A Cut Above the Rest

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Pretty all my life I was an average kid, maybe towards the geek or nerd category. I had good grades, loved to read, and minus a select few I was pretty anti-social. When I started sixth grade that’s when I noticed the magnificent things around me… GIRLS. I mean I had a few crushes here and there, but now I started to notice boobs and butts (not very much considering its sixth grade) and so I was instantly hooked. So, started the quest to get a girlfriend, meaningless at that. I was so focused on getting one that my grades started slipping from straight A’s to B’s and even some C’s. I noticed the changes, but my goal was still the same, get a girlfriend. Then, I discovered something every male has done: masturbation. I know I know, some of you might think it’s nasty, while others might congratulate me, but I for one enjoyed it. I realized my lust for girls increased, and so did my nighttime pleasures. It got to a point where my whole cover was stained, and so I knew I had to stop, or at least decrease how many times I did it. One thing still remained though, I still wanted a girlfriend and more than ever, so from sixth grade to ninth I tried, with no avail. Fast forward to tenth grade (went to a new school that was first to twelfth grade) and I was getting used to the people around me, and once again I had a few crushes here and there. I had finally got a girlfriend, but that ended quickly, she just wanted a short-term person to call hers. So, defeated I stopped my task of getting a girlfriend, or at least slowed down. With that out of the way I stopped to associate with people and eventually make some friends, and some of them were girls too! Soon I knew everybody and was known as a nice and funny guy, and even though I was lusting for girls just a while back I didn’t notice her.

Maybe I should’ve started off at this point, but it doesn’t matter because I’m telling you now. It was around winter time and a blizzard was coming towards us (we lived in a small town) so not a lot of students were there, considering they were getting ready for the blizzard. It was my second period class and I was just shaking my morning fatigue off when my best friend, Malik leaned over towards me. Keep in mind Malik was a pervert, but I didn’t mind since he was a really cool guy, that and I’m one myself. He pointed escort gaziantep minyon bayan over to an empty chair and instructed me to look down-

“See that?” he asked. I looked to where he was pointed and was greeted with a magnificent site. Some girl was bent over picking up her stuff from the floor, I couldn’t see her face, but I could sure see her butt. She was wearing those skin- tight pants (leggings?) all the girls in my school wear now. Her butt wasn’t too big, but it was nice and round and looked firm from where I was sitting. Without a warning she darted back up and looked straight at me, I looked at Malik, but he was staring at the teacher lecturing with a smirk on his face. Ready to face my doom, I slowly turned my head back to Destiny only to be met with a look of malice. Ready for anything I braced myself, but she didn’t yell or make a scene, she just sat back and listened to the lecture. Before I knew it the bell rang, and I darted out of my seat to try to avoid Destiny. Too late, she blocked my path to the door and I knew instantly that I was in for it. Malik seeing the confrontation through the window mouthed the words ‘Have fun’ and left-that bastard. Looking around there was no one in the classroom anymore, the teacher (Mr. Grant) went on his break which only left me and her in the room.

“Destiny I-“before I could even finish she spoke over me.

“I don’t think you should even try to explain yourself “she said in a sing-song voice “because we both knew what you were doing.” She started to walk towards me and I couldn’t help but inhale her scent. She smelled like spring; honey, flowers, fresh rain or something like that. I looked her up and down, she was a caramel light skin color, with jet black hair. Her boobs were medium size (I don’t know measurements) and her figure was maybe in between being fat or skinny, maybe a little bit more to the slim side. Although she was short, maybe around 5’6 her legs seemed to run all the way and were thick.

“Checking me out…again?” she asked with a smirk on her face.

Startling me out of my trance I stared at the ground for what seemed like forever until I heard footsteps approach me. Looking up I could see she escort bayan nizip starting getting closer, making her scent get stronger and stronger. At that point I prayed to god that she didn’t look down at my pants. My prayer was answered and subsequently denied as her gaze wandered down to look at the growing wood in my pants. She gazed at me with a perplexed look before letting her eyes wander down again. By now I was nervous as hell, not only is she watching my erection grow, but she might tell other people, specifically girls. It felt like an eternity before she spoke.

“Did I do that?” she asked. I thought she was toying with me until I looked at her face. She seemed generally confused as to what just happened. She continued or slow stride towards me, eyeing my erection until she stopped right in front of me. She slowly extended her hand until she was centimeters away from touching it. Then, she looking up and gave me a devilish grin and skipped away. I finally exhaled a breath I was holding in when she walked back to me with a pen and paper.

“Here write your number down” she said.

“Why do you want my number” I asked her.

“Aww” she stuck out her lip in a mock pout “Do you not want to talk to me?”

Left with no other options I wrote my number down onto the paper and handed back to her. She studied the paper, then broke out into a grin. She then picked up her stuff and slowly walked out of the room, almost like she was strutting. Before she walked out she looked back and put her palm up to her lip then blew out a kiss directly towards me and then, finally she left. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?! I thought as I gathered myself. I took a seat on the chair and thought about what just happened. Why would she do that? And why did she want my number? These questions swam through my head all day until it was finally time to go home. Even though a blizzard was heading this way I still decided to walk home, which thankfully was fifth-teen away from the school. My home is a simple two story house with a basement, you know nothing special. So, when I got home I was immediately greeted with the whining of my dog, Valentine. She was a small, dark brown pug with a curly tail. I laughed and got down to rub her, in time to a vibration from my phone. Curious I fished my phone out escort bayan nurdağı my pocket and checked what it said.

“Guess who?” it said. I groaned aloud and disturbed Valentine’s cries of joy before she continued. I knew it was Destiny and for that I was unhappy. Sure I didn’t mind a hot girl texting me, but under the circumstances of what happen, this was bad. Before I replied, I scooped up Valentine and slowly ascended the steps to my room. I took off my school clothes and laid in the bed with Valentine. I looked at the text with drowsy eyes thinking of how to reply, but before I knew it I fell asleep. When I opened my eyes again I was back in the classroom with Destiny. Confused I looked around….it seemed real enough. Finally, I turned my attention towards Destiny, who slowly strutted towards me with a look of longing.

“You know” she said in a seductive voice “I’ve always wanted you…” She stopped right in front of me and put her hand on my chest. Then, she grabbed my neck and started pulling it down towards her.

“Destiny, what are you?-“but just like before I couldn’t say anything before she cut me off.

“Shhhh….”was all she said and then she slowly put her lips against mine. Our lips seemed to melt together, she opened my mouth and she was rewarded with my tongue. We were practically mashing our mouths together, barely coming up for air, when she took my hand and started to slide it down. Getting the message I cautiously slid my hand down, but she took it and thrust it into her pants. Now feeling her warmth, my hand explored its new territory, sometimes coming in contact with sensitive skin which made her jump. Feeling her get wet, I took it to the next level and started to slide my fingers right in her. When the first finger made contact, she immediately broke the kiss, thinking that did something wrong I tried to pull my hand away, but she grabbed it, pulled it out herself and put it on her thighs. She pushed herself on top of the table then placed my hands back where they belong. I looked at her and her beautiful face full of lust; so much that she was biting her lip. I then proceeded pushing my fingers in her, taking notice that she had pulled her pants down to her ankles to give me better leverage. Hungrily my eyes looked at where my fingers were implanted, only to see….nothing. Confused I looked at her and equally saw nothing, almost like this was a dream. Realization hit me and I woke up with a startle. I looked around my room dazed and confused. I checked my phone to see the time: it read 9:27 p.m. and I had another text from the same number-

“Hello?” it read. I mentally groaned as I prepared to respond.

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