hair. She swiftly pulls me tightly against her as she starts to pummel my ass hard, digging her nails into my shoulder. I can’t even get a word out, just a series of grunts, groans, and moans as my prostate gets battered by her cock.

I can feel my own pecker strain as the cum gets drawn out of my balls. One more thrust and… “Urghhh fuuuck!” I shout out as my cock shoots out rope after rope of cum, splattering both of us. I clamp down on her dick as she hilts herself inside of me.

“Uhh, god. I’m going to…” Suddenly an explosion of warmth happens deep inside my asshole as she fills it with her spunk.

She continues to thrust, dumping load after load of cum deep up my ass as my own dick finishes its grand finale of fireworks.

I lean up and return my lips against hers. We’re both breathless and glistening in sweat. Her dick pops free as I finally collapse beside her.

“Now that’s one hell of a way to start the day,” she pants.

“Yeah… let’s do that more often,” I say still trying to catch my breath. We finally get cleaned up and ready for the game.

Finally, the moment has arrived. Our long-awaited revenge on the team that took our state championship away.

Even though the game isn’t until 2 PM, I’m ready.

Nicole and I eat breakfast with the team after we get dressed in our jerseys. We all chill for a little bit before heading to Santa Barbara High.

Walking into the Santa Barbara High school with my arm wrapped around Nicole, we make our way to the gymnasium.

“David!” I turn around to see the last person I want to talk to… My dad.

“Tim…” I call him.

“Why do you call me that, I’m still your dad,” he says as the rest of the team continue on without me. Zach was right, he looks a lot better than he did before we left.

I look at Nicole. “Why don’t you go with them and I’ll catch up with you all in the locker room.”

She gives me a look of concern. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” I nod. She gives me a quick kiss on the cheek before she leaves me alone with him.

“Is that your girlfriend?” he asks.


“Is she a boy?” he asks.

“Not anymore. Is that a problem?” I ask.

“Uh… No. You’re your own man. I just wanted to say how proud I am of you. Not just by the way you play out there on the court, but by the man you’ve become.” A tear forms in the corner of his eye, but before it can fall he wipes it away. “I just wanted to say I’m so, so sorry. You deserved so much better. I was in a dark place back then and I never wanted to hurt you or your brothers.”

“Look, dad… Can we talk about this later? I’ve got to get going.”

“Right, you’ve got a team to lead! Can we catch up after the game?”

“Yeah… sure.” With that being said, I turn and head to the locker room.

“I’m so proud of you, David!” I hear him shout out.

In the Locker Room

In the locker room, coach goes over the plan. “Dave, you need to do all you can to stop Chris Smith. Thankfully, James Valler is gone, but I’d argue Chris is every bit as good. Given the chance, he’ll cause our defense havoc. That’s why we need to shut him down.”

She looks us all in the eyes before continuing. “Unfortunately, as you all know, Chris isn’t the only threat. We really need to stay on Steven Ban. Nicole, that’ll be your job. Don’t even give him a chance to shoot the ball. Understood?”

“Yes, coach!” she says.

“I don’t know a whole lot about this Shaun Goodman, he’s a bit of a mystery. But what I can tell from the two games I’ve seen, he’s good. Jeremy, you’re going to have to stick with him.”

“I got him, he’s not going to score a single point, coach!” Jeremy says.

“Finn and Austin, I want you both to box out. Don’t let either Brett or Arthur get a single rebound. And let’s lock down the paint. Nothing gets in,” Coach says.

She turns to me. “Dave, got anything to add?”

I stand up in front of them all. “This is it. This is our chance to finally get the revenge we’ve obsessed over for so long.” I look at each and every one of them. “You all know this is personal for me. Not only did I used to go there, but my own twin brother Brett is playing against us tonight. I don’t know about you, but I want to destroy them! I want to make them regret the day they ever went up against us!”

Everyone stands on their feet.

