A Fantasy or A Memory

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Black Cock

[b](Was it a fantasy or a memory, only I will ever know for certain.)[/b]

It is a brisk late autumn afternoon, and the vivid forest colors have at last reached their seasonal peak; the oranges, reds, and crimsons are almost too much to behold! .. As the setting sun nears a mountain’s crest, and shadows begin to creep over the hills, I am suddenly returned to reality by a slight tug at my shirt-tail .. “Come on inside, supper’s almost ready!”

The air in the cabin is awash with the fragrance coming from the old wood-burning cook stove; a blend of hickory smoke and the aroma of chicken sizzling in an old cast iron skillet; it’s almost enough to make a grown man cry! … No, nothing fancy; not an expensive meal prepared by a big-city chef in an elegant hotel dining room, just a cloth-covered table, two old wooden rocking chairs resting before an open hearth, and a very pleasant face hovering over what will soon be my supper (our supper)!

….. The tiny cabin overlooking the river is indeed small; with only one door and two windows, one on either side of the corner fireplace made of field stone gathered from the surrounding slopes. It has a porch on the side facing the river, with three rickety steps leading up from a well-worn path. The inside is barely large enough to accommodate the mostly hand-made furnishings; a large bed at one end of the room, with the fireplace, stove, table and chairs at the other. It is plain, but it serves it’s purpose! …..

While she places bursa merkez escort bayan the food upon the table (fried chicken, mixed vegetables, biscuits and gravy), I open a bottle of wine (brought up from the city), that I had just retrieved from a spring where it had been chilling all afternoon. Oh yes, a simple meal, but one worthy of being “A Feast For The Gods!” .. All through our meal, little is spoken .. no words could ever convey the thoughts and feelings that abound in the lingering glances between us! But soon our meal is finished, and as I gather up the dishes to take down to the river for washing, my companion states that she will go with me, and take a short swim while I finish cleaning up.

It is truly a sight to behold, as she stands at the river’s edge, and begins disrobing. First she removes the shirt that had been tied at her waist, revealing her ample bosom. Then her jeans slip down over her buttocks, to reveal her smooth white skin and exquisite legs. (.. “Oh God, you have never created a more beautiful creature!” ..) She is not a thin woman, nor is she overly proportioned in an way! But she is a strong woman, both in stature and in will!

As she slips into the cold, but gentle current, I finish my task and head back up the path to the cabin; leaving her to bathe, and to shame the timeless mountains with her beauty.

When she returns to the cabin, still wearing only a smile, I have already returned everything to it’s bursa merkez escort bayan proper place and added a log to the now crackling fire. Warmth, to aid the return of circulation to a still very chilled lady whose smooth skin is now covered in tiny goose-bumps, and whose nipples are as hard as gemstones ( .. and even more beautiful! ..) “Your turn!” .. she says with a shiver in her voice – the voice of an Angel, but in a tone I have come to respect! “And don’t forget to wash behind your ears!” Her tone has softened slightly, with the hint of a smile beginning to show. (.. “A warming fire can do wonders for a freezing woman’s disposition” ..) “And don’t take all night!” .. her stern tone has returned!

..”Damn icy water!” – “After everything finishes shriveling up, there won’t be anything left!” .. The words are merely my thoughts, as my teeth are chattering to much to be able to actually speak! (..”I wish the cabin had indoor plumbing!” ..) My “bath” completed, I slip on my shoes, grab my towel, and head back up the hill.

Closing the door behind me, I quickly move closer to the fire! “Don’t burn anything off!” The words come from the other end of the room; from the bed that I hope will be warm when I arrive. “What anything?” I coyly counter! “That little “anything” you had before you dove into the river!” – “You didn’t scrub it off, did you?”

She turns back the covers as I approach the bed .. “Get in here, but stay on your altıparmak escort own side till you warm up!” (.. I can’t argue with that logic, no sense both of us freezing our butts off! ..) “And don’t say a word, just lay still!” (In my mind I say “Yes Ma’am!”)

After a few minutes, when my shivering has subsided, I feel a gentle hand starting to explore. Only a light touch to my chest at first, but slowly that touch becomes more urgent and demanding. I am beginning to feel like a roadmap written in Braille, and the bed is definitely getting warmer! … Soon the hand moves on, and in it’s place I feel warm lips and a gentle tongue; and gently probing fingers exploring the inner-most recesses of my now inflamed body! (.. “I had forgotten just how good that could feel!” ..) Onward! .. Ever onward!

As I attempt to reciprocate, a “Not Yet!” stops my movement, followed by an “I’ll tell you when!” (.. no more “Ms. Nice Girl” .. she means what she says! ..) “And when I do, please do it quickly!” (.. This time I did say it ..) “Yes Ma’am!” … and the game progresses! (.. “The Game, Our Wonderful Glorious Game!” ..)

After what seems like hours, but in reality more like just a few minutes, she is astride my chest holding onto the headboard, and ever so slowly pulling herself forward (..”Oh Dear Lord, I do so love the scent of a woman!”..) “NOW!” she pleadingly screams, “PLEASE DO IT NOW!” (..”Oh Dear Lord, I do so love the taste of a woman!”..)

Within minutes, I can feel the spasms welling up in her body! Spasm after spasm! .. They go on and on, until finally I feel her relax and she melts gently into my arms.

“Tomorrow it’s your turn!” she says as she slowly passes into her world of slumber, a slumber of passion fulfilled. “Tomorrow it’s your turn!”

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