“This is a unique opportunity for us. Not only can we get our revenge, but we can beat them on their own court! In their own tournament! Let’s make them pay!”

“Yeah!” They all chant all at once.

“Bring it in! Revenge on 3! 1. 2… 3!”

“Revenge!” We line up and I lead them out on the court. I nearly stop dead in my tracks as we rush out on the court. The gym is packed full of Santa Barbara fans. They’re all chanting traitors as soon as we run out.

I mean, I know I used to go there, but that feels like it was so long ago. And why is traitors plural?

As we huddle in the center of the court and do our chant, I can’t help but feel like I’ve been punched in the gut.

Once we start doing warm-ups, the crowd goes wild as the Santa Barbara Dons rush the court.

And that’s when I see Brett’s glare, but he’s not even looking at me. His gaze is focused not on me, but on Nicole…

What the hell?

I look back at her and see the fear in her eyes. Did they pick on her when she went there?

I swear if that asshole said a word to her, I’ll…

Just then, I see them… Kevin’s mom and his step-dad just walked in. I thought Zach said he moved.

I glance back at the opposing team and yet… I don’t see Kevin anywhere.

What the gaziantep escort fuck?

What the hell is going on?

My mind goes down a spiral of thoughts. I start to drown in my confusion. Finally, coach calls us all in. As she recaps our responsibilities, my head’s elsewhere.

I still can’t wrap my mind around what the fuck is going on.

As we break and get in position for the tip-off, Brett slams his shoulder into Nicole. I hear him use a slur under his breath.

“What did you say!” I shout. He turns to me with a smirk.

I swear I’m going to beat the grin off his face.

“It’s nothing, just smack talk,” Nicole says.

I do my best to shake it off as Austin and Arthur get ready to face off.

I find my spot against Chris, who is in the zone. I’ve got to get my head in the game or he’s going to walk all over me.

The ball rises in the air as Arthur’s fingers tip it right into Chris’s hands.

Immediately, he attacks the lane.

He’s gotten faster…

I’m a step behind him as he strikes, putting the first two points on the board. As I take the inbound pass from Jeremy, I push it up the court.

But I don’t get far, Chris is on me like ticks on a dog. I step back to give me some room and crossover, sprinting up the other side of the court.

Chris is matching my pace, step for step. I can’t shake him and as soon as I hit the half court line, Steven Ban springs the trap on me and attempts the double team.

I spin back to the other side and pass it to Nicole. As soon as she gets the ball, she lines up at the three-point line and pulls up.

Brett comes out of nowhere and collides with her.

The whistle blows as Nicole smashes into the ground.

What! “That should be a flagrant foul!”

Nicole quickly climbs to her feet. “Dave, it’s okay,” she says as she puts her hand on my torso.

“I’ll let it go this time,” I mumble as Brett walks so smugly to the free throw box.

Nicole makes all three free throws and Chris gets the inbound pass. He pushes it up as I meet him at half court.

He passes it to Steven Ban, who has Nicole trailing on him as he runs up to get the pass. He turns and drives it as Brett slams into Nicole as he sets a pick, sending her crashing into the ground. Steven’s able to drive it into the lane and spins away from Finn and steps back to give him enough space to pull up and score.

I grab the pass from Jeremy and try to control the momentum as I sprint down the court with Chris on me like a lion chasing down its prey. As I pass the three-point line, Arthur brings the defensive help, so I bounce it to Austin. He gives us an easy two points.

We trade blows back and forth like this throughout the whole game. And it seems like Brett and his friends won’t leave Nicole alone. I still haven’t figured out what the fuck his problem is.

As we enter the second half, we’re down two scores.

Once again Chris and I go at it. The kid hasn’t lost an ounce of energy as he’s got me chasing him up the court.

He draws Jeremy off of Shaun and dishes it to him. Shaun pulls up and drains a three.

This goes on for the whole 3rd quarter and we end up down by 15 points going into the last quarter.

After the small break between quarters, Brett goes out of his way to bump into Nicole. “I can’t believe you chose them over us, Kevin. You fucking faggot.”

What did he just say?

Did he just call her, Kevin?

“What did you just say?” I shout at him.

He looks at me wearing the same face I see in the mirror, but with a twisted grin. “Faggot?”

“Why did you call her Kevin?”

“Oh shit, you don’t know! How could you not know the queer on your team was once our best friend, Kevin fucking Williams?”

That’s not possible… No! It can’t be. I’d know if the girl I’ve been intimate with was really the best friend I left behind!

He’s wrong! I look back at Nicole who’s got tears in her eyes. “I’m so sorry, Dave! I’ve been trying to tell you.”

“What the fuck, Nicole? Why? Why am I hearing this now?”

“Shit, this is fucking priceless. Looks like not only is Kevin a fucking traitor and a faggot tranny, but he’s…”

I charge Brett, slamming my fists in his chest, sending us both flying to the ground. “Fuck you, Brett!”

He manages to get onto his feet first and slams his fist into the side of my face. I hit the ground hard, but I’m not down for long as spring to my feet and spear him, tackling him to the ground. I hear the whistle blowing as people try to pull us apart.

Austin and Jeremy grab me as they tear us from each other. “You’re such a piece of shit, Brett!”

“Fuck you, Dave! I fucking hate you! Go run away with mommy, you fucking pussy!”

Both Brett and I get technicals and ejected from the game.

Nicole rushes up to me as they escort me to the locker room. “Dave, I’m so sorry!”

“I don’t want to hear it, Kevin… Why couldn’t you just tell me the truth instead of lying to me?”

The tears in her eyes fall like rain.

As I walk into the locker room, I slam my fist into a locker until it bleeds.

How the fuck couldn’t I see the truth? It was right there in front of me.

This whole time she’s been playing me for a fool…

I was killing myself on the inside for how things ended between us back when we were best friends. This whole time I blamed him and myself for the conflict between us. I blamed him for my dad having an affair with his sister and splitting my family apart. I blamed myself for how wrong I was. Kevin had nothing to do with my dad’s infidelity and I blamed him.

But when I saw how he and Brett became “best friends” after I left, I just felt like he just easily replaced me with my twin brother as if we’re interchangeable.

Then I met Nicole and I forgot all about it… Why couldn’t she tell me the truth? There were so many opportunities. So many times we were alone together. All she had to do was just tell me she was my best friend.

Knock, Knock. “Dave? Can I come in?”


I hear her footsteps as she walks into the locker room. She’s got that motherly look on her face. She sees my bloody knuckles. Immediately, she pulls me into her warm embrace. “Can we go home?” I ask as tears fall from my eyes.

She kisses my forehead. “Yes, honey. We can go home.”

I take Nicole… or Kevin’s shoes out of my bag and toss them on the floor. I manage to sneak out and Miss. Crandell is waiting for us as we make our way out to the parking lot.

She doesn’t say a word.

Once inside the car, we head over to the hotel and I grab my things. I text coach to let her know I’m leaving with my mom.

It’s a long trip back home.

I can’t stop thinking about all that happened. My best friend spent almost half a year lying to me. I mean, I get that he… she was going through a tough time. I get that she was transitioning. Kevin was always different. I was the only one he told that he actually liked guys even though he dated a lot of girls back in Santa Barbara.

Who was I to judge, he was my best friend. I didn’t care if he liked guys and I don’t care if he…

If she’s transgender.

Just, why couldn’t she just tell me the truth…

I’m glad you were able to read through part 7 of the series. As I said in the intro, please feel free to comment below. Or you can click to my profile and leave feedback through there. I’ll always respond to any feedback left through my profile. Check out my other stories, they’re all connected. And please give this chapter your honest rating. Have a great day and I can’t wait for you to reach chapter 7 when I post it!

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